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Musk's never ending CSM army


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I haven't made that much progress, I went to a concert (Scott H. Biram) and helped a buddy move. But I did do some painting today, well tonight really. So here is where things are.




Tomorrow is a big day, I need to finish off my second threat for CoC 3, which is the five guys above, plus their five friends. I may also chip away on some of the detail work on my two snazzier models... I think I can do the next five slightly faster by using more silver metal especially on the backpack. The metals aren't done above, some highlights and washes still need to go on, I just did Badaab Black on the Chainmail so that can dry overnight.


If all goes well I'll still have to paint five more models next week, that is one a day... Plus tidy up any last minute issues then I'll have the Astro army I dreamed up months ago, just finished in time for Saturday...


Now off to bed.

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I had hoped to finish ten guys, an entire squad and CoC threat. I didn't even finish five models. Once again they look good and I'm going to try to optimize and cut a few corners on the next batch... I worked on my two spiffy but unnecessary models and I still have the five non-threatened but proposed for my Astro army, Chosen of Chaos...


Anyway I'm beat. Tomorrow is another day and all that.







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I work slow... I spent most of my waking and productive hours on Sunday painting. I also painted late into Saturday night.


Painting afterwork can be tough for me. I need to find the energy to put in 3-5 hours tonight...

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I have a question for all you paint the model in pieces people. I was doing that with my general, when I went to glue his backpack on the glue came out and ran in the recesses... So I use some tissue and even a brush to get it out. Then the piece doesn't stick so I try again this time even more glue come blasting out of the obviously slightly defective tube. I mean glue was on my finger. So once again I try dabbing, ruined a brush then I tried flooding it with water that made it all ghosty.


Moral of the story I threw away that glue, had to chip glue out of the folds of the model, re-paint quickly three or four different little parts and the backpack still isn't on. So besides the obvious of always trying to have fresh tubes of super glue, surely I'm not alone in this. Gluing the guns on was no big deal because I used plastic cement. But super glue which dries so fast and flows into little crevices...


Anyway I have to get back to painting. My really cool model became slightly less cool, but at least it was on the back. If it was the front or the face I'd be way more pissed...


The fact it ruins my lowlights which are way hard to fix than highlights. I have no idea how many layers of paint and washes I'd done especially on the bone...

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Here is the result of last nights efforts. I am still miffed about the super glue. I didn't need that. Maybe by the end of tonight I'll have these 12 guys done. It is the last five that has always worried me. They aren't even all black yet.



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After more slavery I give you five finished Nefarious Fire CSM's well their bases aren't done, but I will be doing a great bassoff on Friday evening...




Progress was also made on the superfalous but snazzy models, particularly the Tzeentch guy which had the gluing incident. I used epoxy to attach him to the Disc.




And finally the last dozen unfinished models for the Astronomi-con Vancouver army I dreamed up. The Chosen will be a lot of work as they are basically black. The other five Tzeentch renegades should be finishable this evening. So it is possible for me to paint 4-5 Nefarious Fire CSM in two evenings. Of course that doesn't include assembly, cleaning, priming, and that is cutting the odd corner and not having things like custom flesh tones and lots of extra bits glued on. The Chosen have all that stuff...



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Damn Chosen! It is going to be a late night. I may post some more pictures or it may be a couple days until the Nefarious Fire appear again in these parts.
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Not only did I finish misc. Nurgle guys during the Call of Chaos, I also painted two spiffy character models for my Astronomi-con army. I still haven't had time to type up or post a lot of pictures. But late at night or during my lunch break I did post these two photos, just not in this thread which apparently is all that matters...


I give you:




Bob the Necessary Evil



Damn it! This was supposed to go in the Call of Chaos thread.

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I never finished my chosen or my Astro-Vancouver army in time. I stayed up all night painting... I'm working on it still but thinking about next years. I'm really thinking of doing the new Nurgle list in Imperial Armour 7 which may not be koshur to the B&C censors. A couple of asked but so far no answer...


Here's a photo of where they stand about another hour or two of painting...



If you want to follow along my progress I'll probably write something at my Nurgle website or my blog, but I'm also going to be posting on the Astro forums, so check them out.

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I still haven't finished the Chosen but I have been working on them. I just don't have a lot of time and energy. I did finish a stand of Nurglings while waiting for washes to try on one of the Chosen.


I've taken to having downtime models which I work on when I'm waiting for stuff to dry. I assembled a bunch more Nurglings for a GT army list, but then GW took Nurglings out of the Chaos Codex so they sat in a box for a few years primed black. Now I'm trying to empty that box.


I have lots of things I can be painting but I need to study not paint.




You might recognize the flesh tones from Bob and Hewhocannotbenamed. I tested the ideas out first on the Nurglings...

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Tonight I stayed up pretty late listening to music and drinking. I'm finally calling the Chosen finished. This is my freak squad, 4 combi-meltas and a missile launcher. I like freak squads.


Anyway they took a long time to assemble and paint, not to mention acquiring the damn combi-meltas. If you look closely you can see the 2009 Astronomi-con Vancouver campaign badge. Sorry the picture isn't the best it is late at night and the view finder on my camera was on the fritz again.



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I took some individual photos of the finished Chosen and put them on Flickr, even in the Astronomi-con Flickr group...


Guy One



Guy Two



Guy Three



Guy Four



You'll just have to show up next year to see what kind of wacky one of kind squad I'll dream up. I have one using the Disciples rules...

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I forgot to enter some of these guys in Darren's contest. I shouldn't be painting or thinking about 40k, but yesterday I bought some new bits and decided to build six more guys.




Three are to finish off the second Purple Squad so it can have any heavy weapon.




The other three are to alter the composition of my tactical squad in the Nefarious Fire. I'm thinking 10 CSM, Flamer, Lascannon, Rhino...




PS My camera is no longer functioning so these were taken with my Blackberry...


There are a lot of metal bitz in these guys, resin bases by Dragonforge. Off the top of my head, current Havocs, older havocs, current CSM, OOP Renegade, Forgeworld Deathguard, Nurgle Havocs, 3rd Edition Box set Marines, Catchacans, old Chaos Biker bits...

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I won best painted army trophy at the second tournament in a row in Vancouver with the Diseased Sons + Nefarious Fire warband I've been running. Different army lists both times, but all the troops are done now. I just need to paint and convert new HQ and do a rhino for Astro Vancouver. Mainly I need to build terrain and find a new job.


Here is one of my latest models:




Nik's Death Korps won overall at both these tournaments, hopefully he gets a little stiff competition at Astro.



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Last night I started assembling the two HQ's I dreamed up to lead my this year's Astronomi-con Vancouver army. They are a Khorne Terminator Lord and Slaneesh Sorcerer. No I'm not using the Lash, I want the plus one Initiative. They are a team, along with some Plaguemarines in a Rhino. I was tweaking the list last night as I thought about giving a combi-weapon to the Lord but in the end decided it was unnecessary.


WIP picture below:



The sorcerer I didn't have as worked out visually in my head, I wanted to kitbash him, and use Dark Angel veteran body as a start. After that I raided my boxes of sprues and my bit box to come up with the pieces lying about.


The Gretchin is for the Waaagh contest, and I'll be doing a test bezerker and even a token guardsmen in this batch of building. There are still primed models on my table but they do not figure into my Astronomi-con list. I need to do a Rhino and may do a Greater Demon and a new Plague Champ, but mainly I need to clear stuff off my table to make terrain.

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I've been busy with life, but I've also been assembling and chopping little plastic bits. I'm building a bunch of models, the most fantastical is my Khorne Chaos Lord. That's pretty much glued together, tonight I'll probably finish off the little guys, got one Plaguemarine champ with a plasma pistol and demon to do up, then it is primer time.





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Still painting test figs, here is the picture:




Here is the link to some quick details on the paints and techniques used.


I will be doing another test Bezerker as I want a darker less orange red, read my blog if you care, will do some more Nurglings and rebel guard testing for my IA 7 army.

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