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Salamanders: A Comprehensive History


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Salamanders: A Comprehensive History

"Into the Fires of Battle, Unto the Anvil of War!"



The Legion

he XVIII or 18th Legion of the Adeptus Astartes, the Salamanders, has a legendary history throughout the Imperium dating back to the days of the Great Crusade when the Emperor himself strode across the stars. For ten thousand years the Salamanders have defended the Imperium with their flesh and blood, the Sons of Nocturne have fought in furious battles all across the Emperor's domain. Despite this honorable history the Salamanders chapter has known both glory and tragedy, dating back to the horror of the Horus Heresy itself.


ulkan, Primarch of the Salamanders, is one of the better known of the mighty leaders of the Adeptus Astartes. The ancient texts of the people of Nocturne known as the 'Promethean Opus' tells of the coming of Vulkan. The legends of Nocturne tell of a fiery comet that blazed across the sky. Whether this was actually the arriving Primarch, or simply a sign of his coming is not known. What Promethean Opus tells Imperial historians is that Vulkan was discovered one morning by the blacksmith N'bel, who took the infant child before the ruling council of Nocturne. Recognising the infant as the possible saviour of their visions, and with no one willing to take the child as their own, the Elders decreed that N'bel should raise the young child as his own son. N'bel accepted and named the boy Vulkan, after the first king of the mighty Salamander lizards that roam Nocturne's volcanic wastes.

Vulkan's growth was unbelievable, within three years Vulkan was larger than any Nocturne adult and his skill had surpassed even his father's renowned skill. Soon Vulkan began to teach the people of Nocturne the deepest secrets of metal working, alloys, folded steel and other advanced methods, improving the already considerable abilities of the Nocturne artificers.

However in Vulkan's fourth year on Nocturne the Eldar came once more to his father's settlement, intent on raiding and pillaging. The towns folk had long since learned to hide in ingenious ways from the Eldar, but Vulkan declared that he would hide from no one. Standing in the center of the village with a mighty smith's hammer in each hand held across his chest he stood defiant. Emboldened by Vulkan's courage the men of the village rose from their hiding places to join the mighty Primarch. At the forefront of the fighting Vulkan is said to have slain more than a hundred Eldar raiders that day, throwing the invaders back, the sadistic and decadent Dark Eldar fleeing before the Primarch's wrath.

News of this stunning victory spread quickly across Nocturne and soon the head men of the seven most important villages came to pay homage to Vulkan. Going so far as to declare a mighty feast featuring tests of arms and skill in honor of the Primarch's achievement. It was at the start of this festival that the Emperor appeared. Known only as the Outlander, pale of skin and garbed in strange things the people of Nocturne nevertheless allowed the stranger to join in their festivities.

The Emperor declared that he could best any man at any test, to which the people of Nocturne laughed, believing none could be keener of mind or body than their super human leader. Nevertheless Vulkan agreed and for eight days the Primarch and the Emperor competed in many tasks, neither able to best the other by much, both fairly well matched in prowess and endurance, until finally they came to the last challenge, the salamander slaying.

Vash 113 is a long time player of 40k but has only recently joined the ranks of the Space Marines. He recently did a lot of research into the Salamanders to help others start their own Salamanders companies. Now finished researching the chapter, he decided to share his findings and give new players an easy reference for the ancient and courageous Salamanders.

Each contestant had a day and a night to forge the best weapon they could, and then they would go out and bring back the largest Salamander they could find. For a full day and night Vulkan and the Emperor worked, neither slowing or pausing to rest, Vulkan forging a mighty hammer, the Emperor a keen edged blade. When their weapons were forged Vulkan declared that he would climb mount Deathfire, the volcanic mountain where the largest firedrakes could be found. The Emperor declared he would go wherever Vulkan did. Both set off, climbing the mountain with astonishing speed and soon lost to sight. Yet soon the sounds of battle came down the mountainside and the flames of the salamanders could be seen licking the sky.

Vulkan was first to find a mighty Salamander, cleaving it's head from it's body with a single sweep of his gleaming hammer. The Emperor however spied an even greater drake further up the mountainside and set off after the salamander. Vulkan however took his prize and started down the mountain though ill fate quickly befell him. Mount Deathfire came alive with a tremendous eruption, throwing Vulkan over a precipice where he held on one handed for hours, grimly determined not to lose his prize even if it mean his life.

As Vulkan's grip began to slip the Emperor appeared on the other side of a lava flow, carrying a salamander that was indeed greater than that which Vulkan had felled. Vulkan was too proud to call for help but the Emperor realised the Primarch's peril, and throwing his prize into the lava as a bridge the Emperor rushed to Vulkan's aid, pulling the Primarch to safety even as his kill was consumed by the torrent of molten rock and metal.

Upon the pair's return to the settlement the judges declared Vulkan the winner, for the stranger had no prize at all, yet Vulkan silenced his people and bent knee to the Emperor, swearing that any man who valued life over pride was indeed worthy of his service. It was then that the Emperor revealed his true form and the people of Nocturne fell to their knees. Since that day Nocturne has been the home of the Salamanders Legion in honor of the mighty beasts.

The Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy

ulkan led the Salamanders in many successful campaigns during the Great Crusade, winning a great deal of honor through the Legion's many accomplishments. Nevertheless the shock of Horus' betrayal of the Emperor enraged Vulkan and his legion. Reacting immediately the entire Salamanders Legion linked up with the Raven Guard and Iron Hands to strike at the traitors on the planet of Istvaan V. The three legions would be the first in two waves, to be backed up by the Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Word Bearers and Alpha Legions upon their arrival as a second wave. So it was that the three loyalist legions brought the fight to Horus, smashing into his defences with brutal power and driving the traitors back. Nevertheless all three legions suffered significant casualties in the opening of the fighting, and upon the second wave's arrival the Raven Guard and Salamanders pulled back to allow their brother legions a chance to fight. Ferrus Manus and his Iron Hands refused to fall back and pressed the attack. But it was at that moment that Horus' brilliant trap was revealed. As the Raven Guard and Salamanders approached the drop site the second wave revealed their treachery, opening fire on their brothers to devastating effect. At the same time the apparent rout of the Sons of Horus, the World Eaters, Death Guard and Emperor's Children suddenly halted and the traitors pressed their attack. The Iron Hands were cut off and slaughtered to a man, the veteran Morlocks cut down and the Primarch Ferrus Manus beheaded by Fulgrim.

The Salamanders and Raven Guard could do nothing to help the Iron Hands, forced to make a costly break out with precious few of their forces. Those Thunderhawk and Storm Bird gunships that lifted off and escaped Istvaan V were far fewer than those that had landed. Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard was badly wounded and Vulkan's fate was unknown for some time. The remainder of the Iron Hand's legion arrived to find their veterans and Primarch dead and the Salamanders and Raven Guard had been reduced to a fraction of their full strength, both legions nearly wiped out. There was nothing more either could do and both Legions returned home to rebuild as fast as they could in the hopes of returning to the fight. So it was that Vulkan and his Salamanders returned to Nocturne in defeat, steeled to rebuild and take revenge on Horus and his traitors.

Homeworld- Nocturne

he homeworld of the Salamanders is the volcanic planet of Nocturne. A devastated and hostile planet, valuable only for its rich mineral resources, Nocturne is a harsh home for humanity. Yet the people of Nocturne are a hardy and honorable folk, living a semi-nomadic existence to stay alive in the ever changing landscape of Nocturne. This is caused by the erratic orbit of Nocturne's giant moon, its gravitational forces causing extreme tectonic activity on Nocturne, leaving the planet in a state of constant change, covered in flows of molten lava.

Once every Nocturne year (approximately fifteen Terran years) the moon and the planet orbit each other so closely that the planet is thrown into an era known as the "Time of Trial" lasting a quarter Nocturne year. Ash blankets the sky and tidal waves wrack the harsh oceans. The planet is thrown into a deep cold winter and endless earthquakes that level villages and kill many of the population and most of the live stock that can normally survive on the planet.

Despite these mad conditions the Time of Trials is a great boon to the people of Nocturne. The shifting planet causes new veins of ore to open up and allows the people of Nocturne access to immensely rich bounties of precious gems, gas and metal ore that can be traded off world for what resources the planet needs. In particular this mineral wealth is a huge bargaining chip and trade good for relations with the Adeptus Mechanicus and with this wealth the Salamanders purchase what little equipment they cannot produce themselves. It is in this way that the people of the volcanic planet are able to flourish in such a harsh land.

Ever since the discovery of Vulkan, Nocturne has been the home of the Salamanders Legion, yet the world is not suitable for a fortress monastery. So the Salamanders built their mighty bastion on the airless rock of Nocturne's giant moon, Prometheus. The Fortress is for the most part a massive star port with a linked orbital dock where the Chapter's fleet can repair and restock. Nevertheless the Astartes of the Salamanders spend little time in their fortress, when not fighting the Chapter's marines live and train on Nocturne, living amongst their people. This makes the Salamanders one of the few Chapters in the Imperium to live so closely with non astartes.


octurne's moon and home to the Salamanders Fortress Monastery. Once a year Prometheus' orbit takes it close enough to Nocturne to cause dramatic shifts in the weather of the planet and causes eruptions and earthquakes across the entire globe. This period is known as the "Time of Trials."

While Prometheus is technically the headquarters of the Salamanders Chapter, the Marines of the Chapter do not spend a great deal of time there, preferring to spend their limited time home to live amongst the people of Nocturne training in isolation and passing on their knowledge to the next generation.

The Pyre Desert- An extensive desert stretching between the Sanctuary Cities of Epimethus and Hesiod, it is home to many deadly beasts. Crossing the desert is a perilous but necessary journey for refugees seeking the protection of the sanctuary cities that border it.

Scorian Plane- An expanse of open, barren land beyond the mountains that house the Sanctuary City of Hesiod.

Arridian Plain
-Surrounds the Sanctuary City of Themis.

Cindara Plateau
-Sacred ground upon which the Chapter's trials of initiation are held.

Themian Ash Ridges

T'harken Delta

Gey'sarr Ocean
-Located near Hesiod city.

-Known as the Fire Spike.

-Region of subterranean caves inhabited by the people of Nocturne.

Serpent's Fang Chain

Dragonspire Ridge

Acerbean Sea
-Surrounds the Sanctuary City Epimethus.

Sanctuary Cities

octurne's only permanent structures are the seven massive Sanctuary Cities. Each is a fortress in it's own right, protected by void shields and heat buffers capable of shielding it's inhabitants from the tumultuous weather during the "Time of Trial." Every year the nomads of Nocturne all flee to one of the Sanctuary Cities, those Salamanders on Nocturne at the time deploy to protect the refugees as best they can from the beasts patrolling Nocturne's wastes. Each Sanctuary City is also home to one of the seven companies of the Chapter and their Chapter Bastion. New recruits to the Chapter had formerly been drawn exclusively from the populations of each city. Sergeant Dak'ir was the first Salamander in the Chapter's history to be drawn from one of the Ignean tribes rather than from one of the Sanctuary Cities.

-One of Nocturne's Sanctuary Cities.  

-One of Nocturne's Sanctuary Cities.

-Known as the Beacon City, one of Nocturne's Sanctuary Cities.

-Nocturne's only ocean bound sanctuary city.

-One of Nocturne's Sanctuary Cities known as the City of Warriors. Hell-Pit gladiator rings a significant proving ground for the people of Nocturne.

Native Creatures

-The top predators of Nocturne, the Salamanders live on the slopes of Nocturne's volcanoes and some can grow to a truly gargantuan size, though it is rare for such a magnificent beast to be killed. Veteran Marines of the Salamanders hunt the giant lizards as a right of passage and a physical test of prowess.

-Bull-like herd beasts that live on the plains of Nocturne.

-A predator native to the Pyre Desert.

-Creature native to Nocturne.

-An airborne predator native to Nocturne.

-Large hive insects native to Nocturne.

-Native sea-dwellers of Nocturne, challenging to hunt and extremely tough to kill, their outer hides are made up of volcanic rock.

-Dangerous sand dwelling predators of the Themian Ridge.

-Predators common in the T'harken Delta.

-Black desert lizard.

Combat Doctrine and Beliefs

"Vulkan's Fire beats in my brest, with it I shall smite the foes of the Emperor."

he Salamanders operate largely as a codex chapter, however they have a few notable preferences. The Salamanders focus on close ranged fire fights, and use a greater number of flamer and melta weapons to burn their foes, blasting through the enemy and frying whole swaths of infantry. Also the emphasis on craftsmanship on Nocturne means the Salamanders can create and maintain a significant number of advanced technologies and the chapter has access to a great many suits of Terminator and Artificer Armor, Thunder Hammers and Master Crafted weapons, made possible by their skill at artifice and their rich mineral resources and it is this capability that gives the Salamanders a great deal of trading power with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Because the Salamanders value the arts of smithing very highly, every Battle Brother is trained in craftsmanship and is fully capable of performing most maintanence tasks on their arms and armor, a duty normally performed entirely by the Techmarines in other Chapters.

Promethean Cult

he primary form of worship among the Salamanders is the Promethean Cult, which places a great deal of emphasis on being self sufficient, self sacrificing and loyal and who's primary images are the flames of the forge and the smith's hammer. It is the qualities of the Promethean cult that are valued so highly in smiths and which go hand in hand with the Cult's teachings and is a prime reason for the Cult's prominence in the Salamander's Chapter. Contests in the Chapter often involve walking over coals and carrying red hot metal. Ritual scarring is also commonplace and usually involves branding or burning the flesh.

Brander-priests are a valued group of Chapter Serfs, who administer the ritual brands to the flesh of the Salamanders. Achievements and honors are recorded in brands upon the flesh of each Marine, the brands wind around the limbs and body of the Marine and only the most Veteran of warriors have their bodies entirely covered in brands. Chapter Master Tu'shan has so many that he has run out of room on his flesh and fresh honors are marked on his battle plate. Brander priests are assigned upon a Marine's induction and will ideally serve with that marine for their entire lives.

Pilots are the only warriors in the Chapter who may ritually scar their faces before the rest of their bodies, for pilots will traditionally brand the Dactyl's Sigil on their faces, a symbol of an avian predator of Nocturne. Captain Dac'tyr of the 4th Company bears a particularly large and detailed sigil as befits his rank of Master of the Fleet.

The Salamanders after which the Chapter are named can live very long lives indeed, the oldest and most legendary drakes are reverred in the Chapter's legends, such as the mighty Kessare whose hide is worn by the Forgefather Vulkan He'stan and Kessarghoth, Guardian of the Gate of Fire, a mythical drake of Nocturne whose spirit appeared recently in the Totem Walk of Lexicanum Dak'ir. Those drakes hunted by marines of the Chapter are named and remembered as well.

Those battle-brothers facing a crisis of belief or purpose will sometimes choose to undertake a ritual known as the Burning Walk. The battle-brother departs the Chapter dressed only in the robes of a desert traveler and armed only with a walking staff, to travel the dunes and deserts of Nocturne until their crisis is resolved and they return. Few return however and the ritual is more often than not a death sentence.

-Dak'ir's brander priest.

-Tsu'gan's new brander priest.

-Tsu'gan's old brander priest, murdered by Iagon.

-Chaplain Elysius' brander priest, killed by the Dark Eldar on Gevion.


he Salamander's Gene Seed appears to be pure and no known corruption is evident. Some point to the slightly slower reflexes of the chapter but it is unknown whether the cause is a defect in the gene seed or whether it is due to the Chapter's dogma or Nocturne's high gravity. It is also known that the Chapter was the smallest Legion during the Great Crusade and no known second founding chapters exist. It is debated whether any later founding chapters were created from Salamanders stock and some point to the Storm Giants and Black Dragons, especially the defects and mutations evident in the Black Dragons. Though those who have tried to scrutinise the Salamander's gene-seed have been openly ridiculed given the prowess and honor of the Salamanders and their mighty deeds in the service of the Imperium and the Emperor.

However while the gene-seed may not be mutated or deficient, the Salamanders homeworld of Nocturne reacts strangely with the gene-seed and the physiology of the Astartes. The natural radiation on Nocturne reacts with the gene-seed of the Salamanders, particularly the Melanchrome resulting in the Salamanders skin becoming coal black and their eyes to almost glow a deep red. This combination of effects gives the Salamanders an almost daemonic visage, an irony considering the Sons of Vulkan are one of the most humanitarian Chapters of the Astartes.


he Salamanders Chapter comprises of only 7 Companies. The 1st Company is of course the Veteran Company, comprised of the elite of the Chapter known as the Firedrakes. The 2nd through 4th Companies are the battle companies, which are composed of 7 tactical, 2 assault and 3 devastator squads, and the 5th and 6th Companies are the reserve companies. The 5th and 6th Companies have 8 tactical and 4 devastator squads. The 7th Company is the scout company and generally comprises only 60 Scouts, while all 6 of the other companies include an average of 120 marines at any given time. The 1st Company is led by the Chapter Master himself, the Chapter still patiently awaiting the return of their Primarch Vulkan. The Salamanders are also unique in that the Chapter maintains three Forgemasters where most Chapters have just one.

Librarians of the Chapter undertake a series of harrowing trials before being admitted as Lexicanum to the Chapter's Librarium. The first of these trials is known as The Burning where master and apprentice link psychically under the watchful gaze of another senior Librarian. Should an initiate pass and survive this first forray into their psychic powers and master the initial training they will then undertake the Totem Walk, a psychic vision where the potential Librarian is put under a series psychic trials testing the Librarian's body, mind and soul. Upon the completion of a Totem Walk the Librarian is welcomed into the Chapter as a Lexicanum and their training really begins.

The Chapter's senior leaders form the Pantheon Council, an ancient organization in the Chapter that aid in all decisions of import and who analyze and interpret the Tome of Fire. The Pantheon Council rarely meets in its entirety with many members deployed around the galaxy at any given time and the Forgefather himself is usually far afield.


he Firedrakes are the honored and feared Terminators of the Salamanders 1st Company. Warriors of unsurpassed skill and dedication, admittance into their ranks is a rare and highly sought after honor. The Firedrakes are the very embodiment of the Chapter's highest ideals, their armor is emblazoned with sigils of flame, hammer and anvil the primary symbols of the promethean cult and they are entitled to wear massive cloaks of salamander hide, the revered beasts that stalk the slopes of Nocturne's volcanoes.

At the commencement of a campaign the Firedrakes form a circle, and use a heavy flamer to create a column of flame upwards in the middle of the group. The Sergeant then speaks:

                ?Vulkan?s fire beats in my breast,?

Followed by the Battle Brothers speaking:

                ?With it I shall smite the foes of the Emperor!?

All the Firedrakes then dip their fists into the flames, blackening the fingers of their gauntlets in the fire. The Sergeant then speaks again:

                ?We are born in fire, so do we wage war with it clenched in our mailed fist.?

The Battle Brothers then say:

                ?Unto the anvil!?

And the Sergeant finishes:

                ?Firedrakes, in Vulkan?s name!?


he title of Forgefather is given to one senior officer at a time. The officer upon taking the title also takes the first name Vulkan in honor of the Salamander's Primogenitor. Removed from the command structure, the Forgefather is tasked with tracking down the lost relics of Vulkan and returning them to the Chapter. The current Forgefather is Vulkan He'stan former Captain of the 4th Company. Hidden within the riddles of the Tome of Fire are the locations of nine artifacts of immense power hidden by Vulkan at the dissolution of the Legions. Too powerful for the untested to wield, Vulkan set his sons with the task of locating them. Only four of these relics are still to be found, and three of those located are carried by He'stan. The mighty drakeskin cloak known as Kesare's Mantle, the master-crafted relic halbard the Spear of Vulkan, and the Gauntlet of the Forge, a heavy flamer worked into an ornate gauntlet. The other two artifacts already found are the forgeship the Chalice of Fire, and the Eye of Vulkan a spacebound defence laser.

The remaining artifacts the Engine of Woes, the Obsidian Chariot, the Unbound Flame, and the Song of Entropy are known only as names, their locations or the details of exactly what they are unknown to the Salamanders though through the efforts of He'stan and those who follow him, they may yet be found.  

Color Scheme and Company Markings

The Salamanders generally display flames or promethean cult iconography on the right shoulder pad where squad markings are normally displayed. Instead Squad numbers are depicted on the leg armor of the Salamander's Battle-Brothers. Company designation is shown by the color of the left pad and the color of the Chapter symbol.

1st Company: White salamander head on black field left shoulder, white crux on black field on right.

2nd Company: White salamander head on black field left shoulder, flame honor badge on black field on right.

3rd Company: Orange salamander head on black field left shoulder, flame honor badge on black field on right.

4th Company: Green salamander head on black field left shoulder, flame honor badge on black field on right.

5th Company: Black salamander head on yellow/orange field left shoulder, black flame honor badge on yellow/orange field on right.

6th Company: Green salamander head on yellow/orange field left shoulder, black flame honor badge on yellow/orange field on right.

7th Company: Black salamander head on white field left shoulder, black Arabic numeral on white field on right.

Fleet Composition

2 Battle Barges
10 Strike Cruisers
5 Rapid Strike Cruisers
220 Thunderhawks

The Flamewrought
-The flagship of the Salamanders Legion during the Great Crusade, the Flamewrought was embroiled in the vicious space battle above Istvaan V at the opening conflict of the Horus Heresy.

Battle-Barge Vulkan's Wrath
-The Vulkan's Wrath spearheaded the Invasion of Commorragh in M35.

Strike Cruiser Vulkan's Wrath
-Serving the 3rd Company.

Strike Cruiser Serpentine
-Serving the 6th Company during the 3rd War for Armageddon.

Strike Cruiser Protean
-Under the command of Firedrake Sergeant Nu'mean during a campaign against the Eldar. Lost in the warp as a result and became part of a Hulk.

Strike Cruiser Forgehammer
-Strike Cruiser serving the Chapter in the 35th Millenium under the command of Captain Phoecus.

Frigate Firelord
-Transported Vulkan He'stan and his Strike Force of Firedrakes to the Gevion Cluster to recover Vulkan's Sigil.

"Fire-wyvern" - Thunderhawk in service to the 3rd Company.
"Implacable" - Thunderhawk in service to the 3rd Company.
"Spear of Prometheus" - Thunderhawk in service to the 3rd Company.
"Hellstorm" - Thunderhawk in service to the 3rd Company.
"Inferno" - Thunderhawk in service to the 3rd Company.
"Implacable" - Thunderhawk in service to Sergeant Praetor's Firedrakes.
"Caldera" - Thunderhawk of the Chapter.
"Primordian" - Tu'shan's personal Thunderhawk.

Famous Campaigns

The Invasion of Commorragh

uring the 35th Millenium the Dark Eldar of the Black Heart cabal increased realspace raids tenfold in the Desaderian Gulf, slowly drawing the attention of the Imperial war machine. The first to investigate the region was the Salamanders Strike Cruiser Forgehammer under the command of Captain Phoecus, traveling far afield in search of Vulkan's relics the Forgehammer was close enough to divert to the system. As the Strike Cruiser swept the system it came under sudden assault by the fleet of the Black Heart Kabal and in a short and vicious battle the Imperial warship was disabled with haywire bombs and captured by the Dark Eldar.

The Black Heart Kabal transported the Strike Cruiser through the webway portal in the Desaderian Gulf and into the dark city of Commorragh itself with the Space Marine crew trapped inside. As the jubilant followers of Asdrubael Vect returned with their prize Lord Xelian, master of one of Commorragh's ruling noble houses, confiscated the prize from the Black Heart Kabal. Lord Xelian had not reckoned on the ferocity or resoursefullness of the Space Marines, who not only repelled any and all attempts to capture them within the darkened halls of the disabled Strike Cruiser but were actively calling their brethren to the Dark City to rescue them. Librarian Hestion had emmitted a psychic distress call to the Chapter the moment the Strike Cruiser was disabled.

Lord Xelian returned the "salvage" rights to the Black Heart Kabal after his elite warriors failed to subdue the Salamanders. Vect readily accepted and used the opportunity to send all those warriors of his Kabal he suspected of being double-agents into the meat grinder to die to the Salamanders guns. For weeks this situation continued as Asdrubael Vect slowly sent his warriors to die and the Salamanders relentlessly killed anything that invaded the halls of their warship.  

Finally on the sixteenth day of the siege of the Forgehammer reinforcements arrived. The webway portal in the Desaderian Gulf had been left open and unveiled, allowing the Imperials direct access to the heart of Commorragh, an opportunity the Astartes did not waste. Without warning two dozen Strike Cruisers from the Salamanders, Silver Skulls and Howling Griffons Chapters plunged straight down into the dark city from a yawning portal in the sky. At the heart of this fleet was the immense Battle-Barge Vulkan's Wrath, a titanic form of mighty broadside batteries and a massive prow-ram that drove straight into the spire palace of Lord Xelian and obliterating it instantly.  

The Space Marines launched a brief but devastating campaign with hundreds of Drop Pods hammering into the city below the aerial battle, blasting apart buildings and spires in their descent and disgorging their deadly cargo into the streets of the dark city while above the Astartes vessels battled with hundreds of xenos craft. Though the Space Marines fought furiously the Dark Eldar reacted to the invasion quickly, throwing ever greater numbers of Commorragh's most elite and vile killers at the Astartes, eventually forcing them back and surrounding them. At this point the Forgehammer had freed itself with the aid of the Firedrakes 1st Company Veterans who teleported onto the hull of the Strike Cruisre and drove away the Dark Eldar forces attempting to permanently disable the warship. With the haywire field emmitters that had shackled the Strike Cruiser destroyed the Forgehammer rose away from the dark city and joined the Vulkan's Wrath while the Astartes in the city below teleported back to the waiting ships in flares of actinic light. Those Marines stranded or cut off from the main assault fought to the death or were captured by the Dark Eldar to fight in the gladiatorial arenas. With their forces retrieved the Astartes fleet blasted its way out of the dark city and through the still open webway portal back into realspace, leaving behind the devastated, war-torn wreckage of High Commorragh.

The darring and audacious rescue of the Forgehammer remains a significant event in the Chapter's history and marks the only major incursion into the shadow realm of the Dark Eldar by Imperial forces.

The Second War for Armageddon

hen Ghazghkull waged his second war on Armageddon the Salamanders brought most of their Chapter to the fray including Chapter Master Tu'Shan and his Firedrakes. While the Ultramarines defended the beleaguered Hive Cities and the Blood Angels assaulted the Orks head on the Salamanders bent their strength to the protection of supply trains and refugee columns, a task neglected by the other Imperial forces fighting on Armageddon. Despite the unappreciated and lackluster nature of this assignment the Salamanders prosecuted their campaign with fire and steel, earning the gratitude and admiration of millions including both Guardsmen and the citizens of Armageddon.

The Third War for Armageddon

Among the first forces to join the battle against Ghazghkull's forces on Armageddon during the 3rd War were the Salamanders. Chapter Master Tu'Shan brought fully six of the seven Companies of the Chapter to Armageddon to aid its defense. The Sons of Vulkan took the offensive this time around, forging into the Ash-Wastes to oppose the Orks directly and prevent reinforcements from reaching the Sieges already raging at a number of Hive Cities. The Salamanders preferred the close in fighting within the Ork Rok's to battles in the desert however and were quick to board the massive Ork landing-craft known as 'Roks.' The Salamanders killed untold thousands of orks and destroyed three of these massive fortifications.

The Chapter did not solely contain itself to the wastes however, Tu'Shan directed seventy marines of the Salamanders 6th Company under the command of Sergeant V'reth to aid the defense of Hive Helsreach. Though this should have been a battle to forge stronger bonds of brotherhood between the Salamanders and Helsreach's other marine defenders the Black Templars, it was not to be so. The Salamanders preferred to remain on the defensive, protecting the people of Hive Helsreach, while the Black Templars were more concerned with killing the foe even at the cost of the civilians. This conflict of ideology led to tension on the battlefield, when Sergeant V'reth and his forces departed Helsreach to join the rest of the Salamanders forces it was a cold parting.  

While V'reth battled to hold the docks of Helsreach with the Black Templars the rest of the Salamanders fought alongside the Titans of the Legio Ignatum and Invigilata along the banks of the Hemlock river, striking into the heart of the Xenos forces like a well honed blade. The battles for Armageddon have helped forge a legendary reputation for the Chapter amongst the people of the Imperium as stalwart, honorable allies and defenders of the people, a trait not common in many Chapters of the Astartes.

The 13th Black Crusade

hile it is fairly certain that the Salamanders fought during the 13th Black Crusade, the exact details of their actions are not known, but it is unthinkable that the wrath of the Salamanders was not added to the defence of the Imperium. Perhaps in time the tale of the Salamanders' participation in that mighty war will be known.

The Badab Uprising

he Salamanders were one of the chapters that participated in the Badab Uprising, serving the Imperium by destroying the Astral Claws and their wayward allies. The Salamanders were one of a number of Chapters that joined the war against the renegade Chapters, however they were not major participants in the subjugation of the Astral Claws or their allies the Lamentors, Executioners and Mantis Warriors. Reports indicate the Salamanders participation likely resolved around patrolling shipping lanes under threat from renegade raiders along with many of the other participating Chapters.

Cleansing of the Ymgarl Genestealers

he Salamander's aided in the discovery and destruction of the Ymgarl Genestealers, who were later found to be a race of Tyranid bio forms who had reverted to a feral state so far separated from the Hive Mind. The battle to cleanse the moons of Ymgarl of the Genestealers was a hard one for the xenos were both fast and deadly, their claws able to rend through power armor with horrifying ease. Despite the Salamanders best efforts pockets of Ymgarl Genestealers are still discovered or sighted across the length and breadth of the Imperium. It would appear that by the time the extent of the infestation was discovered it was already too late.

The Battle Beneath Moribar

hen Librarian Nihilan turned renegade and joined the warband of the Black Dragon visionary Captain Ushorak the Salamanders responded rapidly, a strike force composed of the 3rd Company and led by Captain Kadai made their way to the sepulchre of Moribar. While Ushorak delved into the secret crypts beneath the planet the Salamanders and the renegade followers of Ushorak fought savagely through the crematoria of the ash blanketed world. At the height of the fighting Captain Ushorak was plunged into the central furnaces at the heart of the planet, Librarian Nihilan tried to save the Captain but failed and was horribly burned in the process, barely surviving at all. From the tattered remnants of Ushorak's followers Nihilan forged the Dragon Warriors renegade warband, determined to exact vengeance on the Salamanders, though the events that began on Moribar would not come to fruition for some time yet.

The Stratos Campaign

world in civil war, the Salamanders 3rd Company under the command of Captain Kadai came to the planets aid only to be ambushed by the renegade Dragon Warriors. Kadai and several others were killed before the Salamanders could fight their way free of the trap. The deployment was a disaster and severely shook up the 3rd Company. The two Sergeants who had witnessed Kadai's fall, Sergeant's Dak'ir and Tsu'gan would go on to great things however, Dak'ir joining the Librarium after he began to manifest psychic ability and Tsu'gan went on to join the legendary Firedrakes.

The Battle for Scoria

hile on patrol in the Hadron Belt, the 3rd Company came across the wrecked remains of an ancient ship called the Archimedes Rex. Aboard the ship they discovered an ancient cache of Astartes weapons and armor destined for an unknown recipient but in addition to these relics Sergeant Dak'ir located a chest stamped with the personal sigil of Vulkan. The contents of the chest, following consultation of the Tome of Fire, led the Salamanders 3rd Company on a prophetic journey to a mysterious world known as Scoria. Arriving in the system the Vulkan's Wrath was downed on the planet, crashing with significant damage onto the planets surface and unable to extricate itself. The Salamanders discovered an outpost of Iron Warriors that was nearly empty, most of it's inhabitants killed by the planets other primary occupant: the Orks. Fighting both the forces of Chaos and the foul Ork Xenos and with no way off the planet the Salamanders 3rd Company appearead doomed.

To their great surprise however, Sergeant Dak'ir discovered an ancient colony of humans descended from Salamanders Legion Serfs inhabiting the long buried form of a Legion Warship. Aboard the sunken ship turned colony the Salamanders found a surviving Legion Marine, his armor long seized and encrusted to the ship's command throne where he sat his long vigil, even immobile Brother Gravius was still somehow and miraculously alive. Sadly he could not be recovered alive, removing him from the throne would have likely killed the ancient and withered Marine. The arms and armor of his fallen comrades were recovered along with some data taken from the Command deck of the sunken ship. The humans descended from the Legion Serfs were recovered as well.

With the help of the Marines Malevolent, the Vulkan's Wrath was repaired enough to escape the dying planet of Scoria. Though the Marines Malevolent demanded the arms and armor recovered from the Archimedes Rex in exchange for their help, a compromise that greatly marred the relations between the Salamanders and the Marines Malevolent.

Brother-Captain N'keln died before the evacuation of Scoria had been completed, somewhat mysteriously as well. The death of yet another Captain was a serious blow to the 3rd Company and N'keln's successor the former Sergeant Agatone has a significant challenge ahead to rebuild the 3rd Company, both it's physical numbers and it's morale.

Sergeant Praetor was impressed with Tsu'gan's actions on Scoria and inducted the Sergeant into the ranks of the Firedrakes following the 3rd Company's return to Nocturne. Sergeant Dak'ir began to manifest psychic powers in the fight against the Dragon Warriors Sorcerer Nihilan in the mines of Scoria. Because of this Epistolary Pyriel took Dak'ir on as a Lexicanum apprentice and began Dak'ir's training as a Librarian.

Whether the discovery of the ancient Legion warship and the armor and information it contained will lead to the long sought discovery of Vulkan, or perhaps another of his ancient Relics is yet to be seen.

The Lykaar Campaign

he winter-gripped planet of Lykaar proved an optimal battlefield for both the ferocious Space Wolves and the fiery Salamanders. Together with the Space Wolves of the Skanefeld Great Company the Salamanders fought against an army of greenskin invaders. Though the Space Marines were few in comparison to the Orks the campaign progressed swiftly. Unknown to the Astartes however an ancient and terrible Kraken slumbered beneath the ice. The roar of battle woke the terrible monster and it smashed through the ice above to assault the astartes, grabbing up Space Marines in full war-plate and crushing them with ease. A Salamander who later rose to the ranks of the Firedrakes known as Hrydor was one of the first seized up by the Kraken. His death would have been certain were it not for Skanefeld cutting the tentacle holding Hrydor with a toss of his Rune axe. The campaign certainly remains as an example of brotherhood and camaraderie between the two Chapters.

The Gevion Campaign

hen the Dark Eldar launched a crippling assault on the Gevion system the Salamanders responded in force, the entire 3rd Company deploying rapidly to save as many of the planets citizens as possible and repel the Dark Eldar incursion. While Captain Agatone led the primary assault in the Ferron Straits Chaplain Elysius led a force to recapture the Capitol City of Ironlandings. The Salamanders noted immediately the odd nature of the Dark Eldar presence, for the piratical xenos rarely tried to hold territory or prepare defenses yet on Gevion the Dark Eldar had prepared elaborate fortifications to stall the Salamanders and protract the fighting. Despite these fortifications the Salamanders quickly recaptured Ironlandings and established a headquarters there. With the city firmly under Imperial control again Chaplain Elysius dispatched all but two of his squads to reinforce Captain Agatone in the Ferron Straits. Unbeknown to the Salamanders the Dark Eldar had prepared an elaborate trap in Ironlandings, springing from the shadows through concealed webway portals to ambush the Space Marines in their own command post, dragging some through to the dark city Commorragh, while leaving others bound and subdued as bait for any reinforcements. While the Dark Eldar assault was unexpected, it would not have overpowered the Salamanders so easily without treachery from within, for Sergeant Iagon had eliminated the sentries and prepared the way for the ambush.

While the 3rd Company battled on Gevion the Forgefather Vulkan He'stan returned to Prometheus and alongside Chapter Master Tu'shan located a lost chamber of Vulkan in the catacombs beneath Mount Deathfire, a chamber that required Vulkan's Sigil to open, the very Sigil carried by Chaplain Elysius. To recover the Sigil Tu'shan dispatched a strike force of Firedrake Veterans led by Vulkan He'stan himself. The Firedrakes traveled to Gevion aboard the Frigate Firelord, forgoing their usual Terminator armor in favor of their more mobile power armor the Firedrakes launched a rapid assault against Ironlandings, quickly recapturing the Capitol for the second time. Though the Dark Eldar staged an ambush within the battle-scarred headquarters the Firedrakes smashed aside all resistance, freeing the captured battle-brothers of the 3rd Company and driving the Dark Eldar back through their shadowy webway portal. The Haemonculus leading the xenos force was captured by Vulkan He'stan himself and quickly coerced into opening the webway portal for the Astartes. Torture is nothing to the Dark Eldar, instead He'stan threatened the Haemonculus with nothingness, swearing to lock the Haemonculus in a dark cell and throw away the key, leaving the xenos there to wither away devoid of sensation, a fate worse than death to a Dark Eldar.

With the portal open the Salamanders commandeered a still functioning Dark Eldar Raider and traveled into the port region of Commorragh known as the Volgorrah Rift. In a daring running battle the Firedrakes rescued Chaplain Elysius, Sergeant Ba'ken and a Black Dragon named Zartath before teleporting back to the Frigate Firelord. Despite this success and the recovery of the Sigil of Vulkan the Dragon Warriors intercepted the Firedrake Tsu'gan during his teleportation, capturing him for their own purposes. Even more foreboding Sergeant Iagon betrayed his brothers yet again, murdering Brother Koto and joining the Dragon Warrior renegades.   

Despite these misfortunes the Firedrakes quickly rejoined the battle for Gevion and along with Captain Agatone and the 3rd Company pushed the Dark Eldar from the Ferron Straits and reclaimed the world for the Imperium.

The Battle for Slato

hen the enigmatic and arrogant Eldar xenos fell upon the Imperial world of Slato the Salamanders 4th Company responded. Sixty battle-brothers split into two deployments under the command of Captain Nubean and Chaplain Ramesis landed on the surface of Slato far from the webway portal site, determined to march overland to the battlefield. Brother Xavier, who would eventually rise to become Reclusiarch of the Chapter and bearer of Vulkan's Sigil, deployed for the first time as a full battle-brother of the Chapter at the Battle for Slato. While only recently colonized the local Imperial garrison on Slato had quickly stumbled upon an ancient webway portal built by the Eldar, realizing the danger of xenos artifacts the local garrison deployed to defend the portal from Eldar troops arrived to capture it, though they could not hold out for very long the Salamanders were determined to break through the Eldar forces and join the defenders in keeping the ancient webway portal from the hands of the vile xenos. Should the Eldar capture the webway portal there was no telling what reinforcements they could bring to the planet's surface.

The Thunderhawk gunship bearing Chaplain Ramesis and Squad's Malesti, Delphus and Lysonis was shot down by Eldar interceptors but managed a successful crash-landing. Undeterred the Salamanders struck out from their downed gunship towards the Eldar webway portal. The Salamanders covered the distance quickly in a forced march through mountain valleys lasting till nearly sundown on Slato when they at last came to a forest covering the end of the valley they were following from one side to the other. Carefully the Salamanders approached the treeline and swept it with Auspex scans which revealed the Eldar laying in ambush, yet the Salamanders could ill-afford the delay of circumnavigating the woods, instead choosing to attack and fight their way through. Of the thirty Salamanders charging through the high grass towards the Eldar ambushers only one was slain and another wounded, the Eldar fled after the initial volley of boltgun fire killed several of their number, the rest of the Rangers withdrawing deeper into the woods.

Chaplain Ramesis force encountered the least resistance and reached the rendezvous point first, followed an hour later by Captain Nubean and his somewhat diminished force. Of the thirty Battle-Brothers comprising Captain Nubean's deployment only twenty one made it to the rendezvous, Eldar ambushers had attacked Captain Nubean's force shortly after it made it to Slato's surface. Though the majority of the Eldar ambushers were easily dispatched by the marines the Eldar skimmer tanks proved more difficult and a surprise assault by Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors took its toll on the Salamanders. Nevertheless the Sons of Vulkan persevered, fighting off the ambushers and destroying several Fire Prism tanks closer to the site of the webway portal that would threaten any Thunderhawks attempting to fly through the area.

The Salamanders continued on to the webway portal more cautiously but did not encounter any further Eldar resistance before arriving at the Imperial defenses held by the Fourth Levillian Imperial Guard seconded to the Adeptus Mechanicus party attempting to research the portal. Magos Simeniz, the Mechanicus representative, revealed that someone was attempting to open the webway gate remotely, but that he could disrupt the warp fields of the portal to destroy it in an emergency. Determined such an action would be only a last result the Salamanders took up the night watch from the Imperial Guardsmen, for the night cycle on Slato was eighteen hours long and the Guardsmen were strung out and in need of rest.

Several hours before dawn the Eldar attacked again, a large contingent hammered the main Imperial lines but the Salamanders were well used to Eldar trickery and were fully prepared for surprise attacks from any direction, so when a force of Vyper skimmers attacked from the south they were met by Chaplain Ramises and his contingent of Salamanders. Though several Space Marines were killed all but one of the Vyper craft were shot down, the surviving vehicle fleeing back to the shadowy crags from whence it came.

Though the surprise attack on the south was easily repelled the fighting lasted for several hours, when the last Eldar forces broke off only twenty nine of the Levillian Imperial Guardsmen still stood and a mere twenty seven Salamanders were still battle worthy. Many of those wounded could fight if necessary but Captain Nubean and Chaplain Ramises knew that to do so would hamper their efforts to heal quickly and effectively, prefering to let them recover from the worst of their wounds before rejoining the fight. An hour after the last Eldar attack Captain Nubean led his Command Squad and Squad Delphus along with Epistolary Zambias after the retreating Eldar to prevent them from regrouping and returning to attack the Imperial lines once more. Surprisingly Captain Nubean returned from his sortie with live Eldar in tow, while Ramises believed the Eldar to be captives they turned out to be a Farseer and a pair of Warlocks all three still armed, the Captain had apparently agreed to a parlay with the xenos leaders. Though Chaplain Ramises immediately assumed some form of psychic coerscion he was swayed from violence by the assurances of Epistolary Zambias. Suspicious but trusting of his Captain and Librarius comrade Chaplain Ramises accompanied the others into the bowl shaped depression where the shadowy Eldar webway gate was located.

The Farseer claimed the Eldar were there to close the webway portal to prevent a force of Dark Eldar from the Fanged Maw Kabal led by Kha-rehk from destroying the meager colony of two hundred thousand. The Farseer's divinations had revealed the Imperium would blame the destruction on the Craftworld sailing the void not far from Slato and would bring war and death to the Eldar. Unfortunately for all, just as the Farseer began his incantations to seal the portal it began to activate, Chaplain Ramises concluded the Farseer was attempting trickery and attacked. In the short but violent struggle the Salamanders prevailed, Brother Xavier picked up the fallen Crozius of Chaplain Ramises after his weapon hand was severed by the Farseer and used it to bludgeon the Eldar psyker to death. Before the Salamanders could regroup from the short struggle the webway gate opened fully and a horde of Dark Eldar butchers poured fourth. Though the Salamanders fought furiously they had not the numbers to stem the dark tide, if the Imperials and Eldar had not spent their strength in days of combat the two forces could have held the Dark Eldar back. As it was the Salamanders position could not hold, the 4th Company forced to retreat in the face of the overwhelming numerical superiority of the Dark Eldar. Though cassualties were significant, Brother Xavier survived the battle and eventually rose to Reclusiarch of the Chapter, earning a reputation forged in the most desperate battles. Though the Battle for Slato may have been an ill-fated venture, it re-affirmed the ancient Salamanders adage, that a warrior is either tempered or broken in the fires of battle.

Caught in the Crossfire

hen a raging conflict between the Orks of Octavius and the Eldar wild rider hosts of Saim-Hann spread to catch multiple Imperial Worlds in the crossfire of their battles the Imperium was quick to respond. Elements from the White Scars, Raven Guard and Salamanders Chapters joined forces to defend the threatened Imperial worlds from the vile xenos warring across them.

Known Characters

Primarch Vulkan
-Primarch of the Salamanders, a great craftsman and stout war leader Vulkan was one of the relatively few loyalist Primarchs to survive the Horus Heresy and the Scouring though he later disappeared mysteriously. Vulkan left his nine greatest relics hidden from his sons, instructing them to search through his Tome of Fire for the clues that would lead the Salamanders to their Primarchs lost relics.

"Look thine enemy in the eye and let him see the fires in yours."
-Attributed to Vulkan.

Chapter Master Tu'Shan
-Current Chapter Master of the Salamanders Tu'Shan is a living legend, his victories and accomplishments are well known and he is an exemplar of the Salamanders values of compassion, duty and self-sacrifice. Tu'shan personally participated in the 3rd War for Armageddon, the Salamanders earning much fame and adoration from the populace for their daring and desperate battles to protect refugee columns and protect the people of Armageddon.

Forgefather Vulkan He'stan
-Former commander of the 4th Company, He'stan is now charged with locating the lost relics of Vulkan.

Vulkan's Fire beats in my brest, he is my steel and I honor him with my loyalty and sacrifice."
-Rare variation of the Salamanders oath used to express sentiments of utter devotion and duty.

Master Zen'de
-Renowned philosopher of the Chapter.

Master Prebian
-Training officer of the Chapter, taught Chaplain Elysius unarmed combat.

Captain Phoecus
-Captain Phoecus led a Company of the Salamanders during the 35th Millenium and commanded the Strike Cruiser Forgehammer.

Captain Mulceber
-Captain of the 5th Company

Captain Ko'tan Kadai
-Formerly the Captain of the Salamanders 3rd Company, Ko'tan Kadai was murdered by the treacherous Dragon Warriors on the war-torn world of Stratos.

Captain Nubean
-Captain of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato.

Captain N'keln
-Captain of the 3rd Company following Kadai's death. N'keln was regarded by many as unready for the promotion, however he rose to the occasion and by the end of the 3rd Company's first deployment he had risen to become an inspiring leader. Unfortunately treachery ended his leadership prematurely- Deceased.

Captain Adrax Agatone
-Takes up command of the Salamanders 3rd Company after the death of N'keln. Former 1st Tactical Sergeant of the Company. Captain Agatone took command of the battle for the Ferron Straits during the Gevion Campaign, leaving command of the assault on Ironlandings to Chaplain Elysius.

Captain Zen'de
-Former Master of Recruits and Captain of the 7th.

Captain T'sen
-Captain of the Chapter.

Captain Dac'tyr
-Master of the Fleet and Captain of the 4th Company. Many warriors in the 4th Company are Pilots and bear the Dactyl Sigil. Captain Dac'tyr bears a particularly large and detailed version of the Sigil to represent his rank as Lord of the Burning Sky.

Reclusiarch Xavier
-Chaplain Xavier was one of the most legendary Reclusiarch's of the chapter, granted the honor of carrying one of the Chapters most revered relics into battle; Vulkan's Sigil. Xavier served in the 10th Company for 25 years before his promotion to the status of a full battle-brother of the 4th Company, his first battle after his full initiation to the Chapter was on the Imperial world of Slato where the Salamanders battled first the Eldar and then their dark piratical cousins the Dark Eldar. Though long deceased now Chaplain Xavier continues to inspire the Salamanders as they forge their way through the fires of war.

Chaplain Elysius
-Current bearer of Vulkan's Sigil, Chaplain Elysius had until recently refused to show his face to anyone in the Chapter to hide a past shame. During his time as a Scout he had been rash and impulsive during a mission to plant a tracker on a Genestealer, his rash actions got one of his fellow scouts killed and Brother Argos was horribly burned when he saved Elysius from a stream of bio-acide. Elysius has still not forgiven himself for his friend's injury on his behalf even though Argos admittedly holds no grudge. Chaplain Elysius recently lost an arm during the Battle for Scoria, Forgemaster Argos forged a replacement limb incorporating a Power Fist for Elysius.

Chaplain Gorbiam
-Tutor of Chaplain Ramesis during his time as a Novitiate to the Reclusium.

"We must always temper action with wisdom. Though we live for battle, a war is fought with wits as well as weapons."
-Attributed to Chaplain Gorbiam.

Chaplain Hasdrubael
-Supported Chaplain Xavier's acceptance into the chapter.

Chaplain Ramesis
-Chaplain of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato. Ramises recognized the potential in Brother Xavier when he retrieved Ramises fallen Crozius after his weapon hand was cut off by the Eldar Farseer, using it to batter the Eldar psyker into the dirt. When the Dark Eldar poured fourth from the webway gate Chaplain Ramises took up the fallen Power Sword of Sergeant Malesti, fighting to the bitter end against an overwhelming tide of xenos filth.

Chief Librarian Vel'cona
-The head of the Librarium of the Salamanders Chapter, Vel'cona is the most powerful and most highly respected Librarian in the Chapter and mentor to Epistolary Pyriel.

"I can pulp your flesh and snap your bones in less than a second, and without so much as lifting a finger. What is the power of technology compared to that?"
-Attributed to Vel'cona.

Epistolary Pyriel-A veteran and hero of the Salamanders Chapter, Pryiel watches Dak'ir like a hawk following the events on Stratos, eventually taking the young Sergeant under his wing as a Lexicanum in the Chapter's Librarium.

Epistolary Zambias
-An accomplished member of the Chapter Librarium, Brother Zambias deployed with the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato.

Librarian Hestion
-A gifted Librarian of the Chapter who served aboard the Strike Cruiser Forgehammer during the 35th Millenium.

Lexicanum Hazon Dak'ir
-Leader of one of the 3rd Company's Tactical Squads, Dak'ir went on to become a Lexicanum under his mentor Pyriel. As his training neared completion Dak'ir was revealed to be a figure of Nocturnean prophecy known as the Ferro Ignis or "Fire Sword" that would either destroy or save Nocturne and the Salamanders. Lexicanum Dak'ir had his Librarian helmet forged with a sculpted silver faceplate down the left side of the helmet to represent the scarring that mars the flesh of his face. Dak'ir bears the Force Sword Draugen.

Master of the Forge T'kell
-Legendary Techpriest of the Salamanders, built the Vault beneath Mount Deathfire where fallen Salamanders ashes are immolated in lava upon the Pyre-slab, their essence returned to the heart of Nocturne. T'kell built the vault under the watchful eyes of Vulkan himself.

Master of the Forge Argos
-One of the Salamanders three honored Forgemasters, Brother Argos trained as a Scout alongside Chaplain Elysius and was horribly burned across his face when he slammed Elysius out of the way of a stream of Tyranid bio-acide.

Techmarine Orlinia
-Techmarine serving the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato.

Techmarine Draedius
-Brother Draedius serves as one of the Chapters Techmarines.

Techmarine M'karra
-Techmarine of the Chapter.

Apothecary Suda
-Member of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato.

Apothecary Fugis
-Former Apothecary of the 3rd Company. Brother Fugis opted to take the Fire Walk after the battle for Scoria, a test of the will and the soul that few return from.

Apothecary Emek
-Brother Emek formerly served as a junior member of Sergeant Dak'ir's Tactical squad before leaving to train in the Apothecarion. After the departure of Apothecary Fugis from the 3rd Company Brother Emek became the Company's new Apothecary.

Ironclad Dreadnaught Ashamon
-Dreadnaught attached to the 3rd Company.

Dreadnought Amadeus
-Dreadnaught assigned to the 3rd Company. Amadeus fell fighting the Eldar during the siege of Cluth'nir.

Dreadnought Su'Matr
-Dreadnought, former Master of the Forge.

Firedrake Sergeant Praetor
-Sergeant of a squad of Firedrake Terminators known as Tu'shan's Mailed Fist. Praetor leads his Terminator Assault Squad with resolute determination and has served in over a hundred campaigns. Sergeant Praetor has three platinum service studs hammered into his brow and his Terminator helmet is embellished with Drake's Teeth.

Firedrake Sergeant Nu'mean
-Commanded the Protean, a vessel of the Chapter that fell to the machinations of the Eldar. Nu'mean returned to the vessel over a century later with Sergeant Praetor and two squads of Terminator armored Firedrakes to execute a captured Farseer held aboard the vessel. Sergeant Nu'mean fell in action to Genestealers during the mission.

Firedrake Sergeant Halknarr
-Member of Vulkan He'stan's Strike Force during the Gevion Campaign.

Firedrake Sergeant Mulgan
-Sergeant of a Firedrake Terminator Squad during the Horus Heresy.

Firedrake Veteran Persephion
-Member of Vulkan He'stan's strike force during the mission to the Volgorrah Rift.

Firedrake Veteran Eb'ak
-Member of Vulkan He'stan's strike force during the mission to the Volgorrah Rift.

Firedrake Veteran Oknar
-Member of Vulkan He'stan's strike force during the mission to the Volgorrah Rift.

Firedrake Veteran Zek Tsu'gan
-Haughty Sergeant in the 3rd Company and rival of Dak'ir, Tsu'gan becomes a member of the Firedrakes following the death of N'keln. Tsu'gan wears the Terminator armor formerly worn by Firedrake Veteran Imaan.

Firedrake Veteran Gathi'mu
-Heavy Flamer bearing member of Squad Praetor, he wears the hide of the Firedrake Kalimar that he killed on the slopes of Mount Deathfire. Brother Gathi'mu fell during the Battle for Sepulchre IV.

Firedrake Veteran Namor
-Member of the Chapter's Firedrakes, brother Namor fell in battle on Scoria.

Firedrake Veteran Clyten
-Member of the Chapter's Firedrakes, brother Clyten fell in battle on Scoria.

Firedrake Veteran Ma'nubian
-Member of the Chapter's Firedrakes.

Firedrake Veteran En'kar
-Member of Sergeant Praetor's Squad, Brother En'kar fell during the Battle for Sepulchre IV.

Firedrake Veteran Kai'ru
-Member of Sergeant Praetor's Squad, Brother Kai'ru fell during the Battle for Sepulchre IV.

Firedrake Veteran Mercurion
-Member of Sergeant Nu'mean's squad during the mission to the Protean, killed in action.

Firedrake Veteran Gun'dar
-Member of Sergeant Nu'mean's squad during the mission to the Protean, killed in action.

Firedrake Veteran Kohlogh
-Heavy weapons specialist and member of Sergeant Nu'mean's squad during the mission to the Protean, killed in action.

Firedrake Veteran Ve'kyt
-Member of Sergeant Nu'mean's squad during the mission to the Protean, killed in action.

Firedrake Veteran Hrydor
-Heavy weapons specialist of Sergeant Praetor's squad during the mission to the Protean, killed by Night Lord's traitor marines during the mission.

Firedrake Veteran Vo'kar
-Member of Sergeant Praetor's Firedrake Squad and part of Vulkan He'stan's strike force during the mission to the Volgorrah Rift.

Firedrake Veteran Invictese
-Member of Sergeant Praetor's Firedrake Squad.

Firedrake Veteran Tho'ran
-Wounded in action during the Gevion Campaign.

Firedrake Veteran Lorrde
-Wounded in action during the Gevion Campaign.

Firedrake Veteran Mek'tar
-Placed in command of the re-captured Capitol City of Ironlandings during the Gevion Campaign after the arrival of the Firedrakes.

Firedrake Veteran Daedicus
-Participated in the Gevion Campaign as part of Vulkan He'stan's Strike Force. Brother Daedicus is a veteran of the Badab War and still wears a black and yellow striped knee-pad in remembrance of that dark campaign.

Deathwatch Veteran Elwaine
-Brother Elwaine served in the Deathwatch during the battle for Tarsis Ultra, bringing righteous flame to the vile xenos.

Company Champion Vek'shan
-Former Champion of the 3rd Company's Command Squad known as the Inferno Guard.

Banner Bearer Malicant
-Brother Malicant served Captain Kadai in his Inferno Guard Command Squad.

Veteran Brother Shen'kar
-Brother Shen'kar served Captain Kadai in his Inferno Guard Command Squad.

Tactical Sergeant Sol Bak'en
-Formerly the heavy weapons specialist of Sergeant Dak'ir's Tactical Squad, Bak'en was happiest carrying his hand crafted Heavy Flamer into battle, taking it stubbornly with him nearly everywhere. Now Brother Bak'en serves as the Squad's Sergeant and instead carries a piston-hammer he crafted himself.

Tactical Sergeant Cerbins Iagon
-Formerly the loyal second in command of Sergeant Tsu'gan's Tactical Squad, Iagon replaced Tsu'gan as Sergeant when he left to join the Firedrakes. Despite his promotion Iagon is a dark and twisted individual, cruel and loyal only to Tsu'gan, or at least he used to be. Unknown to his brethren Iagon's hands are stained with the blood of Captain N'keln, who Iagon murdered to allow Tsu'gan to be promoted as the Company's Captain. Instead Tsu'gan joined the Firedrakes leaving Iagon abandoned and desperate. During the Gevion Campaign Iagon betrayed the Chapter again, murdering Brother Koto and joining the renegade warband the Dragon Warriors under the command of the Sorcerer Nihilan.

Tactical Sergeant De'mas
-Tactical Sergeant of the Salamanders 3rd Company.

Tactical Sergeant Typhos
-Tactical Sergeant of the Salamanders 3rd Company.

Tactical Sergeant Clovius
-Tactical Sergeant of the Salamanders 3rd Company.

Tactical Sergeant Ek'bar
-Tactical Sergeant of the Salamanders 3rd Company.
Sergeant Honorious
-Sergeant of the Salamanders 3rd Company.

Assault Sergeant Naveem
-Assault Sergeant of the Salamanders 3rd Company.

Assault Sergeant Vargo
-Assault Sergeant of the Salamanders 3rd Company.

Assault Sergeant Cortan
-Sergeant of an Assault Squad during the Horus Heresy.

Devastator Sergeant Omkar
-Devastator Sergeant of the Salamanders 3rd Company.

Devastator Sergeant Ul'shan
-Devastator Sergeant of the Salamanders 3rd Company.

Devastator Sergeant Lok
-Commander of the Incinerators Devastator Squad of the 3rd Company. Lok is a veteran of the Badab War, who earned a pair of platinum service studs for his actions boarding the Executioners Battle Barge the Blade of Perdition. A bionic eye replaces the natural one he lost fighting the Genestealers on Ymgarl. The Devastator Sergeant is strangely armed with a Power Fist encasing his left arm.  

Land Speeder Sergeant Arkan
-Brother Arkan served as commander of a Land Speeder during the Horus Heresy.

Hunter Sergeant Sorkar
-Brother Sorkar served as Sergeant of a Hunter Squad during the Horus Heresy.

Support Sergeant Harmokan
-Brother Harmokan served as Sergeant of a Support Squad during the Horus Heresy

Veteran Sergeant Malesti
-Officer of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato, Brother Malesti served in the 10th Company with Chaplain Ramesis. Sergeant Malesti fell to the ravening firepower of the Dark Eldar when they spilled forth from the webway gate on Slato, his Power Sword was taken up by Chaplain Ramises.

Sergeant Goria
-Officer of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato, Brother Goria deployed with Captain Nubean's contingent and was killed by a Striking Scorpion Exarch during a battle with Eldar ambushers shortly after the 4th Company arrived on the planet's surface.

Sergeant Lysonis
-Sergeant of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato.

Sergeant Delphus
-Sergeant of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato.

Sergeant V'reth
-Commander of the 70 Marines from the 6th Company despatched to Helsreach Hive on Armageddon to help protect the civilian shelters of the docks districts. Sergeant V'reth and his marines aided the Templars against the Ork invaders before departing the Hive for the Hemlock River where the rest of the Salamanders where fighting alongside the Titans of Legio Metalica, Invigilata and Ignatum.

Scout Sergeant Kabe

Brother Amadeus
-Member of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato, brother Amadeus along with Brothers Xavier and Joachim was tasked with guarding the Eldar webway gate behind the Imperial defense lines. Brother Amadeus suffered a grevious blow from an Eldar Warlock when an attempted parlay turned sour.

Brother Joachim
-Member of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato, brother Joachim was assigned to defend the Eldar webway gate alongside Brothers Xavier and Amadeus.

Brother Kammia
-A member of Squad Lysonis of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato. Brother Kammia was killed by an Eldar energy weapon while defending the southern defense lines around the xenos webway gate.

Brother Arthetis
-A member of Squad Lysonis of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato. Brother Arthetis carried the squad's missile launcher and used it to good effect shooting down an attack by Eldar Vyper skimmers while defending the xenos webway gate.

Brother Lastus
-Member of Squad Delphus of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato. Brother Lastus took a splinter shard from Eldar Snipers in the eye but survived the injury and the toxins coating it to fight on, his aim unaffected thanks to auto-compensating features built into his antiquated MK VI Regis pattern helmet that fed a secondary signal to the Marine from its remaining optical link. Brother Lastus had received three commendations from his commanding officer for his actions prior to the Battle for Slato.

Brother Nitrus
-Member of Squad Delphus of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato.

Brother Kolenn
-Member of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato. Brother Kolenn deployed with Captain Nubean's detachment bearing a Lascannon with which he managed to destroy an Eldar tank that attacked the Salamanders as part of an ambush.

Brother Kahli
-Member of the 4th Company during the Battle for Slato. Brother Kahli deployed with Captain Nubean's detachment and bore one of the Chapter's ancient Plasmaguns. Though Brother Kahli slew two Eldar ambushers with the ancient weapon it catastrophically overloaded, taking Kahli's left arm with it. This was the fourth occasion in the 4th Company's last seven deployments where a Plasma Gun malfunctioned causing Captain Nubean significant consternation.  

Brother Mulbakar
-Member of the 3rd Company who participated in the assault on Ironlandings during the Gevion Campaign. Brother Mulbakar lost most of his forearm and his hand to a corpse-bomb during the assault.

Brother Drukaar
-Served the 3rd Company in squad Ek'bar for over a decade before his death on Gevion.

Brother Loc'tar
-Thunderhawk pilot of the 4th Company.

Brother Adar
-Fell to his death trying to save survivors of the Night Devils Imperial Guard in the Volgorrah Rift.

Brother Halknarr
-Member of the Salamanders 3rd Company.

Brother Ionnes
-Killed in action against the Dark Eldar in the Volgorrah Rift of the Webway.

Brother Koto
-Treacherously cut down from behind by Sergeant Iagon in the Volgorrah Rift of the Webway.

Brother Amadeus

Brother Zo'tan

Brother Ak'sor

Brother Lazarus

Brother Tiberon

Brother Catus

Brother Apion

Brother Honorious

Brother L'sen
-Killed in action against the Dark Eldar in the Volgorrah Rift.

Brother G'heb
-Killed by a chaos hound in the Volgorrah Rift.

Brother M'lek

Brother S'tang

Brother Va'tok

Brother Gravius
-Ancient veteran of the Horus Heresy, Gravius was the sole survivor of the stranded Salamanders on Scoria. Miraculously still conscious after 10,000 years, though half mad and immobile.

Scout M'kett
-Member of the same Scout Squad as Brother Argos and Elysius.

Scout G'ord
-Member of the same Scout Squad as Brother Argos and Elysius. Killed by a Genestealer.


Index Astartes- First Founding- Salamanders
Codex: Armageddon
Codex: Space Marines- 3rd Edition- Chaplain Xavier
Codex: Space Marines- 4th Edition
Codex: Space Marines- 5th Edition- Vulkan He'stan
Codex: Dark Eldar 5th Edition
Horus Heresy Collected Visions
First Heretic
Fireborn Audiobook
Warriors of Ultramar
Heroes of the Space Marines: "Fires of War"
Legends of the Space Marines: "Hell Night"
Let the Galaxy Burn: "Know Thine Enemy"
Imperial Armour Volume 2
WD #269
WD #248
WD #249 AU

"Nocturne's Hammer"- The oldest Rhino in existence, belongs to the Salamanders.
"Vulcanus" - Vindicator.
"Fire Drake" - Land Raider Crusader of the 3rd Company.
"Fire Anvil" - Land Raider Redeemer attatched to the 3rd Company.

Chapter Relics

Salamander Hide Mantle
Earliest Imperial Records of durable cloaks worn for protection come from Nocturne in the form of the Salamander Hide Mantles. Cloaks constructed from the tough hide of the mighty Salamanders that roam Nocturne, the cloak provides its wearer with amazing protection from all manner of dangers. Later this technology spread in the form of Adamantine Mantles to many other Chapters.

Vulkan's Sigil
A symbol of office supposedly carried by Vulkan himself into battle, the sigil is a holy relic of the Salamanders and is carried into battle in recent times by Chaplain Xavier, a legendary figure of the Salamander's chapter.

Kesare's Mantle
One of the nine artifacts of Vulkan, Kesare's Mantle is a mighty drakescale cloak currently worn by Vulkan He'stan.

The Spear of Vulkan
This is a mighty relic blade in the form of a huge halbard, once wielded by Vulkan himself the weapon is currently in the hands of Vulkan He'stan the Forgefather of the Chapter.

The Gauntlet of the Forge
Shaped like a power fist the Gauntlet of the Forge is actually an intricately crafted Heavy Flamer built into an ornate gauntlet. This relic is in the possession of Vulkan He'stan along with two of the other artifacts of Vulkan.

The Chalice of Fire
A legendary Forge Ship that produces the majority of the weapons and munitions used by the Salamanders and remains in orbit around Nocturne.

The Eye of Vulkan
A spacebound defence laser assembly that remains in orbit over Nocturne, hovering eternally over the Salamanders Fortress Monastery.

The Tome of Fire
An ancient tome of lore and prophecy left behind by Vulkan. The contents of which, when properly deciphered, lead to the locations of Vulkan's hidden relics.

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