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I think you have hit on a simply much more efficient method to achieve the same quality; it's 100% the right way to go. We all have the same doubts and get lured into spending too long on a line trooper who will disappear into a squad (or a casualty pile!) - save the headaches for your HQs and centrepieces! Your sanity will thank you, as will everyone who gets to see your awesome fully-painted army!

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I get bogged down in the details all too often myself, even on the mini's that don't really need it. It's a habit, and one I'm trying to break, but it does give me satisfaction when it's all done. Do as you must, but I also second the motion to focus your time and immense effort on the centerpieces.

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Thank you, brothers! I appreciate your feedback and - dare I say - words of reassurance.


So, while business isn't great in January 2023, I at least have more time to paint models.




















For the next project, something very special:


Given my workload, I'm actually planning to organise my professional obligations in a way that'll allow me to basically have a spare day for painting stuff. I'm curious if this actually comes to be (either way, it's a win-win situation for me) and if so, whether I'll be able to paint two models in a day.


I'm really excited to get around to painting these models. You can notice that I made some alterations in an attempt to remove or hide the UM insignia. Since these are metal models, it wasn't easy, though. I figured that the "U" on the top bottom of the central strap on the guy on the left is close enough to a circle, so I added a little stud in the middle to imitate a gemstone, like many OG Marines models have. Similarly, I added some GS to the "U" on the belt buckle on the guy on the left. To further make the ornament more round, I intend to paint a circular highlight to distract from the protruding rectangular bits at the top (likewise with the small "U" on the chest plate of the guy on the left), I intend to make less visible through a paint job. We'll see how it turns out.


As for the colour scheme, these will be proper Sword Brethren and not 'Veteran Initiates' like most of my models. Considering the number of elite troops in my army, I decided to add another custom rank to my Crusade in order to avoid having a Marshal's Household army, consisting of around 50% of Sword Brethren (i.e. models with black pads and red trims). While I haven't made up my mind yet, I also think that I'll go with gold metallics for these guys and treat them as Helbrecht's bodyguards. The aquila on the helmets could be neat in silver (silver and black works nicely) but gold isn't too shabby either and adds to the sense of eliteness and nobility of the models, I guess.



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More completions - my Honour Guards / Sword Brethren / Fancy Veterans with swappable weapons (the left hand is magnetised).

















As for my next project, I'm actually thinking about taking a break from painting and maybe, just maybe, restarting my Thunderhawk project. The alternative is to paint some already-primed metal models (another chaplain, as well as some scouts).

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Haha, thanks mate! Alas, I'm slowly running out of Ultramarines. I think I only have Telion and the HG Banner Bearer.


Overall, I still have ~100 models to paint.

- 15 (20) Power Armour Marines

- 11 Jump Pack Marines

- 20 Terminators

- 3 servitors

- 10 Scout Armor Neophytes

- 16 Bikes (including 2 Attack Bikes)

- 3 Centurions

- 2 Land Raiders

- 3 Flyers

- 3 Drop Pods

- 8 Rhino chassis

- 1 Sicaran (resin)


Having tallied the models, once again I am tempted to try and get rid of the Bikes. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the models, neither the concept behind them. On the one hand, there are two reasons why I kinda want to keep them: the time I've already invested in the models (most were secondary market purchases: I needed to strip them of paint and/or reassemble them) and their gaming potential and the concern over regretting letting them go in the future. After all, an army needs a fast, cavalry-like element, right? On the other hand, I'll be working on models that don't excite me. Even if I'll keep them, I intend to do a quick paintjob on assembled models - to spare myself the effort.


I know that over the years, I've expressed doubts about keeping the bikes in my army on at least two occasions. It just shows that I'm kind of torn between not really wanting them and thinking that they may come in handy. A heart-v-reason sort of thing. Any updated, 2023, feedback on keeping a detachment of bikes? Should I paint them and use them in my future games (that I'm sure will come!) or should I save some time and sell them?


EDIT: I took a leap and did what I think is the more sound, future-oriented thing to do, i.e. I properly assembled, primed and started painting the first 5 bikes (including 1 Attack Bike with a metal side-cart). I'm curious how it'll go.

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So, I've learnt another thing about myself. I really shouldn't think about 40k and post when I'm a bit overwhelmed with stuff. It makes me more fixated on things and less optimistic ;)


After spending some more time on thinking about the bike conundrum, I decided to pull the trigger on the matter and do the reasonable thing, at least from a gamer's perspective. I'm keeping the bikes, just in case they are useful in some capacity for either proper 40k (i.e. fielded as OG bikes), primaris bikes' proxies or for OnePageRules Grim Future.


I assembled the first five bikes and moved on to painting an Attack Bike with a metal gunner. I also wanted to see how long it takes me to paint one of these models since the idea was to cut corners and 'speed paint' the bikes. I tried to properly keep track of time and it turned out to be around 4 hours. That's not speedy for a speed paint but the time included fixing the model after dropping it to the floor. The pewter bits made the miniature quite radically unbalanced and it slipped out of my hand at one point. 


The painting process was quite pleasant, though. It wasn't straining or annoying since the process is "optimised" and the 4 hours probably came just from applying the initial layer(s) of paint to get the base colours done. The paint job isn't great but I think that the model will do and is probably better than that on my Land Speeders. The Multi-Melta is magnetised and I have the original metal Heavy Bolter as a replacement.












Either way, this will be my standard for all my non-character bikes. I will have two squads of 4 regular bikes and 1 attack bike with maybe different colours of weapons. It's not as tidy as the standard for my infantry models but it's better than no paint job at all or models that would have been sold ;) I'm hoping to get the time on regular bikes down to 2 hours per model. I'm genuinely curious if I'll manage to do that. It'd be a great mental boost but I also know that I won't rush things.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Four more Neophytes (3 metal scouts; the only plastic of the bunch is the guy with the shotgun) join the "painted" club in my crusade. Considering that I "speed painted" these models (i.e. took many shortcuts), I'm extremely happy with they turned out.






Also, I restarted my plastic Thunderhawk project and managed to do some progress on the rear landing gear.




More photos in my other thread, down in the Forge subforum.

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I'm glad I decided to take a look today. I like the Honor Guard/SB/ redone reworked Ultras in the Holy Black. The attack bike actually has me thinking about the possibility of painting m own bolter cases in the classic red. I like the touch of color it adds to your models. And the Neophytes are great, even if speed painted. They turned out well, and lavishing a lot of time on "meat shields" is really not the best option.

But, I'm extremely excited by the fact you've gotten some work done on the Thunderhawk again! I've been hoping you didn't just shelve the project and forget it. I know it's just landing gear struts, but I'm happy to see the progress again.

As always, your work is an inspiration, and I highly encourage you to keep at it!

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Thanks for the feedback and words of motivation! I really appreciate that. I'm also surprised how quickly time flies. It's been almost a month since my last update. In the meantime, I managed to paint my FIRST EVER BIKE SQUAD... after 4-5 years since I bought my bikes and after around 10 instances I've almost sold them. I think that the idea of selling models comes from the fact how overwhelming the prospect of painting my Crusade is. The fact that I just can't seem to come to terms with speed painting doesn't help, too.


The bikes were pretty fun to paint. I tried to limit myself and paint them to a "tabletop standard", let's say 70% of what I usually do with my power-armoured infantry but even while doing so it took me 2.5 hours to finish one bike. And there's still 12 bikes to go... the numbers are quite overwhelming but I thing that I'll just try to roll with it. I mean, once I painted them, I really like the models.








It appears that I also made up my mind with regard to my Imperial Knight. For some time now, I've been toying with the idea of selling it and maybe getting a large SM tank instead, a Spartan or Kratos. However, after much deliberation, I think that an Imperial Knight should be more fun to paint and will be a nice centrepiece to my collection, a bit nicer than another tank.


I also started thinking about how to paint the IK - whether to keep it in the same colour palette as my Templars or to go crazy and try painting something completely different. Right now, I'm leaning towards the latter... I'm thinking turquoise or blue as the primary should be interesting. Any advice? Should I be more conservative with this one and or should I perhaps have some fun, regardless of how the model will stand out.


In terms of my short-term plans, I'll be working on a pewter Chaplain and then back to the Thunderhawk, at least for the next 1-2 weeks.

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