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Codex: Inquisition


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Grey Knights getting the short end of the stick?



This November, you will be able to download the brand new Codex: Inquisition.

A full codex, packed with background and artwork on the forces of the
Imperium’s most secretive and powerful organization. You’ll soon be
able to field an Inquisitor and their retinue in any Imperial army in
games of Warhammer 40,000.


We already can.


No doubt this will be great for those who hark back to the old Daemonhunters Codex, and our old Inquisitorial Storm Troopers.


But I can't help but feel our current Inquisitors, with their current options and retinues, will form a major part of this Dex.


Anyway, I've been wanting a way of allying to ourselves, so I guess this could be a limited way of doing so.


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This sounds interesting, now if only id did not say Download. I am guessing this will be supplement style, and as such cost as much as a Codex for just a glorified PDF. Now if it was a printed book it would be slightly easier to justify (emphasis on slightly).


So where is this from?


I hope we get Inquisitorial Storm troopers back, and maybe inducted guardsman.

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Interesting.  Thanks GL.  Really makes me wonder what they will have done in this thing.  Certainly lots of room for possibilities.




EDIT:  Once again, however, I am greatly concerned that they failed to ask for my input...

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Here's hoping that my 40 metal Stormtroopers get see the light of day again...


I have to ask though, where is the Deathwatch???  I can already play a peusdo-Inquistion army with my Grey Knights.  It seems like I've only been waitng since 3rd/4th Ed for the Ordos Xenos.  The Chapter Approved list was fun, but not the 3rd leg of the Ordos tri-pod it was supposed to be.

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My thoughts exactly.

Edit: I have to admit that the Inquistion is THE reason I played DemonHunters to start with though. Grey Knights were just the icing on the cake; the entire millitant arm and all.

All in all Codex: Inquistion could be the coolest thing since DemonHunters/WitchHunters.

In summary: GET EXCITED!!! woot.gif

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Supplement: Deathwatch

You can take a detachment from Codex: Space Marines. They have the following Chapter Tactic;

Chapter Tactic: Deathwatch

Prefered Enemy (Xenos)

Some named specials characters. Some Deathwatch xenos 'Relics'.

Job done. msn-wink.gif

And just copy/paste some of the stuff from Fantasy Flight Game's Deathwatch line for the background sections.

Let's face it, FFG's stuff is typically better written than GW's content a lot of the time these days.

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Might do a supplement to Codex: Space Marines, thus making them an Ally for us. Chapter Trait would be ideally something like;


- Unorthodox Deployment: All models with the Deathwatch Chapter Trait have the Deepstrike, Infiltrate and Scout special rules. Any unit containing at least one model in Terminator armour may not Infiltrate

- Xenoshunters: Preferred Enemy: Xenos (Orks, Tyranids, Tau, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons)

- Chamber Militant: Models in a detachment from Codex: Deathwatch are considered Battle-Brothers when allied with a detachment from Codex: Grey Knights or Codex: Sisters of Battle. 


I'm thinking Brother-Captain Artemis for an SC, maybe Kryptmann for an Inquisitor SC, and then recycle the Captain and Ordo Xenos unit entries. As someone else mentioned, some Deathwatch relic gear (a lot of room for interesting stuff there, as Deathwatch Marines are authorised at times to use xeno-tech). They'd then just have two Troops entries, which would be the PA Kill-Team and the Terminator Kill-Team. Given Kill-Teams rarely operate with support beyond their transport, I'd say that's all they'd have. But to compensate, they'd make the Kill-Team really flexible and mutable. Ie, like the old Chapter Approved. So, like;



- Artemis (power sword+combi-weapon, some special rules relating to Tyranids)

- Kryptmann (grants bonuses against Nids, maybe a unique Warlord Trait or special rule etc)

- Generic Watch-Captain (re-use Captain profile from Marine codex, but with crazier gear options in the armoury. Also no Command squad obviously)

- Generic Watch-Epistolary (Mastery 2 default, to compensate for the Mastery 1 Codicier in the squad)



- Kill-Team: Standard Veteran profile, bolt pistol+bolter+ccw. Special Issue ammunition standard, two special/two heavy per 5 Marines in the unit. Models not armed with a special or heavy weapon can replace ccw with a melee weapon from the armoury. Can replace bolt pistols with hand flamers, plasma pistol or infernus pistol. Counter-Attack and Adamantium Will to represent the superior standard of training they go through to resist alien psykers and fight against impossible odds. I'd add Stubborn in too, given they are only deployed when required and failure isn't an option. No Sergeant, as the Watch-Captain is meant to lead the unit, hence his placement in HQ to act as the Warlord if need be. 


Power-armoured Kill-Teams can also upgrade to have one Codicier (with only 1 wound), Tech-Marine and Apothecary. Wouldn't be too powerful as Riptides still nuke them to hell, but it would be cool to represent mission specialists. I'd also add the option of jump packs or Bikes for power-armoured Kill-Teams. If you choose to take jump packs or Bikes, everyone has to upgrade. 


If on foot, can take Rhino, Razorback, Land Raider or Raven as dedicated transport. If with jump packs, can only take Raven. Bikers can't take any transport obviously, but Deepstrike represents them getting dropped off by a Thunderhawk. 


- Terminator Kill-Team: Think Deathwing but without the Vengeful Strike (ie free swaps to alternate Terminator loadouts), and special ammo with a storm bolter profile (to give people a reason not to instantly swap out for Stormhammers). 1 heavy weapon per 5, as is normal, I'd add a conversion beamer and plasma cannon as options here (just for a bit more archeotech feel). Seperate this from the PA squad so you can clearly define mission specialists and not get people trying to mix Terminators with Bikers/jump packs and other such nonsense. Landraider or Raven as dedicated transport, they're too bulky for anything else. 


No need for Elites (Deathwatch are the hand-picked elite of their respective Chapters), no Fast Attack (they operate without support usually, or tangentially to other allied forces), no Heavy either (they're a fast special forces team, no time for tanks or artillery). You can get Flyers or tanks via dedicated transports. Troop Terminators is a risk, but I think Riptides and lower cover saves mean it won't be that powerful in practise. 

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I'm thinking back now on every time I said "Make a digital version of an Inquisition codex! Tiny amount of overhead!" on this forum. I'm not saying I'm the reason that they came to their senses, but I'm totally okay implying that. biggrin.png



Right. As you were. <3

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If you start with two premises:


-Digital codex never give out new units because there are no new models to go with them.




-All Inquisitorial units are already in  Codex: GK


I think GL is right. This supplement won't give us much to play with. Maybe a third =I= in an armylist. Maybe some tweaked marines (DW). Maybe, if we're very lucky, some IG units to ally with as battle brother (I DO hope we're going to be BB with this supplement!!!!). Somehow, if I wasn't playing GKs, I'd be very excited about this.

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I'd be surprised... GW need to keep kits up it's sleeve for the upcoming IG codex (beginning/half of 2014?). I suspected a =I= supplement would actually follow codex: IG with said Stormtroopers as allies for other imperial armies... Mind you, if you're right, I'll probably buy my first GW models in a few years :)

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I mean, you may be right, which would be a shame; it was much more hip when they had listings for models that flat out didn't exist, forcing you to get creative with their other models and convert things. I kind of wish they'd get back to that. Maaaybe this time. I must hope it'll happen eventually because I'm still here. smile.png
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Well, it used to be that GW would release a codex every X years, X being too long. Players were rightfully angry. Now, they also released the miniatures in a Y lapse of time, Y being too long. Players were rightfully angry. Chapterhouse and others could jump in and release competing models.


Now that GW has gotten the memo that we're in 2013 and that small rules release could quiet the (rightful) whining about rules. NOw, maybe they'll get up to date completely and start offering small units all year long. Now, I may be completely off the track and that might be a terrible business model, but my instinct says it's not. If a look at an easy sample of GW customer (me), the biggest competitor  is not other miniature games. It's other hobbies. So while GW doesn't produce anything for me, I buy D&D, PS3, homebrewing and other stuff...

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I'm provisionally excited. As a longtime Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters devotee, I'm excited for the Inquisition to feature in the spotlight! woot.gif

However, it sorta sounds like a ForgeWorld "Codex" than one from GW. (Yes, there is a difference. And yes, it matters.) There don't seem to be any new models released … so what's it going to deliver, exactly? I mean, the GK codex absorbed a mighty chunk of what once was Daemonhunters/Witch Hunters. Yes, there was stuff missing -- notably ISTs and Arbites -- and altered, but you cannot deny that the intention of the GK codex was clearly to represent Inquisitorial forces, distinct from the GKs even. (Why else Inquisitor Coteaz?)

Color me confused, but hopeful.

If it turns out to be rather cool, I would love for there to be a print version of it. Electronic versions are nice and all, but when you charge US$35+ for a PDF -- only a few US$ less than you're charging for the equivalent print version -- I balk at paying for it electronically, no matter how badly I might want it.

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If they're going to release Stormtrooper models, GW will probably wait until the Imperial Guard codex. They've been desperately needed for a while now and I'd be surprised if GW passed on making them again.


This release makes me wonder if they are going to hollow out the Inquisitorial/Asssasin elements of the next Grey Knight codex (not that I would expect one till around 2015/2016) and give the Grey Knights space to expand their chapter personnel further.

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