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  1. While I do dabble with loyal forces and the Inquisition, my true love lies with Chaos. My first 40k army, 12 years ago, was the Death Guard- back in the day one had to make one's own mutations and conversions and spilling guts using green stuff. I have recently fallen in love with the new Chaos Marine models. I think they are amazing and so much better than what we had back in the day. And the Start Collecting box was just too good to ignore- I just love the models for the Greater Possessed and the Master of Possession! So I decided to again pledge my soul to the Dark Gods. And since the Nightlord Trilogy my ADB is my favorite collection of Black Library books, I decided to go for Nightlords. At least a warband that is heavily corrupted by their long time hiding in the Warp. And maybe leaning towards the Khornate side of things. So, to start things off, I got the following: - The Start Collecting Chaos Space Marine box - Haarken Worldclaimer, the Herald of the Apocalypse - a box of Raptors - a box of Servants of the Abyss, because I wanted some Traitor Guardsmen - a box of Necromunda Corpsegrinder Cult- because they make great stand-ins for Khorne Berserkers, even with the fitting Nightlord-ly heads. One has to start somewhere. And I just got all the miniatures that had caught my eye and that I thought look amazing. No use buying miniatures which might be good in the game, but one has no motivation painting. And I just needed to get my creative muscles back into gear! So I start this thread in the hope it keeps me motivated to see this through. The last week I spent assembling and priming these guys. And the Servants of the Abyss- I think the Corpse Grinder Cult make great stand-ins for Khorne Berserkers. Because, and I am brutally honest now, even back in the day, the old plastic Berserkers were feeling their age. And these guys come even with nice Nightlord-ish helmets! Just look at these awesome helmets! I could not resist to do a little head swap: With my last purchase, I also got a free Primaris figure. Why someone who just bought a bunch of Chaos stuff gets a free LOYALIST Primaris figure, is beyond me, but I will not let this go to waste. Meet Mephistopheles the Grim, Slayer of the Bloody Peaks, Reaper of the Bone Fields. He defeated a loyalist weakling in combat and made the new fancy armor his own. Of course after defacing the Imperial Eagle a bit. Simple and effective. Still, I cannot get over how awesome these new Chaos Marines look. And how big they are! Here is a simple size comparison between the new Primaris (converted), the new Chaos Champion, and my very old metal miniature of the towering, mighty Khârn the Betrayer (one of the few survivors of my long sold Chaos army back in the day). Poor Khârn. No wonder he is so angry.
  2. First post up here in a long time! Recently finished off Forgeworlds Sevatar! Ave Dominus Nox! http://i847.photobucket.com/albums/ab36/IronKobra84/Sevatar%20-%20Prince%20of%20Crows/Sevatar-3_zpshz0xkbc4.jpg http://i847.photobucket.com/albums/ab36/IronKobra84/Sevatar%20-%20Prince%20of%20Crows/Sevatar_zpskd2rht2r.jpg http://i847.photobucket.com/albums/ab36/IronKobra84/Sevatar%20-%20Prince%20of%20Crows/Sevatar-2_zpspprswqer.jpg http://i847.photobucket.com/albums/ab36/IronKobra84/Sevatar%20-%20Prince%20of%20Crows/Sevatar-5_zpsjm9yt4vn.jpg http://i847.photobucket.com/albums/ab36/IronKobra84/Sevatar%20-%20Prince%20of%20Crows/Sevatar-4_zps0lcw2cpu.jpg http://i847.photobucket.com/albums/ab36/IronKobra84/Sevatar%20-%20Prince%20of%20Crows/Sevatar-6_zpswndkfr2o.jpg
  3. Hello " Viris colratha dath sethicara tesh dasovallian. Solruthis veh za jasz!" — Call to arms of the Night Lords 10th Company in the Nostraman dialect of Low Gothic; literally means "Sons of our Father, stand in midnight clad. We bring the night!" Conversions based on artwork of Shane Cook and miniatures made by Augustus b’Raass who captured the characters perfectly. https://bit.ly/2KJ4gjd https://bit.ly/2x4kn99 Night Lords First Claw - lvl 5 Full gallery: https://bit.ly/2KVmQFM Raffael
  4. “Artillerymen believe the world consist of two types of people; other Artillerymen and targets.” "Ultima ratio regum. (The final argument of kings)" Hello friends. Welcome to the armor depot of the 42nd Armored of the 8th Legiones Astartes. The 42nd were around since the formation of the proto-Legion, though under different name and number. Several armored companies have been folded into the 42nd throughout the course of the Crusade and Horus's rebellion. Presently, the 42nd is spread throughout several ships, attached to Battlegroup Perdition predominantly, with some elements scattered within Battlegroup Labyrinth, all within the over-arching 251st Expeditionary Fleet, "the Fleet of Judgement". The 42nd are organized into several sections, and actions will be enacted with elements from various sections working on cohesion, also in-time with other elements of Battle-companies attached to the 251st Fleet. The over-arching commander is Ger'zass the Anvil-Lord. A Terran-born astartes, an affinity for tank-doctrine saw him elevated to platoon leader. Throughout the Crusade, he went on to secure himself a position in a Lupercal super-heavy tank, before assuming overall command of the 42nd by the time that his gene-sire Lord Curze was reunited with the Legion. Ger'zass the Anvil-Lord earned his moniker amongst the 42nd through a series of tactics that crushed the seditious conglomerate in the Craulost system. A banding of local governors had pooled their allegiances and declared themselves Imperial-free and renounced all ties to the Imperium. During a parade meant to signify the union of the locals, hence-by referred to in this chronicle as Crauls, the governors had sponsored a military showing of the might of their once divided colonies. That such a powerful army would withstand the tyranny of the Emperor. It was at such a moment, with all eyes gazing at the Craul governors and their generals that Ger'zass struck. Using elements of light armor and fast striking scout elements, the Talonmaster saw opportunity to bait the confidence of the generals into cockiness, as vast amounts of their forces chased the out-numbered light-armor into a section of the city that was previously known as [REDACTED], as the armies of the Crauls pulled into the square, entire city blocks erupted with the roar of dozens of cannon and anti-material fire. Momentum lost, the Crauls attempted to reverse and exit as to regroup and retaliate. Records show that such a reaction had been anticipated, and to prevent the Craul generals from escaping, the previous light-armor struck forth from side flanks, bolstered now. Massive teleportations flared as the entirety of the companies terminator reserve teleported in, in effect sealing the fate of the Crauls. The rebels had no choice but to either face the devastation of the terminator onslaught or break themselves upon the anvil of previously concealed heavy armor. It is said that Ger'zass had personally had lifted the last living Craul general before dashing him to death against the hull of his command tank. The icon of the 42nd is an homage to a creature on their home-world, the Nostraman burrowing monoceros. A fearsome creature that although blind, is an adept underground hunter. Omnivorous, though it prefers a carnivorous diet. The creature excells at ambushing targets through its burrowed tunnels, creating vortex of earth that its prey cannot escape from, and having no escape from being gored upon its horns. The hide of the creature is intensely armored, meant to absorb any loose debris and prevent injury from accidental cave-ins. For these features, the 42nd took it upon themselves as their heraldry. An armored apex predator in its environment, striking fast and without remorse. Displaying and goring their foes upon their tanks and treads like the horn of the monoceros. http://i.imgur.com/9roKOv7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/agNZwK5.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/wFgCrf4.jpg I have a shot of a dreadnought I was making for this company too. I'm not sure if I want to grab Deredo's or Leviathans for his ancient brothers. http://i.imgur.com/fvjA3qK.jpg -edit- not sure how to scale images... Sorry if these are too big!
  5. Well i took me quite some time to post some pics of my minis in these hallowed halls. I started my Word Bearers several years ago (around the time of the 4th edition Codex) and they have been a project that has developed since then. I have a nasty habit of allowing myself to be far too easily distracted. As a result many of my marines are in a kind of 'painting limbo'. Almost finished but not quite. This is the main reason i have decided to start this thread in the WIP forum. Hopefully it will give me the motivation i need to continue building on my WBs and their allies. Thanks These Possessed are actually the first minis i painted for the army. Sorry about the poor photo quality. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0170.jpg?t=1308475920 My Berzerkers were the second squad i painted. As soon i got my hands on the Berzerkers kit i knew i had to fix the old and out of date arms and weapons. For this i used a combination of CSM and marauder arms with the newer CSM weapons. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0109.jpg Flamer havocs. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0178.jpg http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0179.jpg?t=1308473468 My Dark Apostle 'true scale' attempt. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/P1010316.jpg?t=1308473795 I intended to give the Apostle a terminator body guard...but got side tracked by A D-B's Blood Reaver...and so i have just made a start at a 'true scale' NL. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0144.jpg Anyway thanks for looking
  6. http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/f5ed02e8-8db7-4e43-9712-2b662d2d68ba_zps484fdb1f.jpg Thought you could get rid of me eh? You thought wrong... So let's get back to where I was before the server crash and data corruption issue (Cheers to Brother Argos for his tireless work on this awesome forum). I started this army last year during the Call of Chaos V and failed to finish because school and life and myriad other things got in the way. So now I've finally got the motivation back to finish this warband once and for all. Before I kick things off I would like to give a tip of the hat to Dan the Daemon and his spiritual successor DarkVen, they have been a source of constant motivation and inspiration in all things Night Lord. I'll write some fluff up for the 15th later on, for now, here's some models. 1st Claw: http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/934685_10152108126803761_1983037574_n_zps59f3a6aa.jpg http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/524014_10152108126953761_778718796_n_zps72d1a89c.jpg http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/998586_10152108126993761_323240539_n_zpsd29eb13d.jpg http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/1149073_10152108126873761_240385844_n_zpsaf85a654.jpg http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/1011601_10152108127138761_1316883910_n_zpsa3da807d.jpg http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/1091860_10152108127088761_247449162_n_zps0c0c7c31.jpg http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/483914_10152108127653761_258638196_n_zps10956169.jpg http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/1005788_10152108127573761_1919480138_n_zpsa17ea23c.jpg Raven Guard renegade Shaara Vayne. http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/556399_10152108127748761_1603129303_n_zps4741e42f.jpg Space Wolf renegade Einar Black-Knife. http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/994241_10152108127688761_843518851_n_zpsebf40629.jpg More to come... +++Edit+++ Forgot the group shot: http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/1011497_10152108145868761_915443131_n_zpscd7c3665.jpg
  7. http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b533/Flint1324/Slide1_zpsbb46d7d7.jpg *Children of the Darkest Night! Your father calls you forth, that the universe may know your name and weep to hear it. Midnight falls throughout the segmentum, as the sons of the Night Haunter begin to gather. Step forth and roar your oaths so that the galaxy may know who stands against them, invincible in midnight clad. False prophets of the Corpse-God, we are your nightmares made manifest and we have come for you!* http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b533/Flint1324/NIGHTLORDS_1024_zps46cd0d9f.jpg (To all the Nightlords of Bolter and Chainsword, both full and part-time, join us in our project to document the full might of our legion. One of the things that we have heard repeated among Nightlords hobbists are the difficulties of the initial search for a company number that hasn't been "taken." To help new and returning midnight clad faithful alike, we ask you proclaim the name, deeds and number of your company to be recorded here in what will be an ongoing roster, organized by your company number. We've even gone first to start to provide a good template. We'll be updating this roster in the first post with new members as long as the mods will allow, so that we may record all Nightlords faithful, both casual and hardcore for future projects and other fun stuff in our little community.) ---I am Flint13, and I stand in midnight clad. I command the 28th of our father's companies, Saeva Nocte: the Savage Night! Jackals need no queens. Only an Alpha murderess. I am she. --I am Brother Heinrich, and I stand in Midnight Clad. I command the 15th Company of the mighty VIII Legion. I am the armored fist of our father's vengeance, Ave Dominus Nox! For all of our Honored Brothers, claim your badge of allegiance to proudly display your heritage and let all know your true standing as fear itself! For our Terran Brothers http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/Terran_zps971683eb.png or For our Nostraman Brothers http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q532/mv8830/Night%20Lords%20II/Nostraman_zpsf4be09e4.png **Want to bedeck your 8th Legionaries in this season's hottest Nostraman fashions? Try Augustus B'Raass' amazing flayed skin tutorial! ** **Want to let those other, lesser legions know how you really feel about them? Try learning our homebrew Nostraman runic alphabet, so you can insult and threaten your enemies in style! ** **Want to paint your Legion to their midnight clad best? Try Elstonation's tutorial for painting VIIIth Legion Astartes and the Night Haunter. Part 1, Part 2, and the Part 3 finale.** **Looking to paint your murderers just like the production studio? Try FW's official VIIIth Legion color scheme** The Red Record of The Eighth **Though we hunt through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no darkness, for we are why the dark is feared.** 1st Company - "Atramentar," Commanded by (debatably) Jago "Sevatar" Sevatarion - A D-B 2nd + 16th Company - "Screams of Despair," Commanded by Pythas Wolfbane - Wicced W.I.P. 3rd Company - Commanded by Halasker - A D-B 3rd Company - "Scourges of Quintus," - Brother Nihm 3rd Company - "The Beasts of Old Night," Commanded by Etrigan Martikhor - Carnivore 4th Company - "The Ruthless Lords (Immitius Dominus)," Commanded by Sabinus Tarkus - Terimus 4th Cohort - Commanded by Oleksandr Diabolun "Tyrant of Carpathia" - NeopoleonOz 5th Company - "Slaughterhost," Commanded by Bibaculus Vatia - Imperialis_Dominatus 5th Company - Commanded by the Shadow Master - Dark Bjoern 6th Company - Commanded by Nigh Seer Kilvain - Night Talon 7th Company - "The Head Takers," Commanded by Silren Voss - Fracture 8th Company - "The Dark Vanguard," Commanded By Azanael - DarkVen 8th Company - "The Circle of Inclemency," Commanded by Sah Vassago - Rain 8th Company - "The Marked," Commanded By Var'koth - Luther- the fallen 8th Chapter - "Lords of Terror," Commanded by Damon Chyld - Hellchyld 8th Company - "The Muderous Brotherhood," Commanded by Lord Captain Arius Draken - Celtic_Cauldron 8th Company - Undesignated - Massacre Page 102 9th Company - Commanded by Malithos - A D-B 9th Company "Crimson Sons" - Massacre Page 107 (Mysterious!!) Company - "The Crimson Sons," Commanded by Gresh - Brother-Chaplain Kage (and kinda 1000Heathens) 10th Company - Commanded by Decimus the Tenth - A D-B 10th Company - Crimson Sons - Nocturn's Stalker 10th company - Malcharion "The War-Sage" - Malcharion 11th Company - Commanded by Artebius - Doghouse 12th Comany - "The Hounds of Tsagualsa,"- Brother Akkyshan 13th Company - Commanded by Naraka the Bloodless - A D-B RedMoon 14th Company - "The Forsaken," Commanded by Barbastellan Lasiurus - Balthamal 15th Company - Commanded by Hashec Tor - Brother Heinrich 16th Company - "The Final Breath," Commanded by Tor Val - Noctus Cornix 17th Company - Commanded by Molossus - PhantomZero17 17th Company - "Lords of Tempest" - Massacre Pages 96 and 109 18th Company - "The Immortal Terrors," - Dan the Daemon 18th Company - Commanded by Nero Maytheron "Harbinger of Fear" - NeopoleonOz 19th Company - "Et Excoriator Dominantium" - Loken86 19th Chapter - Regent Balthasar Sul - Massacre Page 111 20th Company - "Joy in Darkness," Commanded by Kyll Eston - Spaz431 21st Company - "Wraithborn," Commanded by Ashiroth Narakyr - Xin Ceithan 22nd Company - Commanded by Zar Orpheus - TheReaper17 22nd Company - Commanded by Vibius - Cowboy3569 22nd Company "Night Scythes" - Massacre Page 106 23rd Company - Commanded by Tesra Varek - Koriel 24th Company - "The Baleful Dusk," Commanded by Decian Rhakul - Ave_Dominus_Nox 25th Company - Commanded by Tol Calos - Demon2027 26th Company - "Noctis Infernae," Commanded by Aliksandr Saevus - Barabbas Sogalon 27th Company - Commanded by Var Jahan - A D-B 27th Company - "The Shattered Skull" - Massacre Page 99 27th Company - Var Jahan, Kyroptera member – Malcharion 28th Company - "Saeva Nocte," Commanded by Jhadek Redcrow - Flint13 W.I.P. 29th Company - "Warband of Al Ahn," Commanded by Al Ahn - nhaunter 33rd Company - "The Mongrels," Commanded by Justinian Vorbis - MrBear 35th Company - "The Claws of Sedition," Commanded by Veer Zhoste - Plague of Sedition 37th Company - "The Shadow Sworn," Commanded by Zar-Helek - Armond 39th Company - Commanded by Ophion - A D-B 40th Company - Commanded by Kar Zoruul - A D-B 41st Company - "The Winged Skull," Commanded by Haelim Lev - Lord Haelim Lev 42nd Company - Commanded by Vezis Shan - Deadman Wade 43rd Company - Commanded by Cel Herec - A D-B 43th Company - "The Void Lords," Commanded by Alpplordrin Gruharius - Hellios 44th Company - Commanded by Kysrae of the Othriii - Tenebor 47th Company - "The Night's Reapers," Commanded by Contemptor-Captain Tol Zhaeqal - Augustus b'Raass WIP + Showcase 48th Company - Dread Ascension - Commanded by Kryvan the Descendant - Ghorgul 51st Company - "Architects of Atrocity," Commanded by Voruun Fux – Dardl 52nd Company - "The Terrorborn," Commanded by Valaghurst Nyxanos - YFNPsycho 55th Company - "Warband of Al Ahn," Commanded by Csaba "Necromancer" Cszimandia - nhaunter 56th Company - The Blooded Hands - Commanded by Belthzar - Psykic_scribe - Belthzar's Nightlords Host 57th Company - Commanded by Xamuel Tral - Brother Khairon 64th Company - Sergeant Garathor, acting commander - Kaptain Von 66th Company - "The Terror Storm," Commanded by Otto Vaamon - Bruegel 71st Company - "The Crimson Judges" - Massacre Page 99 74th Company - "Nocte Varacolaci," Commanded by Corum Varagosi - Gordon Shumway 75th Company - "Invidos Umbram," Commanded by Xhant Mohn 77th Company - "Harbingers of Nocnitsa," - Brother Kirus, - Massacre Page 104 82nd Company - "The Midnight Sirens," Commanded by Talos Vandri - CaptainAsmodai W.I.P 83rd Company - "The Blood Bound," Commanded by Seifer Moldoro - Jaspcat 88th Company "The Erinyes Brotherhood " Seynivarian N'kaal "The scaly-one" – Malcharion 88th Company – no details – Pipistrello 91st Company - "Tenebrous Winter," - AlanofAngels WIP 96th Company - "The Fallen Knights," Commanded by Carmine Marcellus - Capitano 100th Company - "The Bloody Centuria," Commanded by Marek Vanya - TheWarmaster 101st Cohort - "Nocte Canibus," Commanded by Lucifex Aeterna - Aeternas WiP 102nd Company - "The Bloods of Heresy," Commanded by Belix Rathart - Balthius 103rd Company - Commanded by Krukesh the Pale - A D-B 104th Company - "The Sable Brothers" - Massacre Page 99 105th Company - "The Blood Born," Commanded by Kalsha the Burdened - Balthius 106th Company - "The Broken Silence," Commanded by Sepp Demir "The Ruthless" - Corsovitt 111th Company - "Tears of Night," Commanded by Syndahl Vas - Rune_Priest_Rhapsody 112th Company - "The Blades of Night," - JasoX 113th Company - "Shadow Talons," Commanded by Davian Octiz - Forte 114th Company - Commanded by Tovac Tor - A D-B 117th Company - "The Faithless Arbiters," Commanded by Kal'o Necridincos - plasmaspam 123rd Company - Commanded by Vikan Prixus - Helterskelter 184th Company - "Angelus Interfectum," Commanded by Lowmar - 200plus 781th Company - "The Partakers," Commanded by Sar Horr-al and Xas Horr-ast - Haakon Norsal Unknown Designation - "Caradara Armoured Claw" - Massacre Page 100 Unknown Designation - "The Bonekeepers," - RoguePanda Unknown Designation - Terror Squad Commanded by Balthazar Kald - Excessus Unknown Designation - "The Blessed," Commanded by The Revered One - RapatoR Unknown Designation - "The Tempest Hounds," Commanded by Ambroz Saytsev - Tanith Ghost Unknown Designation - "The Nightmare Princes," Commanded by Anko Harrada - UndeadTaxman Unknown Designation - "Warband of Evicerated Truth" Commanded by Zagar Kal Druga The Untainted - Noctem Cultor W.I.P Unknown Designation - Remembrancer Corvus Alis, "The Scroll Keeper," Formerly of the Adeptus Administratum - Pirokoksik Unknown designation - Venek'tor Nox - Trysanna
  8. So ladies and germs, wanting to get painting a whole army of marines I trawled the interweb and found the star phantoms, I like the scheme and what fluff I found, so without further ado here is my first phantom, albeit a dead one http://i826.photobucket.com/albums/zz184/Lamenterkyle/Mobile%20Uploads/2013-11-30223506_zps6c2a2943.jpg http://i826.photobucket.com/albums/zz184/Lamenterkyle/Mobile%20Uploads/2013-11-30223547_zps3ff597a4.jpg c+c most welcome
  9. http://i.imgur.com/gyyrDvA.jpg A bunch of us have got heavily into 30k ever since Calth came out. We were all hobbyists before, mostly 40k/WFB, but branching out into Flames of War and Bolt Action. Calth has absolutely taken over our entire hobby lives. 30k or death! So we'll be posting about that mainly! My old 40k marines were all upscaled a bit (using a modified version of Veteran Sergeant's technique that I saw on HeresyOnline way back), so I definitely wanted to carry that on to 30k. I refined my version a bit, made them a bit chunkier, and convinced some (not all) of the lads to go in the same direction.... in no particular order we have... My Iron Warriors http://i.imgur.com/cUNtt5K.jpg http://i.imgur.com/McCFeI5.jpg I'm not the best painter of the bunch, but given the volume I've put out (I've got around 3.5k painted since Calth) I'm very happy with them. I've gone for a fluffy, infantry heavy army, though having just read The Ironfire ROW, I'm going to be adding some artillery soon. T's Imperial Fists http://i.imgur.com/VQePsAZ.jpg This photo doesn't really do them justice. Ty is a slow, but excellent painter. These guys are currently WIP, and the bases have come on a bit since this was taken. We decided to unify the basing scheme, to tie all the forces together. He's currently working on 10 terminators. X's Word Bearers http://i.imgur.com/WlNf6qG.jpg Xander has an eye for detail. These guys are stunning. He's going for a fluffy, deep-into-heresy look for his lads. His Ashen Circle are something to behold! L's Alpha Legion http://i.imgur.com/BJEBPCN.jpg Luke hasn't scaled his guys up, and I think it really works with his AL, the sneaky bastards that they are. His blended armour is really lovely. I'll try to get him to upload some close ups. R's Salamanders http://i.imgur.com/QiXVZMV.jpg http://i.imgur.com/lJf6kBs.jpg Rob used to be a terrible painter. I don't know what happened. Maybe he drank some radioactive paint? He's the master of the airbrush, and the painter that I'm in business with. He's also our resident power gamer, and his zooming Storm Eagle precipitated the purchase of many fliers and Deredeos... Q's Night Lords http://i.imgur.com/gZceqvL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/aFDoQ5u.jpg For what he lacks in volume, he makes up for in quality. Fighting in the kitchen of our war-torn utopian Palace/Cathedral, his Night Lords are, to a man, stunningly painted. His next project is a trio of contemptors and a spartan, all suitably covered in skulls and chains.
  10. Date: 9278017.m31 Location: Segmentum Obscurus Source: VIII Legion Battle-Barge Lex Talionis Authorized: Lord-Commander Jhariuk Zuvassin, Master of the 36th Company, Regent of Melanchthon + + Thought for the Day: “Wisdom is the beginning of fear.” + + Oblivion comes. Like blades glistening in the twilight of dead and dying stars, our enemies hunt us. Amidst the shadow and ruin of a broken empire, of their broken empire, they hunt us. Their rage and hate consume them, burning like the throne-world once burned, and shall burn again. They hunt us, seeking to wash away their failures with our blood. They hunt us, seeking vengeance, to finally master cruelty in an age that has never known anything but cruelty, to take up the roles they once condemned my masters for becoming. But the hour is late, too late, for them as well as for us. We live now amongst the echoes of treachery and despair, as blade clashes upon blade and as life is answered with life. Still, they come for us, clinging to their hate, their veins running hot with the memories my masters have left for them. It is said that death haunts the darkness, and that it knows our names. It knows theirs, too. We are destined to be forgotten, to become the lingering silence between half-remembered words, the flickering shadows cast from the dying embers of a dead age, the black flame that shall one day illuminate their final hours. Our graves will be the nameless battlefields of unknown worlds, the trackless depths of the void, and the boiling madness of what lies beyond this broken galaxy. The great sin of my masters was to remind mankind of what it was, rather than what it wished to be. For mankind had come to think of itself as a god in a godless age, and crowned itself with golden lies, even as it sent my masters to slaughter and destroy in the name of peace and progress, even as it then condemned them for it. Who betrayed whom? What guilt when such sins were wrought into the very fabric of their being? My masters corrected such folly and brought low Terra’s hubris, stone by broken stone, lie by broken lie. They slaughtered, and they destroyed. They obeyed, and then they obeyed no more. They brought ruin, not only to His worlds and armies, to His systems and fleets, but to the very dream that still enslaves His children as it had once enslaved all of us. We have poisoned them with their own ideals, we have corrupted them with their own truths. And for that their brothers have set upon us with the fury of the betrayed, of those who lived long enough to find that the dreams of the past will become the nightmares of the future. They will endure now, as we have endured, but there shall be no progress, no golden age, no Imperium as they sought to shape and enforce it. Like worms they shall return to the rotting birth-soil of their unholy Terra, groveling in the dark, clutching at a worthless corpse-god to save them from the cancerous fear that already gnaws at the tomb-world they have built for Him. Across the centuries that I have served this Legion, I have seen the hallowed dead abandoned to rot on meaningless worlds beneath meaningless suns, and the glittering beauty of worlds in their death-throes. I have seen the gleaming warships, wrought with ancient and irreplaceable artifice, gutted by the cruel hate of our dagger-hulled monstrosities, bleeding their sacred dead into the cold grave of the void. My masters have made burnt offerings of the very worlds that they had once made sacred with their own sacrifice, bringing death to entire worlds and systems and fleets, exterminating once-kindred souls with the same indifference – nay, with the same malice, with which we once exterminated the verminous xenos of this infested galaxy. My masters despise their gene-father, but they are his sons nonetheless. They hate him, and even more the One who returned him to them. And, truth be told, I would dare say they hate most of all their very Legion. They sought a different fate, but not even their blood could cleanse them of who they were: the lords of the night, sons of Terra, Eighth Legion. They shall die in the coming years, hunted and scourged by those they have illuminated from the darkness. My own death awaits even sooner. My ashes will be left to scatter upon the indifferent winds of a ravaged world, or to be cast upon the endless black of the void. I have served my masters through crusade and heresy, through loyalty and betrayal, through endless war and ceaseless death. Thanks to them, I have lived for over two centuries, yet in the end I remained like any other mortal, a weak flame that flickered only briefly in the eternal darkness. I am no ascended, no demi-mortal, yet I find myself sharing the beliefs of my masters: that our fates cannot be broken, no matter our vanities; that if justice exists in this galaxy, it is arbitrary and without mercy; and that, whatever we may owe our creators, we shall have repaid them our final debts when our last blade falls broken upon a broken world, gleaming in the twilight of His lies, clad in the polished midnight of our truths. Old Night returns, drawn forth from its restless slumber by the coppery scent of mankind’s fears. Our enemies fight its embrace, praying bitterly amidst guttering candles for a decaying sun to once more rise and return them to the light. Yet it is the fate of all things to end in darkness and despair, to drown in the very depths from which we each arose, weak and nameless, to die alone and forgotten. As Old Night returns and drinks deeply of this coming age, know then that it was I, Aratus bas Szelekh, last remembrancer of the 36th Company of the Eighth Legion of the Imperium of Man, born of Terra, slave of Nostramo, son of Melanchthon, sworn in fealty to both Legion and Warmaster, servant of the Vor Zekhon, who bound these words to ink and parchment in the dead runes of a dying tongue, who forged bitter memory into the dulled blade of history, and who prepared these works that shall now serve as the silent tomb of my masters’ words and deeds. And if, in some distant age, these works are uncovered, and the cursed ink of their making still glimmers in the dim glow of unknown stars – to such eyes that may one day gaze upon these pages from across the black gulf of millennia that shall stand between us, I ask of you only: Remember us. -Aratus bas Szelekh, Remembrancer, VIII Legion + + "Judgment comes for us all in the end." + + + + + + + + + + If you've gotten this far, thank you for taking the time to read the above lore for my new 30k army. I've always had a like for the general look of the Night Lords since the days of Codex Chaos during 40k Second Edition, so I've decided to build both forces for them in both 30k and 40k, along with a few allied elements. As such, I'm getting ready to start with the 30k army with the following: 2x Legion Tactical Squads 1x Cataphracti Terminator Squad w/ power axes I figure two tactical squads are a good foundation for any 30k army, and I’ll likely expand them to 15 or 20 Marines each later on. The choice in Terminators and weapon layout - Cataphracti w/ power axes - is mostly just personal preference. I’m not much of a competitive gamer, so I’m focusing on modeling what I like more than anything. Lore-wise, my 30k Night Lords are intended to represent a force of several company remnants that were left behind to garrison a sector that was brought into compliance early in the Great Crusade. They’re all Terran-born, and were effectively separated from the main elements of the Legion relatively early on in the Great Crusade. I'm hoping to balance the basic core of the established Night Lords character with some of my personal preferences (e.g. I generally find the gore and trophies a little too cartoonish for my tastes in a lot of the Black Library fiction). My 40k army will be the 41st millennium’s survivors of my 30k force. I’ve already planned to include an allied Militia force for my 30k army, and possibly a Knights force (given I’ve already bought a Chaos Knight for my 40k one, lol). I’m also hoping to include a Battlefleet Gothic fleet and a legio for Adeptus Titanicus at some point - possibly Legio Ulricon if ForgeWorld release more information on them, otherwise maybe the Tiger Eyes (my favorite Legio in terms of looks, lore, and rules) or a home-brew one. Anyways, thanks for looking, and I hope to start having actual progress pics (and more lore) up soon.
  11. 'Why do we kill the way we do? Why do we skin and torture? Why do we hurt those we would save?' 'To strike fear. Fear is the greatest of all weapons. Fear will cow a world when guns will not. We spill blood to save blood.' Konrad Curze and Ashmenkai Vor on the values of the VIIIth Legion As for human beings, their days are numbered, and whatever they keep trying to achieve is but wind! Now you are afraid of death - what has become of your bold strength! Tablet II, The Epic of Gilgamesh So crawl on my belly 'til the sun goes down I'll never wear your broken crown I took the road and I walked it all away Now in this twilight, how dare you speak of grace? Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hail and Welcome all! After a significant (for me at least) break from hobbying since the start of the year, I worked on building up some drive to get started again over december, leading to this most recent restart of my Night Lords, the same jackals that first brought me into the hobby proper and who, in my shame, the army I've never managed to properly finish or do justice. So, once more into the breach ay? This log will be primarily focused around the Night Lords of the 95th company, as yet untitled, between both 30k and 40k with some models pulling double duty (notably much of the armour assets), though there will be some that are exclusive to a particular era. In addition some other legion assets or small other army projects will also be posted here, and potentially be switched over to another thread if they expand into anything approaching their own force. Old Planned lore - going to be altered/revamped, though elements of the previous approach will probably be the same Alright, now I've bored you senseless with a quick rundown of the situation (with more detail to come, don't fret ), I'll show you some models! Starting out with some armour assets - A Sabre Strike Tank, Contemptor Dreadnought, and Leviathan Dreadnought. Alongside these is a World Eater Lord who I've been making for a mate, and figured would be a good model to try a good mid heresy white/red scheme on. Hope you enjoy! As always and ever, CnC is very welcome, both in the modelling side and painting side. This is my first time utilising model chain, so do accept I've gone, uh, a bit overboard maybe :tongue.: Still deciding on a basing theme in general for the NL, though am leaning heavily towards sort of sacred ruins/urban concepts
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