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  1. So I've decided to paint some White Consuls as thats what I was thinking when I got back into the hobby back in January. I was doing Dark Angels but I'm really not feeling them at all (I even vowed to do a Deathwing squad in the Dark Angels subforum but I honestly can't be bothered with the DA so I'm gonna be an oathbreaker it seems! ) and I've always loved the Ultramarines and their successors and always find myself drawn back to them. Started with the Corax white Spray Primer and then I've used Ulthaun Grey as a basecoat and this is as far as I've got so far until I know what colour helmet a Consuls hat is. I'm thinking Blue as they seem by their fluff to go inverse of the Ultras. Also brought some Easy to build Intercessors as they're cheap and easy to spray up etc and I'm thinking of using this one without the vox or sensor or whatever he holds usually. And finally for now I also brought a easy to build Dreadnought that was already built and sprayed in Caliban green. I've used Biostrip 20 to get the undercoat off and I've just sprayed it with Corax white so I'll add the Ulthaun grey next over the next few days
  2. Just getting back into the hobby after being gone for about 9 years. Making my own chapter that was founded after the first Terran Crusade by the Black Templars and Imperial Fists. Think World War stormtrooper types. Use BT rules. C&C welcome. Plan on adding some fluff as I go also
  3. Hey team! One proviso before I ask my question: I don't own either the Ultramarines or White Scars supplements, I'm asking for future supplement releases. Does the wording of the supplements' Doctrines+1 allow for Successors of those Chapters to use the Doctrines+1? If yes, is it limited to Inheritors of the Primarch? Or are the Successors allowed to pick their two Chapter Tactics from pages 176 and 177 of the Codex? What are the restrictions around use of Warlords Traits, Relics and Stratagems (named Characters obviously are limited to the actual <CHAPTER>)?
  4. Hey Bolter and Chainsword crowd! I am new to the forums and back to the game thanks to 8th coming out. I havn't played since 5th ended, and at that point sold all of my armies except for my Grey Knights. I like having options in the primary game I am playing and so now that I am back, I wanted to build a new army that has more options than GK's. One of the armies I had always wanted to do back in the day was a White Scars bike army, however that never came to be. Then when I got the 8th ed SM codex I started looking at some of the successor chapters for WS and found that I really liked the Yellow and Black combo of the Destroyers. While they have little interesting fluff written about them, the fact that they are almost zealously loyal to the mission seemed cool to me. Anyway with that I dived in and started picking up SM stuff, but one thing I noticed was that you could get all the Primaris piecemeal cheaply on eBay, so I picked up a starter box worth of stuff for them too. Then before I knew it I had more Primaris marines than normal. As I am sure your saying now as you read this, I to said to myself, "wait what am I doing, I wanted to build a bike army." So then it kind of became a two pronged project. Bikes and Primaris... so I went back and read the fluff about Primaris and realized that the Destroyers and their zealous nature would make them perfect candidates to receive a Primaris rebuff of troops. Ok cool, so now I am doing Primaris and Bikes, but I had also always wanted to try and do some kind of "build a company of a chapter". So if I am going to do that with some accuracy I better do some planing. So I came up with this break down of 2 companies, one that is Primaris heavy, and one that is bike heavy. I figured too, for fun, that I would choose names of a Russian origin for my the 3rd Chapter, and a Romanian/Brom Stoker-esq names for 5th Company. Progress: Red = Owned, Orange = Built, Green = Painted 3rd Company (Red) “Heralds of Destruction”: Command Primaris Captain “Alexei Chernenko” 2 Primaris Lieutenants “Ivan Skavar” and “Iosef Lennon” Primaris Librarian “Pyotr Yezhov” Primaris Chaplain “” Primaris Ancient “Sgt Sergey Romanov” 2 Primaris Apothecary “” and “” Company Champion “Brother Leonid ‘The Black Knight’” 2 Honor Guard “The Black Knight’s Sword and Shield” 1st Squad: 10 man Intercessor Squad “The Heralds” 2nd Squad: 10 man Intercessor Squad “Brothers Grimm” 3rd Squad: 10 man Tactical Squad “Dead Men Walking” 4th Squad: 10 man Reiver Squad “The Punishers” 5th Squad: 10 man Hellblaster Squad “Immolation Corp” 6th Squad: 3 man Aggressor Squad “Raining Death” 7th Squad: 3 man Inceptor Squad “Black Wind” 8th Squad: 3 man Inceptor Squad “Yellow Jackets” 9th Squad: Ironclad Dreadnaught “Brother Yuri, ‘The Hammer’” 10th Squad: 3 man Centurion Devastator Squad “The Hellfire Club” 11th Squad: 10 man Tactical Squad “The Ebon Cavaliers” (Reserves) 12th Squad: 5 man Scout Squad “The Mad Men” (Reserves) 13th Squad: 5 man Scout Squad “The Shepherds” (Reserves) 14th Squad: Relic Leviathan Dreadnought “Brother Grigory, ‘The Engine’” (Reserves) 15th Squad: 3 man Aggressor Squad “The Purgation Squad” (Reserves) 16th Squad: Redemptor Dreadnought “Brother Dmitry, ‘The Iron Curtain’” (Reserves) Motor Pool: 2 Tech Marines “” Primaris Repulsor “The Reaper” Primaris Repulsor “The Harvester” Rhino “” Razorback “The Black Coach” Whirlwind "" Landspeeder Storm “The Ghost” Landspeeder Storm “The Banshee’s Keen” Stormtalon Gunship “Gargoyle” Xiphon Interceptor “Skaveling” 5th Company (Black) “The Endbringers”: Command Captain on Bike “Vladimir Tepes on Scholomance” Librarian on Bike “Artur Orlok” Chaplain on Bike “” Lieutenant “” Apothecary on Bike “Doc Stein” 5 Company Vets on Bike “Sgt Arlov and The Four Horseman” 1st Squad: 10 man Tactical Squad “The Eternal” 2nd Squad: 10 man Bike Squad “The Dark Riders” 3rd Squad: 10 man Bike Squad “The Huntsman’s Hounds” 4th Squad: 9 man Scout Bike Squad “The Retrievers” 5th Squad: 5 man Sniper Scout Squad “Eyes of the Emperor” 6th Squad: 5 man Sniper Scout Squad “Hands of the Emperor” 7th Squad: 5 man Devastator Squad “Ashes to Ashes” 8th Squad: 3 Attack Bikes “Sudden Death” 9th Squad: 10 man Hellblaster Squad “Dust to Dust” 10th Squad: 10 man Sternguard Vets “Bolters of Vengeance” (On loan from 1st Company) 11th Squad: 10 man Vanguard Vets “The Warbringers” (On loan from 1st Company) 12th Squad: 5 Land Speeders “The Furies” (Reserves) ​ 13th Squad: 5 man Devastator Squad “Soldiers of the Eclipse” (Reserves) Motor Pool: 2 Techmarine on Bike “” Techmarine “” Rhino “” Rhino “” Razorback “Lead Poisoning” Whirlwind "Black Sky" Whirlwind "Blood Moon" Stormtalon Gunship “Thunder” Xiphon Interceptor “Lightning” Xiphon Interceptor "Cyclone" 3 Predators “” So yea, thats a giant list. Not something I will do quickly, or even potentially complete, but its a road map that will help me make sure I am consistent with all my markings and such. And I thought joining everyone here would be a great motivation to keep working on things and sharing them with an awesome community! Without further adue, here are the first 2 marines I painted as a test batch of the color scheme. They are also members of 3rd Company's 1st Squad, "The Heralds". So I also have some custom chapter symbol transfers that I will be adding to the above models along with 4 more marines that I am so close to finishing. Here is a snippet of the sheet.
  5. Well I am going all in with Primaris for 8th. Hell I am going to be playing again as well. With this I have chosen to retire my Blades of Alaric. (5 years project) But 8th and the Primaris gives me a new lease of life. I am super looking forward to this. Colours will be the same as before maybe a little more gold on trims. Messing with PS gave me an idea what they might look like. I can't wait to get my paws on these guys.
  6. My start on a Squad. Shoulder pads are 3D printed Custom Minis, ( Shapeways ). Will be at least 6 squads.
  7. http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Announcement_Banner.jpg Sons of the Lion! It is time to remember the forgotten sons of the Lion's pride. The data banks of the Tower of Angels have lost some of their much valued information and all effort is being directed to retrieving them We must record the history of our lost brothers and honour their name! So arm yourselves with your quills and your cogitators! Activate your savants and servitors! Gather your thoughts and let loose the Brotherhood of Angels! INTRODUCTION: The Brotherhood of Angels (BHoA) is a Dark Angels Forum Event aimed at participants creating unique DIY Unforgiven chapter histories. In other words you enter the event by submitting a written description of an unforgiven chapter that you have created. HOW TO ENTER: There are two ways to enter, both requiring you to submit a completed Index Astartes article about your chosen chapter. 1. Write a completely new Index Astartes Article, based on the structure below, on the Chapter you have created and submit it for the event. 2. Take a chapter you may have created in the past for previous contests including the BHoA 2012 and update it and upgrade it to the BHoA 2014 level and then re-submit it. We encourage all those who had previously submitted such an article to review it and upgrade it and then resubmit it. 3. Make an oath in this thread in the following manner ENTRY CRITERIA: 1. The article should have minimum 2000 words 2. It should include the livery of your chapter using the Space Marine Painter with at least one image each of Power Armour, Terminator Armour, Scout Armour and Captain. All B&C painters 3. The chapter should be of your own creation. STRUCTURE OF THE ARTICLE: The article should include the following sections, most of which are self explanatory. Summary: GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR):- FOUNDING:- 3RD [M.32] CHAPTER MASTER:- CHAPTER WORLD:- T FORTRESS MONASTERY:- MAIN COLOURS:- SPECIALITY:- BATTLE CRY:- CURRENT STRENGTH:- KNOWN DESCENDANTS:- Chapter Name: Origins: Include Founding if it is known; What made that Chapter come into being; Are they a Successor of a Successor? Chapter Home World: Description of the home world along with an image if possible. Present Activities: Narrative about the Chapter at the dawn of the 41st Millennium Battle Honours: Short descriptions of famous battles and outcomes in chapter history Chapter Organization: The way the chapter is made up, where they differ from Codex Astartes; Deathwing, Ravenwing, battlecompany? Inner Circle? Fleet Assets: Description of the chapters fleet strength, vessel names and any significant fleet action based conflicts. Recruitment: How neophytes are recruited. Chapter Colours: Livery/colour schemes (Include Space Marine Painter images) Battle Standards or Chapter Banners (Optional): Battle Honours/relics/decorations/awards: Description of specific awards, honorariums and honours. Combat Doctrine: How they fight. Deathwing & Ravenwing in use?; Armor Heavy?; Specializations?; Intolerances? Battle Cry: "Poke 'em in the eye!" or "Repent! For tomorrow you die!" Home World or Home Fleet (if Fleet based) Local rituals: Any rituals in their home world/base. Beliefs: Unique beliefs and practices. Gene-Seed: Description of origin and current status. Dark Angels, Obviously! Champions of the Chapter: Special characters ( As many as you wish) REWARDS: Once you make your oath you may wear the following banner in your signature http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Banner.jpg Once you complete your submission you will be given a chapter badge that you may wear next to your BHoA participation banner as follows: http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Badge_01_Angels_Penitent.jpg The two may be combined to create a single 300 x 100 banner: http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Banner.jpg http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Badge_01_Angels_Penitent.jpg or http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Banner.jpghttp://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Badge_01_Angels_Penitent.jpg If as part of your submission you also created a unique DIY chapter banner you may use this banner instead: http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_2014_Banner_Artificer.jpg THE BIGGEST REWARD Once your submission has been accepted not only will you be given unique chapter badge to wear proudly but your submission will be converted in to a fully fledged PDF booklet and be placed on the Fortress of the Unforgiven website for posterity. You may download, print and if you so wish bind it in to a real booklet. Below is an example using the most comprehensive chapter history submitted during the BHoA 2012, the Angels Penitant http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/BHoA_012_0X.jpg + + + PRAISE BE THE LION + + +
  8. Good day to you all, sons of Sanguinius. As part of the Liberalia Martiale, I come bringing a thought experiment, mainly to jig some of those old creativity cells in your noggin. Now, as we all know, Blood Angels successor chapters exhibit certain traits, as codified by the various codices dedicated to the Blood Angels. However, in the wide, wide galaxy that is the Imperium, anything can happen. What if these traits exhibited themselves differently? What if you had to represent the Death Company in a totally different way? Perhaps through the lens of a different codex. But which one? Dark Angels? Space Wolves? Vanilla? That choice is up to you. The point to the exercise, as suggested in the title, is to think outside of the box. For example: The Red Sentinels A later founding of Blood Angel stock, the Red Sentinels operate on the border between the Segmentum Solar and the Segmentum Tempestus. The Chapter, known and respected for their monastic ways, have often not only revered Sanguinius as their gene-father, but also as the son of a deity - the God-Emperor. Sanguinala marks the holiest day for the Red Sentinels, held in higher esteem than even the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension. For the Red Sentinels, the Death Company are fielded on bikes and land speeders, to bring swift death to the foes of the Imperium. Sent on long ranging sorties and penetrating strikes alike, it is surprising that those afflicted have enough control to ride the vehicles long enough to make contact - even if many dismount upon contact with the enemy. As you can see, we have a Blood Angels chapter treated like a Dark Angels chapter on the tabletop, and yet they are still nominally Sanguinius' progeny. Now, this is nothing too serious, it doesn't have to be a work of art or a nominee for the Booker prize, just a little mental jiggery pokery that lasts about two paragraphs. Let's see what you got. Have fun.
  9. Howdy folks, Having recently finished Dark Imperium, I really wanted to unpick how my own DIY successor chapter would react to the events of 8th edition. Here's part 1. I'm looking to pick up the upcoming new Space Marine codex to resolve some unanswered details into the Primaris Space Marine creation before I write the rest. Probably worth having a quick look through my chapter's background to get some of the references. Enjoy. Sun Sitai, the Forge of Nakaris Autumn, the Year of the Serpent 033.M42, the Thirty-Fourth Year of the Indomitus Crusade IT WAS RAINING AGAIN. Sheet hard and nigh on invisible in the night sky, it was felt, rather than heard. It was said that thousands of newcomers undertaking the Trial of the Mountain had been battered to death when the rain had become hail the size of fists. They either survived by finding cover, or added to the Ring of Bone. The rains used to be seasonal, but not now. Nakaris was sick, but it was as if the planet had modified its own meteorology to aid its natural defence system. One did not have to possess Heavensight to ascertain the cause of the planet's malady, you merely had to look up at the ugly tear in the sky. The Cicatrix Maledictum, that's what the Imperial Court called it. Nearly four Terran decades ago, the galactic cesspit known as the Maelstrom was a barely discernible dot in the night sky. Now, the abominable rift had swelled it to astronomically cataclysmic proportions, like the gaping maw of some cosmic beast ready to swallow parts of the Imperium whole, which sadly, it had. By dint of good fortune, the Utrar Khanates, dominion of the Emperor of All's Storm Sons, had been spared the worst of the Great Rift's wholesale slaughter of dozens of Imperial systems as the Maelstrom mutated and swelled, and it had taken the best part of thirty years to begin fortifying and containing the Maledictum's baleful influence. Gone were the innumerable tides of the Greenskins in their endless jihad, or the piratical Aeldari and their unfathomable agendas. In its place was something far more dangerous: the incursions of Chaos, the eternal enemy, for what it did not destroy it corrupted beyond redemption. The rains could still be heard hundreds of feet below the surface, through the particular acoustic qualities of both the Mountain's geology, and the arrangement of chambers carved within. One such chamber was a vast subterranean cave, gleaming with a subtle bioluminescence, its rocky surfaces were adorned with thousands of knots of hair that whistled a low dirge in the breeze, clustered around a small lake. Known as Heaven's Spring, the cave was the literal and spiritual nexus of the Sons of the Storm, and though its primary function remained a mystery to all but the chapter's psychic wardens, it provided an equally important purpose as a war council for the senior echelon of the Storm Sons. The darkness of the cave did not compromise the enhanced vision of its occupants, for they were the Adeptus Astartes: bio-engineered warriors whose genetic enhancements made them superlative instruments of the Imperium's endless wars. A dozen figures stood or paced slowly by the lake's shore in a semi-circle, where they had been for hours, deep in conversation. All deferred to Shah Tomukher-Khan, seventh and current Chapter Master of the Khuu Arga, whose silver and white artificer armour glowed softly in the gloom. He was listening intently, his eyes closed. 'He is not to be trusted, Shah-Khan,' said a warrior in blackened bronze, his bleached topknot marked him out as a Uir-Khan, a battle captain of the ordus. 'And yet, his seal bears the mark of the Avenging Son,' replied the chapter master. 'Lord,' interjected a second figure. A softer, female voice that belonged to the Master of the Fleet, Szu-Sharek. Wearing the neat trim of a Khanate Naval officer, her outline subtly shimmered in a fashion that betrayed her form as a hololithic projection, for no outsider was allowed to tread the depths of Heaven's Spring. 'He may come with the tidings of Shah-Guilliman, yet we are at a stand-off with an Ark Mechanicus fleet that could destroy us in minutes. We are outnumbered, outgunned and outmatched. Their escorts alone are of a pattern unknown to us, and preliminary scans indicate that just two of them would be more than a match for the Fortress of the Winds. Nakaris would be scoured clean if this dilemma is not resolved.' Silence followed, but for the light breeze buffeting the knots of hair, and the faint echo of the unending rain. Presently, the Shah-Khan looked up at the hololithic projection. 'So noted, fleet-master,' the chapter master's voice low and sonorous. 'I have heard the counsel of the living. What say the dead?' The Shah-Khan looked to his right. Whilst the rest of the warriors were armoured in ancient bronze of different patterns and patinations, three of the dozen were clad in a deep blue, decorated with horned skulls and strange runic script inscribed onto their armour. They were the Zadyin Arga, the mystic Stormseers of the chapter, gifted with Heavensight to smite the foes of humanity with elemental force. At the Shah-Khan's request, the eldest of their number slowly waded into the inky blackness of the lake, until he was knee deep in its depths. The Stormseer was called Jelserekh, the Windwaker, and had served the chapter with his gifts for nearly three centuries. Murmuring softly, Windwaker traced a complex pattern in the silt with his silver staff, with the practised ease of a ritual he had performed hundreds of times. For a moment, one could only see the natural luminescence of the cave catching ripples as the seer continued to disturb the water's surface. Slowly, a turquoise ghostfire began to pulse from the bottom of the seer's staff. Within seconds, its flames-that-defied-water had spread quickly across the entirety of the lake, surrounding the Stormseer and lapping violently against his leg greaves. A chill wind blew as the lake glowed brighter still in the ghostfire, and the soft dirge of the hair knots became a whisper, its intensity increasing as dozens of whispers became hundreds, then thousands; all melding into a single, psychic cacophony. The Stormseer appeared to absorb the lakes's radiance, and he slowly turned around to face the Shah-Khan, ghostfire dribbling from the seer's eye sockets onto his cheeks. Windwaker spoke, in a voice that was not quite his own. 'What we hold in our cold dead hands is that which we have given away.' Abruptly as it began, the ghostfire was snuffed out, the howling psychic roar dissipating into a low whisper once again. As the darkness returned, the only perceptible sound was the ragged panting of the Stormseer, who now leaned heavily on his staff as he hauled himself towards the lake's shore. Once on dry land, the Stormseer kowtowed towards the lake, followed by his companions, then all the others. The chapter master was the last to kneel, in a gesture that acknowledged the wisdom of the Storm Sons' ancestors, themselves a fragment of the Emperor of All's divine will. The war council had come to an end. In respect to his seniority, the Shah-Khan was the first to rise. Looking over the assembled kowtowing figures, the chapter master made his proclamation, his slow deliberation entirely replaced by the tone of determination. 'Gather the ordus, we shall receive Cawl's emissary in the Hall of Elements.'
  10. Shenandoah Knights Chapter http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm.php?b62c=@haiWu_hly1H.iakk7____@@@.@_@@..@@@@@@@@@@@hXD48@hXD48@@@@@@@@@@@_hksDA@@@@@@@@@____hksDA.&grid=TRUE Origins It is believed that the Shenandoah Knights chapter were formed as part of the 25th Founding. As it is around this time that the first mentions of the chapter appear in Imperial records. Home World The Shenandoah Knights claim the Shenandoah system in the Segmentum Pacificus as their home and maintain chapter keeps, which bear the title of Knight's Keep, on the inhabited planets in the system. They are Kyboro, Atlantica, Urangara and Lydale. Prior to the Shenandoah Knights claiming the system, it had a proud military history and provided many regiments, which were collectively referred to as the Shenandoah Guard for the Imperial Guard and while the numbers may have dropped, it is tradition that is still continued. Gene-Seed The gene-seed of the Shenandoah Knights is that of the Imperial Fists Legion and they share many of the same traits of that chapter. The chapter shares many personality with the Black Templars and claim their first generation's gene-seed came from the tithes of Black Templars to Terra Organisation The Shenandoah Knights maintain many of the traditions of their parent chapter, one of which is that the chapter is fleet based, even though they claim a system as their own, if not a single world. However their organisation strongly resembles that of the Black Templars, but rather than an ad hoc organisation like that of the Black Templars, the chapter is organised into 4 Priories, three of which are about equivalent in size to that of 3 companies from other chapters and each include their own Armoury, Reclusium and Apothecarium. The fourth Priory is called The Grand Priory, which is the Priory of the Grand Master and includes the chapter’s senior ranks. The chapter has a small number of Terminator suits that are used by the veterans of the Grand Priory. Recruitment The ways that the Knights recruit on each planet varies. However while each Priory recruits from all the planets in the system, each one tends to recruit from a specific planet more than the others and this in turn has had an affect on the character of each Priory. Combat Doctrine Due to being a fleet based chapter that seldom comes together in one place, each Priory has developed their own idiosyncrasies. The third Priory which favours assault over ranged fighting, has a higher number of assault troops. Whereas the second Priory which favours long range tactics, has a higher number of fire support troops. Beliefs The people of the Shenandoah system are strong believers of the Imperial Creed and as such they venerate the Emperor as the God of Man and this has influenced the chapter's own beliefs. This has meant that the chapter have a strong and close relationship with the Ecclesiarchy and the Adepta Sororitas an it's not uncommon for the Knights to be seen fighting alongside Adepta Soroitas forces. But as you can imagine this belief has caused them to have a somewhat strained relationship with other Astartes chapters who do not share their beliefs. Battle Cry To date there has been no recorded battle cry. It almost seems as if the chapter fights in silence and communicate via vox when needed. The only time during battle that anything is uttered is when they have to communicate with another force Notable Member of the Shenandoah Knights Grand Master Waddell - Waddell is the chapter's current Grand Master, He is the second to hold the office in the chapter's history. Grand Master Bulloch - Bulloch was the Shenandoah Knight's first Grand Master and was killed in a warp accident upon the Battle Barge Sea King. The chapter's flagship.
  11. INDEX ASTARTES: THE AURIC BLADES Progenitors: Raven Guard (12th Founding; Approx. late M35) Homeworld: Athule (Feral World; Segmentum Ultima) Fortress-Monastery: The Pinnacle (Lunar Fortress) Combat Doctrine: Primaris Chapter / Mechanised Firefights Successors: None Known or Acknowledged “Breathe deep the vapours, my Brothers, and know the blessings of Valour. Feel the chemical gifts of Corax’ sons in your lungs and know the burden of Chivalry. See past these mundane and tainted stars and see your Quest, and know your Inspiration. Breathe deep the vapours, and be suffused.” -Thirteenth Beseechment of the Codex Valourous The Golden Knights of Athule. The Dreaming Questors. The Emblazoned. The Mad. To their allies and to history the Auric Blades have been known by many great names and lofty titles, but always they have been counted amongst the foremost of Humanity’s champions. The coming of the Auric Blades is heralded by the roar of engines and the whine of grav-plates as the great armoured vehicles of the Chapter roll inevitably forwards. The roar and impact of the guns come next; heavy guns mounted on vehicles or wielded by long-range support squads, and lighter guns fired by Blades on the wing. As the Auric Blades close on their prey, their own voices join the cacophony as squads march up behind the battle tanks and dismount the transports and give voice to the glorious hymns of Athule. The stench of their alchemical vapours waft on the breeze from vials and censers as the Blades themselves finally open fire. Few enemies survive much longer, and none save the most worthy or most terrible ever see the silver shine of their blades. To almost all, the Auric Blades are a sudden and lethal riot of golden armour, explosive munitions and blessed smoke. Bound by their own strange ideals of chivalry and valour, the Auric Blades were a zealous and driven fraternity long before they were brought unto the cusp of extinction by the darkness and conflict of the Great Rift. With the gift of the Ultima Founding, the Auric Blades have been reborn as phoenixes, and now their hallowed hatred rages in a greater inferno than they have ever known before. Guided now by both their own mysterious Inspiration and by a desire to see their honour and legacy restored, the knights of the Auric Blades march once again to war against the enemies of the Imperium. THE CULT OF VALOUR Like all the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, the Auric Blades are defined and shaped by their unique Chapter Cult - the rituals and practises that shape the daily life and psyche of their fraternity. Whilst many Chapters can trace a number of their Cult traditions back to the practises of their progenitors, the Auric Blades seem far more shaped by the unusual chivalry of the Athulians than by the beliefs of Corax’ Raven Guard. There are a few elements which appear to be developments of the original cult - for example the Blades’ habit of coming-of-age hunts and totems may be a development of the Corvia of the Raven Guard - and yet for the most part the Auric Blades stand alone. INSPIRATION More than anything else, it is the Inspiration that defines the Brothers of the Auric Blades and sets them apart from their distant kin in other Chapters. Believed by many to be a flaw or quirk of the Chapter’s geneseed, the Inspiration manifests as strange, ritualised dreams that will guide the actions of the afflicted for the rest of his life. The Inspiration is considered by many of the Chapter’s Apothecary to be in part a chemical shift throughout the entirety of a Marine’s body - a subtle reworking of a large number of processes, though why and to what end remains a mystery to even the most learned. However the Inspiration is most readily seen not through the chemical shifts, but through the great dreams it imparts to the Battle Brothers that are inspired. The Inspiration creates great dreams in those gripped by it. The details of the dream will vary, but it will always take the form of a great hunt. Sometimes the hunt will be conducted alone, and other times they will hunt in great processions. The terrain might vary, as might the exact nature of their monstrous quarry, but it will always be a challenge - the age-old matching of might between Hunter and Beast. The dreams, when they start to come, are vivid - as real to the Inspired as any battle or sermon or training exercise from their waking days. The dreams are analysed in great detail by the Chaplains, for the Auric Blades believe that these dreams reveal the fate and calling of the dreamers. There are a great many archetypes that recur in multiple individuals - the Dream of the Rising Leviathan, the Dream of the Hydra, the Dream of a Hungering Drake, to name a few - but these serve only to provide a starting point for the meaning of the dreams. Chaplains must study for a great many years before they are trusted to interpret a Brother’s Inspiration alone. This fate - this new certainty of purpose - is known as the Quest. It is a call to embody some facet of the Chapter’s duty and version of blazing knighthood. The Quest is the most sombre duty that an Auric Blade can be given, and the dreams are ever a reminder of all that a Brother must be in service to the Emperor and the Primarch Corax. Whilst not all of the Battle Brothers of the Auric Blades will be blessed by the Inspiration, once a Marine begins to dream the dreams will never stop coming to them - each time they close their eyes they will find themselves back on that surreal quest. The dreams will rarely change within an individual, and when they do it is a matter of interest not only for their own journey, but for the Chaplains that guide the Chapter Cult. Whilst in theory there is no formal rank attached to the Inspiration, or any requirement for officers to have been Inspired before they are awarded commands, in practise the Inspiration is everything. In the entire history of the Chapter there have barely been a few dozen Captains, Sergeants and other officers who have not borne the heraldry of the dreamers, and Companies that have few or no Inspired beneath their Captain are considered ill-omened in the extreme. In the most extreme of cases, Captains have petitioned their fellow commanders to second them some of their Inspired Brothers until Inspiration blossoms within their own ranks. Though rare, there are cases of neophytes and recently-inducted Battle Brothers becoming Inspired even there in their comparative youth. These blessed few are considered to be chosen by the Emperor, and generally enjoy a meteoric ascent through the Chapter’s ranks. It is unclear why, but these blessed warriors appear to bring out the Inspiration in those around them in usually unheard of numbers. They become something of a lucky charm for many squads, with veterans who have never been Inspired fighting all the harder to stay beside them in battle, hoping for the Dreams to come. The Inspiration is the responsibility of the Auric Blades’ Chaplains in every sense. It is the Chalains who administer the enlightening drug-fumes before battle or meditation that allow their Battle Brothers the best chance of attaining or mastering the Inspiration; it is the Chaplains that sit and interpret the dreams of the Inspired to find their fate, and; it is the Chaplains that stand as watchers over their Brothers, ever making sure that their strange dreams never stop being Inspiration and start to become the mad whisperings of Chaos. THE GREAT DREAMS Whilst each Inspiration is utterly unique, there are a handful of archetypes and common images that appear with some frequency, allowing the Chaplains to create broad collectives that define the outline of the Inspired’s fate. These are known as the Great Dreams. Some are defined by their prey-adversary, such as the Hungering Drake, in which the great wyrm represents the external crusaders of the Archenemy, or the Mists of the Selkun, where the Inspired must prove victorious through cunning rather than through simple strength of arms. Others, such as the Rising Leviathan, denote the arena in which the Inspired will earn their renown, whilst Inspirations such as the First Quest are more esoteric still, denoting a lonely fate or painful death. To have one of the Great Dreams, however altered, is to know one’s place in the Chapter - to know exactly what one must become to be a hero and to honour the Immortal Emperor. The stranger, rarer dreams offer no such comfort - the bearers of the more unique Inspirations must trust to the skills of their Chaplains and the whims of fate as they attempt to live their Inspiration across the fickle battlegrounds of the Imperium. ORACLES In a rare few cases (barely more than one every century or two) a Brother receives more than his usual share of Inspiration. Rather than a single, unchanging dream, these Blades instead have versions of the Great Dreams that switch and change seemingly every night. Known as “Oracles” these Astartes are believed to be even more in tune with the Inspiration than others, and their dreams are analysed almost constantly in the hope of unearthing some call to action from the Emperor to the Chapter as a whole. There have not been any Oracles for centuries, and some believe that something about the Great Rift or the nature of the Primaris Astartes has ended the very possibility of the Oracles. However, others believe that it is simply that there is no need for Oracles at present, and that they will reemerge amongst the Auric Blades when the Emperor and Lord Corax deem them necessary. HERALDRY Like a number of Chapters, the Auric Blades make a tradition and an art of heraldry, and in theory every single member of the Chapter is eligible to earn the right to wear a personal coat of arms, often opposite the Chapter’s own icon, or else on a tilt shield fitted to their armour. However the Auric Blades are perhaps unique in how they deem a Battle Brother worthy of bearing heraldry. Heraldry is awarded to any who are struck by their Inspiration and find their Quest - upon explaining their first true Dream to a Chaplain they are taken to a Chapter shrine, giving them time to meditate whilst the Chaplains and a dedicated body of Chapter serfs - the Tireless Kamon - work out exactly what combinations of motifs, emblems and colours to gift the Inspired. The process can be an arduous one. Not only must the heraldry not resemble too closely any design currently active within the Chapter or its recent history, but it must also reflect what the Auric Blades consider to be the underlying and eternal significance of the various aspects of the Battle Brother’s dream, and must (at least nominally) must match to the wider ‘age’ of Inspiration through which the Chaplains have decided the Chapter to currently be moving through. As a result the heraldry of the Auric Blades is often massively varied. Whilst many bear the same heraldic motifs that appear on a number of worlds throughout the Imperium - skulls, hourglasses, candles, dragons, swords, slain monsters and daemons, and the like - they also incorporate a whole range of wider and stranger symbols. It is not unheard of to see an Auric Blade whose heraldry incorporates mundane beasts, bolter icons, Terran bolts of unity, falling stars and on occasion even rarer charges. As it is linked so closely to Inspiration, heraldry is a key part of the mentality and soul of the Auric Blades Chapter. All of the Chapter’s officers bear the heraldry of their Inspiration, and those marked by heraldry often unofficially outrank their Brothers, marked by the favour of their Primarch and the Emperor. WIDER CHAPTER CULT Whilst the Inspiration serves as the focal point for the beliefs of the Auric Blades, it is far from their only point of veneration. Even when not heightened to the status of fated calling by the Inspiration, knighthood forms the beating heart of daily life within the Chapter. Like the knights of Athule from which they are drawn, the Auric Blades hold the twin arts of swordsmanship and marksmanship above all others. Even the lowest of the Chapter practise ceaselessly to master all manner of blades and lethal edges with which they might deal death to their enemies. However for a knight of the calibre of a Space Marine, it would be unbecoming to frequently sully his blade in the blood of an enemy unless pressed. As such the Auric Blades work to heighten their skill with Bolter and Plasma Gun and all manner of firearms. Only the worthy shall lose their blood testing the skill of an Auric Blade in melee - chosen either for a duel, or by their skill in surviving the firestorm of their gunlines. To the Auric Blades the latter is as chivalric as any honour duel, for their knighthood shall shine forever brighter by having being tested by the greatest of Humanity’s enemies. Their wider code of chivalry is full of small touches that betray their origins on Athule, and almost all bear some mark of being transformed into ritual by the all-encompassing Inspiration. This covers everything from their archaic treating-phrases for dealing with other Imperial forces, through to their attitudes to the study of warfare and combat etiquette. Beyond the dreams of the Inspiration, however, there is perhaps no clearer sign of its influence than in the Chapter’s attitudes towards its historic heroes. Even more so than most Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, the Auric Blades venerate their historic heroes, even going as far as to adopt titles based upon their famous victories and to pray to them as exemplars of knighthood on the eve of battle, calling upon them in the same manner as the Primarch and the Emperor. The battle cant of the Chapter is full of allusions to these heroes, and a few Brothers even take the name of one of these lost legends, believing that through emulation they might achieve some fragment of that hero’s greatness and glory.
  12. During this lockdown period, I've been immersing myself somewhat into the lore of the 1st Legion. It started off with a simple question - who are the current Company Masters? - but has now evolved into something a bit deeper: what happened immediately after the Destruction of Caliban, how was the Legion split in line with the Codex, and who were the key indidviduals involved? During my "research", I've also potentially uncovered a possible identity for Cypher...more on that later! But first, what happened immediately after the Destruction of Caliban. The codexes essentially tell the following: Based on the events of Dreadwing and Ruinstorm, at this point I would speculate that the "Legion Masters" would be the 6 Hexagrammaton Voted-Liuetenants, as they appear to serve more as the Lion's council than any of the Chapter Masters. Dreadwing identifies these Masters and their voted successors (pre-Destruction of Caliban) as follows: Deathwing - Holguin, Carorlingus Ravenwing - Aloceri Ironwing - Venerable Titus Dreadwing - Redloss, Danaeus, Gawain Stormwing - Calloson Firewing - Vastael Also likely to be included is a representation from the Librarius - mirroring the 40k Inner Circle structure. Again, based on the events of Dreadwing we know there is a deep level of mistrust between the Voted-Lieutenants - notably the Dreadwing and Deathwing. It would thus make sense that they would mutually agree to an "overlapping system" of Legion command. At this point, the Legion is making every effort to keep secret all of the events that took place on Caliban. This would lend itself to a certain amount of focus, allowing tensions to be set aside. The next event to happen is the discovery of the existence of the Fallen. Quoting from the codex: The suggestion here is that the Inner Circle remains united. I would speculate that this actually re-opens the old tensions: the Inner Circle are now faced with the possibility of their secret being discovered, and there is disagreement between the Inner Circle on how to proceed. This is based on the distinct differences that we see in the attitudes of Holguin (Deathwing) and Redloss (Dreadwing) during Dreadwing. It is also based on what we currently know about the Second Founding chapters. At this point we have 4 1st Legion successor chapters...but 6 "Wings". There are some interesting points to note here: All of the chapters appear to have adopted the Deathwing/Ravenwing organisation; At the point of Dreadwing, Aloceri - the Ravenwing Voted-Lieutenant - was a direct choice of Holguin. Why is this important? In my mind, it indicates that Holguin's camp prevailed over Redloss's camp, with Holguin's influence prevailing over the adoption of the Codex Astartes and the splitting of the Legion into chapters. Here comes the controversion bit: at this point, Redloss's camp split from the Legion, unbeknownst to the Imperium. (For clarity, at this point it may be that Holguin/Redless et al have since died, but their allegiences are maintained by their successors). What is the evidence for this? The previously identified dominance of Deathwing/Ravenwing structure in the successor chapters; The lack of identifiable Dreadwing operating protocols in any of the successors; The Star Phantoms; The potential identity of Cypher. Point (1) we have covered above. Point (2) could be due to adoption of the Codex Astartes and use of such weapons being outlawed. Point (3) is an interesting one. Supposedly, the Star Phantoms are a 23rd Founding chapter...who happen to share the same heraldry of the Dreadwing, exhibit behaviours similar to that of the Dark Angels, and have a penchant for non-traditional weapons such as plasma and melta. Oh and when you ask them (and the Dark Angels too), they "vehemently deny" any association to the Dark Angels. Oh no, absolutely not! Which is the sort of thing that you might say if you've had a really big falling out, resulting in an ideological split. The speculation here then, is that at the Second Founding the Dreadwing completely split from the imperium, either staying low for some 8,000 years or perhaps being stuck in the Warp during that time...at which point they re-emerge and manage to convince the Imperium that they're a 23rd founding chapter. What have they been doing during this time? Perhaps they are on their own redemption path, split from the Imperium to wage war against the Fallen without any restriction. At this point, it's worth noting the difference between Holguin and Redless. From Dreadwing: Redloss: "We are th Angels of Death...For the Lion and Caliban, we destroy everything." Holguin: "Loyalty and honour, my brothers! For the Throne!" I appreciate it's only a single batte cry, but I believe this gives rise to the possibility of the Deathwing camp wanting to remain within the Imperium (and thus abide by all of the different restrictions) in their pursuit of the The Fallen, while the Dreadwing camp want to instead split from the Imperiu and hunt The Fallen unbound, as they are used to doing. Now on to point (4). Within Dreadwing is this very brief mention: Admittedly they're both bolt pistols, but this is an interesting reference. More so given that Danaeus is one of Redloss's voted successors. The things we know about Cypher is that he is on some unknown quest, heading towards Terra. Whether it's to kill the Emperor, or to seek redemption is unknown. However, we do know that he is essentially his own man; he will align with other Fallen / Chaos agents when the need arises, but he will also provide support to Imperium factions - including the Dark Angels themselves. We also know from the early lore that nobody knows the true identify of Cypher. Given the existence of two voted successors - Gawain being the other - it is not inconceivable that Danaeus is appointed the role of Lord Cypher immediately after the Destruction of Caliban. If we follow the assumption of the Dreadwing completely splitting from both the Dark Angels and the Imperium, then we can see why Cypher would become the "neutral" agent that he is. Exactly what his mission is is an answer I still do not have. But I am hoping that whenever Black Library tackles the Destruction of Caliban and the 2nd Founding, then we may get answers to some of these questions. Anyway, that's all I have. I hope you enjoyed reading, and would welcome your thoughts / challenges / additional references.
  13. PLease read new Post here http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/367281-ia-shenandoah-khights-wip/?do=findComment&comment=5623232 This is the updated version of the Shenandoah knight IA
  14. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    Back side of the finished Primaris Captain of 3rd Company.

    © Armament81

  15. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    Front side of the finished Primaris Captain of 3rd Company.

    © Armament81

  16. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    A stand pic of the Captain's 2nd update.

    © Armament81

  17. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    2nd update for the captain, him with all his bits.

    © Armament81

  18. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    Early work on the captain. New black and edging technique on this one. Gun arm almost done.

    © Armament81

  19. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    Left side, completed pic.

    © Armament81

  20. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    Its done! Man this was a long project, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

    © Armament81

  21. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    After getting the front half of the edging done I was excited to install the cockpit, and see the model as one piece. Home Stretch!

    © Armament81

  22. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    Different angle, can see the weathering in the thrusters below the cockpit.

    © Armament81

  23. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    Got all the yellow done, and all the silver based and inked. Next will be to edge the yellow, edge the silver and weather the engine exhausts.

    © Armament81

  24. From the album: Armament81's Destroyers

    Last shot of the cockpit before the canopy got glued on.

    © Armament81

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