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+ The Jericho Crusade + Sword Brethren Cometh!


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+++ The Jericho Crusade +++






It is the final hours of the Third War for Armageddon. Helsreach and Hades burn, Imperial forces led by the Eternal Crusader have triumphed in space and Ghazghkull Thrakka has fled the system. High Marshal Helbrecht stands at a viewport, motionless, the only sound the soft thrum of his power armor. The burning hives are visible even from space, the blackened scars of a world marred by war. The silence is broken by the heavy footfalls that signal the arrival of another space marine. He walks with purpose, his cloak and tabbard flowing behind him. Helbrecht does not move as the marine kneels behind him. "You summoned me my Lord?"
“We are leaving this world after the next cycle.” Helbrecht replied, still not removing his gaze of the planet.

“The war is won then?” asked the cloaked marine.

“In space yes, but it will continue for many months yet on the ground. The greenskin warlord has fled the system leaving his kin to die upon the surface. Marshal Ricard will stay on the surface with his crusade to assist the ground forces in the Ash wastes until they are firmly in Imperial hands. But the other crusades are needed elsewhere and I wish to hunt down this creature and crush him like the filth he is.”

At this Helbrecht turned to the still kneeling marine. Something of a smile crept across Helbrecht's face. “Rise Brother Ramius. You and your marines fought with fury and honor in these past months” Marshal Christoph Ramius had lead his marines on multiple successful boarding actions during the campaign in space and won praise for his leadership among his peers. To hear it from the High Marshal himself however, was truly an honor.

“Is the
Invincible Zeal to follow the Crusader in this chase?” Ramius asked as he rose.

“No.” Helbrecht said flatly. “I have a more important task for you”

“I am yours to command my Lord”

“The Achilis Crusade in the Jericho reach has faltered. They have lost their commander and their momentum, and squandered the resources that I have granted them.” The marine could sense the irritation in Helbrecht’s voice.

“I am not familiar with this region” Ramius replied, wondering whether he would have to suffer intolerable tactical discussions with human commanders.

“Few are. It is in the Eastern Fringe..”

Ramius was so surprised by this he interrupted the High Marshal. “Eastern Fringe? It could take months or even years…”

This time it was Helbrecht interrupting. “There is a warp gate in the Calixus sector that will shave your travel time to a fraction of that. You are to take the
Zeal and another cruiser of your choosing and make your way to the jump gate. Once in the reach you are to cleanse the region of chaos taint and xenos filth. You will not be reinforcing the Achillis Crusade directly. Instead you will conduct your own crusade as you see fit.

Ramius was shocked, this was a great honor to lead a crusade of such magnitude. Helbrecht must have read his face because he gave another rare grin. “I know this is a huge task I have set before you brother, but I have faith that the Emperor will guide your path”

“I will not fail you.” Ramius replied. Helbrecht extended his hand and they clasped forearms.

“Fight well Brother” Helbrecht said

“For the Emperor” Replied Ramius. And thus was the Jericho Crusade was born.


http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/style_images/BCBlack/folder_post_icons/icon4.gif  Crusade Badge and meaning

Hidden Content




- The White with Cross represents the Chapter

- The Red represents the blood of lost brothers

- The Black represents the Emperor

- The Litany is the Crusades oath and represents Sigismund whom spoke those words


http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/style_images/BCBlack/folder_post_icons/icon4.gif  Chaplains

Reclusiarch Terconnus and Chaplain Ultrecht


http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/style_images/BCBlack/folder_post_icons/icon4.gif  Sword Brethren

Sternguard Combat Squad Gerard

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Emperor be with you Marshal Cristoph Ramius!  May the tenants of our sire Sigismund and the wisdom of the of the primarch guide you on this crusade to defend mankind and bring glory and honor to the chapter.


To quote lord Sigismund:


"Zeal makes all things possible, duty makes all things simple."


Best wishes on this new campaign brother.

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Revitalization is never bad.  But...!  Never forget where you came from.  :wink:


Haha, of course not :wink:



So I thought

that what better way to start off getting back into the hobby than to work on our chapters elite, the unit that got me into Templars in the first place. I speak of course of our venerable Sword Brethren. For me Sword Brethren fall into 3 main categories. These are largely designed around units in our new dex but they must have Templary names :wink:  So here's a brief bit about each before I launch into WIP stuff


The Knights of the Seventh Order - These are the greatest Astartes of the Crusade, armed with the finest weaponry. - Represented by Honor Guard, and possibly when in TDA Deathwing Knights


Tactical Sword Brethren - These troops provide devastating firepower to weaken enemy lines before the assault units arrive.  - Represented by Sternguard/Tactical TDA


Assault Sword Brethren - The shock troops of the crusade punish enemy troops and armor alike.  - Represented by Vanguard/Assault TDA.



First up I've been mostly working on my Tactical SB. I'm going for a 10 man squad with a HF, some combi-meltas and a meltagun.


Some of them are made from bitz and bodies from a metal set of the previous sternguard and some have GK bitz in there too. All still need more Templar bling on them, but here are the first 5 with two pics of each


This guy is mostly Templar and GK bitz with a sternguard arm





This guy is sporting really cool Mk III armor I believe so I just had to include him.





This guy I started a long time ago but never finished. He originally had a BP arm but I popped it off in favor of a combi






The flamer came from the GK sprue



and a group shot. You can see the 5th guy in the background. He doesn't really have any conversions yet so not much to see. Also you can see the beginnings of another two tabard wearing guys.





You might notice the metal guys have some blue on them. The were originally painted UM colors(not by me) and so I cleansed them of that to re purpose them :smile.:


Also I added some chainswords to them because it felt like a Templar thing to do to have some CC in a shooty squad :laugh.:

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So the next TSB is in progress.  I had a pair of running legs that I thought would go well with the tabard that has lots of movement and I thought it would be cool to have the guy with his bolter straight out. then I saw the bolt pistol from the painted guy and though, yeah why not :biggrin.:



Keep in mind he is just tacked together atm







Only thing I can't decide is if I like the angled down wrist or not.

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Thanks Krikey! 


So I really want to do something with this guy but Powerfists have fallen out of style on Sgt's so I'm not sure 




Since he's all metal and all one piece conversion could be really difficult. 


What do you guys think? Should I include him or no?

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Id run him for ETL at least for the points and because you like the model. Afterwards you could just say that his powerfist malfunctioned earlier during the crusade and he's been to busy fighting and such to go back to the artificers For repair as of yet and has been just using it as a ccw due to his Awesome.


Maybe add some purity seals like he's been trying really hard to appease it into working... or maybe do one like a "lock out tag out" tag thing for industrial machinery repair.


Edit: add second paragraph

Edited by Mandolore511
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Thanks Krikey! 


So I really want to do something with this guy but Powerfists have fallen out of style on Sgt's so I'm not sure 




Since he's all metal and all one piece conversion could be really difficult. 


What do you guys think? Should I include him or no?

erm... sorry to be the one against the tide... but Powerfists on Stern er... Tactical Sword Brehtren Sergeants are definitely useful... especially if they are dropping in the midst of an enemy army and didn't manage to kill that one Monstrous Creature, or Walker class vehicle that turn... if your squad survives the sequential shooting then expect an Assault... and if it is a squad of Infantry, then they could still be squished because Tactical Sword Brethrens are veterans with 2 attacks base, while even if the sergeant hits last, he still has the potential to survive the initial assault and kill whatever Assaultd him with his 2 Attacks Powerfist. If they get Assaulted by a Monstrous Creature, then even better, as he could blend in with the rest of his squad and hit the Monster with 2 S8 AP2 Attacks.


Powerfist on Sergeants are still awesome, on standard Initiates with only 1 Attack... not so useful...

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I'm in complete agreement with the Marshal. Powerfists may have become "uncool" with the hipsters (just making a silly comparison), but I still find them quite beneficial and continue  to use them in my crusader squads.


All those sparkly new power weapons are great until the Wraithlord shows up.


That's when real men get to fightin'. ;)

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Ok well I had seen all this talk lately about getting owned in challenges if you are a sgt with an unwieldy weapon and it made me forget about using it for other things. I think I will include the PF guy after all. :)

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Ok well I had seen all this talk lately about getting owned in challenges if you are a sgt with an unwieldy weapon and it made me forget about using it for other things. I think I will include the PF guy after all. :smile.:


YES, do that!! I believe that times will change and power fists will rock the galaxy again. Sure, they're unwieldy and expensive as hell, but--for me--they are the coolest thing in 40K. Cooler even than thunder hammers. Come on, what's not to like in bashing virtually everything with an oversized fist?


And that Sternguard model is sweet!! One of the coolest SM poses there are.

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I've added some fluff in the first post. It's a bit long but I think it's a decent start. Let me know what you guys think!



Good to see a modeling thread by your good self Ace! 


Don't think I've ever seen anything from you, looking forward to seeing your crusade develop.


Thanks! I've definitely been not as active with showing my WIP stuff but I hope to change that. I'm off to a good start so far so just have to keep it up ;)

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Great fluff. I liked it. :thumbsup:


The "old-school" PF sarge is awesome. I turned mine into an IF marine for the Dornian Bro-hood, but the pose is super-cool.


You've got some great models lined up. The Bolter&Bp marine is cool, the angled down wrist looks a bit awkward from the front, but it looks kinda realistic, since I imagine Bolters being quite heavy.:yes:


Do keep up the good work.

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So with the Sternguard complete and prepped for the ETL I'm moving on to Vanguard Assault Sword Brethren! I had created a marine for my Deathwatch campaign.  I magnetized his backpack so I could go jump pack or not. Since vanguard can do this in the game as well, I decided to go ahead and do it for all of them.


I had built some assault marines prior to 6th edition but now that we can take vanguard, I'm going to convert the coolest of them to be vanguard. They will obviously need some more bling but here is a couple initial pics.



Here's the Deathwatch guy with Jump pack



And without










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They will obviously need some more bling but here is a couple initial pics.


We don't need bling. We have our weapons. Bling belongs with the Art School Marines (BA). :wink:



haha yeah but the bling is cool looking.  Makes everyone seem like a mini chaplain with scrolls and seals and stuff everywhere ;)




So regarding the Vanguards.  I'm going to prep the so I can pain them for the ETL(hopefully ;) )  and I'm trying to decide how to equip them.  I'll likely have 9-10 models to work with once I get the vanguard box.  So I was thinking that I'd have  a couple of storm shields and 3-4 power weapons (including the 2 I have above).  I might include a couple of special pistols but I'd magnetize those for swapping out.  Do you guys equip your SS carrying vanguards with anything else? Or just use them as meat shields?  Or should I even include them lol?  

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One of my SS has a chainsword, but the other has a TH. That way, one can take hits and I don't have to worry about him, the other can hang on until he wallops someone with the TH. I also have a couple power weapons (mixed) in there.


So, I think you should consider picking things that you think you'll like, then later on you may add a couple more specialists (dual plasma pistols anyone?) to give you some flexibility.


Right now, I'm aiming to have a 6 and a 7 man squad, fairly equal in weapons, but I really think for most of the time, I'll be running 1 x 6-8 guys with whatever I feel like taking.


I think for me, the Vanguards are going to be a unit to have fun with and mess with people's heads.

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What about LC's? Anyone run dual claws on a Vanguard? I just remembered they can take them as I look at 5 shiny new pairs of them in my new Vanguard box lol

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If only the second one were cheaper than the first.. (Our old codex had that right..). As it is, you are better off having two models with one LC than one model with two LCs :/


I think LC&SS could work. It allows you to take an ap3 save at i4 safe in the knowledge that your model at least already has made his attacks (unlike TH&SS which is a lot to risk before he strikes). Otherwise chainsword and SS is probably the only SS I'd use. (or bolt pistol, really, there's no downside except looks. You can even model both as rule wise, having a ccw+pistol changes nothing over just pistol with a SS).


Otherwise, relic blade and storm shield on the sergeant could work too. Makes him scary in a challenge, if really expensive.

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