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Musk's never ending CSM army


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Here are four finished Call of Chaos models in just two evenings. Of course that ignores cleaning, converting, assembling, not to mention cleaning up my bitz box...


Anyway they aren't that great, but they are done. Look for more black Chaos Space Marines with purple flames coming soon, this time with Autocannons...




Besides the beginning of the Nefarious Fire, my new non-Nurgle CSM contingent, I converted and started painting (in a new and never seen green) a Plaguemarine Champion, which doesn't count towards the Call of Chaos Version 3.0 but is just to give the fanboys something to look at here and at Astro, assuming I get him finished. Go and guess where all the bits come from.



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Last night I spent like four hours I swear building four models. Of course it would be quicker if I didn't build them and instead bought them. These are the autocannon gunners for my autocannon havoc squad that I've long wanted. eBay played a big role getting the autocannons...




Notice how puny the official one looks. The bases are from Dragonforge but I had a horrible problem getting the figures to stick to them. I think on my epiccast bases either glue sticks better or I drilled a whole and cut the tab to fit. But all the new plastics don't have tabs...


Also slowing me down was going through a bunch of the old Chaos Renegades and former Diseased Sons Havocs before deciding to use all plastic models. Also going through 6 boxes of bitz slowed me down. I swear as slow as I paint it takes me even longer to build a model. Hopefully the Havocs are worth it. I have even more Renegades which I've either had since they were inprint, eBay'ed or traded for and will use some of them in the near future, but not many. I'm trying to get fairly uniform looking Chaos guys as I hope that makes them quicker to paint. I have more devoted to specific gods such as Tzeentch or Khorne or whatever. Those might not get looked at until 2010 or maybe I'll finally sell crap I'm just never going to get painted. I have too many bitz, they take over my appartment whenever I build a model.



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Well maybe not. :P But I had to type something that would get some attention. I keep painting and converting my ass off and no one says didley. I mean I could be posting somewhere else. :D Wow two smileys in one post, that is rare for me.


Anyway this guy is pretty well painted and he is completely superfulous. I already have an Aspiring Champion armed like this that works just fine, but this guy will end up in a different squad and I had to get some use of those Forgeworld and Black Templar bits I bought. I scratch built the combi-flamer using my previously established handflamer technique. I opted for the extra long barrel which is a Rogue Trader era lasgun barrel. I used loyalists legs for lots of room for tiny lines then decided to invent an entirely new color scheme using new paints and new washes. The recipe is top secret. That last wash wasn't even dry when I took this photo in macro focus so you can see all my mistakes.


Gryphon Sepia is fast becoming my favourite wash, way more useful than Black or Brown. I already had Black and Brown washes, but Sepia it is subtle and ages stuff, very useful for Nurgle. The rest of the colors are top secret even some Vallejo stuff. I'm not done. I got plans...




Anyway this model is just for fun and for tweaking the nose of say Barret. Where are the painting updates dude? Where are the replies. Astronomi-con Vancouver is approaching fast and is being overrun by Americans, we need some stalwart defenders of the faith to step up as a few Vancouver tournament regulars have had to drop out due to 'life'. What is existence but to be laughed at if men in their twenties have already obtained the utmost?


Anyway I'm sure this will get some long overdue comments. I mean did you seen the Autocannon conversions, those are first rate and hopefully will blow the bajesus out of the opposition.


There was a French Golden Deamon winner that had a similar tone to this. It was painted better of course, but I'm trying to crank stuff out not win a trophy...

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If I get everything painted it will be.


Lord with Deamon Weapon and Deamonic Mount


Chosen with an ample supply of combi-mealtas


Chaos Renegades with a Lascannon to sit on my home objective

Plaguemarine in a rhino to go and take an objective

Two squads of lesser deamon for support



My long overdue autocannon Havocs

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It always feels like I'm behind and now my spacebar isn't working so well. I painted quite a bit today/tonight but the Havocs aren't done and neither is anything else. I'm fine tuning two new skin colors... I'm still not satisfied with the orange one...


There are a lot of unique models this shot if you squint. Some day someone will notice especially some of the conversion work...



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It hasn't been the most productive day as far as painting goes, but at least my space bar is working better. Here is a better picture of the autocannons and this is as good as they are going to get before dinner. I put too much effort into these guys. The bolter guys are going to get less highlights and less work on their weapons.



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Very cool Muskie, I especially like you black high-lights, they're tricky to pull off but yours look really good on these marines :D


I did some expirements earlier. My top secret recipe is. Foundry 34B, 34A, 34C, Badaab Black Wash, 34A, then Fortress Grey. I'll probably slightly less highlights next time, but I recommend the Foundry Charcoal Black set 34 if you can find it. It produced the nicest quickest black highlights. I tried all sorts of combos, well four, didn't try Vallejo this time.


I've painted more, I'll have them done, by well in an hour or two. I'm on a break now.

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Things always take me way longer. I put working into thre or four other models on my desk too. I basically just have to the eyes and bases and decide that could wait until today. I'll be glad when this mad rush is over and Astronomi-con is here. I got a lot of stuff planned but might go back to Orks at some point in the fall, but Seige of Vraks 3 interests me greatly. Especially if I can use Nurglings...
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I'm still not done the Havocs, I have just the bases to do, then I'll go back into building mode. I'm going to try and assemble and paint, plus do a little conversion work to 15 more models I think. The standard of painting will have to be lowered some, but not much, just not having to paint giant guns will save some time.


Here is some other stuff I'm working on simultaneously:


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After many many hours of painting, I give you my post May long weekend painting table. The Havocs are done, really just letting some washes dry. The Plague Champion isn't done, neither are the Nurglings or any thing else you may see in the background.




The bases, because someone will ask, are mostly from Dragon Forge who sponsored the last painting contest here, so I gave Jeff's products a try. Nice, though I had a horrible time getting my models glued to them. I ended up using some epoxy, but a good trick for metal models is to trim the tab into a spike and drill a whole. That is what I usually do with my Epicast bases, but so many plactic models and they don't even have tabs anymore...


If you haven't guessed the other base is from Epicast, the flying stand one. I bought it years ago and now it has a use. They mix fine together, battlefield rubble is battlefield rubble. Bigger pics maybe tomorrow morning when there is light.

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No Nurglings, they are undivided troops. The base is pretty crazy, I think it took more different colors, I'm sure of it than the model itself. I did put extra ammo on it.
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Here are some better photos as promised.


The old 3rd Edition I believe Autocanon fig I got off eBay. He had a pretty cool backpack:



One of three havocs built using Imperial Guard Autocanons, this one also used probably a 3rd Edition era plastic loyalist missile launcher which was canabalized to do the shoulder mount. I also used the flat hand though originally I was going to use some pointing arm I couldn't find... Settled on this while searching for bits.



Next the one everyone likes best, which I actually built last, is the one using the Hero Bike Base from Dragon Forge plus the legs of an Assault Marine. The hands come from either a loyalist, but I think a Chaos vehicle upgrade sprue. Shoulder pads might be from 2nd Edition, head is loyalist sergent...



Some WIP Nurglings, someday I hope to be able to use them in the Diseased Sons, maybe after Seige of Vraks 3...



And last the demonic mount I've been working on. This base is from Epicast and the model itself is long, long, long OOP. I got it off eBay:


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Thanks, I didn't do anything clever or different. I tried hard to get them looking the same way as their gun. I also used the same backpack on all of them. They all have targeters though there are no rules for this, except no helmet guy, who needed to be laughing or screaming like a guy who just stole a big gun and has now turned it back on his foes...


I'll be building some more models, but how you paint faces affects the model a lot. There is the whole triangle theory... Getting the eyes right is important so maybe I got that right which helps give the model realism and character.

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Been MIA... I actually built these models on Thursday night I think. They still look exactly the same. I made a batch of five ponytail marines because I never use those heads in the Diseased Sons. I gave them the cross body bolter pose, but had fun with it a bit and left the bolters off, to see if that really does make them easier to paint. You can teach an old dog new tricks.



I built these guys almost simultaneously, but the plan is to paint them in batches of five. These models will all end up in the same Chaos Space Marine squad which will complete my Call of Chaos threat. They are all renegades. I've been accumulating old non-nurgle models as well as Nurgle models for years. All these models were never painted, at least by me and I even opened an old blister to get the look of the squad I wanted.



Here is an old blister which I figure I've had around 12 years and bought at Sentry Box in Calgary well after they were out of print. It is a very old style package...



Last night I ended up watching a B-Boy competition or Battle, tonight I'm watching some hockey and of coure the UFC. So Sunday is like all or nothing day. As I think I'm running out of weekends before Astronomi-con Vancouver. I still have to glue the backpacks on, plus clean them. I also have to convert the Chosen of Chaos, which is a later addition to my proposed Astro army and was not part of my Call of Chaos threat, though I always planned to underpromise and overdeliver. Even the Chaos Gods like that. ;-P


Maybe I got the blister in an auction or a trade, but it was so long ago I don't even remember...

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Here are the final five guys I built over the weekend. They are all primed now. That was what I ran out of, Black GW Spray paint, though in building 15 guys from all kinds of sources, I was worried I'd run out of something. The closest I came was new backpacks. I have plenty of 2nd Edition and Rogue Trader Chaos backpacks but they don't always fit so well and I'm tired of painting them a bit. I'm tired of cleaning the same piece too.




No prize for guessing which one I dubbed "Captain Chaos".


I seem to have lost track of time. I now have less than two weeks to completly paint 15 CSM plus finish the two character dudes. I also missed out on the U2KR thing due too many things going on and of course alcohol consumption.

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Cool idea with the IG heavy weapons... I may have to try that out myself.


Cheap and readily available. Well it is cheap if you can get them off eBay at the right price. They are big so when put on a CSM it looks a bit outlandish, but no more than than usual. It is hard to get Autocanon models. I have plenty of heavy bolter, missile launcher, and even lascannons I've acquired over the years, but for Autocanons I had to get creative.


Gotta get going to work...

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Well I still have my doubts about finishing it all and I spend too much time... wasting time... But here is how things stand on the next batch of five. They are useless with out the next batch of five and of course my whole army will be less cool without Hewhocannotbenamed...



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