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  1. Hello and welcome to the Neurode Crusade's Keep! This is my second attempt at a WIP thread in this section of the forum. I pronounce the first one dead - all of the images were hosted by Photobucket and many of us know how this turned out. However, technical issues are not the only reason why a fresh thread is justified. My approach to the hobby has changed and I have started doing things with my models. Before that, with few exceptions, the only thing I did was to hoard more models to meet a crusade composition I imagined, but did not control. That is why matters got out of hand quickly and the number of models swelled considerably. The miniatures were tucked into countless scattered boxes. This is no longer! Over the last month and a half, I appointed my Power Armour Marines to squads and/or "functions" and organised my bits. The way ahead of me is long, but I am finally able to see progress and hope. For a good start, I'll leave share this photo of the larger part of my PA Crusaders. In addition to 205 Marines (including 30 jump packs), I have 25 models in scout armour, 49 in TDA,17 bikers, over two dozen vehicles and a Freeblade Imperial Knight. Disclaimer: for the foreseeable future, no Primaris are allowed! And here is a sample of my painting skills. These models represent my current table-top standard (or I should probably add "overall standard," since I'm not able to produce better quality painting factoring in time-per-painted-miniature that I find acceptable). I am going to update this thread as regularly as possible - i.e. every time I manage to do something meaningful, like a completed kitbash/conversion, painted model, finished squad or reasonable progress in a larger project. All and any questions, comments or requests are mostly welcome!
  2. A brotherhood of knights known today as the Neurode Crusade, over the last few decades, underwent a series of changes leading to its present day composition. The changes centre on the figure of Marshall Arthur, the current Marshall of the Crusade. At present, the Neurode crusade's forces are divided. While a pursuit force lead by Marshall Arthur and an accompanying Inquisitor is after a traitor governor who left the Neurode forge world in ruin, the bulk of the Crusade rebuilds its strength in a newly established chapter keep after sustaining considerable loses in a series of violent war campaigns. This thread, as many others of this kind, is a mess. You'll find here successful, suspended and abandoned attempts at converting models and scratch building. You'll find WIP shots and images of painted miniatures. There is also some fluff out there, which hopefully will one day be expanded to form a chronicle of the Neurode Crusade's feats. In order to do something with the mess, I'll be links to important posts here. My approach to painting black - a tutorial; part 1 - general stuff Marshall Arthur, conversion work Black Templars Marshal, Arthur - painted miniature Neurode mechanised Scratchbuilt Neurode-pattern Vindicator Lady Inquisitor WIP and finished model Venerable Dreadnought Neurode Crusaders +++ Below you will find a detailed overview of the Neurode crusade's notable battles. +++PART 1+++ The Otmar Intervention Still a Sword Brother, Arthur was appointed command of a minor, 35-man strong (including a Dreadnought and a 5 TDA Sword Brethren), Black Templar strike force. They were ordered to support Imperial forces on Otmar. Thereon, the safety of a sacred shrine of the Emperor was threatened by an Ork raiding party of unknown size. Planetary radars located an incoming Ork vessel and the local officials sent distress signals. Because of its location and insignificance, Otmar did not have a military force and had little chances of defending against the incoming Orks. The defenders of the planet were but a small, underequipped militia, mustered from the more zealous civilians and local priests. The plea for help was answered by a nearby Black Templar vessel. Arthur’s force landed in time to bolster local defences and, most importantly, secure the safety of the shrine located on a rise in Walhaim, the biggest city of the planet. The Ork shuttle crashed on the surface of Otmar on the outskirts of Walgaim just a few hours after the Black Templars landed. Arthur assigned 10 Initiates, a Dreadnought and some of the local forces to defend the immediate proximity of the shrine. Meanwhile, he lead a pre-emptive attack. Unfortunately, as the Orks need no time to organize, they already managed to brake the militia’s defences of Walhaim. Fighting the scattered Ork forces was tiresome. The greenskins posed no threat, nor were they a worthy challenge for the fearsome Crusaders. However, the crashed vessel was not the only inbound Orkish craft. Somehow two other, larger vessels remained undetected until it was too late. The cumbersome, mutilated chunks of metal entered Otmar’s atmosphere. This time the greenskins were lead by a Warboss. Seeing what was left of the first wave of attackers, the brute became furious. He lead a swift strike on the city, much more organized than the previous formless assault. Orks used their numbers to their advantage and were pushing the defenders back, deeper into the city. Even the might of the Astartes, stretched thin among the kilometres of breaking defence lines, proved to be insufficient. Arthur ordered all his man back to the shrine to prevent desecration of the holy place. The remaining forces of the human militia, at first hesitant to leave their homes to be ravaged by the scattered parties of the green horde, joined the Marines. Eager to fight the finest of the Imperium, the Warboss gathered a significant force of Orks and ordered a brutal onslaught on the defenders’ donjon. The joint Black Templars’ and militia’s forces repelled the initial push and two consecutive ones; yet, the defenders, especially the militia, suffered great losses. However, the Ork’s numbers were greatly diminished. In the third attack on the shrine, the Warbass was slain. The rest of his kin, leaderless, discouraged and broken, scattered. The shrine was secured. Walhaim was ruined, though. The remains of the defenders, assisted by fresh units of militia from other settlements, dealt with the scattered Ork survivors. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ORIGINAL POST: The thread description says it all: this will be my WIP thread in which I'll be posting (hopefully regularly) pictures of my endeavours to expand my Crusade and convert different pieces in my collection. Unfortunately I can't do anything for the ETL competition, because my pledged units aren't where I am. But I can devote myself to my new-found passion: making plasticard models. For the time being, I'm suspending my Thunderhawk project: I just want to make a smaller plasticard model to see whether I'm capable of making a decent looking craft. For starters, my cheap Vindicator (which I'll vow in ETL when I'm done with my rhinos & razorback). Here is a raw overwiew of what I have so far. http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/9049/p1050937zs.jpg And the cannon: http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/1724/p1050933c.jpg How do you like the look of the cannon? I did it according to the templates which I've found, but it is not as wide as in the original model. Does it look okay, or would you advise me to make it wider, more like in the original?
  3. So, as the title states, this will be my third return to the hobby. Original time was back in the early 2000's, I had a Space Wolves army that I had painted a pale green, don't ask 12-year old me why. I quickly moved on to a Black Legion Army that included some Rhino Rush Berserkers, the then-new Defiler, and a metal Daemon Prince (you know the one). This must have been 3e-4.5. This phase culminated with a trip to the Atlanta Games Day where I submitted my old metal Typhus model. At this time, I was pretty into the Space Wolf books and also Storm of Iron. As for models, I was pretty into Codex: Eye of Terror, and especially the Grey Slayer models, but this was when I think high school started to really pick up for me. None of the models from this era survived. Fast forward to about 10 years ago, got back into it and picked up some models again and got back to work, converting some vaguely renegade Marines using the Chaos Warrior gloved arms and axes. Not sure what my plan was, and I fell off the wagon again. I think I first got into the HH books here. Second return- Still got a few of those models, and went back through them when I moved. Got some more, this would have been right around the time of the plastic HH boxes coming out. I started working on some fluff and got a ton of bits and did some assembly, but I was mostly working background via the Iron Gauntlet challenge in the Liber forums. You can find some of that fluff here and here. But with Primaris coming out, I felt pretty overwhelmed and kind of worn out, and for whatever reason, I fell out of it again. Finally, this time, I’m ready to finish the Violent Gods, including an update to the fluff that fixes some typos and situates them firmly in the space of the Dark Imperium now that Guilliman is back. My plan is still to run them as Space Wolves, albeit without some of the Wolfier choices in the Codex. Anyway, here’s some models. Counts as GH. Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, then Agrax. They all need a highlight, and I think the Marine on the right needs some Nuln Oil. The one in the middle was mostly finished as a test, but I’ve since redone his armor to match the one on his left, built when you could load out GH squads with bg, bp, AND chainswords. Oh well. More GH. Same armor layers applied. GH Plasma Specialists. Champion/WG/Lieutenant on the left (needs more bits!), GH on the right. WGPL, WGPL- possibly for Long Fangs, GHPL. Counts as Long Fangs, including a possible RG defector, perhaps you can guess which one (!). I think two more lascannons ought to fill this squad out. I’ve got some Blood Claws, a few characters, and some Rhino’s hopefully up next. Thoughts about the dirty metal armor? I think it needs a highlight, but not sure which color to use. I was hoping that jumping right to Runefang or Stormhost Silver won’t be too stark. Thanks for looking! Edit: thought my old thread was archived, but it is not, and it is in my signature.
  4. Hi all! As the proud owner of 7 full Firstborn Tactical squads, among other things, I figured it'd be interesting to have a look at what best fits our lists in 10th. Yeah, yeah, divisive topic - please can we keep this to a discussion of how Firstborn work on the table as they are now, rather than any speculation about what might happen. Look, I'm as upset as the next guy that my Company Veterans squad with combi-plasmas and storm shields is no longer street legal, but I guess maybe I have the meat of 2 Command Squads now? So far I've had some success with Devastators (at elevation for Plunging Fire) paired with a Dreadnought's reroll bubble. They melted a Chaos Knight in a single round of shooting with the support of a Repulsor and Oath of Moment, so very happy with them. Chaplains are very, very tasty with anything that gets to swing a lot, so something like foot Assault Marines out of a transport are tempting to try out. I haven't been able to spot a real niche for my Vanguard Veterans (sobs in magnets) that I'm happy with yet, and all of my Sternguard Veterans are looking for their lifted soles in bemusement... So, what are your favourite Firstborn combos, and how do we get the best use out of them this edition?
  5. This is my first finished painting project since returning to 40k since the end of 7th edition, and my first time at Space Marines. There are for sure some rough edges and things I learned during the painting process since I started that should make future projects much smoother to paint and turn out much better. That said, I'm always open to constructive criticism and feed back. I only have the one picture right now, but will have more tonight including a close up of each mini. I need to get better with decal placement. They were drying to the gloss varnish I applied before applying decals before I had a chance to adjust their their placement. That said, the matte varnish seems to have gotten a good seal over everything. This is the whole squad. I don't have the 10th edition Space Marines rules, just the core rules, so I just built them with the weapons I think are cool. The barrels on the guns could stand to be drilled in future projects, and I need to learn to write on purity seals and scrolls. I grabbed as many of the flashy bits as I could when I was building so a lot of these guys are not going to be WYSIWYG compliant. I'm pretty sure I hear somewhere that there was a limit to how many dudes you can have without the basic bolter in 10th. Close up of the Sargent. I need to get a little more practice painting straight lines as you can see mainly on his banner and knee-pad. I also need to get some basing materials. I just used a couple of James Workshops' technical paints and a layer of thinned Snakebite Leather contrast to add some nice variances in color to the base. I'm not sure what happened on the bottom of the... loin-cloth? It looks faded and tattered. It wasn't like that before clear-coating. Then again, I used a 1.0 speed-paint for it, and I've run into the reactivation problem with those 1.0s multiple times. I'm thinking I'm going to... move those paints to reserve. The banner in general I'm disappointed with. I wanted to do a quartered design alternating red and yellow across the banner with a black border in place of a red one. I couldn't figure out how to get my lines to look good and got to the point where I just wanted to be done with that part so I fell back on a design I knew I could do. In retrospect, looking at the sloppiness of the red, I rushed it. I'm not sure if I got the grenades properly colored or not. I just did a metallic on them because I thought it looked good. However, I think they might should be a olive drab color thinking about how most IRL grenades look. You can also see, based on the black pauldron, that he's been detached to the Deathwatch before. I'm not sure where I read it anymore, but I recall reading that 3rd Company Sargents paint their helmet black instead of red. I like the look of that so I'm running with it for future 3rd company projects. Hopefully Dorn approves.
  6. Introduction The Anvilbreakers are the 2nd Tactical Squad of the Salamanders 2nd Company, standing at seven members as of 884M41. They are experienced in fighting xeno warbands in close quarters, and would become instrumental in breaking the Ork and Steel Reaver sieges on Dakota Minor. Anvilbreakers (2nd Tactical Squad and Apothecary) The squad takes their name from a lesser known Nocturnean fable that describes a compulsive and overachieving blacksmith. The story is both comedy and a lesson in understanding limits (of oneself, their tools and their peers). Wielding flamers, the Anvilbreakers incinerate the heretic forces besieging the industrial sector of Dakota Minor. Current Members of the Anvilbreakers The Anvilbreakers are a Tactical Squad comprised of the following members: Sergeant Ukra'thelar Konn Konn is the esteemed leader of 2nd Company’s 2nd Tactical Squad. A sombre Astartes, Konn directs his squad with blunt efficiency. In between orders, he will take a moment to give thanks to the Emperor, often in the form of recited litanies and incantations. Ashamier Loc'ru Loc’ru is the youngest member of the Anvilbreakers. He is quiet but observant; not one to charge into the maelstrom of combat. He prefers instead to plant his feet and unleash torrents of burning promethium upon the foe. As such, he typically takes to the field with a Flamer or Meltagun. Invictiel Kel'dem Kel’dem is the oldest member of the Anvilbreakers. He is a devout follower of the Promethian Cult and the example set by the Emperor of Mankind, always risking his life to save his fellow Astartes and humans in danger. During the Ork siege of Dakota Minor, he saved dozens of civilians from harm. Ukra'orrn Zytal Zytal is a uncharacteristically wrathful Salamander in battle, who exterminates the enemies of man without mercy and without hesitation. Ironically, off the battlefield he is mellowed artisan of weapons and ornaments. His signature bolter is a gift from his late mentor, which he holds in high regard. Ur'bak Greon The bitter and spiteful Greon is a former member of the Magma Walkers, who were annihilated by Eldar raiders. On the battlefield, he never misses a moment to express his prejudice against the enemies of Man. Them’sire Felk’one Felk’one is a soft-spoken Astartes, and one of the eldest of the Anvilbreakers. He was a member of the Firedrakes until his age and injuries diminished his combat prowess. He and Kel’dem have a strong friendship. Dhirr’Ane Vulg Vulg is the newest member of the Anvilbreakers, though middle-aged compared to his squad members. He is an outspoken Salamander brimming with faith and confidence. He has aspirations to join the Reclusiam once he returns to Nocturne. Apothecary Ta’varr Dra’ner Dra’Ner is the uncharacteristically joyful Apothecary of the 2nd Company, who takes pride in the work he does for the chapter. This has varying effects on his battle brothers, who either take comfort in his diligence in preserving the Chapter’s geneseed, or who take offense at his lack of decorum whilst undertaking his duties. With the 1st Tactical Squad incapacitated and no other Company Veterans to call on, Captain R’keth made the Anvilbreakers his de facto Command Squad and attached Dra’ner for the remainder of the conflict on Dakota Minor.
  7. Introduction The Great Adar was a near-1000 year old Astartes who served the chapter as one of it's many revered Dreadnoughts. He was previously known as Bresh’Tan Adar, an Assault Marine Sergeant of the Salamanders 2nd Company. After suffering grievous injuries in combat 840 years ago against the Arch Enemy, his fractured body was interred into the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought. This is when he became The Great Adar, “last survivor of the Drop Site Massacre”. That statement is begrudging accepted by the veterans of the chapter, but many of the younger Astartes heed his stories and wisdom as if he was truly ten millenia old. The Great Adar alongside his brothers of the 2nd Company, engaging Ork skirmishers on the outskirts of Dakota Primus. During his mortal life, Adar took a great interest in the Salamanders history, and frequented the Librarius in his spare time. It is hypothesised that since his interment, his historical knowledge and personal memories have blended together, culminating in his belief of being a survivor of the Istvaan V battle during the Horus Heresy ten millenia ago. Despite repeated reminders from the Techmarines, The Great Adar still vividly “remembers” the betrayal of his brothers and succumbing to his injuries on Istvaan V. Many veterans of the chapter speculate he is actually remembering the fall of his Assault Squad at the hands of the Emperor’s Children (another participant of the Drop Site Massacre), on the death world Jacob’s Eye in 044M41, of which he was the lone survivor. Venerable Dreadnought "The Great Adar", equipped with power fist, heavy flamer, and twin-linked lascannon. In combat, The Great Adar is often equipped with a versatile arsenal, allowing him to serve as either a fire support platform or as an assault unit as required. His preference is the twin-linked lascannon for dealing with long-range threats, and the power fist with underslung heavy flamer for close engagements. Siege of Harkon West Industrial Precinct (Dakota Minor - 884M41) The Great Adar participated in many engagements on the world of Dakota Minor against the Orks and the Steel Reavers. His most notable actions was during the final battle against the Steel Reavers at the planet's largest industrial precinct, Harkon West. A combined force of Salamanders and Astra Militarum forces (including the 144th Asokan Rifles and the 37th Sartorian Rangers regiments) assaulted the precinct, forcing the Steel Reavers to make a last-ditch effort to fend off the Imperium forces. The Great Adar was among the Salamanders forces leading the Imperial charge into the precinct. A spearhead lead by the Salamanders' Land Raider Celestial Hammer attempted to cross the main bridge to enter the precinct. A barrage of rocket fire immobilised the Celestial Hammer before reaching the bridge, bringing the Salamanders' charge to a halt. The Venerable Dreadnought saw the need to maintain the momentum before they were counter-attacked, and thus continued toward the bridge. His Astartes brothers attempted to dissuade him over vox, telling him to wait until the rocket barrages had been dealt with, but his actions had emboldened the Sartorian Rangers forces into rushing the Steel Reaver defences alongside the Dreadnought. As The Great Adar charged head-on into the thin defence of the Steel Reaver forces, the Sartorian Rangers launched smoke grenades to screen their approach alongside the Venerable Dreadnought. With their targets obscured, the Steel Reavers resorted to firing their ordnance blindly into the smoke and quickly exhausted their arsenal. When the ceramite behemoth emerged from the smoke unleashing burning promethium, the Steel Reavers could do nothing but either fire their lasguns uselessly against the Dreadnought, or flee into the precinct. With that, the Imperial forces quickly secure the bridge and pressed forward without pause, cutting down the heretics as they retreated. The Great Adar leading Sartorian Rangers in an assault on the main bridge into Harkon West industrial precinct, overwhelming the Steel Reaver defenders Unbeknownst to the Imperial forces, the Steel Reavers had in fact sacrificed their more expendable units to defend the precinct entrance while their more elite forces were focused on stealing several Imperial cargo ships, carrying millions of tonnes of foodstuffs and promethium (accounting for a year's worth of tithes for Dakota Minor). Nevertheless, with the industrial precincts secured and the last of the Steel Reavers on Dakota Minor destroyed, the Imperium declared the second victory on Dakota Minor. With Dakota Minor secured for the Imperium once again, The Great Adar returned to the strike cruiser along with the surviving Salamanders, en route to Nocturne. He very much looked forward to the long rest, and to see his homeworld once again.
  8. In 884M41, the Lord-Governor of the civilised world Dakota Minor, petitioned the aid of several Space Marine chapters to crush the ever increasing Ork presence on his planet. Two chapters responded: the Salamanders and the Black Templars. At the eleventh-hour the Black Templars withdrew their support with regrets, and so the Salamanders alone came to the Lord Governor’s aid. The Salamanders force was led by Captain Ikarus R’Keth, commander of the currently under-strength 2nd Company, and was supplemented by elements of the 5th Company. Alongside a detachment of Battlefleet Agripinaa, the small Salamanders strike force broke the Ork fleet surrounding Dakota Minor and made planetfall. Despite being understrength, the Salamanders easily repelled the poorly coordinated Ork forces from the cities, and along the way inspired the local populace to rise up and fight the invaders. After three months of conflict, culminating in the total annihilation of the Ork Rok fortress (which had brought the Orks to Dakota Minor in the first place), the Imperial forces were victorious. The Lord Governor marked the victory with four days and nights of feasting (as was the custom on Dakota Minor), of which the Salamanders were the guests of honour. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Dakota Minor, the renegade warband known as the Steel Reavers saw this as an opportunity to strike the planet. Their optimism proved to be folly, as the Imperial forces were quick to react to the newly invading forces, and able to match them in head-on engagements. After only a mere three weeks of fighting, the Steel Reavers were repelled and the Imperium again declared victory over Dakota Minor. Despite their defeat, the Steel Reavers were able to steal whole swathes of exotic resources and transport ships and take them to orbit, while the Imperial forces were occupied in combat. In addition, Captain R'Keth was slain in combat by a Chaos Space Marine champion. The Battlefleet Agripinaa detachment remained in orbit for several months in anticipation of a follow-up attack, though none came. The Salamanders forces were recalled to Nocturne shortly after crushing the Steel Reaver invasion to rearm and to assign a new 2nd Company Captain, whom would be Pellas Mir’san.
  9. So after quite a long hiatus, I'm back on the B&C. These days I paint and collect a lot of different Space Marines Chapters, so I figured that the Hall of Honour is probably the best place for me to show what I've been up to recently. To begin with, here's a small selection of some of my painted Space Marine models. Death Eagle Veteran, in the classic Rogue Trader colour scheme. Captain of the Golden Halos Chapter. Flesh Eaters Veteran Sergeant. Carcharadons Tactical Marine. Angels Porphyr Intercessor. Red Talons Tactical Marine. Void Scorpion (homebrew Chapter). Howling Griffons Tactical Marine. Brazen Claws Assault Intercessor. Golden Hands Tactical Marine (homebrew Chapter). Blood Drinkers Space Marine (based on Rogue Trader artwork/cover of White Dwarf 137).
  10. Introduction: Kill Team Rapier was a Deathwatch strike team formed in 920M41, originally stationed in the Jericho Reach. The team was led by Watch Sergeant Alyxander, with Veterans Auranis, Gorlin, Validus, Lucena and Rarai'an under his command. As of 925M41, Kill Team Rapier had a short yet eventful operational history that has taken them from the Jericho Reach to the Agripinaa Sector, striking down heretics and Xenos that threaten the Imperium's holdings. Kill Team Rapier assembled. Kill Team Rapier’s first assignment was during the siege of Hargotta in 920M41 to locate and identify the heretic Astartes commanders of the Stigmartus warband. Despite their success the Imperium crusade forces abandoned the siege, much to the chagrin of the Kill Team. Shortly after, they made an ally of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Jemini Malethann, who sought to utilise them for his own projects. It was the offer Kill Team Rapier needed to get away from the strife and politics of the Jericho Reach. Watch-Sergeant Alyxander and Veteran Auranis face off against an Ork mob. After accepting Malethann's offer, Kill Team Rapier soon found themselves stationed out in Segmentum Obscurus, under the Inquisitor's command. Using their experience in fighting heretics, their knowledge of Xenos, as well as their newfound brotherhood, they quickly set about tracking down an Ork Waaagh! plaguing the innermost sectors of Segmentum Obscurus. Their search would eventually embroil them into the seemingly unending conflict between Waaagh! Brassjaw and the Steel Reavers in 925M41. Current Members: Kill Team Rapier is a six-strong strike team comprised of the following members: Watch-Sergeant Alyxander Chapter: Black Templars Chapter Initiation: 882M41 Former Chapter Assignment: Initiate of Fighting Company “Bohemond’s Brothers”, post-Crusade of Vice. Deathwatch Initiation: 914M41 Alyxander is the sergeant of Kill Team Rapier. He is a Black Templar initiate who was crusading with his fighting company, “Bohemond’s Brothers”, across the northern stretches of the Segmentum Ultima. Before joining the Deathwatch in 912M41, his company was part of the Crusade of Vice fighting against Orks in the Tamahl sector. An advising Inquisitor took interest in Alyxander when she witnessed him slay an Ork Warboss with a broken power sword. Alyxander was honoured to join the Deathwatch, but was unprepared for the radical nature of the Inquisition, particularly their dealings with Xenos and their technology. He has become disenchanted with his assignment as the Inquisition's methodology often clashed with Alyxander's faith. Now, he is simply content with the opportunities given to him to purge the various aliens, mutants and heretics across the galaxy. He and Auranis have a strong bond, one built up from their decade of service together. Watch-Sergeant Alyxander Veteran Auranis Chapter: Crimson Fists Chapter Initiation: 875M41 Former Chapter Assignment: Sergeant of 5th Company 9th Devastator Squad. Deathwatch Initiation: 912M41 Auranis is the squad gunner of Kill Team Rapier. Hailing from the Crimson Fists chapter, he joined the Deathwatch in 912M41. Before the Deathwatch, he was Sergeant of the 9th Devastator Squad, 5th Company. He and his squad earned battle honours during an encounter with a Drukhari raiding party in the Loki Sector in 907M41, where they destroyed an entire Venom squadron. The Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists recommended him to the Deathwatch, and though Auranis was pensive he accepted their offer without complaint. He has not regretted his decision since, and he takes great pride in his duties and assignment with the Deathwatch. He and Alyxander have a strong bond, one built up from their decade of service together. Veteran Auranis Veteran Validus Chapter: Raven Guard Chapter Initiation: 850M41 Former Chapter Assignment: Tactical Marine of 7th Company 2nd Tactical Squad. Deathwatch Initiation: 912M41 Validus is the sharpshooter of Kill Team Rapier. He hails from the Raven Guard chapter, and was initiated into the Deathwatch in 890M41. He was a member of the 4th Company 2nd Tactical Squad, and during this time he was nearly killed in battle by an Ork Meganob. He was in suspended animation for six weeks before returning to service, being reassigned to the 7th Company, which would not see battle for several months. Validus lamented his defeat in his last battle, and his “demotion” to the reserve companies. Naturally, he seized the opportunity to join the Deathwatch when they sent their recruiters to the Raven Guard’s chapter keep. He successfully impressed the Deathwatch emissaries with his exceptional marksmanship and quick manoeuvring. Despite his withdrawn and brooding personality, he has a newfound pride and purpose as a member of Kill Team Rapier. Veteran Validus Veteran Rarai’an Chapter: Mortifactors Chapter Initiation: 801M41 Former Chapter Assignment: Tactical Marine of 7th Company 1st Tactical Squad. Deathwatch Initiation: 885M41 Rarai’an is the specialist of Kill Team Rapier, skilled in Astartes medicae and mechanics. He is the oldest member of the Kill Team Rapier, having joined the Deathwatch in 880M41. He was a veteran Astartes of the Mortifactors, where at separate times was an novice apothecary and apprentice techmarine. His desire to learn as many new skills as possible made him a prime candidate for secondment to the Deathwatch, which Rarai’an saw as a great opportunity for himself and to honour the chapter. Rarai’an is studious and insightful, and strives to master every skill an Astartes may learn. Despite his seniority among his Deathwatch squad mates, he shies away from command positions. He prefers to take on an advisory role, which can be frustrating for his superiors and intimidating to younger Deathwatch Astartes. Nevertheless, he has found a place in Kill Team Rapier, who appreciate his knowledge and wisdom. Veteran Rarai'an Veteran Gorlin Chapter: Flesh Tearers Chapter Initiation: 895M41 Former Chapter Assignment: Assault Marine of 3rd Company 7th Assault Squad. Deathwatch Initiation: 921M41 Gorlin is the close combat specialist of Kill Team Rapier. He is a young Astartes hailing from the Flesh Tearer’s 3rd Company, 7th Assault Squad. He was headhunted by Inquisitor Malethann after witnessing his savage yet controlled ferocity in combat against heretics, during one of the Inquisition’s many “observations” of the errant chapter. He was initiated to the Deathwatch in 921M41, joining Kill Team Rapier as his first assignment. Gorlin considers himself a master of blades, and relishes new opportunities to fight and kill new opponents. He is ambitious and aggressive, as befits one who hails from the Flesh Tearers chapter. This has often caused friction with his squad, who need to constantly remind him of his duty and the mission at hand. They have learnt to tolerate his bloodlust and acknowledge his mastery with a chainsword. Veteran Gorlin Veteran Lucena Chapter: Howling Griffons Chapter Initiation: 859M41 Former Chapter Assignment: Tactical Marine of 2nd Company 1st Tactical Squad. Deathwatch Initiation: 901M41 Lucena is second-in-command of Kill Team Rapier and serves as the Astartes advisor for Inquisitor Malethann. He hails from the Howling Griffons 2nd Company, and was offered to the Deathwatch as a tribute; Lucena took it as an honour to serve the Deathwatch on behalf of his chapter. Inquisitor Malethann was impressed by his leadership skills and strong loyalty to the Emperor, and sought to employ him as an advisor and bodyguard for his operations. He was initiated to the Deathwatch in 901M41, but would not join Kill Team Rapier until 921M41. Lucena is a charismatic and ambitious Astartes, and is very confident in his abilities and leadership skills. This has made him an effective leader among many Imperium officers, but can be aggravating for his fellow Kill Team members. Despite his seniority, he is still seen as a new member to Rapier, and does not share the same bonds of brotherhood as the others. Veteran Lucena
  11. When you make a list do you pick one or the other? Is it for Transports, or some other reason? Do you mix and match? If so which one makes up more of your list? I've been playing around with different lists and themes, and keep running into a couple of issues. Not having Scouts as a TROOPS unit is a pretty big hit now that we want Infiltrate, and Primaris have two choices (that get ObSec and Sticky Capping) for that. You almost have to take some incursors/infiltrators instead Aggressors and BGV synergize better than Terminators/Centurions for a Retinue. Aggressors/BGV have: decent shooting from Boltstorm, Frag launchers, and the Heavy Bolt Pistols, they can ginsu power armor with the power swords they can whomp the big targets with the power fist part of their boltstorms And they have Storm Shields to make Look Out Sir last even longer. Terminator/Cent or Terminator/Terminator usually have to give up at least one Terminator/Cent gives up CORE in a Retinue AND either the Ginsu or the Storm Shield but double up on the Whomp. SB/PF and THSS give up the Ginsu, while doubling up on the whomp. THSS and 2LC Terminators give up the shooting. The reduced/Free Upgrades for Tactical and Assault Marines made them look fairly good though. I think Assault Marines are a sleeper unit - 10 Marines, Jump Packs, 2 Eviscerators, 3 Plasma Pistols, a Thunder hammer and a Combat shield for less than 5 Inceptors feels like a steal of a deal.
  12. So I was doing a play-by-play sort of thing with Terminators vs Aggressors and realized they're not too far apart. So I played with my list and tried to push myself to go First Born where I could. This is what I came up with. I don't like everything I took, I'm not a fan of Dev Cents, but they're not bad. Like them, the Firestrikes probably aren't there yet. But for Mix n Match Firstborn Primaris I kind of like it. Its a little too heavy on the big guns, but anything else would have likely gone in the Moving Castle and I like to keep those relatively small. I'm not sure about the Assault Squad, but I do forsee landing next to Guilliman, then using his bonus to Advance and Charge to get them stuck in with an almost 50/50 chance. ++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Ultramarines) [123 PL, 4CP, 1,995pts] ++ + Configuration + **Chapter Selector**: Ultramarines Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Elites Battle Size [6CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points) Detachment Command Cost Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen + HQ + Chief Librarian Tigurius [7 PL, 120pts] + Troops + Heavy Intercessor Squad [7 PL, 115pts]: Heavy bolt rifle, Heavy bolter . 4x Heavy Intercessor: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades . Heavy Intercessor Sergeant Incursor Squad [5 PL, 90pts] . 4x Incursor: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Occulus bolt carbine, 4x Paired combat blades . Incursor Sergeant Infiltrator Squad [6 PL, 100pts] . 4x Infiltrator: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Marksman bolt carbine . Infiltrator Sergeant + Elites + Ancient in Terminator Armour [7 PL, -2CP, 105pts]: Chapter Command: Chapter Ancient, Standard of Macragge Inviolate, Steadfast Example, Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter, Stratagem: Relic of the Chapter . Powerfist and Storm Bolter Primaris Apothecary [5 PL, -2CP, 100pts]: Acquittal, Chapter Command: Chief Apothecary, Selfless Healer, Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter, Stratagem: Relic Terminator Assault Squad [9 PL, 165pts] . Assault Terminator Sergeant . . Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield . 4x Assault Terminator w/THSS: 4x Storm shield, 4x Thunder hammer Terminator Squad [9 PL, 165pts] . Terminator Sergeant . Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Assault cannon, Power fist . 3x Terminator w/ Power fist: 3x Power fist, 3x Storm bolter Victrix Honour Guard [3 PL, 55pts] + Fast Attack + Assault Squad [6 PL, 90pts]: Jump Pack . 3x Space Marine: 3x Astartes Chainsword, 3x Bolt pistol, 3x Frag & Krak grenades . Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Combat shield, Thunder hammer . Space Marine w/Eviscerator + Heavy Support + Centurion Devastator Squad [22 PL, 350pts] . Centurion: Centurion missile launcher, Two Lascannons . Centurion: Centurion missile launcher, Two Lascannons . Centurion: Centurion missile launcher, Two Lascannons . Centurion: Centurion missile launcher, Two Lascannons . Centurion Sergeant: Centurion missile launcher, Two Lascannons Firestrike Servo-Turrets [18 PL, 240pts] . Firestrike Servo-Turret: Twin accelerator autocannon . Firestrike Servo-Turret: Twin las-talon . Firestrike Servo-Turret: Twin accelerator autocannon + Lord of War + Roboute Guilliman [19 PL, 2CP, 300pts]: Nobility Made Manifest, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Warlord ++ Total: [123 PL, 4CP, 1,995pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe
  13. From the album: Libators 8th Company

    A firstborn Lieutenant for my Libators 8th company project. As featured on Warhammer TV's Hobby Roundup!
  14. From the album: Badab War (Secessionists)

    The HH Fafnir Model altered for the Executioners Chapter.
  15. From the album: Badab War (Secessionists)

    The HH Fafnir Model altered for the Executioners Chapter.
  16. From the album: Badab War (Secessionists)

    The HH Fafnir Model altered for the Executioners Chapter.
  17. Straight question; does anyone still find the Death Co. have a place in the firepower-dominated Marine armies we now live with in this edition? If so, traditionals or Intercessor-type and has anyone tried to make an entire themed army with them for a laugh?
  18. While there are many references in Imperial history, legend, and allegory to the "Wolves that stalk between stars", it is often assumed that they are referring to the Vlka Fenryka, the Space Wolves. In truth, there are many Chapters who bear the cognomen and heraldry of the ancient Terran wolf, and administrative mistakes abound in an empire so massive. That there exists a chapter of far darker mien, less noble of aspect than the sons of Fenris, has been a whispered rumor, a tale to quiet unruly children. As is so often the case with rumors, there is always a kernel of truth beneath the surface, and sometimes, that truth is best left forgotten. WIP ++++++ Here we go again! Those of you that remember me and any of my posts know that I am constantly starting and re-starting projects. Horus Heresy 2.0 has me excited to work on my Ultramarines, and I really should be doing that, but I have been suffering from major nostalgia lately. I long for the heady days of the Liber Astartes subforum, and contributing to projects there. I also miss "firstborn" marines and Chapters. So this is an amalgamation of all those ideas. A DIY chapter that I will shortly-ish be posting to the Liber (when I have more concrete ideas for them), and a Firstborn army set in the "new" Imperium and all that entails. Did they shun Primaris reinforcement? Has there been a Torchbearer fleet dispatched to find them? Or have the been forgotten by the Imperium, for they have been removed from Imperial sight for so long? Either way, this will also be my attempt at a true-scale army inspired by the likes of Apologist, Doghouse, and Kizzdougs' fantastic Death Company marine. I have a ton of primaris kits languishing in hobby hell, I hope to find them purpose here. Anyway. Enough rambling. I hope the reader is excited as I am for this, my latest and greatest project. P.s. Any story ideas or names inspired by the fluff blurb above are greatly appreciated!!
  19. Hello all, Space Wolves were my first army, from back when I started in 7E. I haven't started a SW progress thread, so I figured I would now. I've been working on quite a bit for a while, but hadn't posted anything yet on the forum. Currently, I have a classic/firstborn Space Wolf Drakeslayer force, as well as a bit of a VIth Legion force for Age of Darkness. I keep adding some stuff to both every now and then. Recently, I'm trying to get another Rhino done for my Horus Heresy Space Wolves, this time a Deimos Rhino (first one is a slightly converted Mars pattern Rhino). I've gotten most of the colors blocked out, and I'm starting to put some washes and shades on before final highlights and decals.
  20. Hello All, Just thinking about how I want to make my Firstborn list going into the new Codex - the buffs are quite nice, and of course the list will need to be revised whenever GW decides to release the updated FW datasheets, but until then... I was thinking of dropping the Razorbacks back to the Rhinos and adding in a Techmarine to take care of the dreads, but his +1 to hit won't really do anything for them at the moment. The Praetor is the Bike Captain. Biker Captain - Power Fist, Storm Bolter, Vengeance of Ultramar, Exemplar of the Chapter (-1cp), Warlord: Adept of the Codex, Paragon of War LT - Power Axe, Plasma Pistol, Relics of the Chapter (-1cp): Seal of Oath, Jump Pack Tacs: 5 Marines, Plasma, Combi-Plas, Astartes Chainsword (sgt) Tacs: 5 Marines, Plasma, Combi-Plas, Astartes Chainsword (sgt) Tacs: 5 Marines, Missile Launcher Tacs: 5 Marines, Missile Launcher Bikes: 9 models, 2 Melta, 1 Combi Melta, 1 Multimelta, everyone else switches BP to Chainsword Leviathan: 2x Stormcannon Array Contemptor-Mortis: 2x Twin Las, Cyclone Missile Launcher Xiphon Razorback: Twin Assault Cannon Razorback: Twin Assault Cannon Thoughts? Thank you,
  21. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a captain loading for the ninth company of a BA successor? Kid of spoilt for choice and was just looking for ideas for making a really good looking Master of Relics. I'm leaning towards a pretty bolter for range, maybe using it as the Primarch's Wrath bolter? But not solid on it yet. Have some good combi-weapons from the sternguard set, and I'm using the space marine captain model as a base (the one with the Aquilla back pack) any help would be grand.
  22. Just need some advice, Would you consider using a mix of Primaris and Firstborn Marines in the same force? I'm thinking of a Scars successor (to avoid painting white) as all-mobile as possible. In this instance would you have the Primaris as the 'Assault' element or the 'Line Holder' role?
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