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Brotherhood of the Angels 2014

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Sons of the Lion! It is time to remember the forgotten sons of the Lion's pride. The data banks of the Tower of Angels have lost some of their much valued information and all effort is being directed to retrieving them We must record the history of our lost brothers and honour their name!



So arm yourselves with your quills and your cogitators!

Activate your savants and servitors!

Gather your thoughts and let loose the Brotherhood of Angels!


The Brotherhood of Angels (BHoA) is a Dark Angels Forum Event aimed at participants creating unique DIY Unforgiven chapter histories. In other words you enter the event by submitting a written description of an unforgiven chapter that you have created.




There are two ways to enter, both requiring you to submit a completed Index Astartes article about your chosen chapter.


1. Write a completely new Index Astartes Article, based on the structure below, on the Chapter you have created and submit it for the event.


2. Take a chapter you may have created in the past for previous contests including the BHoA 2012 and update it and upgrade it to the BHoA 2014 level and then re-submit it. We encourage all those who had previously submitted such an article to review it and upgrade it and then resubmit it.


3. Make an oath in this thread in the following manner

I, , chapter master of the >, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers.


1. The article should have minimum 2000 words

2. It should include the livery of your chapter using the Space Marine Painter with at least one image each of Power Armour, Terminator Armour, Scout Armour and Captain. All B&C painters

3. The chapter should be of your own creation.




The article should include the following sections, most of which are self explanatory.



  • FOUNDING:- 3RD [M.32]
Chapter Name:


Origins: Include Founding if it is known; What made that Chapter come into being; Are they a Successor of a Successor?


Chapter Home World: Description of the home world along with an image if possible.


Present Activities: Narrative about the Chapter at the dawn of the 41st Millennium


Battle Honours: Short descriptions of famous battles and outcomes in chapter history


Chapter Organization: The way the chapter is made up, where they differ from Codex Astartes; Deathwing, Ravenwing, battlecompany? Inner Circle?


Fleet Assets: Description of the chapters fleet strength, vessel names and any significant fleet action based conflicts.


Recruitment: How neophytes are recruited.


Chapter Colours: Livery/colour schemes (Include Space Marine Painter images)


Battle Standards or Chapter Banners (Optional):


Battle Honours/relics/decorations/awards: Description of specific awards, honorariums and honours.


Combat Doctrine: How they fight. Deathwing & Ravenwing in use?; Armor Heavy?; Specializations?; Intolerances?


Battle Cry: "Poke 'em in the eye!" or "Repent! For tomorrow you die!"


Home World or Home Fleet (if Fleet based)


Local rituals: Any rituals in their home world/base.


Beliefs: Unique beliefs and practices.


Gene-Seed: Description of origin and current status. Dark Angels, Obviously!


Champions of the Chapter: Special characters ( As many as you wish)





Once you make your oath you may wear the following banner in your signature




Once you complete your submission you will be given a chapter badge that you may wear next to your BHoA participation banner as follows:




The two may be combined to create a single 300 x 100 banner:



http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Banner.jpg http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Badge_01_Angels_Penitent.jpg or http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Banner.jpghttp://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Badge_01_Angels_Penitent.jpg

If as part of your submission you also created a unique DIY chapter banner you may use this banner instead:








Once your submission has been accepted not only will you be given unique chapter badge to wear proudly but your submission will be converted in to a fully fledged PDF booklet and be placed on the Fortress of the Unforgiven website for posterity. You may download, print and if you so wish bind it in to a real booklet.


Below is an example using the most comprehensive chapter history submitted during the BHoA 2012, the Angels Penitant





+ + + PRAISE BE THE LION + + +

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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Edited by Grand Master Belial
Numbered the entries and made each entry on a separate line.
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I, Grand Master Belial, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of the chapters of the Saints of the Angels, Questing Brothers and Adamant Angels and it's honoured brothers.


These are to resubmissions from the 2012 BotA campaign to bring them up to 2000 words and and some new photos.

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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What an incentive to finally come up with the background for my successor chapter!

Count me in. How long does the BHoA's go for?

I, Cod, chapter master of the Angels of Revelation, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers.

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Please forgive my deviation from the format of the oath, but Brule the Spear-Slayer is a character in another of my DIYs, so I had to use another name.

Edited by Brule the Spear-Slayer
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I, Grotsmasha, Chapter Master of the Heralds of Devastation, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers.


Righto then, take two, I got halfway done for BHoA '12, let's see if I can finish it this time......that pdf is a real motivator I tell you.




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I have been looking forward to a suitable event to participate in. This is more than so - count me in.

I, Brother Librarian Giles, Chief Librarian of the Harbingers of Repentance, in the name of the Lion, make this oath to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brethren.


+++Oath completed: 2014-04-29+++

Edited by BrotherLibrarianGiles
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  • FOUNDING: 10th Founding
  • CHAPTER MASTER: Silverfist, Grand Master of the Adamant Angels
  • CHAPTER WORLD: Virgo Lamda Phi 372
  • FORTRESS MONASTERY: The Heart of the Rook
  • MAIN COLORS: Black and Gray
  • SPECIALITY: Xenos Hunters
  • BATTLE CRY: "Strength inside and out!"
  • CURRENT STRENGTH: 842 Battle Brothers 

AA Master

AA Master2


The Adamant Angels were founded during the Tenth Founding after the Imperium's Space Marines suffered grievous losses during one of the early Black Crusades of the Despoiler. In a need to rebuild the numbers of humanity's finest warriors, the High Lords of Terra commissioned the creation of a multitude of chapters. With so many Progenoid Glands of the fallen marines being exposed to the taint of Chaos, most were not harvested for fear of contamination. With even the resources of the gene banks on Terra  stretched, the use of the Dark Angels geneseed was authorized to help make up the losses.
The secretive Unforgiven chapters were quick to take advantage of the situation and began mentoring the new chapters and molding them into new Unforgiven chapters. As the fledgling chapters grew they would gain knowledge of the shame of the Unforgiven. The Adamant Angels were amongst the last chapters to earn the knowledge of their fallen brethren due primarily to the fall out surrounding the 13th Founding.
The Adamant Angels took to the news with a grim resolve that is the hallmark of those blessed by the Lion. The records of their exploits came in torrents as squads took on companies and companies took on chapters. This purge of the tainted and mutated crystalized during these campaigns so that they do not tolerate any abhuman, mutation or alien in their midst. This zeal has led to the Adamant Angels to  taking up arms against First Founding Chapters like the Blood Angels, Salamanders, Iron Hands and the Space Wolves as well as any Imperial Guard regiment that has Ratlings or Ogryns within their ranks.
With the chapter embroiled in the purge of mutant chapters founded in the 13th founding, the Inner Circle of the Adamant Angels took the information of the Fallen Dark Angels a little too casually for the rest of the Unforgiven. To the Adamant Angels, they were just another impure renegade marine to be purged. 
Virgo Lamda Phi 372 is a mineral rich world that is a miner's paradise but with one glaring issue, there is no water. With no water or plant life, there is very little erosion leaving the surface a near pristine rocky landscape. The mining teams followed the veins of raw ores and precious stones until they struck a layer of adamantium deep in the crust of the world. This uniform layer seems to be the reason for the lack of water and the planet's greatest resource. Out side the layer, asteroids would break apart on the layer and the fragments would become a part of the worlds ever growing crust while the volcanic activity is confined beneath - unable to breach the surface. The heating action below has allowed the layer to flow and seal any potential breaches. Leaving a silvery surface virtually unblemished. 
The Adamant Angels train on the airless surface while forges and collector crews harvest the molten adamantium to construct components to be used in massive hive cities, starships and massive engines of war. The Adamant Angels get a portion of the material to replenish their own resources and as payment for keeping the region secure so that necessary provisions can be delivered to the facilities while seeing that the precious metal can get to where it is needed most.
Their fortress monestary lies deep benath the surface of the world in the old mine shafts that had been expanded and reinforced to become a hidden fortress able to withstand prolonged bombardment.
The Adamant Angels has two active areas of engagement that has taken up most of the Chapter's resources. The first is active within the area of the Maelstrom pursing renegades and mutants. The other is assisting the Ordos Xenos and the Deathwatch in crushing the expansion of the Tau sphere of influence and attacking any imperial forces that turned gene-traitor and sided with the xenos. Many of the Deathwatch squads operating in the area have an Adamant Angel in their ranks.
But each company of the chapter has brothers left behind to oversee the indoctrination and training of new brothers collected from the local systems that have benefitted from their protection. Many of the high-priority shipments will have a demi-squad of marines aboard to protect the cargo and they often return with a number of aspirants in an effort to replenish their numbers.
The Dragonslayers of Skrillax VII
Elements of the Adamant Angels 1st and 4th companies dropped onto Skrillax VII to run down and eliminate the 6th Company of the Black Dragons. The under strength company had taken refuge in the ruins of a former fortress of the Black Templars to repair and rearm. The Adamant Angels set down and cordoned off the area around the fortress while the squadrons of the 2nd Company attached to the task force scoured the area for any hidden entrances and exits. Squads of Black Dragons were holed up in the highlands around the area acting as scouts and guerrilla fighters. While their resistance was worthy of respect, they could not stand up to the might of two full companies of Adamant Angels. 
With the area secured and with no possible escape for the Black Dragons, the Adamant Angels attacked. Racing towards the Fortress, the 2nd Company drove into range for their teleport homers to signal the insertion of three squads of Terminators. Once inside, the Black Dragon defense could not hold. Their hardened bone blades were of no use against the thick ceramite of the Terminators. Four squads were brought down within the walls of their own fortress, while two more escaped only to be caught by the cordon of the 4th Company. The ammo depleted Black Dragons sold their lives trying to fight their way free, but the Adamant Angels stood solid and not a single Dragon breached the cordon. Their bodies and armor were immolated under the melta and flamer.
The Fall of Daross Prime
The Adamant Angels respond to a distress call about a world under attack by orks. Shortly after making planet fall, an Imperial Guard regiment arrives with an Ogryn detachment. The planetary rulers hail the arrival of the regiment with as much celebration as would be allowed. Chapter Master Stonehammer, disgusted that abhumans would be lauded as heroes, executes the planetary rulers and wipes out the  Ogryns before returning back to his battle barge and purging the planet of life with cyclonic torpedoes and virus bombs. 
The Lightning Strike
After running down a group of renegade marines, the Adamant Angels were assaulted by the Night Lords. The Chaos Space Marines thought they were attacking the Adamant Angels at their most vulnerable, but instead found a force capable of standing firm even in the action of leaving a world. The Adamant Angels's resolve saw the beleaguered rear guard through until the rest of the force could return to the planet's surface via drop pod and gunship. In turn, the Adamant Angels began to cut off the Night Lord's routes of escape while the rear guard continued to stand alone and bear the brunt of the assault. The Night Lords quickly realized that they were being cut off and attempted a fighting retreat. The rear guard, after suffering many casualties, pushed the Night Lords into the waiting guns of their brethren. Thirty Adamant Angels never left the field of battle but in return the Night Lords had lost forty-five Crusade era veterans and seven more to capture.
The Adamant Angels have taken up the organization of the Unforgiven Chapters like most of those who know they have the geneseed of the Lion. The Chapter does not name their Companies. Instead they name only specialized groups like their Adamantine Knights within their 1st Company and the Steel Riders of the 2nd Company. Though never mentioned in their presence the whole of the 1st Company and by extension the Inner Circle are known as 'The Unyielding.'

AA Term

Unyielding Terminator

AA Term DW

Unyielding Terminator w/ Deathwatch Honor


While they are a part of the Unforgiven, the Dark Angels have not imparted upon the chapter the secrets or the parts necessary to maintain any Dark Shrouds, Dark Talons or the Corvex-pattern jet bike used by the Master of the 2nd Company.
The Adamant Angels have a number of quite capable ship captains to helm each of their mighty vessels as well as a number of Techmarines and Tech priests to keep each one operational. Even with the Adeptus Mechanicum present on their homeword, the Adamant Angels do not have an overabundance of Techmarines and the relationship is strained to say the least. For any Adamant Angel that comes to know that an Adept of Mars casually threw out parts of their humanity for cybernetics is a seen as an aberration and should be purged.


AA Marine

Adamant Angel

AA Marine DW

Adamant Angel w/ Deathwatch Honor

AA Scout



AA Apoth2


AA Chap


AA Lib


AA Tech


Due to the nature of their homeworld, the chapter has a large number of ships at its command. They maintain 9  operational battle barges and over 30 Hunter-class Destroyers along with a number of smaller escort vessels. 
The Adamant Angels are always bringing new aspirants taken from wherever their travels take them. The Adamant Angels continually send out battle barges filled with supplies and brothers ready for battle and return with any aspirants as well as those wounded brothers unable to fight.  Those marines that are assigned to guard precious cargo will usually return with any number of aspirants while the Chaplains visit their recruitment worlds. 

The Adamant Angels wear predominantly black armor with gray chest plates, greaves, and shoulder pads and arms. The Chapter Badge of a black winged rook features on the right shoulder pad instead of the traditional left as most Sergeants will have served in the Deathwatch and maintain the the left silver arm and Deathwatch Shoulder Plate.

Outside the Deathwatch colors, the colors vary little between the different companies. The differences show up in the robes; the higher up the brother, the more silver that shows up on the robes. The Adamantine Knights wear robes of overlapping adamantium scales and the Masters wear robes of chain-mail unless they too are in Tactical Dreadnought Armor in which case they also wear the scaled robe
The Adamant Angels have very few relics as some have been lost, some have been destroyed and the few that remain are pressed back into service to be used to take down any strong opponent that arises.
The Thunder Hammer 'Sunderer' is currently in the hands of a Terminator Sergeant using the relic to crush Tau fortifications with a single mighty swing. Sunderer has continually shown an overly powerful disruption field far stronger than that capable of even a Dreadnought's Seismic Hammer. The number of vehicles and fortresses that have been destroyed outright by the hammer is staggering, but to the Adamant Angels, it is just another tool to fight a continual war against traitors, mutants and xenos.
The brethren of the Adamant Angels are known for taking to the field in large numbers. This has usually come from their myriad of missions against marines deemed tainted either by mutation or corruption. In most cases, marines that face off against each other are on a near equal footing. The Adamant Angels attempt to gain an advantage through number superiority and their Primarch's gift of being able to read their opponents to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses. 
Of particular note is the chapter's use of the undetermined number of brothers assigned to their first and second companies which typically number more than a hundred brothers. These oversized formations are more often the difference in victory or death.
While not a formal procedure, every sergeant and veteran of the Adamant Angels has completed their tour of service amongst the Deathwatch. Nearly a full company of brothers are currently serving the many watches in the galaxy to find out new threats and how to deal with them. Their returns are a cause of celebration and they are given the right to keep the silver arm as a reminder of their service and makes them stand out for promotion.
"Strength inside and out!"
The Adamant Angels believe in the purity of their geneseed and the purity of humanity. It is an affront that a person would give himself into corruption or allow a mutation to exist. The Adamant Angels take to the rigors of their own purification with the same level of determination that they use for their battle practices.
The Adamant Angels utilize the geneseed of the Lion and follow the rigid protocols set forth by the Dark Angels to see to their harvesting and maintaining their purity. 
Silverfist - Grand Master of the Chapter
So named because of the bionic he had received as a scout taking on a group of orks and killing their leader by shoving a grenade down the beast's throat. It was later reaffirmed in the Deathwatch as he took up a power fist to be used to deadly effect against orks, eldar and the tau. Silverfist had only recently taken command of the chapter, but he has already seen his chapter to victory.
Xeon - Navis Nobilite Libraria - Grand Master of the Librarians
As a boy, Xeon fled his Navigator home and took part in the trials to become a marine. His transition into an Astartes woke his Navigator genes to the shock of the Librarium and the Inner Circle. Faced with death for being an aberration in the chapter. Xeon submitted to the most rigorous of purity tests. Once cleared, his awakened powers have been altered by the genetic enhancements to allow him to perceive the thoughts of those around him like the flow of the warp. As a consequence, he can see anyone who has been tainted by Chaos with just a glance and can see the flow of a battle and the changes quickly making him an advisor that few can challenge.
Ironheart - Grand Master of the Chaplains
One of the oldest brothers in the chapter and one of the few officers to have not served with the Deathwatch. His prowess in battle is inspirational in that he has faced numerous xenos and emerged victorious against all of them without the training and even the weaponry available to the Deathwatch. Indeed, he has taken to only elevating brothers to chaplains who have not served in the Deathwatch as an additional sign that the chapter is strong enough on its own. 
Steelfoot - Master of the Unyielding
Another brother who had been augmented with bionics. One leg to the Deathwatch and the other to the chapter. He has embodied the Unyielding moniker by hold his ground even as ordinance falls around him and has intentionally stepped on mines and grenades so that the erupt around his lower extremities with no significant damage done to himself. Even the dreadnoughts in his company have take on the idea in an effort to save their brethren. 
Ferros on Steelwind - Master of the Steel Riders
A good rider who became great in the Deathwatch. His kill team included a Ravenwing and a White Scar and the three challenged each other to feats of skill worthy of any chapter, but Ferros was able to hold his own and now, back amongst his chapter, there is no brother more skilled on a bike than him. His own Steel Riders have benefited from his experiences and the stories of how they have taken their prey are becoming legends in their own right.

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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UGH!!! I can't get the BBCodes to work right.


Well this is one of three basically done save for the Chapter Badge. It is a simple design but I need to know how to render it on a computer.



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Brule, how did you create your picture, icons in your sig and avatar?


Hopefully I can create some suitably rendered pictures for my own chapters.


The oath image was mildly time-consuming, but not overly complex. The scroll with seal and rope was found in a Google image search (I think it was for "scroll"). The text was drawn in Microsoft Paint using a script font. First, I saved a medium brown from the scroll as a background color because I wanted the text to blend instead of having white artifacts on the edges. I also made some minor tweaks to the text, moving lines a few pixels to the left or right (because handwriting is never as precise as a wordprocessor). I really should have adjusted individual characters left, right, down, and up, but I didn't have the time (maybe I'll go back and add those imperfections later). I then pasted the text as a layer over the scroll in Adobe Photoshop (old version, I can't afford a newer one :sad.: ). All of the brown was removed (turned transparent). I moved the entire block of text to get it where I wanted, and created two duplicate layers. The bottom layer was blurred in order to get the text to blend with the underlying scroll image better. The medium layer was reduced in opacity (about 75%, I think). The top layer was given a filter (I think I used a spray) and then reduced to about 25% opacity. The final portion was the lion watermark. That's another image I found on the Internet. The original image was red, so I used Photoshop to turn the red to black (I probably used a much more difficult sequence of steps than I needed, but I'm self-taught in Photoshop and, therefore, very inefficient). I then copied the black version as a new layer over the scroll. All of the blank space was removed (turned transparent) and I added an artistic filter to the remaining black areas (colored pencils, I think) and reduced the opacity to make it a lighter grey. After all of that was done, I cropped the image.


The signature images were done at different times.


The Avenging Lions image was a combination of Microsoft Paint and Photoshop. I drew the base images (the gold lion shield and the black aquila) in Paint. I then used Photoshop to add a mild sheen to the gold shield. The aquila served as the background, with the empty space rendered transparent. I then added the shield as a new layer, likewise rendering the empty space transparent.


The Accusers was probably the most time-consuming. If I recall correctly, the eagle/hawk head was taken from the Raptors shoulder pads from Forge World (or maybe Land Raider/Rhino doors). I added the line down the beak. All of this was done on a dark red background (that's the color of the shoulder pad background so I wanted the image to blend without inappropriate color artifacts. The halo was drawn in Paint, drawing the circles and then adding the halo spikes by copying, pasting, and rotating for symmetry. I then used both images in Photoshop, rendering blank space transparent to create the finished image.


The Inferno Wardens was fairly simple. I found the basic shield shape using a Google image search, though I later adjusted it based on feedback. The shield was colored white in Paint. The fitchy cross was drawn in Paint, a single blue color. I then used Photoshop to superimpose the cross on the shield, and then lighting effects to create the gradual shading.


I hear that GIMP can do the basic things that Photoshop can do, though I've never used it.


If you draw your basic image in Paint and save it as a gif, post it here. I might be able to spruce it up for you (though there are many members here that are much more accomplished with graphic programs than me).

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Ouch...challenge approuved !


I, Galthan Ironsturm, Death Bearer, Grand Master of the Death Reaper Chapter, in the name of the Lion, make this oath to submit a complete
history of my chapter and it's honoured brethren.




[EDIT] Where is the link for : Space Marine Painter please ?


[EDIT-2] Thanks Brother Tyler !

Edited by Galthan Ironsturm
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I, Fater Supernus Jehoel, Grand Master of Chaplains of the Angels Unrelenting chapter, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers.

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I, Grand Master Abiathar, chapter master of the Raven Order, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers.


Obviously most of our screen names probably aren't the chapter masters of our DIYs. Usually.

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Wow, nine oath makers already! That is excellent.


GMB, you're showing the way in no uncertain terms, the Inner Circle leading the way from the front! :)


Brule: Love the oath and the presentation. Just looking forward to your submission.


It's good to see painting juggernauts like cod and grot taking up the quill instead of their paint brushes along with newconmners to the fold!


Exciting times ahead...my only regret is I'm going to have to find time to create those PDFs.... I expect that I will do them as completed submissions are displayed on this board.



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Well I have always made my home over in the Liber but with circumstances changing in my life (first born child on the way) as well as deciding its time I re-invent myself in the hobby I think this is a good way to go.  Combining my new ideas with my old so to speak and to get such a awesome reward at the end (Tasty looking PDF) I think its time to start this thing...


I, Silver Phoenix, vow to re-awaken the great Scriptorium servitors and chant the Litany of Purification upon the ancient cogitators that have lain silent for so long to provide a detailed telling of a Chapter of the Unforgiven (Chapter name pending). A Chapter whom stand apart from their brethren and Primogenitors. A Chapter whose own dark secret rivals that of the Fallen.  I shall tell of their history and bring glory to these honoured brothers...


Happy, Capt Semper.  You told me last year I should abandon the Liber and come over to the Dark (Angel) Side...

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