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Inquisitorial Kill Team: School me up

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Hey all, been re-reading the Eisenhorn trilogy (still one of my all time favorite settings in the universe) and its got me thinking of finally starting my own little Inquisitorial force (and of course writing some fluff to accompany it). My questions to you more knowledgeable members of the Ordos are these:


Where do I start?


What codex(s) do I use?


What is the ideal force for 500 - 750 point games?

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Your best bet is to get your hands on the Codex:Inquisiton. It gives you all the options to field an Inquisitor from the three main Ordos along with a band of Henchmen. Great to fill up about 200 points in an existing army. If you're keen to make an army out of them, you may need to look further than just that Codex, as it has a very limited amount of options and is designed for the ally system. Which allies you take will also affect how you kit out your Inquisitor and Henchmen, so you'll need to keep that in mind as well.

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Codex Inquisition is actually one of the most flexible codices out there, you can't really go wrong with it.


You can customize Inquisitors to hell and back.


The available vehicles are very solid. Rhinos and Razorbacks with Psybolt ammo, Chimeras that cost less, Valkyries and Land Raiders oh my.


Acolytes can be worse-than-guardsmen to my-first-space-marine depending on what you want.


And for a little less than 150 points you can bring an Inquisition detachment with 4 warp charges and 4 psychic disciplines. It's crazy.

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