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Emperor's Children - The Dreaming Host - WIP, ETL ...


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Greetings B&C at long last, my very first WIP. It Chaos Space Marine time, in fact it is Emperor's Children time and I am honored to present you the Dreaming Host, a warband of the IIIrd Legion.


This is my very first WIP and this thread will serve to many purposes, first to keep me busy and spur me to complete my project, second to answer to the ETL call and third to assemble, paint and develop my army with your help.


Now, I plan to develop my warband extensively in the Hall of Honor section but first I have to begin somewhere, so lets start with a nice picture of what I have so far:




As you can see I have a shining new army still smelling of plastic cover and awesomness. In the picture above is what roughly will constitute my project:


- Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor

- Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor

- Herald of Slaanesh

- Helldrake

- Maulerfiend

- Forgefiend

- 2x Chaos Space Marines

- 2x Chaos Terminators

- 2x Daemonettes of Slaanesh

- Noise Marines Upgrade Kit

- Noise Marines Sonic Weapons Kit

- Space Marine Command Squad (for some customizations)

- Dark Vengeance Set

- Colors:

  • Skull White Spray
  • Reikland Fleshshade
  • Druchii Violet
  • Ceramite White
  • White Scar
  • Steel Legion Drab
  • Xereus Purple
  • Genestealer Purple
  • Pallid Wych Flesh
  • Daemonette Hide
  • Balthasar Gold
  • Sycorax Bronze
  • Astrogranite
- Citadel Basing Kit


Now I have a squad of Possessed and Fabius Bile without hands to play with, as well as a squad of CSM I got in trade for some spare IG heavy weapons. All in all I have gathered quite an army and my long plan is to assemble a 2000 points army of the Emperor's Children as well as a viable Deathwing army with Chaos Terminators models. In a few days time two more kits should join the project, Obliterators and a SM Chaplain (customization). 


Now the goal is set and the Dark Prince smiles upon me, I shall not be found wanting.

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Day 1: HQ


And here we go. Chaos Lord, Sorcerer and Herald of Slaanesh assembled.




Chaos Lord - The Fiend:




The Chaos Sorcerer - The Dreamer:




Herald of Slaanesh - The Maiden:





What have I done?


I have used the Heavy Flamer from the Chaos Terminator kit to represent the Burning Brand of Skalathrax, you seldom see the flamer used on the terminators thus I have used it in my own way. For the Sorcerer I have used the large skull shoulder pad also from the Chaos Terminators, the horned skull is fitting for an ex Librarian I presume. The Herald is straight out of the box, luckily with no miscasts, an almost perfect cast I dare say. I have used the standard bases of the Chaos Lord kit since they are really awesome and spikey but since my HQ terminators are twins I used the base in the reverse, the cliff forward for the Lord and the cliff backwards for the Sorcerer. In that way they are both above the terminators that will escort them and it will add a modicum of dynamism to their otherwise plastic stance. I am still a newbie in modelling thus do not expect uber things with greenstuff and the like, but I will try to work some wonders with GW plastic.


What have I learned today?


Terminator legs can be tough to assemble and gods there are many spikes on em' chaos boyz. One thing, Finecast = Super Attack glue, quick, resilient and practical. 


That is all for today. Day one goal achieved.

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Day 2: Helldrake




This is my Helldrake. There are many like it but this is mine.


What have I done?


Greetings once again people of B&C. Day 2 in my project and I couldn't resist the urge to assemble the mighty Hellrake. Many of you love them, many of you hate them but this flying thing of sharp edges and even sharper spikes is probably the only reason why the Chaos Space Marine Codex is around, that and zombies but this is another story.


I needed around three hours to assemble it and while the kit is fantastic and easy to assemble the wings are the real pain. No matter how you glue them, keep them in place or force them in shape it is a messy job. I think that the claws could be easily done by GW in one single piece but alas I ask for too much. 


All in all it was a pleasant surprise and now I can count myself as a proud owner of my very own Helldrake.


For Chaos!


What have I learned?


The blood god demands my blood even while I am assembling, damn are those spikes nasty to handle. Still Slaanesh was pleased of my pain and rewarded me with an otherwise pleasant model to assemble. I have thrown the GW plastic glue in the bin and I have switched to Revell Contacta Professional. The metal needle is a great thing when you need to be precise and you hate glue leaks as much as I do.




This is the color scheme that I have in mind for my warband...





It is pretty basic. Skull White basecoat, Xereus Purple base, Bathasar Gold base, Druchii Violet wash. Genestealer Purple layer, Sycorax Bronze layer and a freehand spiral art with the new Citadel Highlights color, Fulgrim Pink. 

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Nice start man. I would recommend experimenting with finishing both your gold and armour with a thinned layer of Bloodletter Red (as in thinned even more than the glaze already comes), either before or after the freehand.Iit compliments both colours well, and will help tie your models together.



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I'm liking the colour scheme and your progress is enjoyable to watch :) And I think that eetdestroyer is on to something with his Bloodletter ultra-thin glaze. It'll definitely give a nice tinge to the whole model.
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Thanks for the tip with the Bloodletter wash, I will use it.


Day 3: Daemonettes of Slaanesh






And today is daemons time. I have assembled 20 Daemonettes of Slaanesh and damn it was a challenge. It is fun how being daemons of  Slaanesh the Daemonettes are surely the queens of mouldlines and most of my time was spent to trim them, to shave their legs. All in all what is not to like of a Daemonette, they are fast, they have Rending, Fleet and they hit like a ton of bricks in the face. This squad of 20 Daemonettes led by a Herald will be my answer to enemy terminators and to all those nasty units that will try to get close to my Noise Marines. Between Noise Marines with their AP 3 Blastmasters and the Daemonettes with Rending in this edition Slaanesh is a powerhouse and a true marine killer army. 


What have I done?


The assembly of the Daemonettes can be quite a challenge. We speak of a model that has ample mouldlines, strange setups for the hands and very poorly designed banner hands. It was mostly an exercise of patience and glue discipline but in the end the result is worth it. I love to have two boxes available for a single unit that only three heads are duplicates and I have decided to use all icons and banners to make my army as visually appealing as possible. We all know that the devout followers of Slaanesh are vain folk thus why not spur the pride in their colors and allegiance all across the board. Expect many more banners, icons and other aesthetic things for this army. There is also another good thing with assembling a Slaaneshi army composed from Daemons and Marines, you can use the daemon hands and heads to represent the boons of the Dark Prince to the army. Since the RT era one distinctive reward was the Lesser Visage of the Daemon, when the features of the chosen warrior were altered to resemble the face and features of a lesser deamon of the chosen god. I plan to play a lot on this fact and expect small, subtle tributes to the RT era Chaos.


What have I learned?


Patience is the key for a good model. Especially patience when you are gluing it together. The Daemonettes were quite a lesson in that. Their legs can be of some trouble and their arms are one of the worst designed by GW. Thanks the Dark Gods that I have ample experience with such things and more than anything, ample patience, a virtue that I have learned from assembling 150+ models of Imperial Guard. I have learned that usually the hands and the shoulder sockets are better glued together if you are fast. Try to get the position set in place in one smooth move and than leave it be. The more you play with the appendage the worse the result will be. So to recap, place the piece in place in the first time and than leave the glue to do its magic.


I apologize for the bad pictures but it is a smartphone thing since my sister has my camera...




- I have the GW 40k basing kit, do I glue the scenic element before the basecoat phase or when the model is painted?


- Are the Daemonettes heads viable for the terminator necks?


- Do you have any tips how to ahem "Slaaneshify" my army?


- Any ideas for some good erotic banner art?


- The theme is "mesmerizing" or "hauntingly"; any ideas how to bring this to the board?

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The Daemonette heads will fit but you have to use some GS or so to fill the gap I´d think.

The basing is something i prefer doing before basecoating and for the banners have a look at Louis Royo´s artworks..they´re quite nice ;-)

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Now that is some serious art you proposed, really worthy of inspiration. I always love to see detailed acts and this artist has a knack for fantasy too, thanks for the suggestion Warpedpath.

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Day 4: Noise Marines


















What have I done?


I have assembled my Noise Marines (20) from a combination of different kits. You can spot Dark Angels robes, Space Marine Command Squad bits and Khorne Berzerkers chest pieces. This is my fist batch of Chaos Space Marines but soon I plan to expand my army with 20 more which will be a Berzerker version fit for a Slaaneshi army. I like my models with plenty bits and baubles which play on the individuality of the chaos warriors and even more so in an EC warband. 


My idea is simple, to me warband means a conglomeration of different styles, different armor marks, different unit formations and above all a combination of younger and older astartes, veterans and raw recruits who have killed their first enemies in the name of Slaanesh. The marines above are a good testament to that, you can spot loyalist pieces looted from the battlefield (more will be on the bases when I come to that stage), robed veterans who shroud themselves in an alluring aura of mystery and than you see marines who wear openly the first boons of the Dark Prince, the mutations.


I also play heavy on the whole concept of the EC which are IMO one of the few forces that would openly wear the eagle or honorifics like the laurels. In their twisted minds they were the only ones worthy to wear the aquila and none other is more deserving than them. Than there is the whole concept of Slaanesh of which aesthetics somehow imply impeccable armor, plenty of customization an a general pride and vanity in ones colors.


So yes, as I have explained yesterday I plan to field my army with plenty of banners (no points spent for them though, since the Noise Marines are already Fearless), minor tokens like scrolls and "purity seals/oaths of moments) and in general combine elements from the HH era EC and the degenerated and vile creatures they have become after their fall.


The army above is also well centered around the concept of MSU and Blastmaster Noise Marines are really good small unit for that purpose. So here you have the core of my army.


What have I learned?


The different marine kits mesh well together and you can spot in the units above anything from champion shoulder pads to incensers. All is viable in chaos and I love the army just because it allows one to go nuts with the marines. I have learned that the basic CSM kit is one of the most varied in GW and I especially liked the specific bits for the Aspiring Champions of each god's faction. The pain is that the chainswords are already in hands since I would gladly glue them on to make Extra CCW marines for a future day but alas, GW is uncooperative form this point. 


I have learned that the many blades, bolters and spikes left around from even a single CSM squad would make excellent basing material and that the CSM have unfortunately very static poses. In the future I will use berzerker legs to make my melee marines and use the static ones for the Havocs that I plan to field some day. 


Oh yes, don't try to use the knife hand to actually hold a knife, it comes with a strange angle and lends better to a single hand bolter wielding pose. And a second thing, the daemonette heads are very tiny compared to the chest piece of the marines, while green stuff is a solution the overall looks are not worth it IMO.

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I love the way you keep saying 'what have I done' like oh man what I have I done!

Seriously though, a massive undertaking and performed with relish, gusto and no small amount of aplomb. Well done sir, keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the kind comments. While I have ample experience with the Imperial Guard I am slowly turning my resources to Chaos. I like the new books and while the CSM suffer from being the fist book of the 6th I think that the Daemons more than make up for it. As I have said this army has several goals to achieve and I know that my true talents lie in the fluff rather than in plastic but you know that fuzzy feeling when you assemble your plastic soldier and up from the sudden your mind is full of names, epic accounts of battles, honors that this marine has earned...well I officially declare that I am addicted to this fuzzy feeling and I cannot wait to see my army assembled so that I can start to paint and write stories on it in the Hall of Honor, but all in due time.


My interpretation of chaos is more akin to the first era, the RT era with powerful champions, strange and varied warband members, mutants, cultists, daemons...well you get the point. The core of my army has to be ready for June 2nd when I will take it to battle in a local tournament but I plan to expand upon this core. I speak of Slaaneshi berzerkers, perhaps an interpretation of Plague Marines and so on. I want to have a strange looking army, mesmerizing and full of color. But I would also love to expand on the whole concept of a chaos marine warband so I hope to include Bikers, Raptors, Havocs and much more as soon as it would be financially available to me. 


But I am way ahead in my mind, I am content with the project progress so far (thanks to a brief relief from the exams) and if all goes well perhaps we will see my vow complete by the end of June. Still I have plenty of vows still to consider...


If there is a guideline that you might consider for my project is fluff before gameplay. I love fluff armies, I love fluffy marines and I love fluffy carnage, defilement and desecration.

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Thanks for the tip with the Bloodletter wash, I will use it.





- I have the GW 40k basing kit, do I glue the scenic element before the basecoat phase or when the model is painted?




Since the scenic elements are bare resin, it's much better to glue them on before basecoating, and them paint them as you would any other model. It's also worth blending them into the base with green stuff to create a better gradient (as they are the joins between base and element is really abrupt).


Great stuff overall, I look forward to some killer fluff



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Day 5: Chaos Terminators













What have I done?


Today is Terminator day and what is not to like about 10k years old super marine veterans who have dabbled with infernal powers for the past ten millenia? Their armor is fused with their flesh and their weapons are archaic supernovas, spikes, chains and skulls come with all for a nice package of nastiness. Yes, people, Chaos Terminators are the dreams of a 40k fan made true.


As you can see from above I have not done much customization bar a different head for each terminator since I will spare the best scenic elements of the 40k baisg kit for them. I love terminators, I love terminator gameplay and I am of a mind to make a chaos terminator Deathwing army once. 


I apologize for the last two picture shots but my camera seemed to go wonky again and I had to improvise with lightning settings again. All in all, the heads are different, the power axes are the standard weapons and I have used all the trophy racks for my terminators since those spikes really make the models stand out from their loyalist counterparts.


What have I learned?


Chaos Terminators or Terminators in general are one of the easiest kits to assemble and even out of the box without any conversions they look properly bulky, nasty and spikey as they should. The shoulder pads can be of some trouble on the axes hands but a good dose of glue and a bit of patience solved the issue. On the other side the terminators have one of the best looking heads of the GW kits and I used every single head available to me to make each terminator to stand out. The head pit is properly large and now I understand why the best looking conversions are always the terminators. 


Tomorrow is Fiend time...

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Day 6: Daemon Engines

















What have I done?


As promised today I deliver to you the daemon engines, my Forgefiend and my Maulerfiend. The assembling was really a pleasure since the kit is really well devised and the pieces clap in place with relative ease, the real benefit of the 6th edition kits which seem to be fully modular. 


The only problem that I had were the rear legs of the Forgefiend since the position of the model is strange and thus it is problematic to place the legs properly. An advice, glue a rear leg and than glue the opposite forward leg, in this way you get the height right in no time.


What have I learned?


Apart the trick above I have learned that GW is really making their kits more awesome by each year that passes. I remember cursing the old and the new gods when I was assembling the Leman Russ battle tank but to see with which ease this two beasties came together, well it speaks volume of the advanced shiny toys that GW has at its disposal. 


I have also learned that those spikes really hurt, especially if you toy with a piece to get it into position and you slip on the glue. Bloody Khorne, he wants my blood even now...


Oh and another tip, glue the neck and the head piece at the end, in this way you get the spikes on the Fiend spine right and you can assemble with ease the crown peace with the chaos star on the back without having any problems with the otherwise tall and not aptly placed neck spines.


I have learned the above when I was assembling my Forgefiend first and than I used this tricks on the Maulerfiend which imo is the better model of the two, and better assembled too.




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Day 7: Close Combat Weapon Chaos Marines














What have I done?


As promised today I deliver my variant of melee marines. I have used the berzerker legs and some torsos to make the squad much more dynamic and I have used the standard CSM kit to make the squad fit in with the rest of the army. 


The beauty of the Noise Marines is that they are a great ranged unit but they are deadly in melee to. Just pop in there a Doom Siren and a Power Weapon and see them shine in their role as melee killers with a nice AP 3 flamer in there just for the fun and pain it brings to the board.


I had to cut some legs to obtain the proper poses since the berzerkers were only some bits on a sprue I have exchanged for some Imperial Guard heavy weapons thus I had to improvise a bit. Luckily I got more than enough spare backpacks and shoulder pads to make it trough with this squad.


What have I learned?


The berzerker bitz scream of antiquity as when you assemble them you notice that the plastic is of better quality and the measures are quite different with today's kits. The legs, arms and hands are quite larger than the standard CSM ones but the shoulder pads are much more tighter than the new ones thus I had some trouble to assemble my marines in proper poses.


There is also the question of torsos since some don't fit well with the rear half part and can come to some mishmash here and there. I suggest you to really go hobby knife heavy to get a good overall result.



Seven days have passed since I have begun this project and today my army looks like this:




In the next week I hope that my Obliterators and my Skull Helm Chaplain arrive so I can make a variant of Dark Apostle and finally assemble the big guns of my army. I confess that I am really overjoyed when rumors appeared of a repack of the Chaos Bikers and as soon as they are available I will order two boxes since they are so good.


Those a bit more learned in 40k fluff would notice that I am building my army based upon the standard command of an Astartes Legion Lieutenant so expect ten more "tactical" marines and a support squad of ten special weapon marines. In this way I will have always enough models and special weapons to play a ton of combinations with the CSM army list and In particular a horde variant with an average 60 marines on board.


Oh and I have ordered a box of Sangunary Guard since the god of nipples demands nipples and truth be told nipples are wasted on the sons of Sanguinius when there are perverts of the Emperor's Children calibre around. 

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Day 8: Basecoat




New week new things to do.


What have I done?


Well as the title says I have basecoated the main elements of my army. I have used the Citadel Spray: Skull White for this and what little remained of my Chaos Black spray. I have followed the tips from How to Paint Citadel Minatures DVD and I have made my own basecoating handle with a bit of wood and a double sided tape. It worked like a charm.


What have I learned?


First, Chaos Black covers so much better and you need less spray for the same effect but the problem is that my scheme is fairly bright so it is Skull White for me. A Citadel Spray is useful to basecoat an average of 70 models than you are playing with chances. Even with a solid layer of white some things cannot be covered. I think that GW should use the Ceramite White paint instead of the Skull White, it covers so much better than the old paint range. Second, the first tips from the DVD proved useful, lets see if the others will too. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Day 9:

Today I had two games with a basic 1000 points lists, Doubles and they were the baptism of fire for my Dreaming Host. The first went in a draw and the second was a neat win. The army did amazingly well if I consider that my ally had an on spot made army of Orks and both games were hurried due to time limits. Still, I got a nice 4 Eur of store bonus as second in the tournament and combined with the rest of the bonus that I have accumulated I went home with the following:



Long story short, the chappy was free.

So at along last I have my Chaos Bikers, expect an update in the following days with the models assembled. I have also taken a Chaplain to make a nice conversion like Charmosian, so expect this one too. Too bad that my Obliterators, the real unit that I need are still lost in the Warp and so far neither them or my special order Fulgrim Pink seem to be on their way.

I apologize for the lack of recent updates but it is high exam season for me and I have to munch 200+ pages per day to get the job done. In hindsight I should go to study some lesser field instead of jumping on Jurisprudence smile.png

Still, I have some pics for you. I have exchanged some guardsmen lasguns, canteens, helms and so on for a CSM biker, hopefully I will get a base soon for him.



What have I done?

I have used the standard CSM biker kit and I have combined it with some CSM elements. The spikes on the backpack, the spikes on the rear of the bike. I have also used a Guard flamer to make a special weapon (initially I was thinking to assemble a Lord) and while the result is proper it could be much better IMO.

What have I learned?

As I have said above I tried to make a Lord on bike, the problem is the nightmarish resin of the Finecast Noise Marines kit. No matter which glue I used and how long I held the pieced together it always fell apart. So I removed the Lord bits and I have used a standard CSM for the torso and the arms. So yeah, resin and plastic do not mesh together, I have also learned the value of elastics to keep the things together, especially the two sides of the bike.

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