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  1. https://www.gowarhead.com/ I founded, this past week, this web page from Finland call War Head. It's a shop and a hobby community in Helsinki, capital city of that country. Articles are in finnish and english, and are lot of interesting things, like pics (tons of them. I like the Horus Heresy armies for example. Excellent paint jobs),reports,... I don't know how many people are here B&C from Northern Europe, but the prices in the shop are quite interesting. Anyway, the web site is more than enjoyable and highly recommendable I think.
  2. I play Space Marines,Militarum and Chaos...what's an easy unit to kitbash out of spare bits? Thanks
  3. 789 downloads

    A simple , printable image file suitable for miniatures photography.
  4. I built a Land Raider Proteus from the Proteus/Explorator box and I have some extra Explorator bits leftover. I also have a full Spartan set unbuilt. Do I have all the pieces necessary to build an Explorator? Can you build a Proteus from the Spartan set?
  5. At long last, the issue 5 of this hobby magazine is ready to download from their official web https://28-mag.com/ Here: https://28magcom.files.wordpress.com/2023/05/28-vol-5.pdf And also you can download older issues and magazines created by this group. All free!
  6. Greetings, brothers. I intend two threads to cover the 3rd edition campaign I am doing with my two sons -- this thread, to cover the hobby/WIP/painting aspect, and then I will do a separate thread for battle reports and related "fluff" (i.e. storyline for the batreps). Battle reports most likely won't begin until at least the summer as we have to build up our forces. I expect my oldest son to create an account here at B&C soon so that he can contribute as well. The forces that will be involved in the campaign are: Inquisition (Codex: Witch Hunters, 2003) - run my myself Dark Blades - DA successor chapter (Codex: Dark Angels, 1999 and Codex: Spacemarines 1998) - oldest son, "Primus" (16 yrs old) Deathskulls Orks (Codex: Orks, 1999) - youngest son, "Secundus" (12 yrs old) "The Fallen" (Chaos marine rules from the main rule book) - NPC faction to be used according to special mission house rule, communally painted Chaos cultists ("Adversaries of the Witch Hunter" list from Codex: Witch Hunters) - NPC faction, communally painted Phœladar PDF (Codex: Imperial Guard, 1999) - run by Secundus, but using my DKoK models When we're ready to start posting battle reports, I will share with you the storyline that we have come up with for this campaign. Today, I will begin sharing some of the initial WIP and completions. The Witch Hunter force is led by none other than Lord Inquisitor Soulis, well-known from my blog about his force. I've started the base colours for his Throne of Redemption: While I'm working on this centrepiece for my army, Secundus is preparing a looted Leman Russ Battle Tank using the bottom half of a Russ I found in my bitz box (don's ask why we only had the lower half because I don't know) and various bitz and plasticard: Primus is starting off with a squad of sniper scouts, and a squad of bolter/shotgun/BP&CCW scouts for the Dark Blades: And finally, some cultists/traitors that were recently completed (Secundus did the base coat and wash, I did quick highlights to finish them up): There won't be a full Fallen force, just a few cultists and marines running around in certain missions/maps.
  7. Hello all! Originally I planned on calling this thread "Ikka does Sisters", similar to how some other Frater have titled their threads and then thought about that for all of a half-second before changing it because, well, you know. Anyway, I'm subscribed to the Imperium mag (US) and the Sisters stuff has just started to come out. My initial thought was to simply sell them, as I already have multiple armies and didn't really want/need another project, but then that weird little hobby part of my brain couldn't shut off. I have a lot of Inquisition models (or random models I label Inquisition) and had the old 3rd ed Witchhunters codex back in the day- why don't I just fold in the Imperium Sisters into my Inquisition stuff? So my second plan was to just paint up the Imperium models (comprising the Sisters Combat Patrol without the Rhino) and be done with them. I even had a paint scheme in mind, as I had finished a group of Malleus gene-guards this month and like the ivory armor that I gave them, so no stress on the painting front. A nice, simple little diversion from my competition Necrons/Knights armies and my Primaris SM casual army. Of course, the second plan was not to be. I received quite a few nice Xmas gifts of the hobby variety, pretty much incapsulating all of my current armies and projects (barring Knights). Tucked in there was the Cawdor Redemptionist box from Necromunda that I had put on my list as a last minute filler because I couldn't think of anything else, and I tend to grab Necromunda models as a hobby break for myself from my main armies. A great little box full of six religious wackos who will scream about the God-Emperor while trying to light you on fire and/or rip you apart with chain-weapons. Great sculpts with tons of character. What does this have to do with Sisters? Well, while I was happily putting together the first three Redemptionists, my thoughts turned to the Sisters Canoness I had just received from Imperium, probably because they are all crazy Emperor-botherers (according to Commissar Cain). Pulling up the SoB codex, I found the entries for the Missionary and Preacher- boom, I had just made a Missionary and a Preacher without thinking. I quickly grabbed the flamer-wielding Deacon and slapped a chainsword on his flamer to make another Preacher with a vindicator. This lead to my thoughts spiraling around about how the Redemptionist and Sisters would interact... which lead to a spate of Battlescribing, researching, and spending some eBay gift cards. So, I now have the contents of Imperium, plus a box each of the Battle Sisters squad, Repentia squad, and Novitiate squad now enroute to my house (or scheduled, for the next three months, in the case of Imperium). 1,000 points worth of Sisters and various Ecclesiarchy goons will soon be mine, with whom I will hopefully pound my friends to dust with for the God-Emperor in a Crusade campaign that I want to get going. This thread will chronicle the rise of the Order and possibly its battles, as I work out some background and start getting models made/painted. Army theme- I'm going for more of a darker take on Sisters than the codex colors. I'd call it Blanchitsu if I wasn't so intimidated by that label and the great painters who already do that style. Subdued ivory/bone, worn leather, oxidized bronze, that sort of thing as far as colors go, but with a marble base effect that I've recently tried and enjoyed. Lots of use of washes, because that's liquid talent that I don't have naturally and don't particularly intend on acquiring (I'm a fast, but mediocre painter who doesn't really like to paint detail/put a ton of time in models, though I love having painted armies). Background- A work in progress at the moment. I tend to require an army name before I go into the nitty-gritty of head canon, so right now I'm working towards that. My initial ideas are to have the Order revolving around penance much more than most Orders, a "We are all damned" sort of thing. Feel free to chip in any thoughts or ideas, this is still very much a nebulous army in my head (as I have all of four models for it in my hands at the moment).
  8. Check this out if you haven’t seen…
  9. A BUG'S LIFE A Monthly Tyranids Painting Challenge This week a new painting event launches in the Tyranids Section of the forum. The Challenge? Paint at least one TYRANIDS model per month - including Codex Tyranids, GSC and Forgeworld models. Taking part is simple: Pledge your models Paint your models Enjoy your army of bugs A lot of people have the odd Tyranid model lying around, usually from Battleboxes or Boxed Games, so if you want some motivation to paint them up, skitter on over to the Tyranids Section of the forum and join the Hive Fleet - The event and pledges, progress etc will be organised from there. What's more you'll get to add this cool badge to your signature: WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  10. So as some of you may or may not know I paint a lot of armies. I pride myself on completing armies, not just models. And this has lead to a lot of 'painting fatigue' but fun moments in tournaments or otherwise where it can be great to have a lot of choices. (I'm working on Eldar right now) Most of this stuff is from the past year til the present. It might be in 'wip' form at my blog, but I'll put a fair amount of completed pictures here. I'd like to start off with one of the funnest projects I had this year from Chaos which was the Chaos Knights codex and kits. Love this "Tyrant" in game. He's not the most competitive option but can't be ignored. He's basically a giant Wal-mart from hell with a Harpoon! I got to move away from doing very clean models and getting back to a lot of old weathering techniques which seems to really suit this army. .... These boots were made for stompin'.... And Next up I did a pair of "Helverins" or Wardogs with Autocannons. Simple design, but they fit in with the big guy. The family together for their first game. Here is my Loyalist version of the Helverins and a Preceptor wailing away on fish people! As I post this I am working on a Chaos version of the Preceptor model pictured above. Interestingly enough their main weapons are quite different. The Chaos variant is only D3 shots which makes him a terrible competitive choice, but I'm looking forward to painting him anyway, just the complete the set. Thanks for looking. More to come.
  11. As the vile Tau attempt to spread false lies across the Eastern Fringe, the might of the Imperium stirs to remove their taint from the sector. Introduction With new Munitorum approved strategies available to all Guardsmen regiments in the recent publication +++978-1-78826-771-7+++ nearby regiments should prepare to for deployment to the Eastern Fringe to expel the Tau menace. The Munitorum requests that each regiment deploy a new detachment to best determine the effectiveness of the new strategies. Chalnath Expanse Liberation Participation The goal of this event is to rustle up those old and new models and put them together into a coherent, painted fighting force. Before pledging any models commander that are participating must declare one of the 8th Edition Force Organization Detachment they will attempt to complete (or at least complete the minimum number of units required for the detachment to be considered legal). As usual a pre-painted picture of the model(s) / unit(s) pledge is required (primed miniatures are acceptable). Pledged models can be assembled or assembled. If you're unsure consult your nearest friendly neighbourhood commissar for assistance before vowing. Event Period The Chalnath Expanse Liberation runs from now until the 12th of April, by the B&C's clock i.e. any completion post time up to and including the 12th of April. Pledging to the Event Make your vow in any way you wish, at any point during the event, to this topic with a Detachment declaration and a starting picture. You may add models to it at any time also, just be sure to let the commissariat know when you do. For those loyal soldiers who participate in the name of the Emperor they may have the honour of using the below image in their signature line: [img=http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_9518/gallery_30308_9518_1272.jpg] Successfully Completing A successful vow is one that has all of your vowed models declared completed with an associated picture by the deadline, and will earn you a new signature award image! Failing Your Vow Per standard Munitorum procedure: If you fail to complete your vow you will shame yourself and your regiment before your peers, and the commissariat will be very disappointed. For a particularly egregious failure a missive may be written to your parents detailing your poor performance and the consequences thereof. Remember: +++The alien fails because it can not embrace the Emperor +++
  12. Hi guys! I have seen here and there that this spread epidemics thing have in some ways hit some of us in this community in some ways As you could know from the panel on your left I am Italian, so... well you know This is a very strange situation, because the enemy is invisible, so you have impacts in your life but things seem to be ok otherwise. I will not describe it in great details (you can PM me if you want some first hand witnesses), let us just say that everything is "normal" except you have to stay home as much as possible. Arkhanist explains what should be done to avoid virus spread better that I could here Anyway almost all people from Italy and lots of people worldwide have or are going to have a lot of time to spend home. While it does not change a lot for me, as I already worked from home and having 2 children keeps you busy all the time (I am just about to pick up minis after a 2 months hiatus), my friends in the hobby are really climbing their gray backlog, so much that we are thinking about playing a game together when this madness will end, with the stuff we painted meanwhile. Anyway I just wanted to ask you... have this epidemic touched you and is the hobby helping? This is a good moment for less gaming and more building and painting! You can actually help the world by doing this, really! I will post my works here, when I will have them and those of my friends, if they will let me Post yours!
  13. Hi all Been slowly plugging away on some projects. Not taken much in the way of WIP photos, but I finished these up recently. Until I get some better photos, here is a recently completed Vindicator, Ball Predator and Dreadnought 141486358_736556236991467_1562506913971481058_n by Stuart Barker, on Flickr
  14. Hi all Been slowly plugging away on some projects. Not taken much in the way of WIP photos, but I finished these up recently. Until I get some better photos, here is a recently completed Vindicator, Ball Predator and Dreadnought 141486358_736556236991467_1562506913971481058_n by Stuart Barker, on Flickr
  15. I am slowly getting back into 40K. The release of 8th grabbed my attention and the first few small games were fun and quick. The changes to the game has sped it up and enlivened the feel to the game. Some things are catching me out, such as the way modifiers interact with re-rolls, mortal wounds versus special saves taken to ignore wounds and the plethora of unique rules and costings. So this thread is meant to be something of a blog, soapbox and chat group to talk about my experiences and thoughts about the Unforgiven. Fluff changes: The new book contained some difficult to swallow changes, I am not a fan of primaris marines so was especially wary about how necessary GW had made them. I was pleasantly surprised to realise though that pretty much all of the new and unfamiliar units are simply another option. My lists look, feel and play remarkably similar to my old lists and this is a comforting surprise. They operate on the table quite differently because of how some of the changes affect the units. The changes to movement and deep striking keeps catching me out but I really like the impact it has on how movement and positioning matter. I can't say I'm a huge fan of bubble wrapping to counter enemy reserves and fast flankers but it definitely adds a much greater give & take aspect to piece trading. Being able to disengage from combats by falling back has so far proven one of the most influential changes to my games. Points or Power levels: I like power levels. Point costs and values are still probably the more balanced way to play but there is something nice about writing a list where you can put the list together in just a couple of minutes because you just have to worry about the units and not individual wargear. I go to a couple of clubs and at one of them power levels are the default whereas the other prefers to use points. At this stage I am happy with either as each is proving advantageous for list creation/exploitation. My most recent pair of games used each. A small 50 power game to introduce someone to the new system and a 1500pt game against the newest shiny the Adeptus Custodes. 50 Power list Asmodai Lieutenant with storm bolter & power sword Min tactical squad with plasma pistol & plasmagun Min tactical squad with plasma pistol & plasmagun Full tactical squad with power sword, meltagun and lascannon Venerable Dreadnought with assault cannon Company champion Apothecary 2x Ravenwing attack bikes with multimeltas This list was pitted against Ahriman and a Rubric force of mostly Thousand sons (using the index list) with a forgefiend for some ranged oomph! The game used open war cards which are an interesting if very unpredictable way to play. The game itself was very fast paced with our deployment allowing both forces to deploy close to each other and objective scoring required aggressive manoeuvring. With the core of the Dark angel force deployed in the centre of the board and the Thousand sons wanting to get close so as to make the most of their rapid-fire and flamer weapons (and psychic powers) gambled on being able to wipe out the marines quickly. A big punch-up in the centre wiped out the sorcerer's minions and dragged them forward in front of the remaining fodder leaving them victim to the multimeltas of the ravenwing. Honour to the venerable dreadnought who not only led the charge to engage and slaughter the bulk of the rubric marines as well as ripped the forgefiend. 1500pt list Azrael Asmodai Lt with power sword and storm bolter Apothecary Company champion (eye of the unseen) 5x company veterans each with a storm bolter, 1 with a storm shield, 3 power swords, 1 power maul. Ravenwing apothecary 5 marines with plasma pistol and plasmagun 5 marines with plasma pistol and plasmagun 10 marines with power sword 10 marines with power sword 5 devastators with 3 missile launchers and 1 lascannon rhino with 2x storm bolters Ravenwing darkshroud with heavy bolter This list had to face the might of the Adeptus Custodes and I am in some ways grateful that my opponent was very limited in his options. His list featured the new special character, a second HQ, 3 five strong squads of custodes (1 squad with halberds and 2 with swords and storm shields) plus 2 venerable contemptor dreadnoughts. I can confidently say that trying to kill the new custodes is an arduous task without the right tools. Fortunately, plasma is probably one of the best options and weapons from the dark age helps inordinately. As does Azrael's aura bubbles of re-rolls and invulnerable saves. I was also helped that the scenario was from the rulebook (secure and control) which meant my opponent initially left one of his squads guarding his objective, effectively removing them from the game for most of it. I want to take time to give special mention to the Company veterans who saved Azrael's life because of the honour guard rule, dealt out impressive firepower with those stormbolters and respectable melee clout but man of the match was the storm shield guy who tanked every hit the custodes assigned to his unit. With Azrael and Asmodai nearby at all times they were very impressive and will definitely be fielding them again. Equipped this way they weren't even very expensive. The near horde of marines may not have been the biggest contributors (although the plasma weapons provided a steady stream of multi-damage firepower) and I was glad to have them. The devastators proved helpful for quick deletion of any model that did manage to fail it's save and the darkshroud was helpful in lessening the impact of the enemies guns. (Particularly because the dreadnoughts also had to contend with the mod for moving and firing heavy weapons. The following are some more detailed thoughts about some of the units I've been using. Apothecaries: These have fast become a staple of my lists and with the discovery of how well veterans can protect out characters when they get embroiled in combats I am increasingly enamoured of them. Healing a few wounds on a character is great but bringing a member of a unit back to the fight can be game changing. The basic apothecary is good because he's cheap, innocuous and rarely appears worth the effort to attack. The ravenwing apothecary however can contribute quite substantially thanks to his plasma talon and the mobility afforded by his bike. He keeps impressing me but the risk of not doing anything with his guns if I try to bring a model back does make him more focused on healing wounded heroes. Company champion: I've been giving him the relic "Eye of the unseen" to ensure he goes before enemy characters and the extra mod to enemy leadership has come into play in a couple of other games. Mostly though I regard him as just an amazing bargain for what you get. Azrael and Asmodai make him more survivable and threatening with his blade of caliban too so he has so far proven a very worthwhile addition to the army. Company veterans: In the last book my head was alway seething with ideas for how I'd like to field these guys but I rarely if ever put them on the table. Considering their versatility and low base cost I am going to be experimenting and sticking them in lists a lot more now. I am not sure about precisely how they body guard rule works against weapons with damage over 1 since it says the roll to intercept the hit comes after the character has lost a wound so currently I'm working around the assumption that it applies after damage. (So if I fail a save on Azrael against a damage 3 weapon I would then make 3 rolls to pass the damage on to the veterans. Potentially resulting in 3 mortal wounds on the veteran squad.) This can attrition the squad down very quickly so I doubt I will ever spend too many points on every member of the unit, however as a means of keeping our characters alive that little bit longer I feel this unit is now very valuable indeed. Hopefully in the near future I will be adding some more hobby related content as I get back into painting figures. Currently on the painting table are some Deathwing knights and the company veterans I have talked about in this first post.
  16. My workstation itself is a work in progress. I've spent a bit of time here and there on it, especially lately. I felt I would share it. Starting today with the hobby/paint/tool box I started to set up yesterday. I needed my paint and hobby tools to be portable. To be able to be stowed relatively quickly and easily and be highly accessible. I can close up this box and clear the bench of basically all the hobby tools and paint in one go. I can bring the whole lot to a shop or a friend's house or my brother's. Which is what drove me to this since I'm heading there tomorrow. Dedicating an afternoon to painting with my brother who has been my on and off hobby buddy for 21 years (YIKES!) Trying to keep the ball rolling and make progress and keep each other focused and motivated. The box was surprisingly inexpensive BTW. Tho I definitely have plans to secure the GW paint and the tools and brushes better. What do y'all think? What are y'all set ups?
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