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Night Lords 15th Company - In Memoriam...Pg.68

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One more in here for the first set.


So long and farewell to the 15th. Very inspirational to me, mostly the kitbashing, the flayed prisoner Rhino, and the Oblit teams. At least they are all documented here and they've found a good home.


Look forward to seeing more of the M31 force.

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Even if both of my hearts belong to darkness they are bleeding a little right now ...


Your Night lords army is among the few ones who sold me to the VIIIth legion and it does something to know that you let them go maim and murder at another corner of the galaxy. But like you've said yourself the end of an era means the begining of another and I'm really glade to know that we will have the chance to see your skillz kicking jaws and stilling drool with something else ( and in Horus Heresy era with that ..)

All my suport for this new project brother.


For the Knight I prefer the first with the cerastus pauldron but must important of all I have an Acheron myself waiting to be put together but I always had an issue with this head .. you cannot imagine how dumb I feel right now for not thinking of this simple head swap ... :wallbash: 

Prepare youself for a nostraman polite trade of idea .. (Understand stole this properly without a second thought on how you feel about it dear brother :thumbsup:... If you permit ^^)



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Both pads look good but the original cerastus pads look much more intimidating.


maybe a shallowfrying pan with a ttin layer of hot water in it so you can press the pad down and flatten it out?


Also something I wanted to try but could not find in the UK wa some micro chainmail all around the bottom of the pauldrons and below the mask of the original head... Would look really cool and you could also incorporate bits of dead people in it or rust it up a bit...

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