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A brotherhood of knights known today as the Neurode Crusade, over the last few decades, underwent a series of changes leading to its present day composition. The changes centre on the figure of Marshall Arthur, the current Marshall of the Crusade.


At present, the Neurode crusade's forces are divided. While a pursuit force lead by Marshall Arthur and an accompanying Inquisitor is after a traitor governor who left the Neurode forge world in ruin, the bulk of the Crusade rebuilds its strength in a newly established chapter keep after sustaining considerable loses in a series of violent war campaigns.


This thread, as many others of this kind, is a mess. You'll find here successful, suspended and abandoned attempts at converting models and scratch building. You'll find WIP shots and images of painted miniatures. There is also some fluff out there, which hopefully will one day be expanded to form a chronicle of the Neurode Crusade's feats.


In order to do something with the mess, I'll be links to important posts here.


My approach to painting black - a tutorial; part 1 - general stuff


Marshall Arthur, conversion work


Black Templars Marshal, Arthur - painted miniature


Neurode mechanised


Scratchbuilt Neurode-pattern Vindicator


Lady Inquisitor WIP and finished model


Venerable Dreadnought


Neurode Crusaders






Below you will find a detailed overview of the Neurode crusade's notable battles.



+++PART 1+++

The Otmar Intervention


Still a Sword Brother, Arthur was appointed command of a minor, 35-man strong (including a Dreadnought and a 5 TDA Sword Brethren), Black Templar strike force. They were ordered to support Imperial forces on Otmar. Thereon, the safety of a sacred shrine of the Emperor was threatened by an Ork raiding party of unknown size. Planetary radars located an incoming Ork vessel and the local officials sent distress signals. Because of its location and insignificance, Otmar did not have a military force and had little chances of defending against the incoming Orks. The defenders of the planet were but a small, underequipped militia, mustered from the more zealous civilians and local priests. 


The plea for help was answered by a nearby Black Templar vessel. Arthur’s force landed in time to bolster local defences and, most importantly, secure the safety of the shrine located on a rise in Walhaim, the biggest city of the planet. The Ork shuttle crashed on the surface of Otmar on the outskirts of Walgaim just a few hours after the Black Templars landed. Arthur assigned 10 Initiates, a Dreadnought and some of the local forces to defend the immediate proximity of the shrine. Meanwhile, he lead a pre-emptive attack. Unfortunately, as the Orks need no time to organize, they already managed to brake the militia’s defences of Walhaim.


Fighting the scattered Ork forces was tiresome. The greenskins posed no threat, nor were they a worthy challenge for the fearsome Crusaders. However, the crashed vessel was not the only inbound Orkish craft. Somehow two other, larger vessels remained undetected until it was too late. The cumbersome, mutilated chunks of metal entered Otmar’s atmosphere. This time the greenskins were lead by a Warboss. Seeing what was left of the first wave of attackers, the brute became furious. He lead a swift strike on the city, much more organized than the previous formless assault. Orks used their numbers to their advantage and were pushing the defenders back, deeper into the city. Even the might of the Astartes, stretched thin among the kilometres of breaking defence lines, proved to be insufficient.


Arthur ordered all his man back to the shrine to prevent desecration of the holy place. The remaining forces of the human militia, at first hesitant to leave their homes to be ravaged by the scattered parties of the green horde, joined the Marines. Eager to fight the finest of the Imperium, the Warboss gathered a significant force of Orks and ordered a brutal onslaught on the defenders’ donjon. The joint Black Templars’ and militia’s forces repelled the initial push and two consecutive ones; yet, the defenders, especially the militia, suffered great losses. However, the Ork’s numbers were greatly diminished. In the third attack on the shrine, the Warbass was slain. The rest of his kin, leaderless, discouraged and broken, scattered. The shrine was secured. Walhaim was ruined, though. The remains of the defenders, assisted by fresh units of militia from other settlements, dealt with the scattered Ork survivors.






The thread description says it all: this will be my WIP thread in which I'll be posting (hopefully regularly) pictures of my endeavours to expand my Crusade and convert different pieces in my collection.

Unfortunately I can't do anything for the ETL competition, because my pledged units aren't where I am. But I can devote myself to my new-found passion: making plasticard models.

For the time being, I'm suspending my Thunderhawk project: I just want to make a smaller plasticard model to see whether I'm capable of making a decent looking craft.

For starters, my cheap Vindicator (which I'll vow in ETL when I'm done with my rhinos & razorback). Here is a raw overwiew of what I have so far.


And the cannon:


How do you like the look of the cannon? I did it according to the templates which I've found, but it is not as wide as in the original model. Does it look okay, or would you advise me to make it wider, more like in the original?

Edited by Brother Christopher
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I like the shape and the bore size. I think it's recognizable as a vindi main weapon.


Please do play on.



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I'll follow this with interest! With my funds, scratchbuilds are probably my best hope for new vehicles...


Looking good so far. It's hard to tell the scale of the cannon but honestly, if you make it a bit smaller than the GW model, it might just make it look more reasonable.

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Ok, I'm useless in making updates. But the assembly proved to be much tougher and time-consuming than I thought.

Here are some photos of the sides (almost finished) and the assembled middle section without the top parts/details.

Well, I've made quite a big mess out of it with glue everywhere and worsened it with my sanding attempts, but I hope that after priming the defects will somehow miraculously disappear under the praimer <_< .








This is exactly what I thought. I have quite a lot of GW vehicles which I probably won't ever field at one time. But I want MOAR tanks, for fluffs' sake and for my idea of the [name still undecided] Crusade.

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Ok, time for another update. So, here are the ETL before pictures:







What worries me is that I can't find the round part on which the heavy bolters on the razorback are mounted. I'll have to search my box of bits and hopefully it'll be there (otherwise I'm in trouble).


Now, for the Vindicator project. Most of the work is done. However, when I came back home and compared my scratch build model with the original kit I discovered that my Vindicator is considerably larger.








Here's my Vindi side by side with GW kit.




Well, the explanation of my fail will be that this is a special, heavy Vindicator pattern used by my Crusade to breach the mostly fortified emplacements and it's bigger because of the reinforced armour etc.


And finally a sketch of my newest project-idea - a servo-harness Techmarine. I'm planing to make the harness out of different bits and make a green stuff armour on top of one spare, backpackless metal Techmarine. I hope that the model will be better than my drawing :P



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The vindicator looks good! Did you have plans or did you make them yourself?


And bigger doesn't really matter for a vindicator, it is supposed to be a heavy tank! It still fits next to the other one and it's "internal scale" is good. Nice work!

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I'm thoroughly impressed. I tried to scratch-build a tank once and failed miserably. You've done such a nice job that once it's painted, it's not something I would notice at first glance. If I did, it would probably be because I thought you had done a nice heavy armor mod to a stock tank.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Another update! Hurray :)


I got occupied with several projects in the same time and I'm unable to finish them. But the ETL vow is completed!








And now for the other projects. The vindicator stands on my printer and gathers dust. But! My Techmarine project stands at 80% (i think), my DIY chaplain is done and waits for priming, and the third thing - a scratch build contemptor dreadnough has most of the torso done. Here are the pictures:








And finally, the crozius. What do you think of it? I'm not totally sure if I like it...




Mind you, I'm a sculpting noob. The only things I did so far were tabards or purity seals, so the Techmarine was a huge leap foreward. He's far from perfect. But everyone has to learn, right? :)

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Very nice stuff!


Really like the character conversions...


The crozius I think is not that nice... The easiest crozius I did and looks nice is the following:


Get the Templar Power Axe and cut the blade on the top if you cut carefully a nice Templar cross will remain which is a great symbol badge for the chaplain!


For the Emperor!

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  • 3 weeks later...

The problem with the templar+axe crozuis is that I've already used my one good axe, and the second is (also already) destroyed. That's why I used what's left of it and tried to make something similar to what the GW Jump Pack Chaplain has.


But there is one good thing, I've finally managed to finish my DIY Vindi. The pictures are quite similar to what I've already posted, but believe me - it's done. Hopefully it'll be primed tomorrow and maybe I can manage to paint it for ETL... Well, one day for one tanks should be enough ;) Truthfully, I can't wait to see it done and compare the final product with original GW tanks.










Oh, BTW: as the tanks is bigger that an ordinary Vindi, I was thinking about inventing a new "neurode pattern" with some background (yeah, a bigger, stronger Vindi pattern needed to brake through heavily fortified enemy lines etc.) and rules. I want the tank to be more resilient (I thought about +1 armour everywhere, well - it is quite bulky so I guess that such extra protection isn't excessive) and a) be faster (bigger tank - bigger engine) or b ) have longer weapon range up to 36" (because of the longer barrel and superior targeting systems). My friend told me that there is something called "chapter approved" for making your own vehicles and things, so I checked and calculated.


After skimming the article and making a rough calculation (I might have made some mistakes though :)) I came out with something like this:


a ) Demolisher cannon, BS4, armour F 14 S 12 R 11, Tank, Fast - ~130pts (!)

b ) 36" Demolisher cannon, BS4, armour F 14 S 12 R 11, Tank - ~170pts


I think that variant a is too cheap, and variant b too expensive. But I have little experience with DIY rules. What do you think about them?

Edited by Brother Cristopher
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Scratch build Vindicator done (yeah, manage to get it ready for ETL ^^). Here are some photos:







And some close-ups.






Hope you like it. Now I have to get cracking to get my Chaplain done by tomorrow.

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Another update of 'on the budget' things. That is more scratch building and conversions.


I've started working on a cheap, DIY Caestus Assault Ram. After giving everything a long consideration I arrived at 3 conclusions: 1. I really, and I mean REALLY, like how CAR looks, 2. I can't afford it and probably never will, 3. I want to have one. And the 'natural' outcome of those conclusions was to roll up the sleeves and start assembling a plasticard Caestus.


What I've started with (the middle section): http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/2585/p1000957w.jpg


How it has been taking shape http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/9136/p1000961l.jpg






And now, what I've made so far: http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/8655/p1010126kb.jpg




I'm also working on a parallel 'project'. After making a kit bash conversion of a Chaplain for the ETL I decided that my Crusade needs a third Chaplain, just in case. This time in a Terminator armour. So, among my bits I found a skull (don't know where it comes from), a Terminator and started greenstuffing.


Terminator Chaplain conversion - early stages:




And projects of his weapon... I find making a Crozius extremely hard :) Luckily, this time only the size of the cross is a problem.



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Thanks :rolleyes: Believe me, it's not difficult. You should give it a try.

I got the plans from the depths of the Internet, but have no idea now where from exactly. But if you google 'warhammer papercraft' you should find something. Or maybe PM, if you need something. I have a few models downloaded.

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  • 5 months later...

Welcome back!

After a loooong imposed break I'm, sort of, getting back to the hobby. I've, as it's tipical of me, left my projects being under way aside and started something new. Hopefully, I'll manage this time to finish what I've started.


Here are some WIP photos of my scratch built Air Defence Battery. I'm really excited with this one although game-wise those Hyperios Tarantulas seem a bit overpriced and obsolete.







And here are two sections of my cheap Aegis Defence Line:


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*Shakes fist in jealousy*  Your output is amazing.  Do you have kids?  That's when I went from building a ton, to building one initiate per week... :wallbash:


Where do you get your plastic card?   I have thought about doing something like this for my vind, since I will never be able to get approval to buy one from the crazy lady I live with my loving and caring wife.

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Awesome work on the CAR. I have one myself that I bought. I am in the process of building and fixing up the resin mis-cast parts of it. Cant wait until the finished product!

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Duh, I'd wish I could afford a proper Forge World model. CARs (haha, what a lame pun) are awesome models. So are deimos predators... So are Spartan Assault Tanks... So are Storm Eagles... I'd even love to buy a Stormraven, but GW is crazy with its prices. That's why I turn to plasticard. But making plastic models from scratch is so time consuming...

BTW: if I could buy a Forge World model, it would be probably the ultimate nerd-purchass of the year. And I'd get really annoyed because of the miscasts, warps and stuff. For the price they really should sell people good-to-go models.

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Yes, I have a slight addition to resin crack. Not as bad as others tho. I am in the process of scratch builing my first model out of plasti-card. I found a template for the Reaver Titan. So i am going to print out the blue prints for it tonight, and slowly start to buy plasti-card. I think it will cost me about 50 bucks in total for supplies. Since I have never worked with it before, i am sure ill make a few mistakes.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm definitely not a consistent person. I get distracted, I want to make many things real at one time what leads me to a failure in all efforts.


Time for a big update - I've started some new things, finished some old. All in all, I had a busy week.


So, I had some free time and managed to finish something: a brave, battle-hardened neophyte who performed so well in a game, that he's actually and Initiate in my Crusade. He just didn't get all the implants and a Power Amour yet :biggrin.:



I also managed to paint my Master of the Forge. And now I'm wondering what to do with his backpack. I was inspired by the 6 servo arms harness, like in Helsreach but I don't have any concrete ideas what arms apart from the the 2 servo arms and 2 "weapon arms" he should get. So I thought about giving him 4 custom arms and a conversion beamer. We'll see how it'll work out.





Furthermore, I made barrels for my Aegis Quad Gun. They're a bit messy, but hopefully paint will cover it up.




Next, my terminators. I want to have cool cloaked terminators, but my sculpting skills are rather lame. So here are some moulds - basically tabards from regular sword brethren and the BT upgrade sprue.



And some ready bits and pieces:




Now my terminators are bathing in DOT-3 and are getting ready for the upgrade. I hope the GS tabards will fit...


And the last, newest, most idiotic "project" - a cheap and cheerful Storm Raven. GW's prices went through the roof and I can't afford to get a proper model for its price. Especially that now I'm not much of a player. I just want some cool-looking models :smile.:

I started with the engine parts, because they are round and hence toughest to make.







Wow, that's a big update, is it? I'm focusing now on the papercraft Stormraven and I'm really excited about it.





Edited by Brother Cristopher
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By Dorn! :eek:  That is awesome. I bow to your skills, sir! :thumbsup: I mean really, I came here looking at a very nice Vindicator, and then....Bam! Car, MotF, Termies, Raven,..... You truly know how to make the less skilled jealous don't you?:wink.: We, the poor, clumsy people who aren't allowed near knives without adult supervision, (and paramedics on stand-by) who have to buy everything.:happy.:



Also, because I really can't help myself:


 I'm definitely not a consistent person. I get destructed,...:wink.:

I had a slight :eek: -moment there.

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