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SW1's +++E Tenebrae Lux II - 2013+++ Vows


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Time to get the show on the road ... I've finally managed to get everything for my 1st Vow stripped of the old paint job.


Here's "Logan, Ragnar, Ulrik, Njal in TDA and Njal in Runic Armour":




This little lot should be a quick 1210 points.


Ulrik was undercoated this morning and I'm hoping to have him finished before the end of the day.  Logan has just been blasted with a black undercoated as is drying outside.


I've already started stripping the paint off the models which will be part of the next vow.  :D

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Need to find my damned phone to take a pic of Ulrik now he's finished.


I didn't manage to get started with Logan but I've got Ragnar and the 2 versions of Njal ready to spray this morning.

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I've finished Ulrik:






And here's where I'm at with the other parts of my entry:




It's all coming along nicely and I've got the house to myself this weekend.  So I'm expecting to get the painting side of things finished this weekend.  I've still not made a mould from the masters I've done of the 40mm bases I'm making for the army.  So I may end up making some 1 off bases for the characters.  I'm still 50/50 in regards to mounting all characters on 40mm bases.  It looks better but changes the game mechanics slightly.

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I've wanted to try changing the back pack for ages but not got round to it properly until now. So stripping the old dodgy paint job off and starting afresh has helped. smile.png

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Right no excuses now for not completing the 1st vow now my newest bases have come out ok.  I'll be using a mix of these and some plainer ones to mount all my characters and TDA Wolf Guard on.


Managed to get 5 lots of the 6 bases cast up with the last of the old batch of resin I had.  The mould has performed better than expected so I should get plenty of bases out of it in the future.  :D
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Here's my brothers vow starting pic ...



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I'm now thinking of doing a similar weapon load out on one of my metal OOP WG models.  The one with the dodgy (bionic) leg and a big beard.  :D

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As my back is still playing up and I'm having problems actually sitting down to do detailed work I'm going to crack on with assembling and undercoating the models which will make up the next lot of vows.


So I'll just be doing the following 3 steps:


 - Gluing

 - Spraying black

 - Basecoating grey


I take it that this is allowed as plenty of entrants are starting pledges from this point.  As I build and basecoat I'll take photo's of the models.  I'll complete the painting on the 1st vow and make a 2nd vow before going past the basecoat point and will only then work on the 2nd vow models.


Just hoping my back gets sorted asap as I'd normally have stormed through the models at a much higher rate.

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Sorry to hear about your back, it sux when your all motivated and cant do what you want. I had this last weekend, been working on my car (buggy) and wanted to paint at night, but my hands where shaking from the heavy work on the car, so no painting for me that night.

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Sorry to hear about your back, it sux when your all motivated and cant do what you want. I had this last weekend, been working on my car (buggy) and wanted to paint at night, but my hands where shaking from the heavy work on the car, so no painting for me that night.


Crumbs you must have been working hard for it to give you the shakes.  Sounds like something very interesting to work on though.


I can't stay in one position for long and find I work bent over slightly when doing detailed work so it's a none starter.


Assembling, blasting with a black spray and slapping rather haphazardly with grey seems to be ok though.


I've already assembled and sprayed black 90+ models (WG/GH/BC), though I wasn't really paying attention to which weapons I was gluing on so I'm not 100% sure there's the right weapon load outs for all the units yet.  So I'm going to pull units and characters out to undercoat.  I can then make note of any missing weapon load outs required and make sure they're next on the list to be built.

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Time for a bit of an update ...


A small amount of details have been done on the 1st Vow and the bases have started getting some attention as well.


My brother has done a reasonable job of base coating his model, I actually think taking it slow and steady a single model at a time will mean he's going to get atleast 1 vow completed if not more.  He might even get his first completion before me, which is a bit embarrassing.  He's going to be trying out washes for the 1st time Saturday which should be fun.  My 5 year old has also joined in painting and there's 4 blotchy random coloured marines sat on my painting desk that he's done.


*Next bit of waffle is mainly a reminder for me so feel free to ignore*


Prep for the 2nd Vow is well under way.  I'm listing points and models below to save time later ... There will be the following HQ models available:


 - Njal (converted to look a bit different from the other one) ... 245 points

 - Ragnar (a counts as using the classic SW Captain model) ... 240 points

 - Ragnar (standard model) ... 240 points

 - Ulrik (converted to have a different plasma pistol and crozius) ... 180 points

 - Ulrik with a jump pack (will be counted as Wolf Priest w/ jump pack, WTN, WTT, PP) ... 155 points

 - Wolf Priest w/ TDA, WTN, WTT ... 135 points

 - Wolf Lord w/ RA, PF, WC, WTN, WTT ... 180 points

 - Wolf Lord w/ RA, PF, PF, WTN, WTT ... 185 points

 - Wolf Lord w/ TDA, FA, SS, WTN, WTT ... 190 points


That's a total of 1,750 points wrapped up in 9 models which should help towards the SW total.  There's a few other HQ models in the pipeline but they need a fair amount of work done on them before they'll be ready to be considered and I've got an army to be getting on with.


I've also got 5 Packs of Grey Hunters partially prepped.  I'm considering adding a few extra models to give the packs all the options I want available to me.  I should be able to get the models with the different options included in an ETL Vow as I'll break down the packs from full 10 man ones into smaller packs with each one containing a power fist/weapon.


I'm going to just have a single Blood Claw pack included in the Troops selection which I will do the same as the GH's, breaking down into smaller ones to allow me unit options.  There will be a lot more Blood Claws in the army via jump pack and biker units so I'll probably end up with 35 - 45 BC's in total.  I'm trying to keep a balance on the WG/LF/GH/BC counts but I seem at the moment to be way out so I'll need to address that in the long run.


I've pulled out models to use as Long Fangs with the associated heavy weapons.  I'll have a total of 5 packs so that'll be 30 LF'sI'll probably need a lot more GH's by the time I'm finished as there will be 30 long Fangs once I've finished.

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I've got the bases sorted out for the models making up my 1st Vow ... They're the 1st time paint has been applied to any of these bases.  :P



Here's the painted up versions of the new cast bases:
For the rest of the army needing 40mm bases I plan on using them with these other 40mm bases mixed in as well:
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Logan has also been completed and Ulrik has now been upgraded to a 40mm base to match the base size I mounted Ragnar on.  Will have to wait for phone battery to charge so I can stick some pic's up.


Of the last 2 models Njal in PA is coming along fine and should be finished quite quickly.  Njal in TDA is being a pain in the backside to get looking right with the runes and has had to have the armour undercoated grey again.

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I'm pretty happy with the bases I've done now they finally have models attached.  I might have to create a few more 25mm ones to compliment them a bit better.


Messing around with a few different models and realised my WHFB wolves will actually work for Fenrisian Wolves when placed on 40mm bases.  So I need to raid the Vampire Counts "to paint" box and get a load out.  Noticed they have a really big gap in the neck joint and tail joint so need to remember to GS the gaps before painting them up.


Had a look at the way Njal in TDA is painted in the codex and realised I might be making myself work harder than needed.  I just jumped into painting the model without actually bothering to check out other paint jobs and I was trying to get the runes on the armour to look like they're glowing but they are just shaded on the official paint job.  It works much easier on the old version of Njal with RA as the runes are raised.  Think the RA version will be finished pretty quickly this morning hoping the TDA one will be not too much longer.  Not sure if I'll stick with the glowing effect or just shade them though.


Need to also GS another 8 Wulfen models to sprinkle throughout the WG and GH packs.


Work on sorting the pad deficit is coming along so hopefully I'll be able to include the GH, BC, WG and anything else that needs pads in a vow at some point soon.


My brother has almost finished his model and is eying up doing my duplicate Ragnar.


Next vow models are almost ready to crack on with just need to sort out a load of wolves.  This will be my last character heavy vow before hitting the greater numbers of troops.

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