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Right - I am (in preparation for the release of Massacre later this year) building the Iron Hands - I'll be making it a Pride of the Legion force for two main reasons - 1 I like terminators and want scoring Terminators and 2 it cuts down the overall cost and painting time needed.


I've just placed my first order which is - Legion Praetor, Legion Cataphractii Squad (20 Men) and the new IH Contemptor (Conversion Beamer and DCCW + Plasma Blaster), I'm hoping they'll arrive within 10-14 days and then I'll have time to get primer ready for the making :D


I shall update this once they arrive and as I build them - I'm hoping to push my painting skills a lot with these guys so will be spending a lot of time getting each one looking different and realistic.


I'm also looking at getting another 2 Contemptors, a further 40 Terminators (20 Tartaros and 20 Cataphractii) and upto 30 Morlocks (if they make special models for them) along with the Gorgon himself (which tbh. I won't be painting myself as I'm sure it will be a jaw-dropper).


The only non-terminator units I'll have will be vehicles (LRs, Spartans, Storm Eagles, Caestus' and Drop Pods) or Heavy Support squads and Jetbikes - although this may change once Massacre's released as I want it to be themed around a post-massacre force.


Any tips or help is grand especially around painting these guys as my only previous painting has been Wolves or Orks so I've never done a black/silver army before and have no idea of how to go about it, especially with the weathering or highlighting black.



Thanks All

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