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  1. I've been working on some World Eaters stuff for a while now, and I've finally finished my first model. I figured now is as good a time as any to start a WIP thread on it. First up, we've got a rhino completed. I used the Deimos rhino, and added some bits from a Chaos Rhino to spike it up a bit. I was originally doing a gold for the trim, but I really liked the look of the runelord brass the WH painting team did in their tutorial, so I switched it up today. The only thing left is decals, but I'm waiting until I see what might be in the kits before I decide what to put on there. I should have another Rhino done soon enough, and then some Terminators and Khârn are also coming along (no pictures yet). Looking forward to our big release next weekend!
  2. The story of Humanity in the dark future is the descent of Man into fanatic barbarism: The story of a fall from shining heights of power, knowledge and bliss in ancient times, to a present nightmare of ignorance, misery and slaughter. Descendant Degeneration "Ancient Man lived a life free of hardship and deprivation, for he had built himself an abundant paradise and banished what was ill in life. In these gardens sprawling across the stars, Man did not kill Man, and Man did not abduct Woman, and Man did not beat Child, for all lived a life of bliss. Hope reigned supreme, a hope sprung from Man's great achievements, and Man worshipped his own high knowledge. For Man had utterly mastered nature, and his craft and cunning tapped into the very powers of creation itself. And Man of Gold had created Man of Stone to work for him, and Man of Stone had in turn created Man of Iron to work for him. And thus this earthly trinity of Man bestrode the stars like a colossus, and Man stood strong and unchallenged by mortals. And Man dared the cosmos to best him, and for a time nothing in the heavens answered his challenge, and Man concluded that nothing holy existed, and even if divinity did exist, then Man's might was far superior. Yet Man's own arrogance rose to meet his challenge, and in his hubris Man was cut down by his own creations. Man of Iron turned on Man of Stone, and when Man of Stone had fallen did Man of Iron turn on Man of Gold. A great slaughter across the stars ensued, and Man barely survived the war in paradise which he had brought upon himself. Yet even so Man's hubris and unbelief persisted, for Man still clung onto the remains of his estates, and Man was determined to rebuild and rise higher than ever before. The devastation had been great, yet Man stood triumphant even against the might of his own treacherous craft. And Man dared creation itself to interfere with his worldly ascendance. And Dark Ones of Hell festering at the roots of the universe heard Man's call of defiance, and they cast Man down utterly by sending him witches and unholy ravages, strife and madness. The false Golden Age of Man had proven to be nothing but a Dark Age of Technology, an era empty of faith and bereft of divine blessings, and thus did paradise burn. And so Man was torn from his pedestal, and in his fall did Man topple his own works. Man bled and Man suffered. Man killed Man, and Man abducted Woman, and Man beat Child, and Man ate his own kin in desperation during Old Night. Doom was laden upon Man, and Man almost died to the last for his baleful sins, yet the goodness in the heart of the hidden Emperor would not allow such a righteous end to befall wretched Man. For He on Terra arose amid the carnage and devastation and revealed Himself to be the only true protector of Mankind, chosen by all the gods of old, whom He now superseded. And the Emperor saved Man and reclaimed the lost stars, and for a time all was well. Yet the wickedness in the heart of Man proved too strong, and so Man betrayed his saviour and nigh-on slew the Emperor. And the Emperor ascended into godhood and decreed Man to do eternal penance for his abominable sins. And thus it shall be, as the God-Emperor Himself decreed: Man will be made to repent. We swear everlasting hatred toward the deviant and the mutant. We swear everlasting hatred toward the alien and the witch. We swear everlasting hatred toward the unbeliever and the heretic. We swear everlasting hatred toward the sinner and the unrepentant. With the God-Emperor as our witness, we swear to purge blasphemy and sin from this world. We swear to scour the land and rid it of filth. We swear to harrow the abodes of Man and bring him to redemption. For we will harbour no pity. No remorse. No mercy. Hate! An emotion as deep as it is pure. Hate! An emotion as true as it is just. Hate! Let it flow, let it guide you. Hate! Hate! Hate!" - Ancestral Sins of Man, pamphlet penned in M.38 by Cardinal Ignatius Paulinus Hieronymus of Salem Proctor - - - One of the very best aspects of Warhammer 40'000 is its overarching history for Humanity. It starts with soaring hopes and dazzling progress, with unfettered science, technology and optimism. Yet it end in flames and darkness, in despair and ignorance, where only feeble sparks of the great ancient light remains. The Emperor's bloody conquest across the Milky Way galaxy succeeded in uniting most of the Human worlds, yet even during the Imperium's short-lived age of progress did it manage to quell alternative sources of Human rebirth, such as the Auretian Technocracy. The Imperium of the Great Crusade stamped out any middle ground factions, such as the peaceful, nomadic and xenophile Diasporex, leaving little left but the two ruthless, polar opposites of tyrannic Imperium and bloodthirsty Chaos. When the Emperor fell, the Human renaissance died with him, and his merciless Imperium descended into a long age of rotting stagnation and fanatic savagery. This lost promise of Humanity's ancient ascendancy has always been the most intriguing aspect of the dark future to me. The above little painting was inspired by listening to 's well-crafted videos on this very topic. I warmly recommend them.
  3. Original thread start from here. First posts are copy-pasted as regard 40k content, the rest will be running updates. Welcome! This is the log where I'll post anything which I've converted and/or painted for others. Most of my hobby work is not done for my own armies, but rather for my brother's and our friends' collections. It's a great way to experience modelling and painting all miniatures in Warhammer without buying them. Background might be added later on as my friends work that out. This update is however not about something as lethal as cats. It's about something pathetic in comparison, namely a Maulerfiend conversion I've been working on-and-off with for a Skaven-collecting friend of mine. It's based on a sketch he drew. My buddy magnetized a rectangular base so that it could be used as a K'daai Destroyer. He was so eager about the conversion that he managed to sneak it past other projects in my queue... Still, the sculpting was surprisingly quick work and was over before you knew it. Couldn't have done it so fast three years ago: And here's the painted version, alongside his brother. Not painted by me (though the Squats in the foreground are): The CSM-collecting friend, let's call him J.A.B, inspected the newer starter kit Chaos Space Marine lord and Khârn, as well as the new Primaris Marines and probably a few older Space Marine character sculpts. He concluded that hip armour looks good and solves the silly look achieved by the thin thighs of plastic Space Marine legs. Some weeks ago, he visited his parents, brought a gaggle of heretical Marines and asked me to make hip armour on them. Quicksculpted, without time-consuming rivets, difficult spikes or suchlike. He was content, and after returning home to his study town he sent down Berzerkers to receive like treatment, and a FW Necron centipede which needed replacement antennae. I've tinkered with them since they arrived yesterday. Below are the results. Note "KIL KIL KIL" on the knife Berzerker's segmented plates. Also see his painted Lord of Change. http://i.imgur.com/6BKPi38.jpg WIP for my brother's little power armoured collection. Grey Knight legs and helmets and Sanguinary Guard shoulder pads and torsos. Hip plates added to remedy thin thighs syndrome. Cloaks from Anvil Industry to be added later: A Dark Eldar turned into an Eldar Fire Dragon converted for my brother. He thoroughly checked the Dark Eldar sprues back when they were new, and meticulously came up with ways to turn all manner of DE weaponry into Eldar Aspect Warriors with a little converting. More to come: Converted Slaaneshi Daemonprince for a friend: My friend told me to axe the @$$ and instead go for a lean Daemon Prince of Arrogance look, not Lust. As per his instructions, there is now also shin armour plates with images of Elf torture: What else? I also added two lone flowing pteruges dangling from its belt. I'll show you the painted end result whenever he finish this creation: Kill Team A mate of ours has moved back home after years of studying abroad, while a friend of my brother have returned to the hobby after a long break. Combine this with the recently released Kill Team, and we've got a hobby frenzy cooking with making characters, goons and terrain for a mash-up campaign between Kill Team and RPGs. Here is the first harvest of quick-sculpting and conversions, soon back to commercial sculpts. Kastellan Ironstrider, a mate's cyborg: Badoom! Broadbeard, a loudmouth one-Dwarf illegal radio station sending live from his heists and battles. My character: Gnorke Radfizzle, a Gnome sharpshooter with rad weapons, for my brother's friend: The gang so far: Gnorke Radfizzle's car: The friend who has written all the rules and organizes the whole effort has had me convert a gaggle of goons. Here's psyker Spikeskull: And Badoom! Broadbeard's hateful rival, Adman: And finally Gnorke Radfizzle painted by said friend (I had nothing to do with painting). My brother's mate is in for a treat! I've painted nothing of the Kill Team stuff, only converted it. All painted by Johan von Elak, for your display here. Badoom! Broadbeard: During most of our Kill Team-RPG games we've actually had music playing to represent both the immediate sonic barrage emitted by Broadbeard's loudspekers, and the music he transmits across hacked radio channels (with comments of media moguls jumping from windows as their enterprises gets destroyed by Broadbeard's escapades). He obviously also report live from the field, and is the lousiest sneak, at skulking up on enemies, you've ever encountered. Clearly, the audio-disturbed mister Broadbeard has ruined many lives through his noisome adventures. Which leads us to...
  4. Hi All! I have not ventured into this forum much despite owning a few Inquisitors, I usually keep them more aligned with my IG collection and WIP as they generally don't have their own retinue. I had been holding out for a dedicated Custodes subforum and now with the release of the new FW Beta rules for ALL the units I've decided now is the time to start this thread. I do have a fairly reasonable collection so far, albeit mostly unpainted. I blame that on deciding to go with the Solar Watch colour scheme... The guys have sooo much detail... I do think it is worth it in the end. My hobby goals for this year are to finish some random guard projects I haven't completed and then focus on getting a painted and playable Custodes army. Some pic's of my collection so far My initial purchase I actually have Trajann at a semi decent TT quality, but apparently not uploaded any pics of him yet I've built most my bikes! Although I do have 1-2? boxes left to build since I did these... My first bike and scheme testing, Vallejo colours helped me achieve the ivory and gold I wanted The Terminators are possibly some of my most favourite models in 40k atm And this is essentially my only fully painted model in a year or so of collecting... My xmaspresent from last year Which is now doubly so thanks for FW's release today! He's already washed, ready to assemble and magnetise Over the long weekend last week I managed to build 10 Custodians to finish of my battalion requirement I already had assembled and magentised 1 box, these guys I didn't bother with Local store had a 40-50% clearance sale on GW the other week picked up some more models that I probably didn't need... Hopefully will order some of the new Venatari soon too Having finally kicked off this thread, I hope it spurs me more to finish this army sooner! And for those wondering
  5. One sign of the new Leagues of Votann codex being well-written, may be the better background discussions which arise around it to wrestle with the origins of the Squats in 40k. A core theme of the question marks about the Kin and their beginnings, revolves around free will and slavery. To be clear, the codex itself presents the Kin (called Squats by Imperials and Demiurg by Tau) from their own point of view, revolving around kinship, ancestors and perfectionist work to mine and forge marvels across the stars. The explicit part of the codex contains wondrous vistas of Kin astral mining success in the galactic core, touches on cultural development among ancestors to foster perfectionism, and also delves into crazy themes such as acquisitive Kin showing no regard for others living on planets which they have deemed worthy of strip-mining for mineral wealth; the prior mineral assessments include present infrastructure on the planet, as so much junk to salvage. Yet there are implicit themes in the codex, with quasi-corporate heraldry being a nod to Squat origins, and with a remarkably ordered society bred through centralized cloneskeins. What can be read between the lines present a fascinating part of the mysterious background, a worthwhile discussion of which starts around here in a thread on Dakkadakka. To pick a succinct post by Mad Doc Grotsnik that drills down to the hidden horror hinted at by the Squat background writing: Furthermore, the first prototypes of humans in Mesopotamian mythology were unable to reproduce, and only later did the gods grant them this power. Cloneskein echoes? Now, what do you think? Regardless of stance, the fertile fields of reasonable speculation provided by the background is a sign that this time around, Games Workshop did Squats right. Cheers
  6. I attended the Renegade Open held in Plymouth, MN on 19 November. I walked through most of the events with friends over about an hour. I saw the 40K Friendly, the Barbicon Front (Horus Heresy) event, and Operation (Bolt Action). Here's some photos and commentary from my visit. Part One: The GW stuff Part Two: The Boards/Hobby stuff Part Three: Swag and conclusion Part Three: Swag and Conclusion After taking some pics, I headed to the vendor room. The vendor room was much smaller than in years past, but it wasn't a total letdown. I bought some can covers to keep my adult beverages nice and cool. I used my birthday as an excuse to take advantage of some deals. For $130 US, I purchased: a shining spears box an autarch box 2 shroud runner boxes 1 rangers box 1 sector imperialis debris box That retails for $333! My little closet store continues to grow. Thank goodness there wasn't anything Drukhari or Harlequin on sale. Conclusion While I can't say I had a great time playing at the Renegade Open, it was nice to pop in, take some pics, see where the hobby is outside my group, and get inspiration from players and organizers. As we head into winter here, I expect to have more time for gaming and building/painting. While I'm not going to be meeting some of the quality at Renegade, I do have some ideas and goals to make this crazy hobby a little more interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for reading!
  7. I attended the Renegade Open held in Plymouth, MN on 19 November. I walked through most of the events with friends over about an hour. I saw the 40K Friendly, the Barbicon Front (Horus Heresy) event, and Operation (Bolt Action). Here's some photos and commentary from my visit. Part One: The GW stuff Part Two: The Boards/Hobby stuff Part Three: Swag and conclusion Part Two: The Boards/Hobby stuff I love the B&C, but I love mini gaming in general. I think there's an opportunity for inspiration and practical advice from the historical scene. This post focuses on that, but there's still 40k boards for those that disagree. Space Hulk (?) Board I don't know if this was for a space hulk event, but since it was in the 40K Friendly room, assume it was regular 40K with some special rules. It's a nice mix of mat and plastic/resin. The paint job really unifies the board, making it look like it's an actual scene and not just some random terrain on a random mat. A Korean War Board Warlord Games was at the Renegade Open, and the author of their Korean War rules was there. He even did this board with a company partner. This really had me flashback to the mid-80s when I got started in historicals, even though I played games set in the middle ages or 19th century. The level of detail and closely placed pieces where what really sold me as a teen. If you look closely, the board is made of MDF pieces. These are cut similar to a puzzle. You can essentially build a modular board with these and easily store them in a very small space via stacking. It is a clever design for people like me without an attic or basement for their hobby. A City Board The Bolt Action event was called Operation :cuss:. While I don't know the details of that narrative event, there were some amazing examples of creativity and dedication that I wish I had the talent, time, and storage space to do. This board went crazy on the detail. The streetlights were actually lit, the craters went into the table, and several buildings had multiple floors that could be removed. Those rooms were also detailed with different paint jobs or wall papers in each room, complete with the burn marks and debris of a warzone. One touch I liked was the street sidewalks were made from foam rubber. This gave them an innate texture, were at the right height from the scale perspective, and were silent when placing stuff on them. Fighting in the Desert This gent definitely themed his army transport display. I'm sure you know the inspiration. The POW Camp Board I'm not sure what is going on in this narrative game, but there's a camera crew, and a military band running around in the game. There were a lot of little details that I wouldn't have expected to see in a Bolt Action game. Misc Cobblestone mats can look good if the terrain pieces are designed for them. MDF buildings look pretty good if they're painted better than what I usually see in 40k events. This one has a lot going on. More to Come Part Three will be posted later.
  8. I attended the Renegade Open held in Plymouth, MN on 19 November. I walked through most of the events with friends over about an hour. I saw the 40K Friendly, the Barbicon Front (Horus Heresy) event, and Operation :cuss: (Bolt Action). Here's some photos and commentary from my visit. Part One: The GW stuff Part Two: The Boards/Hobby stuff Part Three: Swag and conclusion Part One: The GW Stuff The Renegade Open is one of the larger local tournaments for GW events including 40K, Fantasy/Age of Sigmar, and now Horus Heresy. It definitely has a "Minnesota Nice" vibe, and while I don't do competitive events, it is clear that fun is the goal and the organizers do a great job of logistics, fundraising and other sundry things required for a successful 3 day event. Given our host, let's proceed to some photos. While I don't play competitively, I have attended the totally anti-con Waaaghfest a few times. Some of that crew attended the Renegade Open. You can get a sense of their attutide by their board and scenario designs. I am unfamiliar with this scenario's details, but it involves candy and pint glasses. A Nurgle themed board This board reminds me of the original Lost and the Damned book illustrations. Yes, that is a giant ambull offboard. It is difficult to tell, but those "pestilent balls" are covered in flies. I didn't get a close up. :( Leave a request in the comments, and I'll post some pics of boards from Waaaghfest '21 that include chibi berserkers, a candyland board, and MN's own Prince. Some Heresy Pics Several of the boards used for the Heresy event really tried to drive home the scale of that setting. A closeup of that Dark Angels unit to give a sense of building scale. Some shots of another board that reminds me of Rogue Trader aesthetics. In parting, it was cool to see two Thousand Sons players. Both were running resin Magnus. Nice to see that model IRL. The 40K Friendly The tables were packed a bit tight to let me get pictures without potentially interfering with the players. These are far from all the factions or talent levels present. Some Aeldari Scouts Is it too late for me to use this scheme? I've already got the purple helms and brown leathers. Some Custodes I actually am quite drawn to the NMM models. The owner really got a good purple, which is something I struggle with. Some Knights/Armigers Some Necrons This is the first time I've seen that flagship monolith. I'm glad I don't need to transport these models! Some Orks Some Tyranids
  9. Terminator Captain Librarians (+Terminator) Master of the Marches/Rites/Relics Scroll doowwnn.
  10. Hello all, Space Wolves were my first army, from back when I started in 7E. I haven't started a SW progress thread, so I figured I would now. I've been working on quite a bit for a while, but hadn't posted anything yet on the forum. Currently, I have a classic/firstborn Space Wolf Drakeslayer force, as well as a bit of a VIth Legion force for Age of Darkness. I keep adding some stuff to both every now and then. Recently, I'm trying to get another Rhino done for my Horus Heresy Space Wolves, this time a Deimos Rhino (first one is a slightly converted Mars pattern Rhino). I've gotten most of the colors blocked out, and I'm starting to put some washes and shades on before final highlights and decals.
  11. Hi, Here are some pictures of a Death Korps of Krieg Veteran Guardsman that I painted from the Kill Team Octarius box set.
  12. Confirmed in this week's pre-order preview article there's a single Combat Patrol box for Daemons and it is extremely Khorney. It's actually one of the best Combat Patrols in terms of value (£163.50 of product for £90 saving you about 45%), although barring the Flesh Hounds all the models are fairly old by now so I suppose there needs to be a good saving to make it attractive. Hopefully we see more god-specific Daemon Combat Patrols in the future, because it would be a shame if they just have Khorne as the one it's cheaper to get started with.
  13. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  14. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  15. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  16. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  17. Hey brothers of the Eternal Crusade! I started a Primaris Crusade a long time ago. I painted about 10 models and didn’t follow through as I got distracted by my Krieg force. Now it’s a new year and my brother wants to join in on the 40k fun! He’d previously started his own Successor Chapter but has fallen in love with everyone’s favourite Space Crusaders! We have a deal, he’ll do the modelling and I’ll do the painting. True to form, I started with the model that I’d enjoy painting most! Here’s the Marshal (as yet unnamed) of the Promethean Crusade: Black Templars Marshal Black Templars Marshal Black Templars Marshal Gotta say the new Black Templars range is phenomenal and I can’t wait to do more! Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think.
  18. Version 1.0


    The old House Hyperion look just isn't doing it, so I thought I'd give it a bit of an update. Included are as many little stripes and crescent moons as I could fit, including a custom aquila, and more, including some reproduced details from other B&C decal sheets. This is a LARGE file, designed for designed to be printed in FULL colour, on 200x330mm paper. Typically using an ALPS printer, or a laser that supports white content. Printing this on traditional clear decal paper WILL NOT yield a final product close to what you see on your computer screen. If you don't have access to either of the above printer types, or a special inkjet, If possible, I recommend using a reputable custom decal print shop (I used Bedlam Creations) to have this printed. It may cost some decent cash, but you'll be happier with the result. The uploaded version is 150dpi which should be fine for most uses. A 600dpi version can be had by emailing PMing me.
  19. From the album: Concepts and musings

    Torso concept for traitor commander Krovak Argues.

    © Andvarr A

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