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Ultramarines Armies on Parade board


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This seemed like a good idea at the time, weeks ago before I got swamped. With the deadline for my LGS looming I gotta get ahead on this.


I am not too too worried, this is just the largest painting project I've attempted,  the detail isn't insane and I am only really aiming for a few compliments from my local scene so I think it's manageable (hopefully).


The concept is a long shattered shrine being used as a last line of defence/staging aread. Lots of debris and bits of ruins with a force surging out of it.


Units represented:


- 2 vindicators (might swap for predators, but I like the image of two dug in demolisher cannons)

- 1 venerable dread

- 2 tactical squads

- 1 assault squad w/chaplin

- Calgar + honour guard

- scout squad/telion

- storm talon

- landspeeders x 2


Might add:

- terminators

- another tactical squad

- parked rhino/razorback in rear


Sample setup

photo 1

Inside close up

photo 2

Close up 2

photo 3

Front close up

photo 4

I am going to have the landspeeders crusing over this piece of terrain, I already have them magnetized to their small flying stands, just a matter of figuring out how I want to raise them off of here. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.

photo 5

Sanded and rubbled it down last night around all the major terrain bits also glued in all the debris once it was dried and brushed off (not pictured)

photo 6



To-do list:

- sandbags for scout setup (have some scale cloth ones, might not waste them and GS a bunch)

- "glass" panes in select areas of shrine windows (seemingly a no-brainer with clamshell packaging plastic, but might led to a stress fit)

- landspeeder attachment (??)





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I got some basecoating done, I'll post some updates after the weekend when there's a little more detail other than brown and black.

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A week and a day left, here's some progress. I got the parts I was most concerned about done now and I am super stoked on the results. I've never attempted something on this scale. Aquila lander, buildings and battlefield accesories are up next


Fullish view

New board update 1/4



New board update 2/4


New board update 3/4

As a nod to my new Death Korps army I've decided to paint the lander in the same scheme. Here's a combo of all the paint schemes.

New board update 4/4


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How about drybrushing the grass black near the craters/edges? So it looks like it's been blasted, rather than natural borders.


Other than that, impressive work so far.


Thanks! That's a good idea actually, I had a bunch of the citadel burnt grass I'll sprinkle all around it.


In the meantime here's a quick update, the right side building is more or less done, but the part I am most proud of are the Landspeeder mounts.


Landspeeder Mounts

I had pre-magnetized them to their bases and found some extra stems in my bits and viola.
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