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Its knight time


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So I bit the bullet and bought a Knight.  I have to admit that Ive gone off of GW
recently but this has been the first model they have released in a while
(excluding FW) that has made me want to buy it. 
I think it’s the combination of nostalgia and the new take on it that’s done


Anyway, I wanted to make a knight errant but annoyingly the
model doesn’t come with what (according to the old fluff) a knight errant
should be armed with a power fist.  Ive
got the picture of the original below. So that’s going to be my challenge,
trying to create a powerfist for it instead of the chainsword.




So I have the basic model made (very nice to put together by
the way).  I have left the armour off to
help with painting.




Ive tried to match the system that would allows the arms to
rotate as it would be important that the fist can turn.




Ive also been thinking about the fingers.  I will be going for the two fingered
fist.  I spent some time looking at the
castallax powerfist but ended up having to dismiss it as I think the system
might look a bit clumsy on such a large model. 
But it did give me the idea to look at the other titan/mechanicus models
and I think I will try to go for something similar to the powerfist on the
reaver titan but with only two fingers.




Im hoping it will look something like this when done
(realised Ive drawn it a little small):






Its not exactly detailed but the idea is that the armour on
the fist will extend back over the more delicate part of the arm so that the
bit that allows it to rotate is protected from damage.

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Nice! I can't wait to see what you do with it. As you pointed out, I think your sketch is way small. I think you should go pretty big on it. I love your idea of having the armor protect the joint. One of the things I like so much about this model is how darn practical it all seems. Carry that design ethos even further and you're golden.


Are you going to try and replicate the single-barrel look of the old thermal cannon or leave it as is? 

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I'm always jealous when someone demonstrates their ability to scratch build......looking great so far. I can't wait to get one, alas I must wait til after Easter Long weekend and Public Holiday pay.

There are rumours that in the near future Forge World will have the fist covered along with some other weapon options too boot.




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Thanks for the comments guys.


Jeff:  I wasnt planning on converting the thermal cannon but now you mention it I will have a look at it when Im done with the fist and decide what will look better.  I have to say Im enjoying watching what you're doing with your knight.  Bold move cutting up the legs.  I think it would be interesting to do if I ever got another but Id be glad I had built one first before playing around :p. Good luck to you and I'll keep watching.

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Interesting idea on the defiler claw.  I think its a little more "pointy" than I wanted.  Also I promised a few friends that I would cast them a copy of the fist I make and I couldnt do that (or technically I could but feel I shouldnt) cast something for others that contain GW parts.


Been working on the actual fist tonight though it needs some more work before I start taking some pictures.  I also have to work out some way of smoothing the surfaces out as it should be with an amoured plate.

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Mmm....  Thats very interesting. The spoon for the curve is a good idea.  Wish I had thought of that before getting the milliput out.  Definetly an idea for the future.  The thing looks a little fragile for my liking (I mean its got to withstand a hell of a lot of force).  But definitely something to bare in mind.  Will try to get something fist related up tonight or tomorrow. 

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OK, got to try and get this project going this weekend amongst other activities.


Ive got the support for the arm joint done.  May just add a pivot point on each side but that may just end up as an air trap when I try to cast it up (I dont have a vacuum chamber after all).


Ive also got a picture of the finger ready for casting.


I know it doesnt look like much of a finger at this point but trust that it will do.  Im just a little worried about sized in comparison to the fist.
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Ive got the upper section of the arm ready for making a cast.  I did decide to put pivot points on the piston support.  Ive just got to hope now that it doesnt act as an air trap.



@Passionfruit:  As Im casting up some and have the moulds Im happy to make some extra until the mould wears out.  After mine and my friends I will probably be able to produce about 10 of the fists (maybe a few more as there arent any large undercuts.

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OK so the casting came out alright.  The pivot points were a little of an air bubble issue (will have to hold the mould at an angle next time and see if that helps.  So Ive started to build the left arm with the cast:


Ive also got the fist pretty much done.  Here is the front (the two groves are to make room for the rotating mechanism for the fingers in a similar way to the reaver titan:


And then this is the back with the gap for the thumb:


It looks a little messy because of the greenstuff to fill in holes.  When the arm has dried I will put it together so you can see what it looks like before I cast it up.  Probably be in an hour or two.

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OK, time for a dry fit with blue tack.  Overall Im pretty happy with it.  Fingers fit well and are in different positions so look quite interesting and the size seems fine.  Sorry about the quality of the pics (need to find my camera and stop using my phone):


When I have recast the fingers and cast the fist I will take some better pictures.

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So it appears that finding my camera wasnt the difficult bit.  The challenge was finding batteries! (And getting a decent picture without a light box, which apparently has been thrown out!  Damn!)


OK, so this is about the best I can manage.  The positioned fingers and fist is now covered in blue goo (RTV rubber).







Again, its not very neat looking from the green stuff thats filling in any gaps/imperfections.  The casts should look nicer.

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