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Those who stand agains us shall be crushed to dust (SOH log)


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Hey this is my 30k Sons of Horus Log.  I finally stared painingt a couple weeks ago and so far have 10 guys done.  This is going to be a huge army when its done and will take quite awhile. I am also not the fastest painter since I don't like to rush my mins. Especially these ones since they are from FW and deserve all the attention I can give them.  So this army will take quite awhile until its finished.





Overall I am going for a army that is in the middle of a long protracted battle.  So they have bullet holes, cuts, blood splatter, dirt, ect... all over their armor.  The time period for they army is after Ivastan V but a little before the siege of terra so they have darker green then the sea green as their main color.  I will also be doing different parts of the armor in black to represent different squads as well and models of higher ranks will have more armor sections that are black as well.  I still have to get bases for them since I cant decide between SW City Rubble or Blasted Wetlands. Also because I haven't decided on the Bases yet the minis still need pigments and mud on them. 


This Project will be the first time I have done weathering, blood splatter, pigments, and working with FW models.  So far THe weathering and blood splatter have all turned out good. They were both a lot easier then I thought it would be. SO was working with FW models.  The only thing I am nervous about now is the pigments.


I haven't decided what company they yet I am debating between making the fluff up for my own force or doing Little Horus's company or maybe another I'm still not sure though.


So far I have for my force:
30 MK 4 tactical marines
10 MK 3 tactical
20 MK 4 assult marines
5 MK3 Despoilers
15 SOH Reavers
5 MK
4 recon marines
10 MK 4 Jump pack destroyers
1 Contempter w/ assult cannon and
close combat weapon
3 jet bikes
1 Spartan Assault Tank
1 Legion Sicaran
Battle Tank
2 legion Aphocaries
2 SOH Legion Commands
Master of Signal
As well as bolters Phobosand Tigrus pattern, 1 power fist/ 1 power axe/ 3 special weapon/ 1 Justaerin
terminator weapons sets, 4 MK 4 power weapons sets, 1 Volkite Charger set, 1 Chain
axe set, several brass SOH brass etchings, SOH shoulder pads for everyone, 1 SOH
transfer set as well as A ton of bits from different GW kits


These are the first 10 guys I have finished.  The green is a little different in the pics then what it looks like in real life. For some reason the day I took thse pics the color would not come out right.









This is a WIP pic from those guys but it shows what the green really looks like in person.















Here is My Jump Pack Praetor I will be Painting and I will be making a JP command squad out of Reavers to go along with him.




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They look great so far, will be watching this for sure.


I think the eyes could use some more depth. A darker color in the rear of the lens that fades brightest as you come forward usually does the trick. Add a small white dot to the back corner, slap some gloss across them, and call it a day!

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Here is recipe for my green Spawnovchaos. It has 10 steps but since the first 6 and last are with the airbrush and 2 are wash/glazes so it is not nearly as time consuming as it looks and it looks really good in the end. I also put the wethering and bloodsplatters steeps as well. In all homestly the longest part innpainting the model is highlighting the underside of the battle damage every other steeps only take at most 4 or 5 min and that the other line highlighting steep. The green also looks alot better in person and has alot more depth to the green then in my pics and its worth the extra 5 min to do a couple extra colors with the airbrush. I tried doing it in less steps but I really like the gradually highlight that I get by doing it this way it looks more realistic. Also just note that until u add the wash/ glaze the green will not look right those 2 steps is what makes the green really look the way it ends up. I am not an art major and don't always know the right terms so if I call something by the wrong name it's cause I don't know what else to call it. All of the colors are pre mixed and thinned in their own dropper bottles so I always have the same color every time I paint. The only one that is not pre mixed is the wash/glaze. Also any GW paints that I use in the mixes I switched to dropper bottle so I could mix them more exactly.


I will post a one with pics adventually so this one is just in the mean time since I said I would post it by today. Ill list the paints first, then the mixes and the steeps.



Citadel: Incubi Darkness, Kabalite Green, Sybarnite Green, Temple Guard Blue, Dark Reaper, Nulin Oil , Coeila Greenshade


Vallejo Game Color: Bonewhite


Vallejo Model Air: Cam. Black Brown


Reaper Master Series: Pure Black, Blackend Steel


Badger Minitaire Ghost tints: Fresh blood and Oil Discharge


Oter products needed: Airbrush (I use Badger Renegade Krome) , Gloss& Matte Varnish, Matte Medium, Water with Floaid, Vallejo Airbrush Thinner, Sponges, Detail Brush ( I fond my my W&N Series 7 miniature size 0 for the fine line highlights since it has such a fine point)


Paint Mixes:

1.SOH Shadow: 3 drops Incubi Darkness, 2 drops DR, 1 drop Temple Guard Blue


2.SOH Base: 3 drops Incubi Darkness, 1 drop Temple Guard Blue, 1 drop Bonewhite


3.SOH Highlight #1: 2 drops Incubi Darkness, 2 drops Kabalite Green, 1 drop Temple Guard Blue, 1 drop Bonewhite


4.SOH Highlight #2: 1 drop Incubi Darkness, 3 drops Kabalite Green, 1 drop Temple Guard Blue, 1 drop Bonewhite


5.SOH Highlight #3: 1 drop Incubi Darkness, 1 drop Kabalite Green, 1 drop Sybarnite Green, 1 drop Temple Guard Blue, 1 drop Bonewhite


6.SOH Wash/ Glaze: 1 drop Nulin Oil, 1 drop Coeila Greenshade, 4 drops water, 1 drop Matte Medium. (I also have around Floaid in the water it about 15 to 20 parts water to Floaid however It shouldn't make a difference if u don't have it and I also use Distilled water so their is nothing to contaminate my paint)



Start with a model that was under coated in Black any Black will do


1: Airbrush the entire model in SOH Shadow mix. It helps to leave the model for the most part unassembled for this this stage.


2: Airbrush SOH Base mix at a right angle to the model so only the deeper parts remain the Shadow color. You want the model fully assembled at this stage I usally will blu tac it together since I like to be able to take it apart for later parts of painting.


3: Airbrush SOH Highlight # 1 mix at a 45 degree angle.


4: Airbrush SOH Highlight #2 mix at a 90 degree angle. This is the stage were u want to start to pick your highlights out like the top of the shoulder pads, top of the head, ect....


5: Airbrush SOH Highlight #3 mix doing extreme highlights . This steep is basically to further the highlights from the last stage. The green at this stage will does not look like the finished green it is much brighter and more green its the wash/glaze stage that gives it its darker color as well as more depth.


6: Gloss Varnish the entire model. I will unassembled the model again at this point and then spray the gloss varnish on. I use the Varnish to protect the model and try and help the wash/ glaze from not pooling.


7: Wash the model with SOH Wash/ Glaze mix. Do not just drown the model in the stuff you don't need a lot. I usually take a flat brush and take a good amount of the stuff off and then apply it. I will then keep going on the same area to avoid pooling basically by treating the wash like I was dry brushing. The mix is thinned down like this because you want it to be dark enough to shadow any groves but at the same time you want it to glaze/ tint the armor by bring all off the highlights you did with the airbrush together and to make them smoother while still standing out if that makes any sense. This will also make the armor a little darker which is what you want.


8: repeat steep 7. This is needed to shadow the groves more and bring the armor down another shade. I prefer to do this Wash/Glaze since I have started to airbrush because it is easy to mess up all the airbrush work and it is a lot quicker then putting the wash in each grove individually. Note their may still be a little pooling but you can get rid of that with weathering at the end. I


Step 9: Do an extreme line highlight on select edges that would get sunlight with SOH Highlight #3 mix. You only want to highlight the edges that would be directly exposed to the sun.


Step 10: Matte Varnish to protect work.


Battle Damage


Step 1: 2 drops Cam. black brow (VMA)/ 1 drop Pure Black (Reaper MS). Sponge on we're u want the damage

Step 2: Blackend Steel (Reaper MS) paint inside the sponged areas I usually but it around the edges of the armor inside the sponged area.


Step 3: take SOH Highlight #3 and highlight the underside of the damage


Blood Splatter:


Step 1: 8 to 10 drops Fresh Blood/ 1 drop Oil Discharge ( Both are Badger Minitaire Ghost tints) and sponge and brush were u want the damage

Step 2: take mix one and add another 8 to 10 drops of Fresh Blood and then add it to the areas you already put the blood splatter.


Sorry it's so long but I hope it's helpful

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Thanks for all the complements


@Darth: They eyes do have multiple colors with the darkest color in the back. However the pics I take for some reason don't show the depth of a lot of the colors. for example the green looks almost black in parts of the shadowed areas in person but doesn't come across in the pics. Im not sure why the I can never get the colors to show their depth with the pics I take. However I did not do the white dot though I will have to try it out

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Sorry their haven't been any updates in awhile but life has gotten in the way of my hobby time. Anyway I finally started to paint my Praetor and I figured I should post a wip pic hes no were near done. The only thing I finished so far was his skin. However I cant decide on which pose to go with so I was wondering what you guys think? Also I am debating on weather or not to paint his sword black or red? His power fist is going to be red as well as his right shoulder pad and I don't want to make to may things on him red so I am having trouble deciding.


Pose 1



Pose 2


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Excellent Sons of Horus! The battle damage/weathering is really good. I'd vote for pose 2. I'm a big fan of the darker colour scheme for the XVIth. Inspiring stuff, I'll have to get cracking on my own SoH.



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My JP Praetor is still not finished and I'm like 10 to 12 hours into painting him so I figured Id post another wip pic. I'm doing almost everything in around 8 to 10 steps and using my glaze skills and it is looking really good even the black which I usually struggle with. I am going all out on him and im guessing another 7 to 8 hours till he's finished but he has been a lot of fun so far to paint. I just have to do battle damage and highlight the metallics and red as well as paint the leather. I also need to figure out how to paint the Power fist and Jetpack thruster lights as well as osl from both of them. The recipe for the red was also a pain in the ass to figure out since I tried to match the dark crimson red from the picture in betrayal as close as possible. I am also a little worried the skin has turned out to purple. I followed a recipe I saw by blue table painting I think they are called that's adds purple as a base and a magenta wash and It looks good but a little purplely (I don't know if that's a word) in person but in pics it comes out really purplely.


These Pics are almost identical to the real color caompared to the lase WIP pics that I took



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Dradon the Executioner Praetor of the Sons of Horus


Quick Bio: He is a former Reaver squad sergeant a fact in which he takes great pride. That is why he still wears his sholder pad with the Reaver Eye of Horus which is a special emblem only given to current and former members of the Reaver Squads. As he moved up through the ranks he brought his Reaver Squad with him and now they serve as his Personal Command Squad. He always fights in the front lines and looks for the strongest enemies to test his skills against. Dradon's nickname is the Executioner because during every battle he hunts down the enemy commander and after slaying them will hang their head from a chain on His belt.  The next to the head on the enemy command that he killed is the bronzed skull of Balhann a Iron Hands Morlock Sargent who almost killed him during Ivastan V. 


I finaly finished him he took around 18 hours give or take but He turned out really good and was a blast to paint.















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Brilliant. Especially like the paint job on his face. The blending on the eye of horus is particularly good. Wonderful painting all round. Massive, massive thumbs up.



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Here's r the first 3 members of Dradon's command squad. They r ex reavers and Dradon's old squad so they all sill have their Reaver sholder pad the signify this. However I'm not sure how much of their armor I want to paint black yet I'm trying to decide if I should go mostly black like I did with my Praetor or keep them mainly green what do u guys think?



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I'm about 80% done with the first 3 guys of my command squad and it's been awhile since I posted anything so i figured I'd post a WIP pic. I ended up going with the mainly black armor since they are former reavers and I I really like it they go really well with my praetor. I am taking a lot of time with these just like my Praetor not as much as did with him but I'm doing a lot more steps then a normal tac marine would get




Here's a pic with them and my Praetor


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I finished the 1st 3 guys of the command squad last night. They still need a few trophies but otherwise they are done.  I did add alittle more blood and gore then usual but I figured since they are the Dradon's Command squad and are always in the middle of the battle chopping some loyal marines to pieces they would probably get pretty bloody.
























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