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Gathering the Clans of Medusa

Iron Father Ferrum

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Wait, wait, wait.  I zoomed in on the picture to read the small print to the left of the Predator and was struck by something. Bear with me.


The text says each Clan Company is "essentially a codex adherent formation. . ."  Now that isn't to say that they're codex adherent Battle Companies, but move on to the smaller paragraph.  This sentence simply says that the pictured Predator belongs to Clan Sorrgol.


Belongs to Clan Sorrgol.  Is the 9th vehicle in the Clan, actually.  So why am I making this into an issue?


The Clan Company signifiers on the right indicate that Sorrgol is the 6th Company.  If GW were still claiming that the Chapter is wholly codex adherent, then the 6th Company would be a Tactical Reserve Company that specializes in the use of bikes.  So where exactly does the 6th Company get off owning a Predator, much less nine of them?  The 6th Company never deploys as a whole; they're a Reserve formation whose squads are parceled out to other companies to provide additional manpower in heavily contested theaters, so even if a Predator is deployed alongside a 6th Company squad, it should bear the heraldry of the company that both units are actually attached to (ie, 2nd-5th Companies).


So either GW's writers are screwing up their own fluff again, or they're trying to correct the craptasticness they gave us before.  Thoughts?

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I think they have just given up caring about our Chapter. Half of the page is making Clans (CLANS!) into Companies. Hell, they picture a Terminator and say it's from Avernii- strictly from that one CLAN. NO ONE ELSE HAS ANY TERMINATORS?! It's looking at this image that reminds me just how far they've tried to change us, but I digress.


With all the contradictory information from this image, I believe they've tripped over themselves and have just said: "We give up!"

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Seeing the techmarine in full red armour makes me wonder what Iron Fathers would look like. Assuming they haven't been removed from the fluff altogether... 


Wait, wait, wait.  I zoomed in on the picture to read the small print to the left of the Predator and was struck by something. Bear with me.

...edited for space...


I find myself pretty much repeating my criticisms of the last codex and That Supplement - it's most likely lazy and sloppy writing/editing, as usual. That said, it might not be the case. I'd like to believe that GW really are trying to fix their mistakes. Perhaps the actual chapter fluff will suggest that clans own (non-transport) vehicles now? 

Edited by Ironwrought Huw
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I would prefer to believe that the writers are trying to find a middle ground between the old and the new fluff with the new codex. BUT, I think its far more likely that they've just slipped up. The guy doing the picture probably didn't realise that the number had any kind of significance.

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Really, at this point, the only thing that can be said about their writers is that they are careless, lazy, and hopelessly inconsistent with their own product. It is really not very hard to tell that they throw these images together without much thought to the picture it all paints. Utter confusion and total instability.


Having said that, I'll hold on to that little word "belongs" nice and tight, for the time being!

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As a player that's eying an Iron Hands-esque project based on the new codex, I'm actually glad that they've slacked a bit on our background material, because it leaves things more open.  To be fair, GW has been making mistakes and inconsistencies with SM iconography for as long as 40k has existed (source: RT rulebook), so this isn't really a new occurrence.  That said, I think we've got a pretty good outline already for our force organization, so I'm pretty set with ignoring the majority of the 7th edition codex background in favor of what has already been well-established.


It is pretty disappointing that they seem to struggle with this, but honestly I think the new rules/toys in the codex are a fair consolation prize!  :happy.:

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So either GW's writers are screwing up their own fluff again, or they're trying to correct the craptasticness they gave us before.  Thoughts?


same with the 7th (light vehicles) and 8th (assault) reserve companies:

the Raukaan supplement mentions "assault marines of the borrgar clan", which as a tactical reseve shouldn't have any, likewise morlaag is mounted on bikes there (i.e. 6th).

Not to mention that vurgaan, clan of the main character of the old iron hands novel and his tactical and assault brothers, is now the devastator reserve.

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So either GW's writers are screwing up their own fluff again, or they're trying to correct the craptasticness they gave us before.  Thoughts?

I'd like to think so.

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Back when the Clan Raukaan supplement came out, I was glad that I'd abandoned the 41st Millennium behind and fully embraced the Age of Darkness...


... I'm still glad to see that GW are currently doing absolutely nothing with the Iron Hands that would tempt me back! :cool.:


Oh and thanks GW for more or less entirely stealing/copying my Burrakis clan company symbol and using it for your "Clan Morlaag".... :wink:


I'll just be ignoring this Codex, just as I did the Clan Raukaan supplement I think!

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Personally, I take any Iron Hands fluff from the Index Astartes III article. I'm also desperately hunting for someone to just roll things back to 3E with, because those rules were fun and flavorful.


First post of awesomeness?  Here, have a Like.

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And if this isn't a dead thread, I'd like to take a moment to talk about my own DIY Clan-Company.




Furthermore, "Disclaimer: As far as I'm concerned, post-Heresy fluff for the Iron Hands begins with Index Astartes III: Hand of Justice and ends with Space Marine Battles: Wrath of Iron. Whoever wrote the Raukaan supplement can die in a fire."


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Hi Deus Ex Ferrum - Can you please add my Clan (Burrakis) to your list on the front page?


You could add them to THE HONORED: Lost & Extinct Clan Companies, as their last recorded combat engagement was at the Battle of Tallarn during the Horus Heresy. There may have been remnants that survived and carried on beyond that point, but nothing official..



Sorry, I'm a bit late to this party! :cool.:












Nickname: The Brotherhood of the Cog/"Brothers of the Cog"

Leadership: Iron-Lord Urza Burrakis

Headquarters: Burrakis Clan Company Land Crawlers, Medusa.

Tactical Specialty: Fast Strike Armoured Assault with Artillery.

Equipment Quirks: Preference for Volkite and Graviton Weaponry over standard Boltguns.

Notable Forces: Order Triarii (3rd Order of Clan Company Burrakis), under the command of Iron-Captain Alasdir Nox.

Notable Engagements: Isstvan V (Fleet Engagements only), Battle for Tallarn.


Urza was the Terran-born Lord of Clan Burrakis. Born in the violent H-Boroughs of Old Albia, he was recruited into the X Legion and during his early career his technical prowess and tactical abilities were noted by his senior officers. He was fast-tracked into the Martian Techmarine program, and shortly after his return to the Legion he ascended the ranks to become the Ironwrought of Techmarine Conclave Alpha. After the Legion was reunited with their Primarch and relocated to Medusa, Urza once again rose through the ranks to become an Iron-Captain, and eventually took control of the Land Crawlers of Clan Burrakis in an event known to the Clansmen as 'The Init 0 Signifier'. Urza declared himself the Iron-Lord of Clan Burrakis, and began the task of restructuring the Clan to better support the Legion's infrastructure.


Clan Burrakis flourished under Urza's control, and became renowned across the planet as a centre of experimental technology and also for their ability to restore function to ancient technologies recovered from archaeotech sites across Medusa. Their excavation of the crash sites of Telstarax are the most extensive of any clan, and they have ventured further into the Dark-Age Technology-ridden Northern Wastes than anyone other than Ferrus Manus himself.


Burrakis is a relatively small Clan by comparison to the likes of Kaargul or Raukaan, however it has been allowed to thrive due to it's production of high-end technology. Urza himself has a mastery of Volkite and Graviton generators unseen anywhere else outside of Mars itself. His experimental work on compressing Conversion Beamer generators and maximising energy throughputs crucially allowed Legion Predator Tanks to mount them as their main turret weapon. Urza himself has performed countless upgrades and enhancements to his own body, most notably the replacement of his own eyes with a pair of multi-function occular sensors. There is a myth amongst his fellow Clansmen that he sacrificed his eyes in return for knowledge of technology, in a similar fashion to Odynn of Terran folklore, or the Primarch Magnus himself.


The Clan has extremely close ties with the Mechanicum, even more so than usual for the Iron Hands. Their ability to call upon the forces of the Mechanicum is without precedent across the Imperium, and is thought to be at least in part due to trading of 'suspect' (possibly even Xenos) technologies between the Clan and the Mechanicum.


 “My Brothers!

At Istvaan, the traitors dealt us a grevious wound. One from which they hoped we would never recover. Our beloved Father is dead, struck down by his closest brother in an act so vile it does not bear contemplation. Our Legion was shattered, and many of our best were lost to us.


True, it has taken many months for us to regroup and repair. But in that time we have turned our loss into strength. Upon the anvil of our souls, we have reforged our grief into a blade of purest hatred. And now it is time to use that finely honed blade to stab at the heart of our most despicable enemies.


Perturabo's traitors have taken Tallarn, a planet under the sworn protection of the Emperor himself. Their weapons have reduced a once bountiful world to a toxic wasteland of poisonous slurry, and even now they are eliminating the last pockets of loyalist resistance.


We shall descend upon our enemies and show them a Legion healed. We shall bring the full force of our hatred against them and free Tallarn from their grasp. We shall wage war alongside our brothers from Dorn's VII Legion and the mighty God-Engines of the Legio Astorum. We shall liberate this world and begin our great vengeance upon the traitors. Our battle tanks will roll across this world in such numbers that the planet itself will shake! The traitors will be made to realise that the Iron Hands of Ferrus can NEVER be broken!


For the Emperor! For the Legion! For Ferrus!”


- attributed to Alasdir Nox (Iron Captain, Order Triarii, Clan Company Burrakis) on the eve of the Battle of Tallarn.


Edited by Urza
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As with Urza, I too am done with the 40K variant of what used to be the Iron Hands.  I have started down the painfully expensive road of 30K.  I will not be using the plastics, as the MK IV models just don't seem 'right'.  So Forge World only it is then.  Oh, and Fawkes, a more beautiful statement has never been said or so eloquently made.    

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So as most of you who frequent this section of the boards are well aware, I'm quite dismissive of the new fluff from the supplement, including the revised Codex-determined organization.  This includes, for me, the Clan names; for the longest time, we Iron Hands players had a selection of five named Clans to pick from, and so it often fell to us to name our own DIY Clans, giving us a special niche within the DIY community: rather than filling out an entire Chapter, we already had a canon Chapter in place and just had to sketch out one company within it.


So I figured it was past time that we compile our Clan Companies for the edification of all.  If we end up with more than ten Clan Companies, we as a community can deal with that as (or if) it arises.  If anyone plays a canon Clan (I know you're out there!) feel free to post as well and we'll put that info in as well.  Follow my format, and I'll update master list as we go!



Master List of Clan Companies (as of 999M41)


- Clan Kaargul (canon)

- Clan Sorrgol (canon, fluff by Ironwrought Huw)

- Clan Raukaan (canon)

- Clan Vurgaan (canon, fluff by Malus Trux)

- Clan Garssak (canon)

- Clan Shologar (DIY, Deus Ex Ferrum)

- Clan Ta'taros (DIY, CyderPirate)

- Clan Bracchus (DIY, Ravenfeld)

- Clan Avernii (DIY, Spaz431)

- Clan Trago (DIY, Apologist)

- Clan Haarol (DIY, Mehman)



THE HONORED: Lost & Extinct Clan Companies


- Clan Arsinoth (DIY, BassWave)

- Clan Brannsar (DIY, Iron Hands Fanatic)

- Clan Morragul (canon)

- Clan ra'Guln (canon)

- Clan Burrakis (DIY, Urza)




THE RIVEN: Successor Chapters of the Iron Tenth


- Red Talons (canon)

- Brazen Claws (canon)

- Sons of Medusa (canon)

          - War Clan Megaera (canon, fluff by Chrysaor the Giant)

          - War Clan Atropos (canon, fluff by BionicBrain)

- Iron Lords (canon)

- Steel Confessors (canon)

- The Iron Horde (DIY, Timur)

- The Steel Wings (DIY, Aquilanus)

- The Iron Hunters (DIY, Conn Eremon)

- Pegasus Wardens (DIY, Stormgrad)

- Marines Adamant (DIY, LySiMachus)

- Scions of Ferrus (DIY, Scion of Ferrus)





Symbol: Stylized white hammer-head inside a white cog


Nickname: The Hammers of Medusa


Leadership: Clan Commander Gideon Tekton, Iron Father Igneon Ferro, Epistolary Silas Delphiar


Headquarters: Land Behemoth Cadmus; secondary headquarters maintained on Chapter Battle Barge Ironsides


Tactical Specialty: Armored & mechanized operations; common employment of Land Raider heavy tanks; Dreadnoughts deployed exclusively in orbit-to-surface and urban assault scenarios


Organizational Quirks: Oversized Armory and Techmarine corps to enable mass deployment of armored fighting vehicles; specialized Armory squads employed as command & bodyguard elements for Clan leadership


Equipment Quirks: All Clan fighting vehicles piloted by single crewman via MIU; Assault Squads equipped with advanced personal teleporters in place of Codex-approved jump packs; complete omission of Centurion-pattern plate due to logistical concerns stemming from mechanized combat doctrine; marked preference for axes as close combat weapons


Doctrinal Deviations: Shologar members venerate the Emperor as the Founder of the Imperium and creator of the Space Marines, but see him as just a man -- a great man, perhaps, but just a man.  Worship of the Machine God is encouraged however, and most Shologar Space Marines are indoctrinated to believe that Emperor and Omnissiah are two separate beings.  These beliefs are kept largely within the Clan to avoid theology-based conflicts with other Clans and Imperial institutions, but have led to occasional clashes with the Ecclesiarchy and Adepta Sororitas, and to Inquisitorial investigation.


Notable Engagements: Haven Prime Campaign; Araqiya Hive Suppressions; Collerado Titan Wars; Purging of Contqual; Medusa V Campaign; Battle of Medusa (13th Black Crusade)


Heroes of the Clan:



Warleader Cadmus Mantellar:  Cadmus Mantellar was Clan Shologar's leader at the tail end of the Great Crusade and throughout the Horus Heresy.  Considered the father of the modern Clan Company, he was the one who solidified Shologar's specialization in armored assaults.  Felled during the Scouring, Mantellar was installed in one of the Clan's few remaining Contemptor-pattern Dreadnought chassis; before implantation he warned the Clan not to wake up him "until the dark sand of Medusa itself is threatened and the Omnissiah Himself strides the galaxy."  Seven attempts to wake him in the millennia since have all failed.  He remains in stasis aboard the eponymous Cadmus.


Clan Commander Gideon Tekton:  Gideon Tekton was a rising star within the Clan and Chapter, achieving the rank of Clan Chief in less than three hundred years; his supreme strategic thinking, fighting skills, and absolute refusal to ever quit saw him leapfrog several other promising officers in the Clan to become the designated second-in-command.  Upon the death of Clan Commander Hiram Khyberon at the hands of the Iron Warriors during the Collerado Titan Wars, Tekton took command of the Clan.  He has led them into war for over two centuries and is well respected amongst the rest of the Chapter.


Iron Father Igneon Ferro:  Igneon Ferro is the Clan's Master of the Forge and Master of the Armory in addition to his role as chief administrator of the Cult of the Omnissiah in the Clan.  He is notable as the original recruiter of Clan Commander Tekton, though even that act pales in comparison to his actions on Graefenhaag during the Collerado Titan Wars.  During the desperate defense of Graefen Mainhive's Titan manufactorums, Ferro hard-plugged himself into the Manifold of the decommissioned Reaver Titan Fili Illigitimi and walked the Titan into combat with Traitor Marine forces, turning the tide of battle by destroying two corrupted Warhounds and forcing an Iron Warriors warband off-world.  He currently serves as the Clan's representative to the Great Clan Council.


Just an update to include both Urza and my own contribution's to the Brotherhood,

and to update Clan Sorrgol by Ironwrought Huw who changed his name.

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Ya Iron Hands lore was so much cooler during third, each clan was independent and chaplains/Techmarines forming the iron fathers was epic. All in all Clan Raukaan supplement was useless except for the relics. It forced me to choose a successor(Brazen Claws) rather than jump a clan company. If any attention to the codex again I hope they reflect the older lore, it would also be an interesting option to allow sergeants to wear terminator armour and jump into a razorback.
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Evening all.


I'm thinking about making a small zone mortalis force of the iron tenth. I was wondering if any of the clans had a particular influence/reference/interest/whatever the right word is with the mining clans on medusa?


Cheers all

Mining on Medusa? I don't think that works really considering the whole tectonic activity thing.

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