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Magnetizing your Nephilim/Dark Talon

Brother dean

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Magnetizing your Nephilim/Dark Talon





I started off with my stack of ¼”x1/16” (big) magnets and 1/8”x1/16” (small) magnets.  A note on magnets is that you need to make sure the poles are pointed the right way, I did this by doing one half a join and letting it dry then putting the mag for the other half onto the first half and then pushing it into the hole in the second piece.









I like to call this a backer bar.  It’s just a piece of sprue stuck to the bottom side of the glue tabs for the top plates.  (it’s an entirely different top plate depending on your aircraft.)






I stuck some sheet steel to the backer bar and glued the magnets directly to the top plates in places where they wont actually touch the tin so the plate wont sit higher than it should.  (Big magnets)







The side bits, (small magnets)  The antenna bits already had a void the right size I just ran a drill bit into it a little to make sure the magnets sat in there correctly.  For the Stasis cell plates, very carefully drill your hole without pushing it all the way through and stick your magnet in.  Some scraping of the “cone” shae from the drill bit may be needed to make it sit deep enough.   Just drill a hole all the way through the fuselage piece, stuff your magnet in and super glue it, if you push it all they way through, well you have the top plate off, you can just fish it out.





and I would have rather put a backer bar underneath the cockpit but I got excited putting it together and I forgot so I cut another piece of tin and put into the nose weapon mount and the magnets are going into the weapons.  I haven’t decided how to hang the Rift cannon yet as it sits on the outside instead of down in the hole….   I’m thinking I have to build up some backer bars…





Now for the bottom… 




Put a small mag in the nozzle and another in the mating surface on the bottom…  I could have just put tin over the Avenger mega bolter ammo plates but I put a large magnet on the bottom side, It doesn’t touch so the plate will still fit down properly. 







For the Stasis bomb I just drilled that mag into the middle and sanded it flat and stuck the other one right next to the peg on the bomb.  You cant really tell after paint.







For the ML/Hurricaine bolters I added a backer bar inside the housings (see above bottom picture) and glued a magnet inside and there will be an accompanying magnet on the weapon bits, just pull them out and put back in…







Now the HB/landing lights.  I am just going to sink a magnet into the recess where the HBs moun.  I might put magnets in the HBs but I am leaning towards just cutting more tin to just stick to the weapons because there is no place on the landing lights to hide a magnet…  they will have to have tin…





[add pic] Edit:  I am just using a friction fit for now.  They dont fall out, if they start to not stay in I might magnetize the HBs..









I’ll update the missing pics as I get the build finished.  As I said, I think I am at 26 magnets but that could be cut down quite a bit by using more tin.  The vertical Stabilizer is a tight enough fit that you could leave it as a friction fit to swap it back and forth but I went ahead and glued in the Dark Talon tail.



Very fuzzy wip shot.



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Well, i realize that it isnt a popular stance but I actually want to USE the Nephilim before I write it off.  And if I am spending LRC prices for two minis I dont want to limit myself to just one...   And it was around US$2.50 worth of magnets and an extra couple hours of time to do...

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Another DA Techmarine rises from the Rock, armour covered in magnets and an insane glint in his eye, determined to get every last beer tokens worth from their model.

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Magnets.

Great work by the way thumbsup.gif

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