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  1. Nothing to see here The content is in another castle or just start here http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/222538-another-diy-chapter-blog-for-the-omnissiah-9514/?p=2963992
  2. (Sorry in advance for a long post) In another thread this comment made me want to read about the Black Templar again. I love the old lore so any excuse to read up a bit again is a good one "No, earlier edition BT have been explicitly some of the last remnants in the Imperium that remembered the Imperial Truth, sharing that with probably only the primarchs, the Custodes and the deep records of Mars. That was a huge and unique part of their identity - that despite the whole "religious crusader window dressing" they were ostensibly atheist of the "the Emperor is but a MAN" (The post has since been deleted so I don´t write the username) I don´t really remember that picture but since I have not read much of the BT background since their WD Index Astartes article, I got curios and had a look in the books I have at home. First up is Codex Armageddon, 3rd Edition (2000) Not much in this one; Sigismund takes command of the BT and to prove his loyalty to big E, began the greatest crusade in the history of the Imperium. They have no home worldbut are fleet based. In their special rules can see some description of their overall traits. - They have a Righteous Zeal (they are really angry and advance instead of falling back) - Unique BT squad (they don´t conform to the codex astartes) - Conviction that big E will save them (they don´t take cover) - They don´t like unclean people or witches or warlocks (bonuses to hurt those people) Not a lot of fluff here but here is the core of the BT is shaping up. Next up is the Index Astartes II (2003) Here the BT is a little more fleshed out; Sigismund is chosen to lead the BT for his fervent faith in big E and his undying devotion to humanity. The BT faith is described as fanatical even rabid in their lust to crush the enemies of mankind. In the Index their uniqueness is that they have been crusading for 10.000 year to prove trier loyalty, their difference from the codex organization and the Emperors champion. They are fanatical in their zeal to stomp on the mutant, heretic and psykers and will mercilessly wipe out populations of worlds to expunge the sin of heresy. - So here we have a more complete description of the BT. There is no mention that they are religious but that is not unique since practically all chapters sees big E not as a god but the ultimate human. There is no mention of them upholding the Imperial Truth in any special way either. Codex Black Templars, 4th Edition (2005) Now the BT gets a lot of fluff and I will try and sum it up as best as i can In the introduction it is repeated that Sigismund is chosen as the Emperors champion for his fervent faith in big E and his undying devotion to humanity. To prove their loyalty the start the longest crusade in the history of the Imperium. The warriors that became the BT is seeking to follow his example. They have no tolerance for heretics, mutants, warlocks, aliens or any other abominations against big E and are utterly ruthless against anything perceived as a threat to the Emperor. The BT is described to be super righteous, fanatical and furious. There are some more religious loaded words in the codex like; sacred revulsion at the foe; the holy bolter as divine instrument of big E; the embodiment of the sacred flesh of the Emperor; holy relics. But as a hole the BT is not portrayed as a religious chapter or that they have a religious appearance, their singular faith is for their duty. No mention in the codex that they, in contrast to other chapters, follows the old Imperial truth. - In summary the first BT codex paint the same picture as the index two years earlier. The fluff is vastly expanded but the unique traits of the BT have stayed the same. Dataslate Reclusiam Command Squad (2013) Here the special BT reclusiam command squad, High Hand of the Emperor, is described fervent prayers to the Emperor and his sacred word. - A shift to a more religious leaning? Codex Space Marines, 7th Edition (2015) Just a brief description that they have always fought to uphold the honor of the Emperor, and of Dorn and that they are a fleet based crusading chapter. The new unique thing about the BT is "the Black Templars’ absolute conviction, in contrast to all other Space Marine Chapters, that the Emperor is a god". - Nothing to contradict the old picture except that the religious bit is brand new thing (or at least from 2013). Codex Space Marines, 7th Edition (2017) In the new codex there is a very short picture of the BT. They are a fleet based crusading chapter. As pious champions of the Emperor, their fanatical devotion has driven them to deliver righteous retribution against every traitor, alien and daemonic abomination they have faced in battle. The BT faith in the God-E is consider fanatical. Face-to-face with his enemy, a Black Templar can fight with the noblest ideals of honor, earning glory and respect as he ensures that each of his foes is truly vanquished. - Here is in my opinion the biggest departure from the previous lore that focused on the BT as fanatical (angry) marines that utterly zealous hated all enemies of big E. Before there was no ideals of honor, just of ruthless stomping on the foes. There is also more focus om the religious nature of their faith. So in summary I must say that I can´t find any description of the BT as "some of the last remnants in the Imperium that remembered the Imperial Truth, sharing that with probably only the primarchs, the Custodes and the deep records of Mars". Neither is the Black Templars more "ostensibly atheist" than any other chapter in the older lore. Lastly, I don´t see that BT had any "religious crusader window dressing". They seems to go from a non religious chapter, as any else, to super religious in 7th Edition. Maybe there is a point to make that the term crusading evokes the religious crusaders in our own time but that´s not supported in their background. - Have I misses something important? As you can see above I do not have any novels with the BT, and perhaps they give a different picture? Personally I must say that I liked the older BT lore better than the new one, but fictitious religious nut-jobs can also be fun so I absolutely see that the new BT can appeal to many people also. (Above is of course just my personal opinions and should be taken in that spirit )
  3. Greetings brethren. 2000ptTournament coming up shortly and have decided to run THE 2 greatest chapters BlackTemplars and Ravenguard in a Hammer/Anvil sort of list. For the Templars HMHelwrekt Emperors Champion TwinAC Dreadnought Honorguard(Ax and Powerswerd) Apothecary LZ/PLz RzrBack(strombltr ,HK missle) This makes up a Vanguard formation in addition to the Ravenguards battalion Also for the Templars is a Patrol detachment Techmarine(Ax and Conversion Beamer) 20 Man Crusader sqd(Swerdbrethren w Strombltr and chainswerd) 6 man Tactical sqd (Sgt.dual wielding chainswerdz and MeltaBombs,Spclwpn.Plasma gun The Ravenguard is a Battalion Shrike Smashcpt.(Jumpack,T.Hammer,Strombltr) ×2 Vanguardvets (sgt.dual Claws ,4vets dualwielding PlzmaPistols!) Scoutbike sqd Land speeder storm ×3 Scout sqd I believe w the current detachments(Battalion,Vanguard,Patrol) should net me 9CP. Is that enough? Im reluctant to dwnsize Crusader1 for CP i may not even need . Really my question is mostly what options / stratagems am i overlooking? Additionally what artifacts might be most beneficial?
  4. The Ardent Crusade. A Black Templars player, lost in the warp since the Eye of Terror Campaign, has finally re-awoken with a desire to pick up the old crusade and expand it in these testing times. With the ETL over I've got a few models completed with a fair bit more on the to do list. Here are some pictures of my crusade so far... Company Ancient Apothecary Chaplain Castellan Emperor's Champion
  5. 'ere we go again! A few more things to finish and Honoured Brother Hafdan Ilikov shall be ready for war (...on the tabletop). Thanks for looking.
  6. If all goes according to plan, in August I shall by flying over to sunny England to meet up with some of the forum staff, play a few games, have a few drinks, and generally have a smashing time. However in order to be allowed into this informal event, I need to bring an army. In past meet-ups, I borrowed an army (thanks again, @Dam13n), brought my own partially-painted one, and now I am intending on bringing my very own painted army. As a true son of Dorn, I've decided to build a 1500-point army using two detachments: one Black Templar Battalion and one Imperial Fist Battalion. This should keep my painting mojo going as I can jump between colour schemes as I go along. With about six weeks to go, the pressure is starting to rise and my intention with this WIP log is first and foremost to keep track of my progress (though comments and constructive criticism are always welcome ). Anyway, first off army list: Hidden Content +++ Sons of Dorn (1500) (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [90 PL, 1499pts] +++ ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [41 PL, 692pts] ++ + No Force Org Slot + **Chapter Selection**: Black Templars Gametype: Matched Use Beta Rules + HQ + Chaplain [5 PL, 72pts]: Bolt pistol, The Crusader's Helm The Emperor's Champion [4 PL, 75pts] + Troops + Crusader Squad [5 PL, 70pts] . . 4x Initiate w/Chainsword . . Sword Brother: Bolt pistol, Power axe Crusader Squad [5 PL, 69pts] . . 4x Initiate w/Chainsword . . Sword Brother: Bolt pistol, Power sword Crusader Squad [8 PL, 102pts]: 3x Neophyte w/Combat Knife . . 4x Initiate w/Chainsword . . Sword Brother: Bolt pistol, Power maul + Dedicated Transport + Razorback [5 PL, 116pts]: Storm bolter, Twin assault cannon Razorback [5 PL, 116pts]: Storm bolter, Twin assault cannon Rhino [4 PL, 72pts]: Storm bolter ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [49 PL, 807pts] ++ + No Force Org Slot + **Chapter Selection**: Imperial Fists + HQ + Captain [5 PL, 81pts]: Master-crafted boltgun, Power sword, Storm of Fire, The Primarch's Wrath, Warlord Lieutenants [4 PL, 62pts] . . Lieutenant: Chainsword, Storm bolter + Troops + Scout Squad [6 PL, 75pts] . . Scout Sergeant: Chainsword, Sniper rifle . . 4x Scout w/Sniper Rifle: 4x Sniper rifle Tactical Squad [5 PL, 75pts] . . 3x Space Marine . . Space Marine Sergeant: Boltgun, Chainsword . . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter Tactical Squad [5 PL, 92pts] . . 3x Space Marine . . Space Marine Sergeant: Chainsword, Storm bolter . . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher + Elites + Venerable Dreadnought [8 PL, 165pts]: Missile launcher, Twin lascannon + Heavy Support + Devastator Squad [11 PL, 153pts] . . 2x Space Marine . . Space Marine Sergeant: Boltgun/Bolt pistol . . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon . . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon . . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher Whirlwind [5 PL, 104pts]: Whirlwind vengeance launcher Created with BattleScribe And now some pictures: Black Templars HQs: Chaplain and Emperor's Champion Black Templars Troops: Crusader Squad 1 (missing twin-linked assault cannon turret) Black Templars Troops: Crusader Squad 2 (missing Sword Brother and twin-linked assault cannon turret) Black Templars Troops: Crusader Squad 3 (missing a bolt pistol, a base, Sword Brother, three Neophytes, and Rhino) Imperial Fists HQs: Captain and Lieutenant (missing Captain) Imperial Fists Troops: Tactical Squad 1 Imperial Fists Troops: Tactical Squad 2 Imperial Fists Troops: Scout Squad (missing one Scout Sergeant and four Scouts)Imperial Fists Elites: Venerable Dreadnought Imperial Fists Heavy Support: Devastator Squad (missing boltgun, most of a Space Marine, and three Devastators) Imperial Fists Heavy Support: Whirlwind (missing Whirlwind) While my main focus will be getting all the models assembled, painted, based, and varnished I will try and add some flavour text and names to the models/updates as I go along. I might even ask the community here for some name suggestions if I'm stuck with those. Anyway, thanks for looking! Next update soon...
  7. Greetings brethren, I return to these hallowed halls once more, this time with painted models and the intention to paint many more. Here's a picture of the first three completed (i.e. assembled, painted, based, and varnished) models to start things off, with more to come soon: Thank you for looking!
  8. Why I’m Switching from Codex: Space Marines to Index: Imperium 1, Space Wolves I’m going to separate this into two parts, one is why I’m leaving the Templars rules behind, and two is why I’m taking on the wolves as their replacement. Section 1: Saying Goodbye Templars aren’t Templars anymoreIt’s sad to say, but the Templars we have now in Codex: Space Marines, aren’t Black Templars, in fact they aren’t much of anything, they’re a shallow shell of the chapter they once were, relegated to 3 special characters and a unique troop unit, this army used to have a number of hugely unique things that set it apart. Crusader Seals, Vows, and Unique Units and Unit mechanics are all gone, and all it leaves is a Space Marine chapter that likes to assault and doesn’t have psykers, and that’s about it. Crusader Seals, Attached to almost every unit, this was the mainstay of the army, and the conversion packs had their own seals to represent these now non-existent pieces of wargear. This helped the unit with righteous zeal, which allowed them to consolidate towards enemies after they suffered casualties, a rule that is altogether gone, and replaced with reroll charges, a mostly harmless change on the face of things, but the destruction of unique wargear continues all throughout their squatting, holy orb? gone, Adamantine cloak? gone. It’s no surprise, you’re taking an entirely unique army and making them one of 10 options in a book, they will be a joke as far as comparisons to the old rules go. Vows, the most unique mechanic to the army, a prayer said before the battle, giving your army tons of versatility by assigning a different army wide ability based on what you wanted your army to do, of course, gone, squatted with everything else. This is the most egregious, because it is basically what made the army work, the rerolls in combat, or the +1 strength is what defined your army, it gave you power over other armies by having essentially, a chapter tactic, before chapter tactics existed. Now, they’re completely gone without mention. Unique Units, this is the most obvious but the most damning, Templars don’t use devastators, oh just kidding, they do now because they’re just normal space marines. They don’t use librarians, well that sucks because we aren’t replacing it with anything noteworthy, and you certainly aren’t getting any defense against psykers! (Other than a Literal Coin flip Stratagem, which won’t help at all against 4+ smites) In fact! as if to specifically slap them in the face, the Ultramarines gained an Iron Halo that allows them to Deny Psychic powers! ya you know, the Ultramarines, the guys who are so anti-psyker that they have one of the most powerful psykers in the game in their army list? Yeah those psyker haters. It’s just a joke, stuffed in the back of the codex, with everything that made them unique (and viable) gone. No more tactics for Sword Brethren, their just as generic as other veterans. No more Reclusiarchs, just generic piss poor chappies like everyone else has. Vindicators and LR Crusaders? well everyone else has those now so I GUESS you can still use em. The entries for Templars read like begrudging allowances, they barely exist in the codex, and are beaten out by any other chapter in what they do. Their troops die in droves, as their tactics no longer work, the unique mechanisms like vows and crusader seals that made the army function are gone, and now the army is no better than an Ultramarine wannabe, like any other army in that codex. 2. Not an Assault Army Warhammer isn’t an assault game, shooting is and always has been the dominant strategy, that being said, it doesn’t mean assault doesn’t work, in 8th it works better than it has since 5th. It just means assault armies have to work harder for victories than shooting armies. Not by a HUGE margin, but by enough of a margin that it’s noticeable. I mean, compare how many Death Guard sit and shoot lists there are, to say, the amount of Khorne Daemons running around with Bloodletters there are…yeah. That isn’t just cause the Death Guard are the new hotness. If people picked up and played DG, and constantly lost, they would probably stop. But what’s happening is, Death Guard, sit and shoot, is Extremely Potent, and somewhat easy to achieve, which lends to its popularity. But outside of the circumstances of the game, the Space Marines themselves, or at least Codex: Space Marines is NOT an assault army. It just flat out is not, and never will be. The way Codex: Space Marines is designed, is with the intention of an Ultramarines Player. You can see this in the new Primaris Units. Units that are extremely focused on ranged, and are durable enough to get stuck in, then leave combat and shoot, an achievement that only the Ultramarines can do. Space Marines don’t hit hard enough in combat, their footslogging units aren’t durable enough to reach combat, and if they do, they’re lackluster 1 attack doesn’t do much to impress. There is no reason to try and run assault heavy, as the troops don’t do it well, Assault marines are a joke, assault terminators range from Horrendous to Very Situational at best. Vanguard Veterans work great when they charge from a vehicle (Making the reroll charges chapter tactic useless, mind you) but then die immediately after they kill a unit. In fact, the HQs and Dreadnoughts do most of the heavy lifting as far as assault goes, but as both are limited to 4 attacks, even they don’t bring enough to even remotely be considered an assault focused army, but that’s just the thing, they aren’t they never were, and that’s the issue, Why the hell did Black Templars, an assault focused army, get stuffed in a codex about shooting. They would’ve been far more welcome as an addition to any other codex, as we’ll discuss. 3. Generic, and Boring It goes without saying, that Templars have lost a great deal of that unique flair that many found them interesting for. The fun and interesting deviations from traditional marines they brought are gone, and have been replaced with pale imitations or revoked without replacement altogether. Outside of the fact that fielding a 20 man unit of crusaders for 250 points to see them get wiped out without even a glance is incredibly disheartening, and shows that this codex simply wasn’t made for the jammed in Templar flair that it does have, it also shows the problem with Space Marines as a whole, and why Templars like myself, DIDN’T play ultramarines in the first place. Here’s where the Godhand’s advocate comes in. Femto drops down to tell me, oh but but Jaded, why don’t you use Intercessors, they’re super good, and Tactical marines suck this edition. Just use hell blasters, just use the Inceptors…etc…etc… All under the banner of “You’ll win more games” Well here’s a thought. Have you ever imagined that I don’t just want to “Win Games”? perhaps there is a unique style of combat I enjoy engaging in. A cool unit I like to field a number of. Or even an overarching army theme I don’t wanna just fly in the face of for more wins? Put aside my hatred of Primaris for a second, what do I gain by fielding intercessors and hell blasters? Reliable Shooting units that can delete both infantry and tanks respectively. What about that screams templars? one or two of them? perhaps, but that won’t be enough, and why stop there? they are hands down the best units in the book, why not just spam them? no reason not to right? but guess what. Black Templars players didn’t play Black Templars to sit in the midfield and shoot, if they wanted to do that, they would’ve played Ultramarines. But they didn’t, and because of that, this playstyle, the only play style worth a damn in Codex: Space Marines, for me personally, is BEYOND BORING. It puts me to sleep, the thought of even engaging in it makes my skin crawl, as if I would walk through a portal, and a much fatter, zit covered me would be playing that army, as he brags about being a virgin and how it makes him a “Better Gamer”. I can’t stand that playstyle and it IS NOT Templars. The Templar codex was absolutely 100% about assault, getting in and ripping face no doubt, it’s so clear in their rules. “Yeah but any functioning army will have ranged units, fielding ranged Templars doesn’t mean it isn’t templars” Femto adds, ok, but it’s certainly not codex templars, realistically you could reason ANY tactic as being a subsection of the larger army that focuses on that A-typical thing for the army, like an infantry regiment in Iron Hands, or a Heavy Weapons Brigade in the White Scars. Sure They DO it. But that doesn’t mean that’s what I signed up for when I picked up that 4th edition Templar Codex. I find shooting boring, and templars do to, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have played them from the codex, they would’ve played Ultramarines, and that’s a fact. End of Story. Section 2: Why I am Playing them as Space Wolves 1. Templars are Templars again Perhaps a bit presumptuous to say, but the rules for Space Wolves, with regards to 8th edition, far better represent a zeal driven assault focused army, than the rules in Codex: Space Marines, hands down. not only do they represent them better thematically, gaining bonus attacks on the charge, one handing bolters, Sword Brethren having a unique place in the army (not the same unique place mind you, as they’re more tactically diverse with weapon options than they are with special rules) but the same theme of the members of the army Choosing who they fight with and creating family like bonds with their allies, instead of the regiments of Codex Chapters. All of this reinforces the feel of playing templars. honestly, my first game when I played the Wolves, it just felt right, it felt as if I was playing the 4th edition codex again, I was getting in assault and killing units, I was dealing damage when I reached combat, I was footslogging big swathes of crusaders, it was exactly what I had been missing. The Space wolf play style, specifically Blood Claws, Wulfen, and Powerful HQs, as the army base, feels VERY templars, mores than templars have felt in 3 editions of the game. 2. An assault Army The space wolves are an assault army, every model, even the shooting ones can take chainswords, their assault focused models get additional attacks. many of their unique units provide Powerful assault focused buffs to the army, anywhere from reroll charges, to plus 1 attack, the army’s direction and synergies scream “assault force” For anyone who has been looking for an assault Space marine army, that doesn’t like jetpacks, Wolves are the answer without a doubt. 3. Interesting and Exciting The tactics you employ as a Space Wolf player not only feel incredibly thematic to Templars but are also varied and interesting in their own right. Positioning HQs for buffs actually matters because your units actually have attacks and hit hard. Wulfen provide unique buffs that stack allowing for powerful assault combos. The gameplay of Space Wolves is all the best parts of 4th-5th edition Templar Tactics and I couldn’t be happier. FAQ “Codex to Index? you’re pretty dumb for giving up all of those special rules” A: The rules in Codex: Space Marines may be more plentiful, especially without Chapter Tactics or Stratagems, but those tactics are not Templars, and are extremely un-fun. The Index may have less rules so far, but each of those rules is 10x as thematic as the current rules for templars. I would say the idiot is the one that plays the game based on how the company dictates them to, rather than doing it in a way that allows them to have fun. “Templars have rules, why switch them to a different army?” A: Templar rules are weak and barely there, what is there is mostly generic marines shooting focused stuff. It’s not templars by any means. This may be what GW says is templars but I disagree wholeheartedly, and reject the notion that Templars can’t play like space wolves, any more than a Custom Chapter can’t play like a pre-written chapter. “You might just be bad, or lost in the tactics of the past, you’d probably do better if you took primaris” A: I know this is a straw-man argument to an extent, but I’ll just put this here to let anyone know if they say this I have no intentions of associating with them in the future. “If you are willing to use Templars as Space Wolves, why not just use them as Ultras and win more games?” A: I’ll refer you to Chapter 3 of Section 1 “What makes assault so great anyways? You could just play them shooty couldn’t you” A: Why do you prefer white bread over wheat? Automatic over Stick Shift? It’s silly to me to ask why someone would get passionate about a preference of theirs, name a situation in which you would be willing to change how you fundamentally did something you were passionate about without qualms, no? yeah, that’s what I thought.
  9. Well i took me quite some time to post some pics of my minis in these hallowed halls. I started my Word Bearers several years ago (around the time of the 4th edition Codex) and they have been a project that has developed since then. I have a nasty habit of allowing myself to be far too easily distracted. As a result many of my marines are in a kind of 'painting limbo'. Almost finished but not quite. This is the main reason i have decided to start this thread in the WIP forum. Hopefully it will give me the motivation i need to continue building on my WBs and their allies. Thanks These Possessed are actually the first minis i painted for the army. Sorry about the poor photo quality. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0170.jpg?t=1308475920 My Berzerkers were the second squad i painted. As soon i got my hands on the Berzerkers kit i knew i had to fix the old and out of date arms and weapons. For this i used a combination of CSM and marauder arms with the newer CSM weapons. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0109.jpg Flamer havocs. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0178.jpg http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0179.jpg?t=1308473468 My Dark Apostle 'true scale' attempt. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/P1010316.jpg?t=1308473795 I intended to give the Apostle a terminator body guard...but got side tracked by A D-B's Blood Reaver...and so i have just made a start at a 'true scale' NL. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0144.jpg Anyway thanks for looking
  10. This log will follow my trails and error at devising new way to convert models to fit my aesthetic, and expanding the universe through conversions and characters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +VIth Legion Grey Slayer*+ +VIIth Legion Excoriator Destroyer Sergeant+ +VIIth Legion Siege Breaker+ +VIIth Legion Cataphractii Terminator+ +IXth Legion Assault Legionary+ +IXth Legion Tartaros Terminator+ +XIVth Legion Section Leader+ +XVI Legion Despoiler Assault Legionary+ +Legio Custodes Guardian+ *Special thanks to the talented Kizzdougs for the recipe!
  11. [+ pict-capture source +] Larik Crusade heraldic shield [by @madscuzzy] --[[+ + + + +]]-- Eight Astartes and an unaugmented human stood in a rough semi-circle facing a lone figure. Their raisin black fists struck the centres of their armoured chest pieces, the loud clangs of metal on metal echoing off the surrounding plasteel walls. Simultaneously, eight vox-distorted voices cried out in unison: "Devicta morte!" The lone human simply bowed her head and made the sign of the aquila. Marshal Varkan, leader of the Aryx Crusade, removed his own helm and placed it on the low table beside him. He scrutinised them with his bright green eyes, inhaling deeply. The smells of war filled his senses: mud, stagnant water, propellant, promethium, blood, combat toxin residuals. They had come with all due haste straight from the battlefield. "Devicta morte." Returning their salute, he continued, turning to face each of the crusade's decemvirate in turn. "Tomas, Sp
  12. hey everyone, i am quite new to the whole converting and painting models thing (doing it for about a year and half now) and i wanted to share one of my models i am working on atm with you guys. PS: sry if the pics are a bit blurry or overlighted. i am still trying to figure out a way to make a good photobox. critics are welcome and wanted unfortunatly i cant post pictures here for some reason, so here a just the links: http://www.flickr.com/photos/101115243@N07/9647068767/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/101115243@N07/9650309620/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/101115243@N07/9650320520/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/101115243@N07/9650331690/
  13. I just played a 2k game against Black Templar with Imperial Fist allies. His was more of a test for IF allies, mine was a test for DA allies. My list: HQs Shrike Sammael(Corvex) Elites Vanguard Vet Squad - x10 Jump packs, 4x PWs, Sarge with P Axe and SS (RG) Venerable Dread - Drop Pod, MM Troops Sniper Scout Squad (DA) Tactical Marines - x10, Meltagun (RG) Scouts in LSS, Bolters (RG) Fast Attack Assault Marine Squad - x10 men, Meltabomb, CS, PW Ravenwing Black Knights x5 (DA) Heavy Stormraven - TLMM, TLPC(RG) Thunderfire ADL/Quadgun His list(Best I can recall): Emperors Champion IF Captain with PF Master of the Forge Conversion Beamer Command Squad with Apothecary Drop Pod x5 Man Crusader Squad x5 Man Sniper Scouts x10 Man IF Tac Heavy Bolter x10 Man IF Tac Heavy Bolter x9 Man Sternguard x5 Combi-melta x4 combi-plas Drop Pod x10 Man Vanguard with a large assortment of PW and SS loaded for bear ADL/Quadgun Mission: The Scouring Deployment: Dawn of War Deployment He won the roll off, he deployed first. There were a lot of ruins and some mysterious terrain. The objectives were almost perfectly divided. His ADL/QG were front on center with an objective behind it and a tall ruin. He put both Tac squads on either side of the QG behind the ADL with the MotF above and behind them in the ruin. The crusader squad was on my left in a ruin towards the left midfield objective. I deployed my TFC on my right flank in a ruin and the ADL/QG on my left using the ruin to box in an objective and put my AMs in it at the edge of my deployment. The BK/Sammael were outflanking. My Tac squad was in the 'Raven. I won the roll off for infiltrators. I put my Sniper Scouts in the ruin above the objective. Shrike on the VV infiltrated into a body of water 12" (LoS blocked by a ruin) from his right Tac squad, near the edge of my right and center tile edge. I put my LSS right next to them for the jamming beacon on the tile edge and behind another ruin. He put his Sniper Scouts in a ruin to my far right next to the board edge and an objective. I did not try to seize. The hunt had begun. Turn 1 Night-fighting in effect. The objective next to his IF tacs was worth 4 points, mine was worth 3, the one on the left was worth 1 and the center-ish one was worth 3 and the one near my TFC was worth 2 and the one near his snipers was worth 2. His objective was a grav-wave generator. The others were too far away. He was going to drop his Stern/IF Cap next to Shrike but he realized my LSS had a jamming beacon(He had fallen for it a few games back already) so he tried to drop it exactly 12" away almost in the exact center of the board. It scatted 10" in front of his QG. Bonus! He disembarked them on the opposite side of my VV/Shrike towards his ADL. He shuffled his eft IF Tac into the ruin to join with the MotF. His snipers took a wound off my TFC. His Conversion Beamer wounded some AMs but I saved them all. I was too far away/out of LoS for anything else. My QG intercepted his stern and killed 1. My objective was also a grav-wave. Ven Dread came down right next to his DP and in front of the ADL. The Dread disembarked with his DP between it and the QG. My AMs jumped up towards his Stern. VV/Shrike jumped over the ruin and were right in front of the right IF Tac squad. LSS followed the VVs. Snipers killed 2 Sterns. TFC whiffed. Dread ate his DP. First Blood to me. AMs tried to assault his stern but were short, even with WD. I shouldn't have shot at the stern. Their casualties made me fail the charge. VVs easily got into CC with his IF Tac squad. My VV Sarg with PA/SS challened his IF sarge. I lost 1 plain VV and he lost all 9 tac marines. 4 from Shrike alone and the rest from PWs. My sarge died in the challenge. He tried to break but I caught him and we were locked in CC. WHich was good. Turn 2 None of his reserves came in. He moved his stern towards my AMs. He killed off my TFC and killed 3 AMs from everything that could shoot them. Sterns only used bolt pistols. Shrike watched while the VVs killed the IF tac sarge and consolidated 5" towards the ruin with the MotF/IF Tac squad in it. The sterns assaulted my AM's and we tied combat. His captain broke off to fight my dread but a failed invul ID'd him. My 'Raven and BKs came in. I moved the 'Raven up about 20" where a DP blocked LoS from his QG. The BKs came in from the left side, which is where I wanted them. I knew he would send his Champ after Shrike so I wanted to set up Sammael to intercept. Shrike and crew hopped into the ruin with the IF Tacs. My lonely Tech ran towards the snipers. The Snipers/BKs/'Raven killed the crusader squad on the left. PotMS missile took a wound off the QG. Shrike assaulted the Tacs and refused the challenge. His sarg had a PF and I wanted to take no risks with Shrike. the VVs killed all but the MotF and a random Tac. He tried to break but I caught him. My dread charged in with the Stern and my AMs and won 3-1 wounds. He passed morale. Turn 3 His VV and CS/Champ came in. He planted his CS/CHamp right next to the ruin with Shrike. Just as planned. his VV landed next to my Tech. No idea why he did that. My QG intercepted them and killed one. His snipers headshot my Tech. Shrike maimed the MotF and the VV killed the last Tac. I consolidated 5" out of the ruin away from is CHamp. Dread/AM lost combat 2-0 due to the Dread whiffing but didn't break. His VV ran towards the 2 point objective and it was sabotaged and exploded killing none. Sammael and crew moved up next to his ADL and CS/Champ and unloaded killing 2. 'Raven flew up and unloaded killing 2 more. Tacs stayed inside. LSS moved up, scouts jumped out and killed the QG. Shrike and crew joined my Dread/AMs and slaughtered the stern. Sammael made the charge into the Champ and the last Vet. The BKs killed the Vet and Sammael and the Champ did no wounds. Turn 4 My Tacs jumped out and grabbed the 4 pointer. My SNipers huddled around the 3 pointer. His snipers grabbed the 2 pointer and the VVs made a break for my snipers. They were over 48" away so I wasnt worried. At this point he knew it was over so we just did Sammael vs Emperors Champion. Sammael won. Eternal Warrior was key here. Victory 10-3 me. 7 Objective Points, 1 Slay the Warlord, 1 First Blood, 1 Line-breaker. He got 2 Objective Points and Line-breaker. Over all it was fun. I expected his Stormtalon but was surprised he didnt bring it. Shrike/VV and Sammael/BK were two unstoppable pain trains. The support from my 'Raven and Snipers were perfect. Going second with SHrike/VV infiltrating so close was great. My LSS jamming beacon probably won me the game as SHrike/VV got in CC without a single casualty and I only lost 4 VV the whole game as they were in CC every turn they made their points back and more. Sammael is the perfect HQ hunter and Shrike is the perfect assassin. Winged Deliverance did a bunch of wounds but he saved them all. The re-rolls for charge range didnt really affect the game but were a nice back up.
  14. Long long ago in the way far away I created the Knights of Lydda Chapter. After taking a hiatus from the forum I havefound that nothing remains of my beloved chapter except a picture in one thread. Well, since I am rebuilding my forces, I think it only right to amend the writing from the past to reflect the newer rules and game play. The Knights are a Black Templar off shoot that willplay with their Chapter Tactics. All charactes are created specifically for the chapter without recycling any from the BT list. I am currently rewriting the fluff to the army, here is what I have: Origins The Knights of Lydda were first created during the 20th Founding with Imperial Fist geneseed to deal with the xenos threats which spanned through out the Imperium of Man. Many of the initial training missions were fought against different xenos races. These missions helped to instill the chapter with a fierce hatred for the entirety of all xenos races. To them having a xenos race on Imperial soil is just as bad as having a heretic on Holy Ground. The Knights of Lydda were assigned a permanent post in the Eastern Fringe as it seemed that this was the doorway through which much of the threat to the Imperium was using. The Knights of Lydda were to eradicate any sign of alien contamination they found. Lydda, a world from the Nemarkus System near the center of the Eastern Galactic Fringe, was given to the Chapter as a recruiting ground as many of its initial marines were drawn from this medieval world. The beliefs of the Chapter are like those of the knights that populate its lands. They quite simply translate as protect the weak and destroy all that oppose the righteous rule of the Emperor. The Knights of Lydda live and die by this simple creed. There is no parlay with these warriors, you are on the Emperor's side or you are a traitor. The Knights of Lydda have fought bravely in many engagements against various opponents. Though trained to fight primarily alien cultures, they have had a decent amount of battle experience with the forces of Chaos as well. The illustrious battles fought by this noble Chapter span many volumes in the Chapter's Librarium and shrines to victory and fallen warriors are scattered across many of planets of this sector. The Gresnik War The Gresnik War began as a small operation that quickly spiralled out of control. Imperial Guard regiments were sent to Opathia Prime to quell an Ork rebellion. It seems that the Guard was ill informed of their true enemy. Though green of skin and immensely muscular, Gresnik was not an Ork as the Guardsmen were led to believe, but rather a Chaos Champion. After losing four major cities and the lower continent, the Guard called for help. They still had not seen Gresnik, only his minions who resembled orks. The Knights of Lydda answered the call immediately. After a small warp jump the initial battle was fought in the city Heratomolie. The densely built city hindered the Knights' regular combat doctrines and Gresnik's forces balked them at every turn. Until this point in their illustrious history they had been able to dictate terms to their enemies, now the advantage belonged to the enemy. For months wave after wave of attacks by the Knights were put down. In a brash decision Chapter Master Gregory Harriston declared the entire Chapter, from the most grizzled veteran marine to the newest scout was to fight in this particular theater of war. Two forces were assembled to take part in a decisive strike to lure out the elusive Gresnik. The first was a mobile strike unit of Cheveliers supported by Seige Master stationed at key points through out the battle zone. The second was an entire Order constisting of Assault Marines who would wait to harass and destroy the enemy forces brought into light. After months of recon, firefights, and repositioning of forces the Knights had lost many Battle Brothers. On the three hundred and twenty second day of fighting a ray of hope shone on the Knights of Lydda. The scout recon groups spotted Gresnik himself. Gresnik was a being of pure muscle, tainted green with the rot of Nurgle. A massive power claw formed his right hand while a huge three bladed bionic formed the left. It was easy for any marine there to understand why they were under the assumption they were initially fighting orks. Gresnik made way for the approaching Chapter forces killing two squads of scouts in his attack. As he stood over Chavelier Sergeant Charles Pollinius about to strike the killing blow with the power clawed right hand, the power sword of Gregory himself stopped it. The two were locked in combat while the rest of the Knights of Lydda regrouped and took their fight to the remaining forces of Gresnik's army. Gresnik was finally laid low when Gregory decapitated his mutated head from his body. All of the fallen Brothers had been taken to the apothecaries of the fleet ships for removal of their geneseed. It was here that Gregory the Pious learned of the exact number of the fallen, a full three quarters of his men had died on this world. Gregory consulted the only member of Imperial Law in the field, Inquisitor Marcus Grimm of the Ordo Xenos. The decision was the planet of Opathia Prime would be declared Exterminatus. The Imperial forces bombarded the planet with virus bombs and left it to die. The Knights left for Lydda to re-forge their strength and their numbers pledging that an onslaught like this would never be allowed to happen to the Chapter again. Reconstruction Following the Gresnik War, the Knights of Lydda were all but driven into obscurity. The reconstruction of the chapter was of supreme importance and could not be ignored. Putting themselves into seclusion on the surface of Lydda the chapter drove forward searching for worthy aspirants to fill the void left by the fallen brothers of the chapter. In mid-M.38, during this time of seclusion a vision of prosperity came upon them. This miracle of the Emperor came to them in the form of Jerrulis Resinger, a young masonry serf who had a particular skill with the blade. During the two hundred and fifty year reconstruction of the Chapter, Jerrulius advanced in rank. Once, as the Chavelier Captain of the Lion Order, Jerrulius led his Order into one of the Chapter's most famous battles, facing and defeating many times their number of Eldar. The result impressed Chapter Master Gregory Harriston so much that he took the Captain under his wing to become his successor. After Gregory's fall on Damascus XIV, Jerrulius assumed the mantle of Chapter Master. During this time he was to complete the reconstruction efforts of the chapter and drew up many tenants on how to maintain a fighting force, including the policy of establishing keeps upon uncontested Imperial worlds, expanding the number of potential candidates to recruit from. It is due to these practices laid out in the Bellicus Doctrina, written by Jerrulius himself in his forty ninth year as Chapter Master, that the Knights of Lydda have not faced such a dire need for recruits again. Lydda Lydda, the fourth planet of the Nemarkus System lies in the Daedelus Subsector of the Eastern Fringe. It is a medieval world under the Light of the Imperium for many millennia. The planet orbits the yellow sun of Nemarkus and this star blankets the lands of Lydda with light and warmth while the three planets closer to Nemarkus are too hot for habitation. Only two major continents are found on Lydda, the largest of which is Braxus. Across the blue seas lies the subcontinent of Jacea. The oceans of Lydda contain nineteen island chains, but few of these are actually inhabited. Native animals of this world include the Great Raven ( a bird of titanic size), horses, and the Lava Snake (a large reptile which usually resides in the steam vents of volcanic sites). These creatures are an everyday sight and with species such as the horse, breeding farms have been implemented in many areas of the world. The people of Lydda are organized into a feudal structure. Each kingdom supplies and maintains specific services and militia, levying troops and tithes from the populace to arm these forces. In return the rulers of each land proffer titles of nobility and grants of land. Serf labor makes up a large portion of the inhabitants of each Kingdom. It is this structure that makes Lydda such a fertile recruiting ground. Any boy can leave his position, even as a serf, to join the ruler's army and test himself during the Tournament of Pages. During the Tournament martial testing takes place across the lands and applicants from the age of eight to thirteen subject themselves to various trials, including a trial by arms in which only the victor walks away. Senior Chapter serfs attend each Tournament and choose the most suitable recruits for the Knights, those who survive but who are not chosen to join the Chapter are left to serve out their lives in the service of the lord holding the trials. The planetary population is aware of the presence of the Chapter and its serfs are regarded as a caste of their own among the inhabitants. Though no communication is existant outside the tournament, these individuals are seen as the Emperor's emissaries who stand but a rung below the legendary Knights themselves. If a Chapter serf makes a request for the Chapter from a ruling lord it is immediately fulfilled. No ruler wishes to risk the wrath of the 'Knights from the Emperor's Stars' being visited upon them. Local legends refer to the 'Knights of the Emperor's Stars' as the Emperor's chosen army. They revere these tales and when a Knights of Lydda ship is spotted overhead all that see it immediately inform their lord so that offerings may be made to satisfy the needs of these men who serve the Emperor's glory. It is a common fantasy of many of the planet’s youth to be taken to the stars with the Chapter and live their lives in service. It is a dream only few ever get to realize. Beliefs The Knights of Lydda are a zealous chapter in the tenants of its belief system. Their only mission in life is to destroy the forces which threaten the security of the Imperium of Man. Each marine holds dear the teachings and veneration of the Emperor and is a member of the Imperial Cult. On their homeworlds they were all raised with the knowledge of the God Emperor. They have retained these teachings upon their acceptance into the Chapter and worship the Emperor in much the same manner as the many other inhabitants of the Imperium. No challenge has been made to their belief of the Emperor as a God as it has been cited by the Inquisition on many occasions that to do this would most likely start a rift between the Chapter and the Imperium. No one wants the crusading chapter to ask what else they may have been lied to about if the Emperor is not what they have been taught since childhood. Some Inquisitors feel that this ignorance is bliss for the chapter and helps keep them in stride with the goals set for them in the field. The Sons of Lydda believe the Emperor himself chooses each of them and lays forth a mission to be completed. To die in battle is a completion of your task and grants a Knight a place at the Emperor's side in the afterlife. Any Marine who does not die in battle, but rather falls to treachery or subterfuge is prayed for by his brothers and a Chaplain states the case for the fallen marine to take his place at the Emperor's side during the funeral rites in hopes that the Emperor will still see fit to so honor the fallen brother. Honor is taken seriously amongst the Knights and points of honor between Battle Brothers are often settled by ritual combat. Depending on the severity of the grievance between Marines the combat may be settled by first blood, surrender or even, rarely, mortal combat though in the hundreds of years since the Knights of Lydda were formed this only four duels have been fought to the death. Recruitment Recruiting is done from several worlds now, most notably Lydda itself. On each recruiting world a keep is built and run by Chapter serfs. These individuals see to the needs of the Chapter providing required resources and personnel needed by the chapter thorough a series of tolls and levies in return for the Chapter's protection. Every year on Lydda the Tournament of Pages is held at the parade grounds of each of the twenty-three kingdoms. The purpose of the tournament is to provide a recruiting ground for new soldiers to be inducted and trained into soldiers by each feudal kingdom. All thirteen year old males of the realms are required to participate upon penalty of death, though any lad between eight and twelve years may also partake in the Tournament if he wishes. It is during this time that the Heralds of the Knights of Lydda, in the form of high-ranking chapter serfs, come forth to claim some of the youths present for induction into the chapter. The Tournament of Pages is a military affair using blunted weapons and tests of skill such as riding, jousting, and swordsmanship to show potential soldiers to the kings of the realms. These tests, though watched and held in relative safety, have been known their fair share of casualties and even fatalities among the entrants. However it is not solely martial prowess that the Tournament seeks to showcase, nor is solely battle skills that a potential chapter recruit is judged on. Entrants are also tested on military and legal knowledge, courtly manners and a variety of other subjects as well and some esoteric combination of the results of these tests and battlefield performance decides who is and who isn't recruited. Only the Heralds know these criteria, handed out by senior Knights according to the chapter's strengths and weaknesses and they hold their secrets close to their chests. Training The collected aspirants are brought to Nirvana, the chapter's keep. Here they are initially trained in survival techniques and unarmed combat by the serfs who were once themselves aspirants. During this time the surgical procedures for implanting the geneseed and various other organs to turn these young men into Space Marines are begun by the stationed Hospitaller. The Chapter's Hospitallers are aware of the fact that the Betcher's Gland does not work, as is the case with the Imperial Fists from which they are derived and the Chapter fears further degradation. Due to this concern the decision was made to train more recruits in the arts of the Apothecarium. Thus there is always a knowledgeable Brother on hand to monitor the implanted organs and bio-chemistry of each Marine for purity and proper function. Further all units must report every seven Terran years to an infirmary so that more complete check ups can be made. Once a certain maturity level has been established the aspirants are sent out on the Trial of Fire. This trial has the aspirants traveling to the mountains north of the keep with the goal of obtaining the head of an Inferno Drake (a fire breathing wyvern type, dragon class lizard inhabiting the caves near the mountain lakes). When the aspirants return the head is presented to the Hospitaller Sergeants at the Ceremony of Fortitude as proof of their ability to work as a team. After the process of implantation and psycho-indoctrination the aspirant receives a final test, The Journey of Steel. Taken to the most war torn and intense battlefields of the planet, armed with only a sword, shield, comm-link, and flak armor, the aspirants must return to Nirvana within 30 days. Each aspirant is expected to have a trophy from a fallen foe. These trophies are usually in the form of a weapon, most notably a sword. Those who fail a trial or reject the geneseed implantations are inducted as Chapter serfs. These men often serve in a militia company on the field either next to or in lieu of their masters. From this militia the Heralds are chosen to procure the next generation of aspirants for the Chapter. Battle Cry “Whom Shall I Fear?” Battlecry originated on the sulphur plains of Salpahrus IV where the Knights battled against a chaos cult backed by the Alpha Legion which threatened to consume the system itself. The originator of the cry is unknown, yet it persists to this day upon the battlefield.
  15. Greetings Brothers and Welcome to the ✠✠ Challenge Against the Dawn ✠✠ http://i1151.photobucket.com/albums/o622/Marshal_Roujakis/Challenge-Against-the-Dawn-Gif_zpsradwavlf.gif The Enemies of the Imperium has pushed us on the very edge of a deadly precipice, The Imperium has literally been divided in two, both sides are suffering from alien invasions, daemonic incursions and renewed assault by traitors and heretics. It has come to a time where desperation has led to the revival of a demi-god and the birth of a brand new era, where the Astartes are reborn anew, where the old guard have been exhausted and newly forged warriors must be integrated to the Chapters of the Space Marines to replenish their strength, but not everyone sees hope in the coming of the light... These Commanders of the Black Templars are such individuals, they have heard the muster of the so-called Primaris Space Marines and have questioned Guilliman to the purity of their strength and resolve, they are a newly forged blade, untested, unproven and untempered to be thrust in a war that has split the galaxy into two, a veteran warrior will not be placated by mere words, but deeds... And while a new dawn might be coming, the night is still darkest just before the morn. Will you be one of these individuals to stand defiant? Will you fight against the coming onslaught of a galaxy that burns with darkness and destruction? Will you Accept the Challenge? ✠ So What is this Challenge? It started in Canadian_F_H's thread and somehow became an open season challenge, but... well... me and Brother Christopher had a chat in regards to how everyone is reacting to the news about 8th edition and the Primaris Space Marines... here is the quick conversation specifically about the Primaris Space Marines And a lot of those in the BT community alone had some trepidation and concerns in regards to these newcomers fluff and their shoehorn-ing to the Templars Crusades... and while we can't really do anything about it, except accept or relent to GW's decisions, we can still Challenge the Dawn of a New Era... and so a painting challenge is made. Paint a quick 5 model Astartes Squad in Power Armour (or Artificer) before the release of 8th edition ✠ The Rules: Paint 5 Space Marines in Power Armour (or artificer) in the colours of the Black Templars Paint them before the release of 8th edition and the Primaris Space Marines If you accept the challenge then you may take a copy of the banner below to show that you have accepted the challenge If you successfully complete the challenge a special Banner will be given to you If you fail to complete the challenge then a Banner of Failure will also be given to you Post here if you Accept the Challenge and a link to your Crusade's thread if necessary Post a before and After Picture of the 5 Astartes you wish to paint either in this thread or in the thread that you have provided If you're not satisfied and you want to paint another 5-then do so, but be warned, failure to complete the 2nd attempt means you get the Banner of Failure DEADLINE UPDATE: June 17th 2017 ✠ Notes: No, there will be no vows... there are no points to be used anyway... so no point using point system... This is not endorsed by the Mods... but it would be nice if it were, or at the least if this thread was pinned at the top... until the 8th Ed. release The Astartes does not need to be a squad, we're Templars we form groups according to bonds of Brotherhood and fellowship, not doctrine... You can paint Characters too, as long as they're in Power Armour (or Artificer) to oppose the Primaris Marines. No, we won't be putting your names on the first post... this isn't ETL nor a Crusade Expansion... although it would be nice if it were... I know... my photoshop skills aren't that good, But I promise I'll make the banner better... If you accept the challenge, then simply post below that you do and don't forget to get your banner (optional) and post links to your pictures ✠Banner of Challenge Acceptance: http://i1151.photobucket.com/albums/o622/Marshal_Roujakis/Challenge%20Against%20the%20Dawn_zpsbnxxzlfn.png And May the Emperor guide your brushes Brothers...
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