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Sons of Horus by Resin Forge - A Heavy Conversion Log

Resin Forge

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A number of people thought I should start a blog here after a few of my conversions have been going viral on Fb and also within the Resin Forge FB group (http://www.facebook....464657756903319)


First off is the Legion Praetor. Hes a Fabius Bile counts as "like" character.








Next up is his Lt, a Seige Breaker in custom Terminator armor.






And for the basic design for the Terminators themselves. Please note the Sgt's claw has been change with a 2nd edition chaos power fist and he has had more details added. Pics soon.




Much more to follow. Comments are more then always welcome and in fact motivate me to do more!

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Holy crap, these are...I can't even find the words for them. I adore that Siege Breaker lieutenant, could you give a quick runthrough on how you made him and/or the parts used? Cannot wait to see some paint on these, excellent job.
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Holy crap, these are...I can't even find the words for them. I adore that Siege Breaker lieutenant, could you give a quick runthrough on how you made him and/or the parts used? Cannot wait to see some paint on these, excellent job.


I dont yet have the tutorial up for him but will soon. In the mean time there is a tutorial up for the "Fabius" conversion.




Lets jump right into what bits the conversion of the 'Fabius Bile' is made up of.




Right side - FW Mk2 Tank Commander head

Left side - FW Mk2 Apothecary head with the lens intact.

GS studs to connect the lens portion of the helmet.

FW Inquisitor Iron Halo

FW Inquisitor Lok Servo Skull Scribe Arms




FW Red Scorpion Magister Loth Honor Guard Torso

FW Apothecary Vial attached

FW Mk2 Backpack Fan Vent




FW Plague marine shoulder pad decaying head

FW Inquisitor Solomon Lok Data Servitor back module

GS Cables




FW Astral Claws Valthex Techmarine Backpack

FW Mk2 Apothecary Backpack Vials

Plastic Imperial Guard Servo Skull Half Halo

Mk2 Backpack Bottom Side Vents

Pewter Fabius Bile Backpack Mechanical Arms

Plastic Imperial Guard Vox Speaker

Finecast Dark Eldar Haemonculus IV Bag



Right Arm:

Mk2 Apothecary Arm

Mk2 Closed Assault Hand

Finecast Thunder Cannon Techmarine Staff

Finecast Thunder Cannon Techmarine Plasma Cutter

Pewter Inquisitor Servo Skull

Black Legion Pewter Shoulder Pad



Left Arm:

Mk4 Apothecary Arm

Mk4 Bolt Pistol

Finecast Thunder Cannon Techmarine Backpack Sensor

FW Inquisitor Solomon Lok Data Servitor cable connector

Black Legion Pewter Shoulder Pad




Pewter Iron Hands Bionic Legs




FW Angron Fallen Marine 40mm Base

2 Pewter Warhammer Fantasy Familiars

Plastic Imperial Guard Servo Skull

FW Titan Tech Priest Mechanical Servo Arm

FW Flamer Tank

FW Magister Loth Honor Guard Helmet



Where to begin..... I suppose its best to start in the same order as the parts are listed above.

1) The head is a combo of the 2 halves from the Mk2 Tank Commander head and the Mk2 Apothecary Heads with the Iron Halo attached to the back of it. The brown lens was added based on plastic rivets. The Lok Servo skull Scribe arms are attached to the lower half of the helmet before its glued on.

2) The torso is almost entirely based around the Loth Honor Guard torso with the Red Scorpion icon shaved off and replaced with the vent fan from a Mk2 backpack. The vial from the Apothecary set was then mounted on the right side of the breast, on top of a GS mount.

3) The belt items were taken from 2 bits. The first being a severed, decaying head taken from one of the FW Plague Marine shoulder pads and the second, coming from the Inquisitor Lok Data Servitors back module. It was carefully cut off and trimmed down to be a sort of scanning device.

4) The backpack is built around the Astral Claws Valthex Techmarine pack. The side mounts are cut down and replaced with the pewter Cogs that become the mounting for the Fabius Bile Mechanical arms. On the top, on both sides above the cogs and mechanical arms the small Mk2 backpack lower vents are added. The Mk2 Apothecary backpack vials are then mounted on the center with the plastic servo skull half halo cut and removed to be mounted onto them. Finally a single plastic brown rivet was added as a lens for the skull, creating a mini servo skull. On the rear of the backpack, the cut down Imperial Guard Vox Speaker was then mounted in the center with the Finecast Dark Eldar Haemonculus IV Bag mounted alongside of it with the hose connecting to the bottom of the speaker.

5) The right arm is built around the Mk2 Apothecary arm. Before anything was done the hand was removed and the shoulder mount was cut off to change the position of the arm. Once the arm was reglued to the shoulder, the Mk2 closed hand was then drilled out to allow the staff to fit in its grip. It was then mounted onto the arm. The staff itself is made up of the lower half of the techmarine staff with the plasma cutter barrel cut off and glued just above the hand. I did pin all of this to make to stable. The pewter servo skull was trimmed down to then fit on top of the plasma cutter barrel and coolant ribs. Once this was all done the shoulder pad was added.

6) The left arm is a bit easier then the right. Its almost entirely the Mk4 Apothecary arm. Only the hand was removed, a bolt pistol from the Mk4 Assault set was added. The front half of the bolt pistol was first cut off and the finecast techmarine sensor was added in its place. The small tip was cut off and replaced by the small data servitor cable connector to make a sort of needle launcher. Finally the shoulder pad was added.

7) The legs are simply the pewter Iron Hand legs with a slight bend to make them fit onto the fallen marine base. A single GS cable was added to make both sides look similar.

8) The base is from the Primarch Angron. The floating Servo skull is a cut down plastic Imperial guard on with a Titan Tech Priest small servo arm added so it could be picking the geneseed from the corpse. A Magister Loth honor guard helmet was added to spice it up. The 2 familiars are simply picked from the Warhammer Fantasy Familiar blister. Slight reposing was done on the familiar in the front to be standing on the fallen marine. Finally 'Fabius' was pinned in place so that he could be stable and yet be removed for painting.



That's how he was created! If anyone has any questions at all, please do ask and ill be more then happy to help explain it better. This is my first tutorial so please forgive me if anything is confusing. And now with Bitzbox and Resin Forge teaming up, all of this conversion and future conversions can easily be built by you, the readers! Stay classey everyone and remember, support for your bitz suppliers means support for amazing conversions!


I plan to have an area on resinforge.com that will have many tutorials on the various conversions I do, and the other co ownsers do as well as ones submitted to us by customers and guests!

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Incredible conversions, I'm in awe. And I want more, MOAR! laugh.png


See below! biggrin.png

Man, I love so many things about your work here, but the little gribblies running around 'Fabius'' base are a favorite. Splendid work.

My fav part as well!

Where's the gas mask from? I recognise it yet cannot seem to place it...

Its actually the back of an inquisitor FW servo skull.

Next up, Sons of Horus Command Squad Company Champion. Still WIP but nearing the paint stage in the next day or so.


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Very nice, although for some reason your link attempt to open itself without the colon after the http. Not sure what's going on there but I'd take a look at that link to make sure everything is kosher. :)
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Sweet baby Jesus on a Bike... those are some of the best Chaos Conversions I've seen in a long long time!

I really like Apothacary/Techmarine/Warpsmith style miniatures and I think yours takes all the Cake. Well done! smile.png


A bit more work on the Command squad Champion.




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Grand.............. any rank and file?


Of course. The army leans on Siege Breachers and Support squads.


New update.









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Looking really great, I think for me on the latest ones you posted it's the backpacks that make them really pop (not that the other things dont!, but "different" backpack designs than standard chaos or sm ones really give a good impression on a miniature. Would love to see them when they're painted up! Thought painting that Monstrosity (in a good way!) of a Praetor seems like it's going to be a looooong labor of love, so many small and fiddly looking parts. Really looking forward to it! biggrin.png
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