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+++Fleets of the Heresy+++

Captain Semper

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hooray, finally people are doing the necessary research for the Heresy era fleets!

Re Death Guard fleets:

in post #1, Stalwart is misspelled

And here are two more Death Guard ships from Cadian Blood by ADB:

Aggrieved ( XXX class Battleship) Fought at Terra so definitely Heresy era.
Daughter of Agony - Cruiser. Age of ship unknown, but if its with Typhus' fleet it could be Heresy era.

RE post #1 formatting, its odd that the first 10 legions are fine, but the ones after 10 are fouled up.

Hope this gets resolved soon


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Don't know if it counts but if I remember the old fluff right "Sky Fortress" was an imperial fists ship that was able of atmospheric entry and was kinda like a big version of the hover carrier from the avengers and was destroyed at the siege of terra.
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A few more Dark Angel Grand Cruisers that were present at the battle for Diamat [Ref: Fallen Angels novel]


Avenger class ships:



Vengeance class ships:




A list of ship classes not existing at the time of the Heresy might be useful. Read somewhere recently that the bulk of Heresy era fleets were made up of Grand Cruisers, instead of regular cruisers. There are a lot of Imperial cruisers that are post Heresy designs (see below)

Dan Lee did a ship commission date time line chart. Its the Ship Commission Timeline (Fluff) here: http://www.danleeonline.com/old-battlefleet-gothic-articles/
Was also published in Warp Rift 30

According to the chart, Murder, Styx, Lunar, Tyrant and Mars class cruisers are all post heresy designs as are Repulsive Grand Cruisers.

All of the above info suggests that the bulk of the Imperial fleets were made up of Vengeance class cruisers and its variants.

Despoiler is also a post Heresy design, so not in use during the Heresy except for the unique precursor, Terminus Est.
There are irreconcilable discrepancies in the Retribution and Apocalypse fluff (Apoc is supposed to be the precursor to the Retribution, but the
Retribution is said to date from the founding of the Imperium). My thinking is that they are old ship designs and probably both in use at
the time of the Heresy.

So, post-Heresy designs not suitable for a Heresy era fleet:



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Wow. Threadomancy.


Yeah, we were just listing any and all information we could find and confirm as being in the Heresy. Although there is quite a bit of dust on this thread.

Hardly threadomancy, given the the purpose of the thread and this sentence in the OP:


"This is supposed to be an alive and ongoing project so please, CHALLENGE EVERYTHING!"


With the Horus Heresy novel line promising to be a long time ongoing project, this thread will need to be updated whenever new ships appear in the novels.



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True, but it's been three months or so since last. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it is a bad thing. Just that it's een a while since any information was submitted, partially because the code for the OP was still wonky.


Three months is not very long...


Yeah, would be nice if the code got fixed at some point...


Was reading the precursor to this thread for the first time and noticed the listings below. Will need to go back and reread Fallen Angels to see if these were DA ships or not.


Forces loyal to Horus


Forinox Avenger class Grand Cruiser


Leonis Avenger class Grand Cruiser


Castigator Vengeance class Grand Cruiser


Vindicare Vengeance class Grand Cruiser

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VII Imperial Fists


Storm of Wrath - Battle Barge - Codex: Space Marines (6th Ed), p. 76 by Robin Cruddace (GW)

Spear of Vengeance - Battle Barge - Codex: Space Marines (6th Ed), p. 76 by Robin Cruddace (GW)

Xanthus - Frigate - Destroyed - 'Distant Echoes of Old Night' - Games Day Anthology by Rob Sanders (BL)

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Right. It seems that the codes' problems are persisitng...

I think that this project is worth pursuing and it will be a pitty to let it die out. To this end I'm starting a new thread (the third one for this project) which can be found here: Fleets of the Heresy III.


Most of the data has migrated there... I'm afraid that there are some ships that might be missing, so I'll try to add them in due course.


I therefore close this thread (but leave it visible for reference) and from now on we can use the new one!


Keep it up guys - I know I will! ;)

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