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Gathering the Clans of Medusa

Iron Father Ferrum

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So as most of you who frequent this section of the boards are well aware, I'm quite dismissive of the new fluff from the supplement, including the revised Codex-determined organization.  This includes, for me, the Clan names; for the longest time, we Iron Hands players had a selection of five named Clans to pick from, and so it often fell to us to name our own DIY Clans, giving us a special niche within the DIY community: rather than filling out an entire Chapter, we already had a canon Chapter in place and just had to sketch out one company within it.


So I figured it was past time that we compile our Clan Companies for the edification of all.  If we end up with more than ten Clan Companies, we as a community can deal with that as (or if) it arises.  If anyone plays a canon Clan (I know you're out there!) feel free to post as well and we'll put that info in as well.  Follow my format, and I'll update master list as we go!



Master List of Clan Companies (as of 999M41)


- Clan Kaargul (canon)

- Clan Sorrgol (canon, fluff by Huberticus)

- Clan Raukaan (canon)

- Clan Vurgaan (canon, fluff by Malus Trux)

- Clan Garssak (canon)

- Clan Shologar (DIY, Deus Ex Ferrum)

- Clan Ta'taros (DIY, CyderPirate)

- Clan Bracchus (DIY, Ravenfeld)

- Clan Avernii (DIY, Spaz431)

- Clan Trago (DIY, Apologist)

- Clan Haarol (DIY, Mehman)



THE HONORED: Lost & Extinct Clan Companies


- Clan Arsinoth (DIY, BassWave)

- Clan Brannsar (DIY, Iron Hands Fanatic)

- Clan Morragul (canon)

- Clan ra'Guln (canon)




THE RIVEN: Successor Chapters of the Iron Tenth


- Red Talons (canon)

- Brazen Claws (canon)

- Sons of Medusa (canon)

          - War Clan Megaera (canon, fluff by Chrysaor the Giant)

          - War Clan Atropos (canon, fluff by BionicBrain)

- Iron Lords (canon)

- Steel Confessors (canon)

- The Iron Horde (DIY, Timur)

- The Steel Wings (DIY, Aquilanus)

- The Iron Hunters (DIY, Conn Eremon)

- Pegasus Wardens (DIY, Stormgrad)

- Marines Adamant (DIY, LySiMachus)





Symbol: Stylized white hammer-head inside a white cog


Nickname: The Hammers of Medusa


Leadership: Clan Commander Gideon Tekton, Iron Father Igneon Ferro, Epistolary Silas Delphiar


Headquarters: Land Behemoth Cadmus; secondary headquarters maintained on Chapter Battle Barge Ironsides


Tactical Specialty: Armored & mechanized operations; common employment of Land Raider heavy tanks; Dreadnoughts deployed exclusively in orbit-to-surface and urban assault scenarios


Organizational Quirks: Oversized Armory and Techmarine corps to enable mass deployment of armored fighting vehicles; specialized Armory squads employed as command & bodyguard elements for Clan leadership


Equipment Quirks: All Clan fighting vehicles piloted by single crewman via MIU; Assault Squads equipped with advanced personal teleporters in place of Codex-approved jump packs; complete omission of Centurion-pattern plate due to logistical concerns stemming from mechanized combat doctrine; marked preference for axes as close combat weapons


Doctrinal Deviations: Shologar members venerate the Emperor as the Founder of the Imperium and creator of the Space Marines, but see him as just a man -- a great man, perhaps, but just a man.  Worship of the Machine God is encouraged however, and most Shologar Space Marines are indoctrinated to believe that Emperor and Omnissiah are two separate beings.  These beliefs are kept largely within the Clan to avoid theology-based conflicts with other Clans and Imperial institutions, but have led to occasional clashes with the Ecclesiarchy and Adepta Sororitas, and to Inquisitorial investigation.


Notable Engagements: Haven Prime Campaign; Araqiya Hive Suppressions; Collerado Titan Wars; Purging of Contqual; Medusa V Campaign; Battle of Medusa (13th Black Crusade)


Heroes of the Clan:



Warleader Cadmus Mantellar:  Cadmus Mantellar was Clan Shologar's leader at the tail end of the Great Crusade and throughout the Horus Heresy.  Considered the father of the modern Clan Company, he was the one who solidified Shologar's specialization in armored assaults.  Felled during the Scouring, Mantellar was installed in one of the Clan's few remaining Contemptor-pattern Dreadnought chassis; before implantation he warned the Clan not to wake up him "until the dark sand of Medusa itself is threatened and the Omnissiah Himself strides the galaxy."  Seven attempts to wake him in the millennia since have all failed.  He remains in stasis aboard the eponymous Cadmus.


Clan Commander Gideon Tekton:  Gideon Tekton was a rising star within the Clan and Chapter, achieving the rank of Clan Chief in less than three hundred years; his supreme strategic thinking, fighting skills, and absolute refusal to ever quit saw him leapfrog several other promising officers in the Clan to become the designated second-in-command.  Upon the death of Clan Commander Hiram Khyberon at the hands of the Iron Warriors during the Collerado Titan Wars, Tekton took command of the Clan.  He has led them into war for over two centuries and is well respected amongst the rest of the Chapter.


Iron Father Igneon Ferro:  Igneon Ferro is the Clan's Master of the Forge and Master of the Armory in addition to his role as chief administrator of the Cult of the Omnissiah in the Clan.  He is notable as the original recruiter of Clan Commander Tekton, though even that act pales in comparison to his actions on Graefenhaag during the Collerado Titan Wars.  During the desperate defense of Graefen Mainhive's Titan manufactorums, Ferro hard-plugged himself into the Manifold of the decommissioned Reaver Titan Fili Illigitimi and walked the Titan into combat with Traitor Marine forces, turning the tide of battle by destroying two corrupted Warhounds and forcing an Iron Warriors warband off-world.  He currently serves as the Clan's representative to the Great Clan Council.

Edited by Deus Ex Ferrum
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Really like the idea, and I'll be interested to see what everyone has come up with over the years. 


While I predominantly focus on my post-Isstvan Clan Tellum, I still have my original Clan Sorrgol force and fluff around. I can post whichever you'd find more appropriate for the topic, Deus Ex Ferrum. (Given the 999M41 date, and the fact that I know someone else plays Sorrgol)

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Clan Ta'taros

Symbol:  Single white cog


Nickname: The Unchained


Leadership: Clan Commander Calgacus, the Swordsman, Headtaker; Epistolary Calchas; Ancient Ixion; Forgefather Menoetius


Headquarters: Land Behemoth Phorcis. Currently on deployment aboard The Gorgon’s Gaze and Stygian Fury  both of which are frequently used by the clan.


Tactical Specialty:  Rapid surprise attacks, and siege-breaking assaults.

The clan is known for deploying almost immediately upon arrival in-system allowing them to deliver a hammer blow whilst leaving their enemies little opportunity to coordinate their defences. Such habits have been exploited in the past in the midst of more protracted battles and certain foes have been given prepare ambushes to that end. However, the clan’s leadership has determined that losses in these traps are an acceptable price to be paid in the execution of a campaign, given the knowledge of the enemy that such traps can provide. 

Given the high attrition rate amongst the rank and file of the clan and its limited usage of scouts, initiates are inducted into tactical squads immediately. A small cadre of veterans take on the responsibility of any infiltration operations on the rare occasion that such methods are deemed necessary.

The clan’s apparently foolhardy nature has often left them with the unenviable task of leading assaults on entrenched positions.


Organizational Quirks: The clan makes little use of initiates in scouting roles, preferring instead to use its enhanced sensory equipment, analytical tools and communications technology to adapt and change strategy mid-battle. Advanced cogitators aboard the Gorgon’s Gaze allow the clan’s high command to gather and assess information from all over the battlefield quickly, whilst a unique communication system developed during the heresy by Forgemaster Adrastus delivers new orders to each clave veteran and battle brother in real-time and with a much lower risk of interception. The technology was developed by Adrastus after the development of a bitter feud between the Lion and Ferrus during a jointly-led operation against the Night Lords. When element's of the First later acted against the Iron Hands in an engagement against the Death Guard, the use of an alternative communication system allowed the Tenth to be pre-warned of the Lion's betrayal and make preparations accordingly. The existence and nature of the technology has been kept a secret to ensure that the clan can maintain an edge against other forces of the Imperium, when necessary.


Long range sensors and remote probes are used for preliminary assessments.



Equipment Quirks: Aside from aforementioned comms system, the clan's equipment is broadly in line with chapter and Codex standards.


Doctrinal Deviations: Officially, there are no doctrinal deviations within the clan. Unofficially, the clan is believed to have a great database of traitor Astartes, although the purpose of this archive is not understood.



Notable Engagements:  Achernon IV - Veteran Claves accounted for two Traitor God-Machine kills, one felled by Veteran Kybal Orphos, who clambered up the side of the Domina Mortis to rupture the Titan's core with melta bombs; Bartol III - where Ironclads Alectos and Tisiphon tore apart an unnamed Ork Stompa, and Ork warlord  Morbad Bonesnappa was gunned down by a drop-pod as he fled from the clan chief; Echidna Prime - a small task force assisted the Euryalean 16th with the defence of the hive world against an onslaught of chaos forces, the combined firepower of the regiment's infantry forcing a great eagle-headed demon of immense power back into the warp.


Also Noteworthy:

There has been a long-standing feud between the clan's commander and elements of its 'spirtitual leadership'. Some members of the Iron Fraternity and the Librarius have expressed concerns that Calgacus' leadership style is needlessly reckless, potentially wasting the lives of battle brothers. The commander for his part is highly critical of his more cautious advisers, accusing them of dressing up indecision as carefulness. The trio of Calgacus, Menoetius and Calchas operate effectively as a triumverate - Calchas' caution going some way to temper Calgacus' fury, whilst Menoetius stands in the middle ground between the two, balancing the scales - but when an element is removed, the entire clan suffers for the loss.

After receiving a near-fatal wound at the hands of a great Tyranid creature, leadership was temporarily passed to Calchas whilst Calgacus underwent repairs. Under his command, the clan was left treading water. Reluctant to act without vast amounts of pre-planning and careful assements of potential risks, the clan struggled to achieve any notable victories, winning a handful of minor skirmishes but doing little to check the xenos expansion. Similarly, during a period without the council of Menoetius, Calchas' voice proved insufficient to curb the commander's bloodlust. In striking against a forgeworld occupied by an Emporor's Children Warband, the might of the clan's initial strike was dulled by a deceptively strong defence network. The campaign devolved into bloody war of attrition, and it was only by the sacrifice of the guardsmen of Euryalean 25th that a victory was finally achieved.

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For a few years my marines have been the Iron Horde, a chapter of an unidentified founding, playing as iron hands looking models using rules for space marines, space wolves (it made for good IH rules at the time), and white scars (cause bikes are boss).  Now that I'm playing Iron Hands as Iron Hands space marines using IH chapter tactics I'll go for the following seeing as how I like Timurid space marines and don't like the fluff for IH past the Heresy.


Clan Timur

Symbol: 3 circles, one over two in a triangle.

Nickname: Timurids/Iron Horde

Leadership: Clan council: overall/strategic leadership.  Sardar, Lord protector of Mawarannahr:  Highest ranked captain, military and tactical leadership.
Headquarters: Starbase Herat.  Orbiting destroyed forge world of Samarkind. Mawarannahr subsector.
Tactical Specialty: Boarding engagements.  Strike/Raids.
Organizational Quirks: Understrength.  Company=Tumen. 4-5 line Tumen. Tarkan: Veteran marines present in all tumen/honor guard for officers.  Tarkan     excluded from Deathwatch service, which is otherwise prevelent giving broader skillset and experience to the Clan upon returning.  

Equipment Quirks: Operates crusade era equipment.  No centurian suits or teminator suits from crusade/heresy.  Possible late model termitator suits produced from forge world Herat. All dreadnaught types present.
Doctrinal Deviations: members venerate the Emperor as the Founder of the Imperium and creator of the Space Marines,
but see him as just a man -- a great man, perhaps, but just a man. Worship of machine god prevelent with techmarines, some brothers.

Notable Engagements: Crusades Era: Destruction of pirate fleet Tarnab.  Cleansing of underhive Ankara. Assault on Damascus starbase.  Destabilization of Waaagh Brainsplatta (w/ Raven Guard).  Relief of Nishapur forge world. Purge of Swarm Xentilqotal (w/Iron Warriors).
Heresy Era: Defense of Mawarannahr subsector from traitor invasion (lost forge world Samarkind/saved forge world Bukhara).

Post Heresy: Defense of mawarannahr subsector, waaagh Gorkavid.   

-Lord Commander Timur.  Commander of Strike Group 14 of the 10th Legion.  Timur's command was not present at the muster for reunification with Ferrus Manus at Medusa, and recived no recruits from Medusa, nor did they establish a land behemoth on planet.  Recognizing Timur's initiative, ability to work with other forces, and skill at manuever; Ferrus Manus utililized Timur's force as an independant command.  This also lead to frequent detachments to operate independantly, or with allied forces. At the time of the drop site massacre, Clan Timur was supporting froge worlds Bukhara and Samarkind near the malestrom along with Iron warrior forces.
 As the Heresy got into full swing, Clan Timur found itself pulling back to Subsector Mawarannahr to defend it from trator invasion and scrapcode induced rebellion on Samarkind.  There is no record of the Iron Warriors forces that were serving alongside Clan Timur after the boarding of starbase Herat and the final scourging of Samarkind.  It is posited that the Iron Warrior loyalists were absorbed into Clan Timur, explaining how the Clan survived the savage fight for Mawarannahr during the Heresy that broke it's back, and the later incursion of Waaagh Gorkavid which saw Timur's death.

-Venerable Dreadnaught Mirza.  One of Timur's Tarkan, hero of the assault and boarding of starbase Herat. Sits on chapter council.

-Iron Father Miranshah.  Heavily augmented after taking down an Ork gargant and being caught in the explosion. Sits on chapter council.

-Venerable Dreadnaught Torred.  Rumored to have been a loyalist Iron Warrior.  Hero of the scouring of space hulk Erasmus.  Sits on chapter council.

-Sardar Jahangir, Lord Protector of Mawarannahr.  Current Sardar, Clan Timur.

I figure at this point in the timeline, as the numbers of Clan Timur grow towards a full chapter it is up in the air as to becoming it's own chapter in it's own right.  Envoys have been sent to medusa to restablish contact with the rest of the Iron Hands.



If this is blasphemy, I'm sure I'll hear about it :tongue.:

Edited by Timur
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@Timur: If they're not based on Medusa, then they're not Iron Hands.  I can open up a new section detailing successor Chapters I guess, to which your force would qualify for sure.


@IHF: Sure, I can simply notate on the list that certain Clans were destroyed, disbanded, or otherwise riven from the rolls.  Feel free to post it up!


@Cyder: I do have one issue with what you wrote, specifically the HQ location.  Every Clan has a land behemoth, that's been part of the fluff for decades, and no one Clan actually owns any vessels of the Chapter fleet (thus my notation that the HW maintained on the Ironsides is secondary, because they won't always get to deploy with that particular ship).  If you want to maintain that they, like my own, have preferred ship to use, that's fine, but at the minimum I'd like to have a name for your Clan's land behemoth.

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I'll be sure to add my DIY successor once I've got a decent write up of them (I'm still tinkering at their background etc at the moment) :happy.:
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Cool idead DEF! This will inspire me to expand my fluff as right now its nowhere near as extensive as yours. My clan is meant to be present in 30k and goes MIA during the scouring.
Clan Arsinoth

Symbol: Ouroboros with a cog toothed spine (represents Arsinoth)


Tactical Specialty: Operations requiring high maneuverability and speed.


Organizational Quirks: Due to Clan Arsinoth's emphasis on speed, battle brothers nearly always deploy via mechanized transport or via jump pack. 


Equipment Quirks: Motor-pool contains high amounts of fast vehicles including aircraft, speeders, and Sicaran MBTs. Slower vehicles are outfitted with machine spirits in order for the drivers to focus on maintaining maximum maneuverability and speed.  Many battle brothers also forgo power fists and thunder hammers for more balanced and less cumbersome melee weapons. Ships are equipped with more potent warp drives although this also makes them more volatile.



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Symbol: Two parralel chains within a cog

Leadership: Iron Lord Volos Phrixus, Clan Commander Athanasius, Clan Commander Elric,

Headquarters: Land Behemoth Hades, Clan Barque Unbidden Fury

Tactical Specialty: Various [dependant on Orders deployed], including mechanised assault, mass armoured engagement, infrastructure liquidation & infantry shock assault

Organizational Quirks: Order formation based on cyclical recruiting structure - accelerated expansion period prior to outbreak of the Heresy

Notable Engagements: Isstvan V Massacre, Battle of Tallarn, Archite Purges, Cleansing of the Shallar Steppe


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The Steel Wings


Symbol: Black wings


Nickname: None known.


Leadership: Steel Liege Robante


Home world: Petracco, Segmentum Pacificus


Tactical Speciality: Rapid assault using Drop pods, Land speeders, Storm Talons and Storm Ravens.


Organizational Quirks: Mostly Codex adherent in so far as the Chapter has ten companies. However, each Company is organised similarly to that of their parent Chapter (i.e. Scouts, Veterans etc are split between the companies rather than being a company of their own)


Equipment Quirks: Each Company favours the faster vehicles over slower ones. Rhinos, Land Raiders and their variants are used when heavy fire is expected or in siege situations.


Doctrinal Deviations: None significant. Significant portions of their indoctrination focuses on Ferrus Manus and their parent Chapter, the Iron Hands.


Notable Engagements: Chobu, Ghiberti, Plains of Mustus IV, Liberation of Byzantium.



Heroes of the Clan:


Steel Liege Robante


Was struck down by a heavy Plasma blast from an Ork Warboss, resulting in heavy augmentation to his left side. Known for his foul temper, especially when faced by the Green skins.


Iron Lord Vincento Hubros


Known as the "Primarch's Anvil". Unshakable, believes in pure logic as the solution to any battle, his cold, calm demeanour belies his passion for flight. Like all Petraccan's, he makes no attempt to resist the chance to take the fight to his enemies using a jump pack or any flying vehicle.


The Triumvirate:


Brother Nishrai - The original Chapter Master. Interred within a Dreadnought shell, he guides the Chapter with his centuries of experience. Every Iron Lord and Steel Liege meets him in private immediately after they have taken their new role within the Chapter. It is strongly rumoured that no one has ever taken either of those ranks if he has not given his blessing. On the battlefield, he is usually equipped with a close combat fist and Assault Cannon.


Brother Zahilm - A former Devastator Sergeant and a legend within the Chapter. No one has ever beaten his tally of confirmed kills in the history of the Chapter, and as he is still able to serve as a Dreadnought, it is doubtful that it will ever be beaten until he finally falls in combat. His Dreadnought chassis is configured for heavy bombardment.


Brother Bayadom - Former Assault Marine who had once charged a Chaos Space Marine rhino armed with nothing more than a chainsword and a Krak grenade. No one knows how he was able to restrain himself enough to survive another 90 years afterwards before becoming a Dreadnought. Configured for close combat and for siege breaking.


Notable Vehicles - Ferrus Cornus, Steel Wings Flag ship. Believed to have been a ship recovered by Ferrus Manus himself and reconsecrated for service to the Iron Hands, who subsequently gifted it to their sibling Chapter.


Boon of Ferrus - A Storm Raven which is still in its original Iron Hands black and silver. It had been repainted to the Steel Wings Grey, but refused to function until it was restored to its former colours.


Perca Fluctus - Storm Talon attached to Hubros' Company.


Deus Ex Ferrum - A Land Raider used by the Steel Liege as his command vehicle


Wrath of Bannus - A Storm Raven attached to Hubros' Company.



I know I used "Perca Fluctus" (Basswave) for a Storm Talon for another Chapter I play, but I can't see why I can't have two :laugh.:


With DEF's blessing, I'll (eventually :blink.: ) get a Land Raider and name it after him. My intention many moons ago was to name all my Steel Wing vehicles after B+C Iron Hands players. Real life, as usual does like to create distractions, however :sad.:

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Clan Bracchus!


I had to hop on to post here, despite my prolonged absence.


Most of the needed info is in my IA Article - but here is a synopsis:




Symbol: Stylized white/black sun inside of a black/white cog (Varies from standard clan symbol to black sun clan symbol).


Nickname: The Sunbringers


Leadership: Primus Godric “The Pillar of Iron”, Iron Father Garro Rega “Keeper of the Spire & Herald of Might”, Epistolary Luther Volomont “Keeper of the Keys & Master of Ways”, Lord Varros “Keeper of the Gate & Master of the Forge”, Lord Kardis “Keeper of the Gauntlet & Lord of the Black Sun”


Headquarters: Land Behemoth Golgoth; secondary headquarters maintained on Chapter Strike Cruiser Solarian.


Tactical Specialty: Energy and Plasma-based weaponry with a focus on orbital drop pod assaults and ship to ship boarding actions and fleet battles. Large armory of Dreadnaughts.


Organizational Quirks: An unnatural reverence for the honor of a embarking on a drop pod, a staggeringly large armory of dreadnaught and contemptor dreadnaught chassis and honored ancients to pilot them and a strong reliance on automated machinery through artificial intelligence and servitors.


Equipment Quirks: All Clan fighting vehicles are controlled by an artificial intelligence cortex that is tied into a central hub monitored and piloted by Clan techmarines – this includes everything from tanks and transports to bikes and landspeeders. The clan also has a unnaturally large amount of energy based weapons with a heavy lean towards plasma weapons.


Doctrinal Deviations:

The Bracchian Creed: - The Cosmos shape survival on a harsh world.

  • The Creed was developed around the notion that the Bracchian people are descended from beings that used to roam the heavens. It originally revolved around the worship of the astral bodies as deity figures, each star representing an honored ancestor, with the sun being the apex of the pantheon. The grounds of the religion focused on a strong sense of unity and community, a familial bond that transcended blood and distance, something that was as timeless as the stars themselves. The main principles were:
    • Honor the ancients - for it is their wisdom and sacrifice that has allowed us to live.
    • Praise the sun - for it is the giver of life and the beacon to our future.
    • Strength in unity - for together we rise, and together we fall.
    • Defend what you have - for the weak and the lost will attempt to take what is yours.
    • Knowledge is the key - for it unlocks the path to truth.

The Disciples of the Sun: - Devout of the Bracchian Creed

  • The traditionalists within Clan Bracchus, the Disciples represent an amalgamation of the old school of religious views merged with the principles of the Imperial Truth. They represent the weapon that was forged from the mortals of Bracchus when the first people of Medusa were gifted with ascension to the ranks of the Great Crusade. However, the Imperial Truth denounces religion completely, and because of this the Disciples have long since altered the Creed to be "principles of conduct" rather than actual religious doctrines. Many of the principles are applied to the Astartes' way of war to both honor their ancestors and stay true to their heritage while still fulfilling their function as weapons of the Imperium.

The Dark Sun: - Sworn to avenge the fall of Manus & the Emperor

  • After the tragedies of the Horus Heresy many of the Iron Hands within Clan Bracchus became deeply embittered and consumed by a hatred and rage that transcended that of any normal astartes. They went on a crusade that lasted for centuries keeping only loose contact with the bulk of their clan and the Iron Hands at large. The majority of these crusaders were wiped out before the end of the Heresy, but those that did survive eventually returned to the clan to spread their belief to the future generations. Being so divergent from the rest of the clan, the Dark Sun almost became its own second founding chapter. However, the Keepers decided that they needed to maintain unity and so brokered an agreement with the divergent cell. The traditions and beliefs of the Dark Sun would be integrated into the Clan and a small fraction of volunteers would be allowed to bolster their ranks from each group of new recruits in the generations to come. To this day the Dark Sun undertakes the most dangerous missions and in consistently employed as the vanguard of Clan Bracchus' engagements in the galaxy at large. They are imbued with hatred, instilled with venomous loathing for the heretic and the traitor, and they will not stop until the Imperium is purged of all taint and corruption.


Notable Engagements: Herald of Krastus Campaign; Culling of Waagh Grimgob; Purging of Contqual; Gondar Rebellion; Siege of Gratticus Prime; Battle of Medusa (13th Black Crusade)



Heroes of the Clan:


Edited by Ravenfeld
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Ferrum, I'm running Clan Company Aveerni. I found out they are the canon first company, after I started assembly. Clan symbol is skull in a cog. I'm not up on writing amazing fluff like my fellows, but would like to be counted amongst fellow medusans and lost brothers. Edited by Spaz431
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Ferrum, I'm running Clan Company Aveerni. I found out they are the canon first company, after I started assembly. Clan symbol is skull in a cog. I'm not up on writing amazing fluff like my fellows, but would like to be counted amongst fellow medusans and lost brothers.


They're canon. . . from the Raukaan supplement, which I quite specifically, well -- not to be too blunt -- revile.  I'll put you in as a DIY if you want, but I'll not mark anything that came out of that abortion of a book canon.

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Ferrum, I'm running Clan Company Aveerni. I found out they are the canon first company, after I started assembly. Clan symbol is skull in a cog. I'm not up on writing amazing fluff like my fellows, but would like to be counted amongst fellow medusans and lost brothers.


They're canon. . . from the Raukaan supplement, which I quite specifically, well -- not to be too blunt -- revile.  I'll put you in as a DIY if you want, but I'll not mark anything that came out of that abortion of a book canon.




HAHAHA!  That is probably the best use of the word abortion I have seen in some time.


As far as Clans go, I have been running Clan Vurgaan since the Iron Hands got some fleshing out in third edition.  

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Ferrus, please do not feel as if I am being argumentative. The reference of my claim that Avernii (I misspelled it before) is first company is based on information in Horus Heresy, Book 2, page 77. Not out of the "abortion," as you put it.


The page shows a marine in Tartaros pattern TDA.


"This otherwise unidentified Legionary's insignia is that of the 1st Order (Order Primii), Iron Hands Avernii Clan."





Quote was used without permission for use in conversation.

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Ferrus, please do not feel as if I am being argumentative. The reference of my claim that Avernii (I misspelled it before) is first company is based on information in Horus Heresy, Book 2, page 77. Not out of the "abortion," as you put it.


The page shows a marine in Tartaros pattern TDA.


"This otherwise unidentified Legionary's insignia is that of the 1st Order (Order Primii), Iron Hands Avernii Clan."





Quote was used without permission for use in conversation.


Yes, but aside from that other book there is nothing that says that the Avernii survived the Heresy.

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