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<pulls face out of paper bag>


Love your freehand work. The roses are an especially nice touch and well done.


<puts face back in bag>

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<pulls face out of paper bag>


Love your freehand work. The roses are an especially nice touch and well done.


<puts face back in bag>

Somebody call the Apothecary, brother Honda is having issues adjusting!


But in all seriousness, lovely set of raiders, keep painting and keep slaying.

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It looks like I'm in some kind of update-frenzy! I never, ever managed to update this thread so often. But here's another post: this time showing progress in the repainting project.

















I still need more practice in painting faces. The half-faced guy looks... like he's notoriously constipated. But it's the angle at which the photo was taken. In the last picture he looks more decently.


Also, the picture shows how thick the paint on the pad is. I tried to remove some of it, because the old Maltese cross was terrible. And that's the result of the reworking of the pauldron. But from a "gaming distance" the excess of paint doesn't show that much.

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I finished repainting the 5-man squad I set out to redo. Here is the last guy: I left his face unchanged, because I remember that I was really proud of how it turned out (and I wanted to quickly finish those guys).







And a group shot. Before:




And after:




And I have no idea why some images resize automatically, despite the fact that I don't want them to. And I upload them the same way as others. And I post them the same way. The Ruinous Powers must be affecting my connection or something.

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Very nice. I also like that you've touched up the basing material. I think that ups the visuals on models a couple of notches.


Please do continue.



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After the release of the new Inquisition Codex, and a couple of talks I had and post that I read about it, I decided that I would like an inquisitor to join my Crusade. Such a character opens new, interesting paths to develop offensive strategies. The Liber Heresius, especially granting the infiltration rule, is simply amazing. Also, what can strike some of you as heresy, an Inquisitor can be a witch and while I couldn't stand the idea of a BT librarian, or even a GK ally, an inquisitor is somehow (inexplicably) a completely different case. It fits the fluff of my crusade, you know: an at first difficult or desperate alliance forced by exterior circumstances. A clash of two awesome authorities: the Inquisition, an organization which accepts no objections, no outside jurisdiction, on the one hand. And the Black Templars, who disregard the Inquisition, the Codex Astartes and answer only to the Emperor and the High Marshall.


That said, now for the modelling. At first I wanted to convert Mephiston into an inquisitor. But I weren't fully convinced that that's a good idea. I couldn't find a metal inquisitor anywhere in Poland, and I didn't want Finecast, so that was out of the question. And then it struck me: it would be nice to have a female inquisitor. Just to add some more depth into the conflict and have a woman in the army. So my search begun, and it was a long one. I couldn't find a model which would lend itself to conversion and would be financially accessible at the same time. At first, I wanted a DoW2: Retribution kind of Inquisitor. But... finding a suitable model was impossible. Then, I figured that I'd prefer to have a PA witch, to bolster her questionable survivability. But finding something matching 40K aesthetics was a pain in the neck.


So, here is the result of my search. As I couldn't find anything better at a reasonable price, I introduce Alaine, Female Paladin, from Reaper Miniatures. The problem with their figures is that the heads are even bigger and more clumsy than those of GW's miniatures. Also, she stands as if she had a problem with her bladder. But, all in all, I believe that she is a decent starting point for a female inquisitor conversion.






Now I just need to find some space to give her all he things she needs: a pistol, a book, some grenades. I just hope that my ideas for the conversion work can be realized. And that my unexceptional green stuff modelling skills will suffice.

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Well, she is a good starting point for a female inquisitor.  If you're worried about the proportions (and yes- reaper minis have big heads and tiny stomachs on their female models) you might just want to take plasticard stip, rivets, and greenstuff and bulk the middle out for some more convincing, yet feminine power armor.  You can essentially make a plasticard corset with the rivets over a greenstuff "core" if you will.

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Actually, I like that model a lot. I hadn't realized that Reaper heads tended to be a tad large, but I do see what you mean.


That being said, and I am now considering this, I think you could add to her hair with gs and make the face appear to be a bit smaller. For example, lower her forehead and possibly give her some of those "Manga" bangs that you see on characters and that would close her face down a bit.


Usually when I need to model a female figure, I start with DE figures. They are generally lithe and with a bit of scraping you can get all the barbs and knife edges off of them. From there you can add your detail. Also what's helpful is that the sprue usually has a bald (or close to) head on it, so you can sculpt your own hair, which I also do.


Interesting modeling exercise, for certain. I do like her as a model and assuming she doesn't get too outlandish, could substitute for a neophyte. After spending lots of time on a fig, I like to find ways of fitting them into my general army. :)

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I actually considered getting that canonness, but I feel that Sisters of Battle are a bit too Lady-Gaga like (or, considering that 40K was before Gaga showed, its the other way around). I also wanted to try DE bits, but I encoutered a problem. The bits I wanted in bits stores were out of stock of. And I didn't want to buy an entire box of eldar to get some parts. Sure, I could try and sell that, but there was a risk.


I feel that there isn't enough place to try the corset, The_Chaplain suggested. It would be very, very difficult to do that because of her figure and the details (especially her back) and she'd turn out too fat.


And I'll give it a try and fiddle with the looks of her face. Maybe I'll be able to do something with that, and if not I'll just remove the GS.


Now I'm thinking what to do with her sword. I will probably remove the two bits on the sides. Or even the entire blade to replace it with a regular SM power sword to make it more 40K-ish.

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And I'll give it a try and fiddle with the looks of her face. Maybe I'll

be able to do something with that, and if not I'll just remove the GS


Another, possibly simpler option, is to just remove the head, add the one you want and then use gs to blend into the hair on her back.


Regarding the sword, I actually like it's current shape, but I'm interested in seeing what you do. There again, a simple addition would be to run a piece of thin copper wire down the blade and put a dab of PVA on it.

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Hahaha, yeah. That's always a simple solution, to deal with witches. Remove their heads. That kind of made me laugh :)


I fitted a SM sword and it is to broad for her. So I'll probably stick with the original one. And I'll add what you said: a piece of wire with a 'droplet' at its end, to show that's a power weapon. Also, I'm planning to attach somewhere a "generator", like GKs have on their swords (in case it's a force sword).

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First have to make some GS press moulds from SB and BT upgrade kits. You need some GS, some oil and a model. You apply oil to the surface of a model (to prevent GS from sticking to it), than you press GS onto it, you let it set and afterwards you remove GS from your model and your "matrix" is ready. Than you fill that up with oil, press GS into it, let it set again and your new GS tabard is ready. Afterwards, you move onto the Terminators: you scrape off the unnecessary plastic bits to make the tabard fit and you glue it on. Like this and this.

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The Inquisitor project is now postponed, because I went home for the winter break and forgot to take her with me, I'm starting a special dreadnought project. And I would like to ask for your opinion. I ruined the AoBR dread some time ago in an attempt to repose it and I need to cover up the mess somehow. What do you think about a tabard/loin banner? The one on the pciture is just "dry fitted" using putty. The final version will be attached properly to the sides of the bottom of the hull. What do you think?



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I think that tabard will work just fine. The one thing you want to take into account is to not have the dread "running" with the tabard hanging straight-ish down. That would confuse the sense of movement in the figure.


However, if he's just standing there looking for his next victim, then I think that fits.


Good use of bits.

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Well, thanks for the replies. I'm still not fully convinced, but I'll leave the decision for later. It is a good way to cover up the mess and it sort of fits (this one is the best tabard to put there, because the way it folds is somewhat parallel to the pose of the dread), but... it is a weird place for a banner :)


Right now, I started working on the miniature and I'm attempting to convert him into an FW-styled Ironclad, with a BT sarcophagus in place of the regular FW helmet. Iąll post ictures of the finished model here for sure, but for now I started a WIP thread in the WIP subforum. If you're interested, I heartily invite you to visit it.

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I really like you crusade. A fine taste and your Inquisitorchoice is just great.


 I already have 4 Inquisitors (1 Malleus in T-Armour, 2 Hereticus, 1 Xenos) but all male and I was searching for a nice female (Hereticus?) Inquisitor, becuase the Ghoul-Stars where my crusade is crusading is a place in bitter need for crusades and Inquisitors. :)


Thanks for the inspiration.

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Firstly, I want to say that I'll upload tomorrow some images of my inquisitor. It took me some time, but I'm happy to report that she is almost done. I'm waiting for some GS pieces to set and I have to attach the book. Apart from that, she is converted and fit to show up on 40K battlefields.


The second thing and the reason for today's update is not exciting or anything. In preparation for this year's ELT, I'm beginning to assemble/undercoat/strip of pain some models I have. So, here is a FW venerable rifleman dreadnought I got second hand. And a 9-man assault squad (still without its sword brother) I rescued from the previous owner. These poor guys had 3 layers of paint on them, removing which was very, very difficult. Some of it is still there, but I already sprayed them in a hope/belief that it won't show after proper painting.






And here are two "bonuses". A Sternguard Sword Brethren squad with a Castellan (Captain) which I undecorated some time ago. Unfortunately, one of those guys got downgraded to the rank of Initiate. I decided that 15 Sternguards is enough for now, and the number 16 is somewhat out of place: its 15 or 20 :tongue.: On the upside, he is almost painted and he is respected in the Crusade's ranks.




And a summary of my AoBR to Ironclad project's progress.












Still not sure about the "tabard banner", though.


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My female Inquisitor conversion is finished. I'm pretty happy with the result: I feel that I managed to transfer her successfully from medievalish fantasy to our science-fantasy 40K.


Main major drive was to introduce some recognizable elements of 40K Imperial armoury and the spirit of the Inquisition to the miniature. As I kind of liked the model, I also wanted to keep the changes to a minimum. Also, the miniature is pretty small. Consequently, I had to make sure not to 'overdo' it.


Here's a summary of the 'conversions' slash 'additions' and my ideas which were not realised.


A proper 40K pistol was out of the question. While I'm accustomed to seeing Space Marines wielding insanely big bolt or plasma pistols, such a weapon looked ridiculously on her. That is why I did what you can see: a "custom", GS holster built on top of her dagger (both its ends had to go). The holster is shorter than a regular SM one, but wider. I feel it looks a bit clumsy, but I was afraid to fiddle with it any more than I did. It isn't bad. Sure, it could be better, but considering my GS skills it most likely would end up worse.


Next, there is an inquisitorial "I" on a thick, thick chain. It seems a bit out of proportion, but that is the smallest chain I could get. Sure, I'd prefer the links to be smaller, but I have to live with that. And making GS chain is out of the question, by the way. I'm not skilled enough with the modelling tool...


As this is 40K, and an Inquisitor, I felt that she should be properly marked. You know, there shouldn't be any doubt to what and who she is :tongue.: So there are 3 more "I" symbols: two on her shoulder pads (making those took me forever, and they are far from what I imagined them to be) and one on the helmet. Luckily, I had some small GS skulls, so I could add them here and there (holster, shoulder pads).


The miniature's back is pretty cramped. There is the helmet, a pouch, a tabard, and my additions: a grenade, a purity seal and the Liber Heresius. Maybe all that is a bit too much, but I had to place  all three accessories somewhere. The grenade has a skull, so I believe it's some sort of fancy psycho-something grenade, the Inquisition uses exclusively. Purity seals are awesome and every important Imperial character should have one, right? That's at least how I see it.


And the troublesome Heresius tome. I couldn't find a suitable place for it, but I felt that an Inquisitor should have one (and I care about WYSWIG). At first, I thought about placing it somewhere in front - hanging from the belt, but it looked clumsy. Too clumsy. And it ruined her pose. So back it had to be. First, I considered placing it on her back, above the pouch, but that was impossible. I lost hope, but then this idea came to my mind and I stuck with it.


The Liber Heresius is strapped to her belt on two chains. It bears and "I" symbol (which should be more noticeable after painting). In order to protect its contents from unwanted eyes, it is bound with a chain. To remove the chain, one has to have a key: there is a GS blob which was supposed to be a lock. The back of the tome was meant to bear an "I" symbol. Ah, my GS skills are(n't) amazing!!


The sword: there was some deliberation on my part there. I wanted to remove the blade, but a normal SM power sword turned out to be too wide. Then I remembered That the simplest solutions are best: I added two skulls (one on each side) on top of the "ornate" cross-guard, which kind of resembles eagle's wings. Right? It does, a bit? I also added two copper wires to imitate "those things" on power weapons.


Enough with boring you with longish descriptions. Here are the images:


















Moreover, she'll be accompanied by a servo skull. About the base: I'll probably try and remove the rock on top off which she stands and will place her on a base made out of Sisters' of Battle Rhino door ornament, cut to size.


Let me know what you think about the conversion so far :)





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