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Found 13 results

  1. From the album: DeathWatch Killteam models

    The only WIP shot I have of all of the kill team.
  2. Hey! I started an Ork Killteam when Killteam in 7th came out, and converted my Orks into Apes, becuase I thought it would be fun to have a Planet of The Apes and/or hotrod themed army, and decided I should post what I have for my current Killteam. It's Commander is Warboss Big Tommy, who is wearing the pirate hat and weilding the dreaded Power Barrel (Bug Choppa). The leader is Chimp Guevera, a Grot leader, who has killed a Plague Marine with a single shot. The Apes dressed in Batman costumes are my kommandos, and WAAAAAAAGHluigi is a nob with a big Choppa and kombi flamer. I am looking into contrast paints to make painting them go faster, since the conversion work takes quite a while haha so if anyone has any good experience or suggestions on that, I'd much appreciate it!
  3. Something stirs in the deeps... After a long break decided to start up my contributions on the BnC again in earnest, and with such comes the first of two project logs. Having picked up a selection of the space marine heroes models with some friends we've all decided to paint them up as a new army kill-team, and, after some consideration (and in no small part due to what I had bitswise) I've decided mine'll be clad in the myriad greys of the Carcharodons, savage warriors roaming the edges of the Imperium. While for the foreseeable future there will only be these five marines, at the end of the squad depending on how I feel about them I might slowly continue to dabble in this worryingly loyalist project :P For now here's the pics of how the first of the squad is coming along. I'm going to be heavily drawing on Malchy's carcharodons for inspiration, as they are a truly beautiful army, though I'm hoping I'll be able to give my squad their own character. His legs are finished except for the holster and purity seal. Comments and criticism welcome, the grey has come out darker than probably intended tho still think it works well, though I might try to have lighter plates on some of the next marines in places for a sharky mix of light grey, this grey, black and white. Planning on using red as the company colour, undecided on whether to do the pistol plating in red or black. Shoal-sergeant Manasu of fourth company, third Nomad-predation fleet of the Carcharodons. Thank you for the interest :)
  4. Hey Gang, Wanted and excuse to convert up and have a play around with some kroot models, and 40k is a big leap to go that way, so I figured I'd make a kill team for them (as its a blood travesty they don't have one). Now this is just really a reskin of the Tyranid Kill Team as I thought they had the best stats and equipment to represent the hodge podge of stuff the Kroot have access to. So looking for some feedback on the fluffyness of weapon names and adaptations etc.. also feel free to point out any mistakes or what not. And if anyone wanted to jot the cheeky blurb.. or help with all the d10 generating info that'd be a massive help thanks!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9mpbsrcqmyjp1q/Kroot%20Killteam%20V0.1.pdf?dl=0
  5. I recently purchased a 5 man intercessor squad. I was wondering in terms of building the sergeant. Which wargear is better : the thunder hammer or power fist? I read rules about stun vs brutal, but i would like to know from ppl that have played with those rules which they found better.
  6. Greetings Brothers (and Sisters)! I return to the VIII Legion after a break and 2000+ points of Daemons, to dip my toe in first a Kill Team to see how we go with all I have learnt since my last attempt. The whole W I P progress will be in this album. But let's get indepth for ive started with the first half of the Kill team 20 man Roster with the Marines, so far here they are before spraying arms and heads are bluetacked on so I could get a feel for them. First up my Aspiring Champions: For one ive gone with a disgraced Raptor and removed his turbines as punishment, red gauntlets ahoy! Here are my gunners: I'm a beliver that Night Lords will avoid bright light where possible so my ex Breacher Melta Gunner rigged up a shield from an Inceptors gun to block out some of that pesky light. My warriors: I have head swapped since as I've been given an old possessed head so the kneeling tracker will be tasting blood he has found. The other has the belt feed equipment. My Icon Bearers: I didnt what full on chaos icons so just defiled Imperial icons on the backpacks. And finally my Heavy Gunners: I chopped up the champions arm from the upgrades to have a grizzly trophy equipment shoulderpad. So you may think hmm needs more flayed skin but worry not! I plan on painting them up first before this stage as I will make PVA skin once I know where it will look best not covering up nice lightning on the armour etc. I hope you guys like them so far as of posting I have done 80% of the bases in a concrete city theme and have a box of Cawdor and bits to make my cultists/ship crew/live bait to fill out the roster. C+C welcomed. -Noctem
  7. Hi. Feels like an age since I was last on these boards. Hope everyone is as heretical and fighting against the deluded followers of the corpse dictator. So... why am I here? Well... I've been conned into taking part in some Kill Team by the other two from the Mr Lee's Minis team, and well... in proper fashion I've gone for Chaos. Now I'm not doing my old Divine Flamers Slaanesh warband. But I've gone for my other favourite legion, the Night Lords. I could've easily gone for a more renegade style group like Talos who aren't all fully into the whole Chaos thing (unless that's changed) but instead thought I'd go more down the Khorne route. Bit more like the original Realms of Chaos Night Lords. But what to use? Well I've decided to try this while the other two have gone for Necrons and Genestealer Cult: Berserker Champion with Power Sword, Plasma Pistol, Specialist: Leader, Possessed, Specialist: Zealot, CSM Gunner with Plasma Gun, Specialist: Demolitions, CSM Gunner with Heavy Bolter, Specialist: Heavy, CSM with Bolter, Berserker Destroyer with Plasma Pistol All will be converted from Primaris because I find the CSM sculpts to be a bit too detailed and ornate for how I see Night Lords, and here are the first two WIP. As you can see there is still more to be done but I've made a few press moulds of bits I have. Used Oyumaru and will be using Milliput to recreate those for use here. Anyway, I'll leave it at that for now. Hopefully I'll have an update in a week so long as I don't get distracted by other projects... Thanks for looking.
  8. I was wondering what your experiences are with these primaris kill teams. I've done different compositions but keep missing the effectiveness that a veteran kill team has. Curious to read what compositions you guys have made and had succes with and what you think of my 4 compositions. My favorites: -6 intercessors with bolt rifles + 4 hellblasters with plasma incinerators (combat squads for 3+2) Their role is to hold homefield objectives and take objectives/ground up to mid-field. -6 intercessors with auto bolt rifles + 2 reivers with bolt carbines + 2 aggressors with ABG and FGL (combat squads for 3+1+1) Their role is to advance up to enemy deployment taking mid-field and enemy territory objectives. Also great units to thin out hordes before advancing up. -5 intercessors with auto bolt rifles + 1 reiver with combat knife + 1 aggressor with FSG + 1 inceptor with plasma exterminators Their role is to advance and charge or to form a first line of defence against CC units. Lots of shots coming, even in overwatch and the inceptor allows them to retreat after the first incoming CC and shoot again. Forming an organised retreat while everything can shoot. -5 intercessors with stalker bolt rifles + 1 aggressor with ABG and FGL Their role is to keep backfield objectives and to pick on 2W models like primaris P.S. For AV I always use up to 3 venerable dreads with TL/ML combo. Never use infantry for it due to the low damage impact vs point costs, rather ignore the tank and play the objective game then.
  9. What's in your Kill Team essential kit? What stuff can't you do without or just find almost always useful? I've narrowed down my Kill Team kit to: Kill Team Rulebook/Scenario Relevant Rules Alternately Aegis Defense Line or Ryza Ruins or Necromunda Barricades since my local shop doesn't have much in the way of scatter terrain. Kill Team board, though once I find a neoprene board stateside I may swap out for that. Official Kill Team ™ Objective Markers 12 themed D6 in at least three colours to break up targets or weapon profiles. One giant D6 or a D10 to track command points. Homemade skull tokens to use as in-game tokens. What's in your Kill Team KillKit™?
  10. As the title may suggest I'm one of GW's most treasured customers- I buy too many models, assemble too few of them, paint pitifully fewer and never play a damn game. With the release of Kill Team, I thought I'd *maybe* start to reverse this trend- Low model count! opportunity for kitbashing! ability to use stuff I already owned! But it didn't work. The rulebook sat on my bedside gathering dust. Then I thought, sod it, I'll write up a list. Then I built the models. I was on a roll. But it came to a halt. What if, I thought. What if I shared them here? People might say nice things. These nice things, combined with the fact I'm publicly saying I might like to paint them could, conceivably (possibly. maybe) convince me to apply some paint. Or maybe knock up another Kill Team, at the very least. MY AS-YET-UNNAMED BLACK LEGION KILL TEAM I chose the Black Legion because A) they're cool as anything B]they can use a range of parts across all marine ranges C) I have a lot of Sons of Horus bits from an (obviously) as-yet unstarted Reaver army. D) REASON I CLEAN FORGOT ABOUT: THIS LOVELY IMAGE FROM ON THE WALL ABOVE MY DESK TAKEN FROM THE FIRST CHAOS CODEX: I think they're going to be from the first Black Crusade or so, hence their relative lack of mutation and Horusian decor. The Rubric Marines parts add what could pass as slight Chaos-warping/Cthonian ornateness. To build them, So far I've usedChaos Marines Rubric Marines Plastic MK III and IV Chaos Raptors Tactical Marines FW Sons of Horus bits Necromunda Goliaths I've still to build the cultist for the Kill Team, who will likely be based on an AoS Gor, but I'm sorely tempted to keep on knocking more Black Legion Marines out too... Aspiring Champion. My gunners, with heavy bolter and plasma gun
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