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Hello again!


It was a long time since I last visited and updated this thread, but my hobby time was all about the Stormraven I'm building.


But, I've finally devoted some of my time to my Terminators project. I need some guys ready for next week when I'll finally be able to go home and paint something. That'll be a nice escape from both studying and also from the Stormraven. So here's a little photo update on my Terminators.


Firstly, obviously I had to make some tabards using my GS moulds. I already had a few tabard sets, so I've chosen the the best fitting bottom and a top. Then, I had to remove the belt buckle.






Choosing and fitting the "bottom" piece of cloth was quite tricky. However, luckily the upper piece fitted perfectly (at least more or less - I still needed to add some GS to fill in gaps) - I just had to scratch the Aquila off.




And my first 3 Terminators with v. 2.0 Tabards



(I got this guy from an online auction and disassembling him was almost impossible... the previous owner must've been a crazy chemist and had to use some uber-fancy cement to put this poor terminator together! the strength of the used glue was just uncanny!)




Sorry for the photo quality, but I really have issues with taking shots of my miniatures. It's too or too bright, too close or too far. Duh, I have to make some little photo studio box for better shots in the future.


So that's that for the Terminators. I'm planning to give them also some cloaks, probably similar to those from the new DA Terminator kit. However, I just can't seem to find that something in me to execute this idea. Deep down I'm probably afraid that I'll fail to make a decent looking cape.


And here's also a small update of my Stormraven project, which I'd like to share with you. An overview of everything I've done so far.




And a close up on the magnetized engines:



In case you're interested in more details on and pictures of the plasticard Stormraven project, you're most welcome to visit my WIP thread which you can find in my signature.

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Nice work with the GS tabard. Seems like it's moulded from the SB kit. Works surprisingly well on a terminator! I need to try and give self-made tabards another go at some point since I have so many termies, but only 5 with tabards (and all of my initiates have tabards, so termies could use 'em too for consistency and good looks). Though I'll probably try "gray stuff" rather than green, because the green doesn't agree with me, especially as it can't even be sanded properly.

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I moulded it from SB kit and also from our Chapter Upgrade kit to get more diversity of tabards. GS works best for moulding. I've tried other putties (like Milliput) but I couldn't do anything with them. Sure, it's difficult to sand GS, but you practically don't have to do it when you use moulds. However, making tabards yourself is a completely different story. After a few attempts (some even can be considered as successful) I still decided to make those moulds and make "proper SB tabards" - Terminators should get some bling :D

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  • 3 weeks later...

After a considerable break from painting things, I finished these three guys:







As always the unmerciful camera reveals all the bungles, but overall I'm very pleased with the way they've turned out. I'm seeing progress with my painting :D


By the way, could you recommend anything to protect the painted miniatures? Like a matte Varnish or something? I've read that GW's Purity Seal isn't that good, it somehow affects the colours...

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Last time I saw this thread, your vindi was pre-paint. Painted, it's incredible. That caestus is going to be absolutely amazing when it's done. Please keep us updated.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm still in a need for an aegis defence line, but I'm also still too poor to buy one. My previous aegis project is officially dead: not only was I not satisfied with the looks of my wall, but also after doing some Internet research I discovered that the wall I was building was too short. I assumed that the blueprints I found on the Internet were correct...


All in all, I dropped the last project altogether: assembling the more GW-like sections was consuming too much time. And I'm still not fully sold on its looks: it is awesome for IG, but for Marines? And Black Templars? Nah! I feel we are more medieval knights than some law enforcers (I have an impression that GW's aegis would suit well police officers during a manifestation).


I decided to make my own aegis, unique for my crusading Chapter. No fancy odd angles, no fancy letter-slot firing points. I went for something more primitive (well, aegis is battlefield debris, and in my case - a wall of that WH40K super-sturdy metal, ceramite, is it?) and more medieval.


I'm not much of a designer, unfortunately. My aesthetic sense is dubious at best, but it may be a plus here: space marines are not famous for the beauty of their designs, are they? (ekhm, Caestus, ekhm). So here's my desing, my variation of the aegis: a simple, thick piece metal in a battlement-like shape. Perfect for taking cover and perfect for shooting (maybe apart from shooting heavy weapons...).






And some guys behind cover:




Here is a comparison of the new section which now is probably the right length (at least according to data from GW's site) and more or less the right heigh (according to information found on some forums).




Overall, I think I like the new aegis better. I'm still planning to add some rivets and other detail, though (maybe some skulls next to the crosses? or battle damage like scratches and bullet holes?).


I'd like to hear your opinions on this design: what do you think? Is it cool and Templarish, or just rubbishy? Any feedback is mostly welcome.

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  • 2 months later...

A new update, a new project and tons of new pictures!


I've started working on a jetbike conversion for a character for my crusader. Someone to lead my lately aquired lousy bikers. I got some bike bits and pieces, rolled up my sleeves and got cracking. The "target" is something like the Mk IV jetbike.


I started with getting rid of the mudguards from the original bikes:




As I'll be needing the mudguards for the future (I want to make 3 attack bikes out of my regular bikes), I was very careful not to damage them. Detaching them proved to be fairly easy and required two easy cuts.







Now, for the conversion part. I checked out how Sammael's jetibke looks like and did some measuring and drawing. For the nose section, I came up with this:



And then cut the relevant parts out of plasticard:



The piece on the bottom of the picture is the vertical bit connecting the top and bottom of the bike's nose, like this:




Now, for the plating. Initially, I intended to cut ou holes for the bolter barrels like in Sammael's jetbike. Unfortunately, it turned out that I do not possess a drill thick enough. So I'll have to conceive a new place for the bolters (I guess that either underslung or on the sides of the bikes' nose).




And the assembled nose from different angles (I've been checking how unevenit is)






Then, I started adding some detail to the nose. Like those things on top of it. And the "Templar cross" (would you guess, if I didn't tell you? :tongue.:) ornament on the front, in place of the aquila. The last part, I'm not that sure about. I thought it'd look cool, but right now I'm quite disappointed with the result. I pictured it better :biggrin.: Nonetheless, as it's just a foundation for the proper ornament, I still hope that I didn't ruin the model that much.







Hope you like it!



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Well done:) I like it. I thought about make some conversions using plasticard, but unfortunately I have no time now. But, I'm waiting for for pictures that show more advanced  look at what you're doing:). Also templar cross is nice, and it looks like cross, so good for you.


Once again:) nice work. good luck.

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That's looking good. Personally, I'd let the cross fit inside the front nose plating, instead of it sticking out on top and the sides.


I also prefer your home made Aegis. It's much more Astartes-style. Simple, effective, and does the trick, like a power fist.

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  • 3 months later...

It has been some time since I have done anything with my Crusade. However, today that changed. I found a couple of primed SB Terminators and started painting and surprisingly I finished their bodies. I'm rather pleased with the results and with my pace of painting, hence I'll share my WIP pictures.


I can't wait to finish them. But I have to work a bit on their Storm Shields (some time ago I bought some FW Sheild but unfortunately, the cast is far from perfect) and prime the rest of their weapons and find the missing head.


Painting those white Terminator helmets is a pain in the neck, though. After such a long time, I still can't seem to get that right.




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  • 1 month later...

Here's a quick update on the Terminators. I want to share this, because I'm really fond of the highlight's I made on plates of arm armour.




This time painting the edges and highlighting was extraordinary smooth and fast. And the results, at least for me (considering my painting skills) are stagerring. Not often am I proud of my job. :smile.: It appears that long intervals between painting are good for me. Again, can't wait to finish those arms and add the additional Terminators to my force.

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@ Sir_Isenhar - It's silly of me, but I'm not sure :sweat:  I always find it difficult to paint white, so I'm experimenting and try something new every time. If I remember well, I've been trying out a black wash and I probably applied it onto recesses of the helmets and then (after the paint dried) fixing the washed areas which were too dark with white paint. But as I said, don't remember - I've got to check that out. But I'm very glad you like them!


@ Greggles - Thanks! Yeah, highlighting is exactly what you said. I wish that there was a quicker way of painting black... You see, I don't play warhammer lately because of the number of unfinished models I own. It seems that I prefer them laying around, gathering dust and waiting to be painted than standing unpaintedon a tabletop. Now that I wrote it, I see how idiotic it sounds: I'm just "wasting" my precious and expensive models. But I hope that some day (after I muster enough time and energy) my painted soldiers will see some action!

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Try painting a single layer across multiple models.  I tend to try and batch paint models.  With templars, you could easily do a base coat on all their weapons across an entire squad, or maybe highlight all the backpacks on a squad, etc.  Just doing one pass is usually enough to get you inspired to work on them, and they look less weedy on the table.  At least then they have some work into them!


My biggest problem, is by the time I get started on a second squad, my painting skills have increased as to make the first squad look crappy.  Then I want to go back and clean up the first squad, and i never get anything done.  I've started placing things on a table, standing up, and saying "gee that looks great, maybe not spend another hour painting each rivet on his armor...lol"

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Things with my army change often and a lot. But now I'm trying to be more consistent and wait with any new purchases till I'm done with one thing. I also limited the number of ongoing projects to 3. Painting those terminators. Building my Storm Raven and making an assault bike sidecar.


The jetbike project from a couple of posts above is definitively dead now. Other bike-related ideas are also quite finished. I got a hold of a couple more bikes and decided to make a bigger squad (instead of making a DIY 3-bike assault bike squadron) which will be either a bike squad or a command squad. But one assault bike could come in handy. Moreover, building a sidecar solves my problem of missing regular bike's pieces. So here's the progress with the sidecar project:


The gunner. He doesn't look great, I messed up the legs pretty badly. However, when most of his body will be covered up with a multi-melta (spare piece from a landspeeder) all the mess won't be visible. I at least hope that this will be the case.




And my "sitting gunner" in comparison with a biker marine's legs.



Now, for the wheel. I thought about using LEGO replacements. I thought about making one out of plasticard. But after all decided to make a mould (mind you, it was still at the time I wanted to make 3 sidecars). I used some cheap modelling clay for the mould. Unfortunately, the result is far from perfect. The wheel is uneven and badly impressed - especially the grooves of the tire tread. But all in all, it can pass.



Now, for the sidecar itself. It's in a very early stage of assembly. It has the right thickness (I guess), shape and an elevation left for the gunner's seat.



Here's the sidecar's underside. This is how it fits with the original bike's "floor piece". Unfortunately for me, the extra bike I got is missing the "floor piece" and I'll have to make one. Still, it shouldn't be a problem.




Finally, a picture of everything dry-fitted to a normal bike.



I decided to use half of a SM bike mudguard for the sidecar's mudguard. And it will probably be fitted like I positioned it in the picture, that is, it will cover the wheel from the outside and probably front. That's different from GW's sidecar, but you never know when some extra armour will come in handy, when riding against an enemy's hail of bullets :smile.: There are also at least two pragmatic reasons for such an alteration: I'll have a ready "rim" and the mudguard will also obscure more of the hideous green stuff wheel)


And a bonus. Maybe what I'm doing is me boasting, but for all those who didn't see my (masochistic) scratch building Storm Raven thread, here's an image of the current stage of the assembly.



If anyone's interested in a detailed progress log, you can find the link to the thread in my signature.




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Insanely impressed at the stormraven build.  I built one from the GW kit and yours looks as good if not better.


Suggestion if you have not glued the wings on yet.  Use magnets to hold them on.  That way you can detach the wings and just transport the storm raven as a long vehicle (like a battlewagon), instead of having to deal with the width of the wings.


You can fit a 1/2 diameter magnet under the lips on the edge of the wing and in the recess of the main body (at least on the plastic model).  You will have to trim some of the top intake to allow them to side in and out, but that should be easy to do with plasticard.  I can take some photos later tonight if you'd like some reference.

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The wings are already magnetized, but thanks for the advice,


I'm planning to buy some stuff for my army and would like to ask for your advice.


Currently, I own at least one model from most vehicle Codex entries. The only things I'm lacking are: Storm Raven (which is under construction), a Stormtalon, a Lascannon Landraider and a Whirlwind. What I have is 4 Rhinos (2 can be used as Razorbacks), a Drop Pod, 2 Preds, 2 Vindis, 3 Land Speeders, 1 Hunter/Stalker, 2 LRCs, 5 Dreadnoughts (1 Contemptor and 1 Ironclad-to-be). And I have some money to spare. I'm wondering what I should get next.


The options I'm considering are:

2 Stormtalons (with an air-force consisting of 2 Talons and 1 Raven)

1 Storm Raven (with an air-force consisting of 2 Ravens and maybe 1-2 Talons in the future)

1 Talon and 1 Whirlwind


In terms of collecting models and fluff, the more the better. However, as I'm limited by my tight student budget, I have to think rationally. So, game-wise (in games up to 1850pts), which reinforcements variant seems most sound?

I'm somewhat leaning towards 2 Talons or Whirlwind/Talon variant. Fielding 2 Talons for 250 points seems somehow more deadly than getting one Raven for 200 points. And a Whirlwind can come in handy against hordes.

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Talon over the raven.  I built my SR and now I want a talon too :).


Whirlwind is a cheap upgrade, just pick up a 3rd party turret (or watch ebay for the whirliwind bits).  You can also make a whirlwind turret from all those hunter killer missiles you have laying around!  


Here is the one I'm using for my whirlwind (under construction). (left most model)






Cast is ok, was about 14 bucks. 


Edited by greggles
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As a rule, I'm not a big fan third-party designs. However, your dreadnough-whirlwind turret is simply wicked!! I've never seen sick (in a positive way!) conversion. Wow, wow... Thanks for sharing!


You see, there's a problem with ebay or amazon, because shipping costs to Poland exceed the boundaries set by the term "reasonable". But I keep an eye on a smaller and local version of an auction website. Unfortunately, Whirlwinds rarely show up.


I'm also considering getting a cheap, second-hand rhino chassis and scratch-building one or two sets of Whirlwind (Helios) launchers.

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