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A reckless disregard for the Codex Astartes...

The Yak

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Greetings. Welcome to my WIP log for my Raptors chapter. Firstly I will give a brief overview of my plans and rough ideas for my army. From time to time (most likely at the completion of each squad) I will add some fluff. Throughout the log expect me to throw insults at a variety of different Chapters and their ridiculous ideologies of warfare, so don't be offended and feel free to hurl some insults back.


Ok here are my main aims....


1) To get a table top standard force for Apocalypse size games (5000pts)

2) I plan on getting the army painted to a decent standard and will then go back and add battle damage and extra details as the units evolve in campaigns.

3) Batch painting is always an area I have struggled with so I am attempting to conquer that Demon through some new techniques.

4) I have always hated using transfers/decals but have discovered new tips (right here on B&C) that I intend to use.


A quick introduction to my Force's theme....


1) The force will represent The Raptors 5th Battle Company set roughly 20 years after the conclusion of the Badab War (55% operational strength)

2) Will not have many battle tanks (LR, Predators, Vindicators) to represent those lost in the war (expect patched up predators from razorbacks etc)

3) Will have a large 10th company attachment representing the rebuilding of the company (Plus I also want to be able to use a full scout 1500pt force!)

4) Stern Guard and Vanguard will be Badab war Veterans from the 5th. There will be a small 1st company attachment.


OK I know people want pictures so here is a Converted 10th Company Chaplain who has come to oversee the development and suitability of the scouts (who I will call shadows because I can.)




But dont expect to see any paint on him for a while as I have got my Companies first deployment... The E Tenebrae Lux Challenge. I intend to use this to paint up the power armoured sections of the force (well some of them anyway) and once this is over start on the scouts who I want to model to be doing scouty sort of things such as setting booby traps, tampering water supplies and general mischievous things.


Ok The first squad in my vow. (have not cleaned up back packs or drilled bolters as yet)





The contents of my full vow..




My lovely green selection....




An organised painting area for now...




Well that's all for now. Hope to have this squad done for the weekend.




The Yak

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Well that was a good start. Set up a plog, post once and then dont reply to the people who commented.....


Sorry I set this up in a rush for the ETL Challenge and then had some real life business get in the way.


@Arizonajirt: Yea a disastrous ETL performance on my part but at least I got my initial vow done. I hope you are well.

@Andrew J: Not quite just going to go with the drab olive look. Was thinking of doing some camo on my scouts but will see if I can come up with a good scheme.


@Yodhrin: The head and torso are from the old Gideon, Master of the Ravenwing model (the landspeeder version) the legs are rightly from Telion.


I managed to paint a 10 man tactical squad, 5 terminators, a rhino and a whirlwind to a basic gaming standard for the ETL challenge. I am now adding some more details to them. This mostly means nice bases and a bit of battle damage.


Here is the Tac squad






I am finishing of the terminators at the moment.


Here is a quick mock up of my first scout unit (a disruption team)





I want it to look like these guys are about to blow a fuel depo, hence the guy with the fuel can. His mate is holding his bolter and covering him, whilst the other 3 including the knarled sergeant are checking the perimeter. This is just a rough mock up and I would appreciate opinions whether this looks like I have described or not?


I have used dark eldar scourge heads as I saw it on the GW whats new today page a while back for Raven Guard. I love the scout models but like many hate the Fat Sam Allardyce heads. I think these suit the look of raptors. I will come up with some fluff to make them fit in with the force. Again opinions welcome.


I intend to have 3 types of scout units in this force, representing how Raptors scouts go to war.


Supression Squads:The beginners will begin life in 10 man suppression squads, that are led into battle with 10th company trainers. These will be the ones who cause diversions for the other, more experienced scouts to do the main work. Often armed with sniper rifles or bolters, these recruits learn the art of stealth and war from some of the most fiercest and strict of the Raptors 10th company personnel.


Disruption squads: More experienced scouts led into battle by Raptor's belonging to the company the scouts are attached to. These will work behind enemy lines poisoning water supplies, blowing fuel depos and the like. The sergeants have teleport homers in case they come across something vital that needs immediate elimination.


Insertion squads: The pinnacle of the scouts training. These squads are sent to eliminate/interrogate important individuals, gather intelligence, sow mis-information etc etc. They are led by a scout who is deemed fit for promotion to full battle brother. Leading one of these teams often preludes promotion but this is not always the case.


After I have got my Terminators done I want to focus on bulking out the army with loads of scouts.



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Looking good so far, really like the green you have going on there and those bases really add to the models and the coherency of the unit. Also liking the helmets you've used on those scouts, really makes them stand out, good job! :)
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Barkha: Cheers for the kind words. Welcome to the forum too/ Yea I am happy with the green and I can paint it quickly. Its aHybrid between drybrushing, washing and then edge highlighting. Not sure it would work for most chapters but the dirty war torn no fuss look of the Raptors makes it work for me.


Boramar: Greetings cousin. Here is the link to the GW plog with the idea on. How are your Ravens coming on? Your scouts are some of the best around.




Dark Scipio: Cheers mate, just in its infancy really :)


Here is something that I am hoping will become a regular feature on my thread. Every time I complete a unit we will have an eddition of......

RAPTOR SCHOOL Your weekly poke at the codex....


Hail Brothers are we all here? Its hard to see you because you are all so damn stealthy, Captain Chrysaetos must be teaching you well. Stealth is what this weeks class is all about so lend me your lyman and we shall learn firstly how not to do stealth....


Look at this picture and tell me what you see...




Well look again brothers and I will show you what is really going down...




Now Sicarius aint a bad chap he is just forced to fight like a moron because thats the Ultramarines way. I served alongside Captain Idaeus and I thought there was hope for our blue friends but he went and got himself blown to smithereens. They then sent his little sidekick to the eye of terror. But why, why what did he do wrong? Well brothers he used his Emperor forsaken brains and thought outside the codex.


Anyway I digress.... basically just dont go to battle lookin like a pimp


Right good that's first class over. Come back next week when we shall asking the question: Whats with all the robes these days?


Disclaimer: No Ultramarines feelings were hurt during the making of this....

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Ultramarines - embracing the hate since 2nd Ed.


I digress, I digress; funny as heck and oh so true!


Reminds me of the Monty Python sketch - How not to be seen.

A full army of these lads is going to look absolutely brilliant - thought of using FW Raptor stuff or is this going to be all-infantry?

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You amuse me...... And my snipers would aim for that red dot right in the top center of his helm. Speaking of snipers im glad you asked. I just finished another 10. Now im struggling with some Sternguard.


Ohh you must keep Raptor School alive it is both fun to pick on Ultras yet informative. The 19th is proud.

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HAHAHAA :) I like your "teachings" :o


"overcompansation" for sure !!!!!!


Back on topic....


Sorry to say this but the Scout heads, I don't know, I think they look to fancy. Your are certainly right about the normal Scout heads. Maybe some Guard heads ? I think these would look cool for example: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-4000...ESPIRATORS.html


Now the good news :P


I think you have done a fantastic job on the armour. The green looks real cool and the battle damage is very realistic. If you find the time, post how you did it.


The Chaplian turned out very nice as well. It looks like there was a lot of work involved to built him together.


Im looking forward to see those 5000 points finished !!





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@Paladin 7221: Monty Python eh, love it! Did you ever see any of the Ripping Yarns? Anyway yes I have some of the Raptors doors for the limited amount of armour I will be taking. The force will have a bit of everything in it really but will have a higher than average proportion of scouts (replacing loses from Badab)


@Boramar: Glad you like Raptor School, any son of Corax knows it makes sense. I dont plan to just take the mickey out of the Ultras... I plan on having a pop at all of the the big 4 (sorry Templars you dont make it into that but I am sure you will get your minute in the limelight...).

For the battle damage It is something that I am experimenting with as an ongoing project. I used a sponge at first but messed it up, I hope to improve with the next 500point batch I do. I also used a stippling brush for most of these guys. The result is not as good as a lot of other techniques I have seen but I think I'm getting there.


@Batu: Cheers for the kind words. Your Fire Angels are inspirational. Regarding the heads I am still undecided. At times I think yeah they work (birdlike profile) I have tried to imagine the scouts being a little wilder than the more practical marines, hence the feathers etc. Then I look at them and think that they are a bit ostentatious. So I am still unsure. The Elysian heads are cool but I have seen quite a few done like that and want something a little different. Thanks though :)


Well I have managed to finish the Terminators (minus a few little details I noticed when I looked at the images (couple of evil moldies on the Bolters, that I thought Id got rid of)


Ungulae Veteran squad (first company attachment)



Veteran Sergeant Ignatius Moor



Reaper. The Lamenter head represents one who joined with the Astral Claws when they became the corsairs.



This guys nick named 'Gob on' he's always moaning that he should have been sergeant. "Im the one with the proper bloody sergeants head"



Brother Balboa. Alpha Legion head is a tribute to a mates force. The Alpha Legion may have caused the Badab war anyway....



The Green Meany



The whole squad in their awful photograph glory. "Ice cream, what is ice cream?"


Anyway Hope you like them. I am going to go and play around with some scouts (I beg your pardon?) To see if I can come up with some more ideas. The scout bike kit has some interesting little extras I might use. There is a grenade belt that may come in handy....



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Awesome! More Raptor school please, it'very amusing. :)


The Termies look ace. But for a tactical, no-nonsense force, why is more than half the squad without a helmet? :(


He got you there Yak, try to answer this :)


The termis look very cool, especially the ones without a helmet. Your painting style for skin is beautiful.



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Hahaha Your right you got me there!!! :)


Erm oh yeah they where in a bit of a tight spot with some Eldar Ranger snipers (3 of them I think). They had to use the old helmet on a stick trick.....Its not a tactic you see in the codex but it got the job done... cough *lame excuse* cough


Thank you both for the kind words though :)


@War Angel: Thanks Im glad you like


As requested....

RAPTOR SCHOOL Ripping up the Codex again and again...


Welcome Brothers welcome back. Now I hope you have all been reading your copies of the codex you received last session.

What who said that?

Oh Veteran Brother Moor, Yes?

What do you mean you have lost your copy! Its over 300 volumes long!

Oh I see, so its a big dog is it?

Well since you are a veteran of over 230 years experience why don't you come and take the class....


Hail Brothers. The codex aint all that bad. I confess its got some useful information in it. Yet you need to start thinking outside of the box if you want to be like me and get to wield a big maul around on the battlefield. However there is a right and a wrong way to do this. Those Dark Angels decided that it would be a good idea to start wearing robes over their power armour. Now have you tried running in a robe? The amount of Dark Angels I've had to help over a wall because they couldn't quite lift their leg high enough, its the robe you see. I remember a particularly amusing story with a squad of Ravenwing bikers (starts to chuckle to himself) they couldn't (more laughs) they couldnt (cant stop laughing now) they knocked each other over (uncontrollable laughter)


Yes yes Thank you Sergeant Moor. As a matter of fact he has a point lets look at some battle attire of the 1st legion




Now we can see this is a daft look at the best of times. I ask you brothers what is the purpose of the robe? If and its a big IF, it was a camo robe I could see some benefit but no brothers no. Its just a "look im in a robe" robe.


BUT if we think outside the box and start to question what our eyes present us with, we can clearly see that the plain "im in a robe" robe is actually camouflaging what is really there which is this...






So there you have it Brothers, the proud first legion are named so as they are the first legion to wear dresses to battle. The big question you need to ask yourself is do you want to be like them and wear ladies clothes in hellish war zones.


Sergeant Moor, anything more (class sighs) to add?


Erm always wear your helmet...


Thanks, Yes indeed. Class Dismissed.

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Loving this log! You don't see many Raptors around and I like how you're trying to make them fluffy. Regarding the scouts, I think those helmets worked for the Ravenguard, just about, but that they are too ostentatious for Raptors. As you're planning quite a few scouts have you thought about Pig Iron head sprues? You get twenty on each one and they have a real variety from more practical military styled ones like these http://www.pig-iron-productions.com/hd10-k...e96ff2e8cec32fb or more obviously sci-fi/futuristic ones like these http://www.pig-iron-productions.com/hd7-he...prues-p-23.html.


Raptor school is ace, though my chapter's sergeants would disagree about the practicality of 'dresses' :tu:

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I do like the Raptor-like heads for the scouts, I really do. I just don't dig the crests. Shave those suckers down and shape the top of the head to conform to a transhuman skull, and I think you'll be in buisness.


You, sir, have literally the only Raptors army I've ever actually liked. Normally people can't get the green down right, or go overboard with the camo theme. You seem to have a perfect OD green going on, and have kept the fancy-fanciness to a minimum, which is perfect.


Keep truckin', man. I'm looking forward to seeing how those scouts turn out.

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Ludovic: Cheers mate Im glad you like my Raptors.


Sockwithaticket: I know what you mean about the heads being to fancy for the Raptors. If I do use the heads I might come up with some fluff relating to the Tribes that the Raptors recruit from or something... still unsure what I am going to do really. I like what you have done with the Pig Iron heads but I hope to eventually get this army to a Throne of Skulls event and they are awful finicky when it comes to third party bitz.


Disruptor_fe404: Well Ive told them if they get their heads blown off its their own fault! Cheers.


Heathens: Glad you like them. I used Krylon Olive Drab spray for the undercoat (recommended by Arizonajirt). Its perfect, its almost absorbent and had to give it a heavy wash of devlan mud (not the tastiest of paints) before I started highlighting. But It worked out really quick as I hate painting base coats (I'm an impatient bastard when it comes to painting).


I took what you said into consideration and tried cutting and re modelling the head. Here is the result...






I think it looks even more alien than before although I could add a ridge to tie it in with a standard MKVII helmet. When you suggested it I envisaged it being more of a face plate, kind of half helm but my GS skills could not pull it off. Also I think doing this for all 40 scouts I have planned being a pain in the arse (I'm an impatient bastard when it comes to modelling).


Well I have not managed to do any painting this week as the scout head blues have kicked in. I did make a couple of scout bikers and have just blue (white) tacked the feathered heads on until I grow the balls to make a decision on whether to use them or not.






Sergeant with the immensely useful locator beacon and melta bombs (all a respectable scout biker sergeant needs)




two more of these guys to come.


Ive been playing around with some HQ. My Captain Navaro Chrysaetos will eventually have four or five renditions (each representing a special character). My first needs to represent old Pedro and I have been toying around with these chaps.






I am not keen on the pointing power fist as I want to make him look like he is pegging it between cover. I have a version of this using the LOD sergeant power axe arm for the right arm and and a plasma pistol in a bent arm for the left arm. Which creates a better running stance so I might save this for the Sicarius counts as. I will file of some of the details so he dont look as fancy.






This guy just came out of nothing, I had planned on using him for a sternguard veteran. As I removed some of the offensive U's I thought that he might be worth a crack as a Raptors captain. The fist is from an old 3rd edition space wolve sprue with the details filed off. It looks a bit big in the photo but looks pretty cool in real life. I have yet to finish the scroll work on his chest but plan to have BADAB written on it with the sword going through it. Not sure about the storm bolter being held at arms length but he got to represent Pedro. Also I like the head (he lent his helmet to his mate). I envisage the old Ian watson esque space marines with rings through their noses rocking a kind of cyber punk vibe.


Finally we have my 5th company chaplain Valadan Sarkoe (counts as Cassius). For years I have wanted to have a space marine resting his weapon on his shoulder. This is just a mock up and I think it would take some filling and re modelling but think it might just work.




Opinions welcome on what I should do with these guys.


I think I might paint up some sternguard (Badab war veterans) while I muse on what to do with the scouts and HQ.



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