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Gathering the Clans of Medusa

Iron Father Ferrum

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Orders are an entirely different level of organisation from Clans.


Every single 30k Clan (chapter-equivalent) was subdivided into Orders, so every single Clan would have a 1st Order (Battalion equivalent, but varied in size).


The Clans themselves weren't numbered at all, the Morlocks were a component of Clan Avernii, but they weren't the 1st Clan / Company

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Well, now that I see DIY successors are now being accepted, I’d be glad to offer my own to this list, if acceptable. :sweat:



The Iron Hunters


Symbol: Cog symbol with four wings radiating out from the cardinal points


Nickname: None known


Leadership: Chieftain Konstin Burkhart


Home World: Fleet-based, formerly Folgaria (Dead World), Segmentum Obscurus


Tactical Specialty: Void warfare, boarding actions, rapid insertion assaults, redeployments and critical infrastructure elimination.


Organizational Quirks: Company make-up mirrors the Iron Hands, through supplanted Clan-Colonies on Folgaria. When the Chapter makes the shift to being fleet-based, the Clan-Colonies are uprooted. Over time, the identities and individualized cultures of the vessels are incorporated into those of the Clan-Colonies, creating an amalgamation that is both different and familiar.


Equipment Quirks: Exceptionally close ties to multiple Mechanicum Explorator fleets provides the boon of easy, ready maintenance and access to unusual equipment. This has also created an imbalanced reliance upon the forces of the Mechanicum to make up for what the Chapter lacks, namely the mechanized armour formations for which the progenitor-Legion was most famed.


Doctrinal Deviations: None significant (Chapter still in development)


Heroes of the Clan-Ships:


Chieftain Sikhurt

Rising from Clan-Colony Vurgaan, Sikhurt was a monstrous figure who brutally ended the brief insurrectionist movements of native Folgarians, disregarding the previous practices of decimation to keep the population in line by implementing widespread pogroms on a scale not normally seen on compliant Imperial worlds. The escalation of violence invited an escalation in extermination, spiraling out of control as Sikhurt criticized their world for its failures and sins, culminating with the Iron Hunters forsaking the world granted to them upon their inception, taking with them only the strong, those of Medusan stock. Chieftain Sikhurt would then bond the Chapter to multiple ongoing Explorator Fleets, replacing the loss of an industrious home world by swearing oaths of alliance.


Notable Vessels:


Ferrum Crux – Star Fort with the manufacturing capabilities of a lesser order Forge World, cleansed of the heretical Vorium technocrats for their research and development in machines of xenos origins. Deemed pure after multiple purgation protocols, the Iron Hunters claimed salvage rights. They have since used the station as a surrogate home base, and its forges have afforded it more autonomy from Mechanicum. Rechristened with the name of the Chapter’s symbol.


Divinitas Lachesis – One of the three battle-barges in the possession of the Iron Hunters, crewed and populated by the descendents of the Lachesis Clan-Colony. Once the ascendant Clan-Colony and later Clan-Ship of the Iron Hunters, the far-reaching effects of the Moirae Schism took root as strongly within them as it did the parent Clan on revered Medusa. Once drastically reduced when the Moirae dissidents made their leave by Iron Hand decree, there were even calls to have them relocated to a lesser vessel, such as the rising Templum Lokopt, who would have replaced them as Divinitas Lokopt. Though the Clan-Ship has survived and ascended from this time, it has been overshadowed by Divinitas Avernii and Divinitas Sorrgol.


Sanctus Raukaan – Destroyer escort, destroyed with all hands, Clan unrecoverable.

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Pegasus Wardens


Symbol: A black Cog with a Pegasus within



Nickname: None known


Leadership: Iron Thane Vladimir Novikov


Home World: Viridis Seccundus


Tactical Specialty: Siegecraft with a direct focus on line breaking


Organizational Quirks: Codex Adherent, .


Equipment Quirks: The chapter has a significantly higher than average number of Armoured Vehicles Particularly Vindicators and Land Raider Achilles


Doctrinal Deviations: None significant (Chapter still in development)


Everything is pretty much still in the works :D

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Well, err, I definitely didn't forget that I'd said I would post my old (very old) Clan Sorrgol fluff... I had to go fishing through a memory stick I haven't used in over 6 years for this. A lot of the fluff may seem a bit odd, but bare in mind I came up with a lot of this almost a decade ago when all I had to go on was my beloved copy of IA3. Bits of the fluff I liked got recycled into Clan Tellum when I started them 3(ish) years ago. (I might post that info at a later date). I'd also like to note that I suck at coming up with names. 


As I have since retired Clan Sorrgol in favour of my own DIY Clan Tellum, I'm more than happy for someone else to post their stuff. I've been very interested to read what everyone else has come up with over the years. 


Clan Sorrgol
Symbol - stylised spanner within a cog


Current Leadership - Iron Captain Reaves, Iron Father Braith, Forge Lord Ellisryn (currently elected to represent Sorrgol on the council), No present Epistolary. 


Motto  - 'Arte et Marte' 


Tactical speciality/doctrine - None. At least, none is immediately apparent. The clan has recently found itself engaged in heavy urban combat, and has something of a flare for combat engineering tasks and long-range firepower. The leadership of the clan likes to think of itself as a jack of all trades - however rivals from the other clans of the chapter may less charitably call Clan Sorrgol 'masters of none'. 


Historic events of note - The Great Re-Forging, M32.

'A damaged blade can be re-forged... made better, made stronger...'

The events of the Horus Heresy had taken a great toll on the Iron Hands Legion - with all clans suffering heavy losses, some clans virtually wiped out and several completely destroyed. With more clans missing (assumed to have started individual crusades against the traitors), the Legion had been practically gutted. With Manus gone and control of the Legion passed down to the Clan Council, the decision was taken to fold several clans into the largest. The other practical reason for this was due to the re-forging of the Legion into the Iron Hands chapter, the Red Talons and the Brazen Claws. A shattered blade was transformed into 3 new smaller, but powerful blades. 


Organisation -

Total (astartes) members - 146. 1 Iron Captain, 1 Forge Lord (Senior), 1 Iron Father (Senior), Chief Apothecary and 3 apothecaries, 25 veterans, 6 techmarines (various ranks), 4 Iron Fathers (Fraters), 96 marines, 12 rhino/razorback crew. 


Like the other clans of the Iron Hands, Clan Sorrgol maintains its own forge, responsible for the creation and maintenance of armour, weaponry and wargear. The Iron Chamber is capable of creating new equipment in limited numbers. Non-transport vehicles, such as Predators and Land Raiders belong to the Chapter's centralised motorpool - and are allocated to a clan deployment by the chapter's chief techmarine, the Iron Wrought, when necessary. Clan Sorrgol currently has 2 Phobos pattern Land Raiders and 4 assorted Predators assigned to it. 


Clan Sorrgol proudly follows the Codex Astartes in the same way that the Black Templars welcome pyskers into their ranks with open arms - not at all. Rather than a set structure and list of squads of clearly defined and specific types, the clan pools it's squads together - which are equipped and deployed as deemed necessary. It is believed that by doing this, a marine is capable of performing any task on the battlefield, rather than being completely inflexible. It also ensures that all squads have an equal chance of deployment. The only exception are the clan's veterans, who are always designated as 'veterans'. 

However, in recent campaigns (Medusa V, 13th Black Crusade), squads deploying as 'assault marines' have been rare; several Sorrgol squads have been deployed in a devastator formation for so long that they are effectively devastator squads in all but name. 



Unique formations - The Circle of Iron. The group of the clan’s most ancient and venerable dreadnoughts. These ancient warriors, given the prefix “Honourable”, are not only truly great warriors but are also advisers – offering the leadership of Clan Sorrgol both tactical and strategic advice, as well as any specialist information they may have from their previous existence within the clan. Whenever the Clan Council meets, the most senior and currently active Honourable Ancient will also attend, as part of Sorrgol’s delegation to the council.

While once this group could deploy all 10 ancient dreadnoughts chassis, combat losses, irreparable damage and the need to maintain them has resulted in a rotational system for their use – 3 chassis at a time, with a 4th available should the need arise. The current 3 dreadnought chassis in rotation are designations Ferric, Ferrum and Ferrous


The Chamber of Iron One of the formations which was acquired following The Great Re-Forging and the merging of several depleted clans that had elected to remain on Medusa, the Chamber of Iron is a council formed of the clan’s armoury staff and Iron Fathers. The Chamber of Iron is responsible for the running of the Clan’s armoury, the training of future techmarines and Iron Fathers, the allocation of resources and maintenance of the clan’s equipment, as well as the spiritual well-being of the Clan. 


Never came up with any fluff for heroes of the clan. 

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Ha, didn't realise this was for Successors too! For Ferrus!


Marines Adamant



Marines Adamant Battle Brother


Born during M.32 as part of the 4th Founding, the Marines Adamant are proud Successors of the gene-sons of Ferrus Manus. Since those ancient days, the Chapter’s relentless hatred and unbending determination have won the Imperium wars beyond numbering and gained them a long record of honours earned in service to the Emperor of Man. Much like their Iron Hands forebears, the Marines Adamant are divided into ten distinct war forces, known within the Chapter as ‘Households’. Each Household is approximately equal in size to a Codex Battle Company and is equipped to deploy and fight with similar flexibility. The favoured tactics of the Warleaders who command the Households are methodical and brutally blunt. Though some might say the Marines Adamant lack the finesse and lightning speed possessed by other Astartes there can be no doubt that their unyielding advances, supported by armoured vehicles and heavy firepower, are devastatingly effective.


The brethren of the Chapter have a well-earned reputation for ferocity, courage and unbreakable resolve. Unfortunately, equally infamous is the distaste with which the Marines Adamant fight beside those who should be their brothers-in-arms. The warriors of the Chapter are dour, superstitious and instinctively distrustful of those around them. While their own brethren are tolerated – although still carefully watched – most outsiders are viewed with outright hostility and contempt. It is not uncommon for Warleaders to refuse to coordinate with or share intelligence with other Imperial commanders, viewing them as potential threats rather than allies. Only a handful, such as the Adeptus Mechanicus of the nearby Gharant III Forgeworld, or Chapters who have fought and proven their worth beside them in the past, are afforded their meagre trust.


“… You? My brother? Mark me well, son of Guilliman. I had two brothers. The first I sent to his death in battle, the second I gutted after he tried to take my rightful place. Now, get out of my way so I can go kill these graslig heretics!” – Warleader Isbeorn the Grim.


Full IA in sig.

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Symbol: Three geometric diamonds, the longer points inward-facing

Nickname: Warcrafters

Leadership: Clan-Commander Kraanos Waysmith, Psi-Cursed Medardus

Headquarters: Current tour dispositional HQ Strike Cruiser Hammerstein.

Tactical Specialty: Infantry assault. 

Organizational Quirks: None beyond a minor preference for heavy-weapon equipped infantry.

Equipment Quirks: None – tactical flexibility and adaptability preferred.

Doctrinal Deviations: While some are touched by the loathing of the flesh known amongst those of Iron Hand geneseed, the Clan sternly prohibits physical excision except in cases of damage. As a result, the Clan exhibits fewer visible bionic upgrades than typical; sleeving essential replacements beneath armourplas and ceramite. Following core Iron Hands beliefs of self-reliance and strength, those of Clan Trago make full use of their post-human anatomy; though those who do suffer injury are quick to argue the case for bionic or augmetic replacement if it will help them return to the field of battle more swiftly.

Notable Engagements: M37 – Sheen Xenocide (Sheenspace, Prodigium Os); M37 – Fourth Great Purge (Scallop Stars, Antona Australis)

Heroes of the Clan:

Kraanos Waysmith


A capable if unremarkable Clan-Commander, Kraanos Waysmith (a literal translation of his Medusan name), has led Clan Trago for a number of decades. His command is stolid, reliable – and unremarkable.


Psi-Cursed Medardus

Disciplined in telekinesis, Medardus' connection to the machine spirits transcends the brute world of the physical.
Previously known as Haarik of Var, this marine adopted the Gothic name Medardus on ascension to full brotherhood of Clan Trago. Active during the Fourth Great Purge, Medardus' gifts proved useful in the Clan's prosecution of the campaign on the Hyperion Front

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I mean, I may be new here but I have some fluff that has been kicked about for a while now. If it has holes or flaws, let me know and I'll fix it. Until humans can get bionics, I'll be by this computer!




Symbol: None


Nickname: The Abhorred Sons


Leadership: Clan-Commander Lotek Ndolgin, Iron Father Lachas Vrestaan, and Chief Epistolary Gdoran Sorn 


Headquarters: Land Behemoth Ierczo; secondary headquarters maintained on Chapter Salvage Frigate Ahkilles


Tactical Specialty: The Iron Trap- to atone for one or more sins against the chapter, Scouts will seed an area with mines and hope to kill from afar what the could not conquer within. They may lay in wait for many Terran weeks before their target is acquired and denied the right to life. After the initial confusion of the enemy, the rest of the clan mobilizes from two sides to "close the Iron Trap" and slay all that stand within the cordoned area.


Organizational Quirks: Due to the scavenging nature of the Clan, the Librarium is truly vast in scope. With each mission, a Librarian will no doubt accompany the Strike Force to record the deeds of Iron Hands who other Clans thought useless and stand against the vilest of Humanity's enemies.


Equipment Quirks: All Clan fighting vehicles have been salvaged. Repaired, their machine spirits brought back to life, they stand anew to fight on, ever faithfully, for the Clan and the greater Chapter. As befits the Clan's teachings, all Marines have been trained in the basic use, repair, and rites of each vehicle in the Armourorium. This allows for a lay Marine to operate weapons of war such as the Stormtalon without having given his oaths to Mars.


Doctrinal Deviations: The Emperor was a man, albeit a great man, and his unification with the Martian Priesthood ushered him into the rank of the Prophet of the Omnissiah. Machined blessed from the start, he healed a wounded Knight's leg when those that claimed themselves saints could not. His mere presence on the Golden Throne of Antiquity allows travel through the blasted warp and his name is hated by daemon and daemon-engine alike. Only the Iron Father and his council know that he was an incredible man that wished not to be worshipped and only wanted peace through secular and scientific devotion. This is indeed a closely held secret.


Notable Engagements: Abraxas IV Campaign; Forest World Orpheus XI Reintegration; Battle of Medusa (13th Black Crusade)


Knowledge of the Clan: As the Land Behemoth Ierczo rides about the barren plains of Medusa, it not only admits its own neophytes but also any neophyte that has been rejected to the wastes. Their reasoning for willingly collapsing into the back of the trawling trucks may differ but one thing remains true: they still have the fire of the Omnissiah in the eyes. Dishonoured Iron Hands that stumble about the the massive, moving edifice are also welcomed aboard to join the Abhorred Sons. As long as he acquits himself in battle with honour and duty, all are welcome.

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Love this thread so much. I would like to submit my own Sons of Medusa War Clan for the record! I'll have to add in a "Heroes of the War Clan section a bit later.




Symbol: Two vipers fighting within a cog.


Nickname: Emerald Judgment.


Motto: "Strength of Purpose."


Leadership: Iron Thane Sidero Ippotis, Tech-Mystic Epistolary Tandras Clotto, Forge-Master Chalyvas Groth.


Headquarters: Taelus System asteroids; Battle Barge Taranis


Tactical Specialty: Siege and heavy armour deployment; extensive use of heavy tanks and artillery, wide distribution of specialized siege equipment with air support.


Organizational Quirks: Extended use of Tech-Thrall and Automata support in combat environments; intensive use of armour characteristic of broader Chapter and Progenitors.


Equipment Quirks: Extensive use of recovered, techno-exorcised equipment; tactical squads frequently outfitted with heavy siege shields; servo-arms issued to sergeants and veteran marines throughout.


Doctrinal Deviations: Known believers of the dissident Cult Moirae; use of recovered relics, armour, and other equipment deemed excessive and questionable.


Notable Engagements: Minor deployment during Badab War alongside War Clans Lachesis and Atropos; engagements in Rikal system against renegade Blood Angels. Currently involved in pursuit of surviving renegades and former Blood Angel’s 4th Company Captain Niccolo Caravello.



War Clan Megaera, Disposition of Combat Forces, Generally

Character Names, Generally

Sidero Ippotis, Iron Thane of the Megaera War Clan

Daskal Suus, Tactical Company Captain

Kontas Rei, Support Company Captain

Silas Vedha, Battle Company Captain and Siege-Master-Designate

Tandras Clotto, Prime Mystic of the Megaera War Clan and the Cult Moirai

Makr Orasz, Tech-Mystic of the Cult Moirai

Laocoon, Tech-Mystic of the Cult Moirai [deceased]

Chalyvas Groth, Forge-Master of the Megaera War Clan

Brother Taran, Techmarine

Brother Donas, Techmarine

Brother Chrysaor, the Giant, Venerable Ancient in ‘Mortis’ Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought Armour

Brother Varon Bas, Ancient in ‘Mortis’ Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought Armour

Brother Geryon, Ancient in ‘Ironclad’ Pattern Dreadnought Armour

Brother Bhrionne, Ancient in Dreadnought Armour


Squad/Clave Titles, Generally

Clave Prime, Veteran

Clave Lekhen, Veteran

Clave Praathe, Veteran

Clave Ladon, Tactical

Clave Orm, Tactical

Clave Kaarme, Tactical

Clave Nathair, Tactical

Cult Anemos, Tech-Thralls


Vehicle Names, Generally

Taranis, Battle Barge

Ardens Tempestas, Relic Fire Raptor

Stymphalyon (Aetos-Tavros), Caestus Assault Ram

Pegasus, Storm Raven

Erinyes I, II, III, Storm Talons

Uranon, Legion Glaive

Kaelus, Relic Sicaran Venator

Ephialtes, Borrum, Relic Sicaran Battle Tanks

Briareus, Achilles Pattern Land Raider

Gyges, Kottos, Porphyros, Vindicator Siege Tanks

Prakopes I, II, III, Stalker Support Tanks

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Figured i'd better write something up to help bring my figures more into life with some back story, so here at least is a short summary of the battle company of clan Atropos. In imperial time, i build them as they where ca 30 years before the break out of the Badab Wars.




++ Ad anno 870.M41 ++


Battle company Cuspis Sollex, War Clan Atropos, Sons of Medusa Chapter


Symbol: Cybernetic scull inside a white cog.


Nickname: The sword of Sollex, the Emerald Death.


Leadership:  Iron Thane Vaylund Cal, high-artificer, Scion of Moirae, Iron Captain Baradcus, Master of the Watch. Chaplain Augustin, Master of Sanctity, Speaker for the Dead.


Headquarters: Fortress monastery in a fortified asteroid network, Taelus system. Battle barge Anguis currently in the eastern fringe of ultima segmentum, in combat with the Waaagh! Scullcleava.


Tactical Specialty: Preferring long range engagement Bardacus, like his Iron Thane, employs a large amount of devastator marines and hellfire cannons in order to decimate the armour and fortifications of his enemies, before launching a spearhead of terminators as shock troops to break the enemy’s line.


Organizational Quirks: Larger than approved by the codex astartes amount of brothers encased in Dreadnought armour. The 1st veteran squad of the company, Ferrum Custodes orThe Iron Watch, dons jet black armour and gorgonian shields, and act as the Thanes guards and combat advisors. Veteran sergeants have been seen armoured in Tactical Dreadnought armour when leading tactical squads. On some instances, forge-wrights act as squad sergeants.


Equipment Quirks: Because of their birth trough exile, scavenging of battlefields for fallen weapons and technologies is still in practice among the Sons to this day, leading to a wide array of marks and origin on the company’s equipment. High degree of bionics, even if compared to their old brothers of the Iron Hands. A preference for hammers and axes when engaging the enemies in close combat.


Doctrinal Deviations: Zealous followers of the Cult Moirae. Believers in that the enemies weapons can be used against them, not fearing using captured and discovered technologies in their tireless crusade against the enemies of man and the God-emperor.


Notable Engagements:

M37 - The Great Cull

M38 - The Bellrath Crusade

M39 – The Angevin Crusade

As of 870.M41 in war with the Waaagh! Scullcleava in the eastern fringe of Ultima Segmentum.


Heroes of the Clan:

 Iron Thane Vaylund Cal – High Artificer, Scion of Moirae


Iron Captain Bardacus – Master of the Watch


Revered brother Hellus – Entombed since 430.M38, after being mortally wounded by the Xeno species Hellgrammite during the Bellrath crusade.


Will return with pics and to flesh out the Heroes portion with more fluff!


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Symbol: Iron Hand painted in Silver.






Nickname: The Ghosts of Hel.






Founding: Chapter officially noted as belonging to the Tenth Founding.






Leadership: Ancient Da'Vros, Iron-Father Gneiss and Epistolary Varl.






Headquarters: Prometheus Deathworld, Planctae System, Halo Stars / Fleet based - 3 Battle Barges, 10 Strike Cruisers and 3 Vanguard Cruisers.






Tactical Specialty: All veterans are Deathwatch Veterans, Dreadnoughts deployed exclusively in drop pod insertion and urban pacification protocols.






Organizational Quirks: Oversized Armoury and Techmarine forges to enable mass deployment of armored fighting vehicles and salvage / wrecking duties.






Equipment Quirks: It has been noted that a high percentage of the chapters vehicular assets have bonded with their crews.






Doctrinal Deviations: Whilst no longer part of Iron Hands of Medusa the chapter are noted by learned scholars to display the clan symbols of Medusan Clans most notably Clan Kaargul, Clan Vurgaan and Clan Garssak.






Notable Engagements: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/307013-index-mechanicus-forgeworld-bloodnok/ , #### Deleted by Ordos Xenos ####






Heroes of the Clan:






Ancient Da'Vros Former Clan Commander Da'Vros was critically injured in the battle of ### Deleted by Ordos Xenos #### in 215.M37 where he was interred in a venerable Mk IV Dreadnought Chassis. He favours a sinister Twin-linked Lascannon and a dexter DCCW. He also bears the chapter banner into battle. 








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Orders are an entirely different level of organisation from Clans.


Every single 30k Clan (chapter-equivalent) was subdivided into Orders, so every single Clan would have a 1st Order (Battalion equivalent, but varied in size).


The Clans themselves weren't numbered at all, the Morlocks were a component of Clan Avernii, but they weren't the 1st Clan / Company


So setting up my Clan on AUS 30k am I using the proper unit identifier for the clan?  Did they id organizations beneath a battalion (Order) as companies or did they id them as something other than that? And finally is this unit id good to go Xth Legion, Clan Kaargul, 3rd Order, 2nd Company "The Black Hearts".

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Orders are an entirely different level of organisation from Clans.


Every single 30k Clan (chapter-equivalent) was subdivided into Orders, so every single Clan would have a 1st Order (Battalion equivalent, but varied in size).


The Clans themselves weren't numbered at all, the Morlocks were a component of Clan Avernii, but they weren't the 1st Clan / Company


So setting up my Clan on AUS 30k am I using the proper unit identifier for the clan?  Did they id organizations beneath a battalion (Order) as companies or did they id them as something other than that? And finally is this unit id good to go Xth Legion, Clan Kaargul, 3rd Order, 2nd Company "The Black Hearts".



Yup that works - within Orders, you had Companies as normal, commanded by Warleaders (Captains) - Terminator Companies were referred to as 'Centuries' instead.


We still don't know whether Companies / Centuries within a Clan were numbered, but they were named according to their role, e.g: 'Tactical Compoany' / 'Terminator Century' / 'Assault Company'


Also, you could go with the Medusan identifier of 'Order Triarii' instead of 3rd Order if you wanted

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Sorry, I'm a bit late to this party! :cool.:












Nickname: The Brotherhood of the Cog/"Brothers of the Cog"

Leadership: Iron-Lord Urza Burrakis

Headquarters: Burrakis Clan Company Land Crawlers, Medusa.

Tactical Specialty: Fast Strike Armoured Assault with Artillery.

Equipment Quirks: Preference for Volkite and Graviton Weaponry over standard Boltguns.

Notable Forces: Order Triarii (3rd Order of Clan Company Burrakis), under the command of Iron-Captain Alasdir Nox.

Notable Engagements: Isstvan V (Fleet Engagements only), Battle for Tallarn.


Urza was the Terran-born Lord of Clan Burrakis. Born in the violent H-Boroughs of Old Albia, he was recruited into the X Legion and during his early career his technical prowess and tactical abilities were noted by his senior officers. He was fast-tracked into the Martian Techmarine program, and shortly after his return to the Legion he ascended the ranks to become the Ironwrought of Techmarine Conclave Alpha. After the Legion was reunited with their Primarch and relocated to Medusa, Urza once again rose through the ranks to become an Iron-Captain, and eventually took control of the Land Crawlers of Clan Burrakis in an event known to the Clansmen as 'The Init 0 Signifier'. Urza declared himself the Iron-Lord of Clan Burrakis, and began the task of restructuring the Clan to better support the Legion's infrastructure.


Clan Burrakis flourished under Urza's control, and became renowned across the planet as a centre of experimental technology and also for their ability to restore function to ancient technologies recovered from archaeotech sites across Medusa. Their excavation of the crash sites of Telstarax are the most extensive of any clan, and they have ventured further into the Dark-Age Technology-ridden Northern Wastes than anyone other than Ferrus Manus himself.


Burrakis is a relatively small Clan by comparison to the likes of Kaargul or Raukaan, however it has been allowed to thrive due to it's production of high-end technology. Urza himself has a mastery of Volkite and Graviton generators unseen anywhere else outside of Mars itself. His experimental work on compressing Conversion Beamer generators and maximising energy throughputs crucially allowed Legion Predator Tanks to mount them as their main turret weapon. Urza himself has performed countless upgrades and enhancements to his own body, most notably the replacement of his own eyes with a pair of multi-function occular sensors. There is a myth amongst his fellow Clansmen that he sacrificed his eyes in return for knowledge of technology, in a similar fashion to Odynn of Terran folklore, or the Primarch Magnus himself.


The Clan has extremely close ties with the Mechanicum, even more so than usual for the Iron Hands. Their ability to call upon the forces of the Mechanicum is without precedent across the Imperium, and is thought to be at least in part due to trading of 'suspect' (possibly even Xenos) technologies between the Clan and the Mechanicum.


 “My Brothers!

At Istvaan, the traitors dealt us a grevious wound. One from which they hoped we would never recover. Our beloved Father is dead, struck down by his closest brother in an act so vile it does not bear contemplation. Our Legion was shattered, and many of our best were lost to us.


True, it has taken many months for us to regroup and repair. But in that time we have turned our loss into strength. Upon the anvil of our souls, we have reforged our grief into a blade of purest hatred. And now it is time to use that finely honed blade to stab at the heart of our most despicable enemies.


Perturabo's traitors have taken Tallarn, a planet under the sworn protection of the Emperor himself. Their weapons have reduced a once bountiful world to a toxic wasteland of poisonous slurry, and even now they are eliminating the last pockets of loyalist resistance.


We shall descend upon our enemies and show them a Legion healed. We shall bring the full force of our hatred against them and free Tallarn from their grasp. We shall wage war alongside our brothers from Dorn's VII Legion and the mighty God-Engines of the Legio Astorum. We shall liberate this world and begin our great vengeance upon the traitors. Our battle tanks will roll across this world in such numbers that the planet itself will shake! The traitors will be made to realise that the Iron Hands of Ferrus can NEVER be broken!


For the Emperor! For the Legion! For Ferrus!”


- attributed to Alasdir Nox (Iron Captain, Order Triarii, Clan Company Burrakis) on the eve of the Battle of Tallarn.




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Several of the clan symbols are new, as are their numbers - we were able to guess at most based on what was available.

So we now know exactly which clans are being rebranded as the reserve, assault and devastator companies.

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...and the official clans are...



"Official" clans? I think we all know what GW can do with these "official" Clans...:dry.:

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