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This is the WIP topic for the Dark Angels' Legends of Angels 2015 challenge smile.png

I've struggled in getting a bead on what my DA successor, the Angels of Salvation are like. My original idea was to have them break their links with all of the other Unforgiven and decide to make a direct line to the Emperor himself and confess the sins of the First Legion. I couldn't make that work as I have no doubt that the others would have stopped them before they got anywhere near Terra. So, I hope to finally get around to making a start on their Liber entry by walking a mile in their (power armoured boots) simply by writing a story. Let's see how it goes happy.png

Battle-Captain Temeluch of the Tenth Company watched the Thunderhawk make its final approach to the Fortress monastery. Within were fifteen potential recruits, an unusually high number. The tests would be long and gruelling, but they needed to be. The Angels of Salvation never settled for less.

"I see they have arrived."

Temeluch acknowledged his Chapter Master will a salute. They had both been recruited together, over three hundred years ago, and were the only members of that years recruitment left. The others had joined the Emperor. Poyel looked troubled to Temeluch's eyes, more so these last few months. To most, he seemed serene as he always was, but the direction he was taking the Chapter was unpopular to an increasing number of Brothers. Some had outright stated that his decrees were tantamount to betrayal, an unforgivable act that compounded the dark secret, the eternal shame of the Sons of the Lion. But Poyel thought it was the opposite, a way of redeeming all of the descendants of the First Legion.

Or so he hoped.

Temeluch had his own concerns, but he knew his old friend well enough to trust him implicitly. The transport had landed and the small figures disembarked, warily, their eyes darting in all directions for danger. The natives of Yehudiah were cautious from the moment they were born. Yehudiah is a death world. Lapse of concentration meant death.

If you were lucky. The native predators are unlike anything that he had seen elsewhere in the Imperium. And he had seen a lot. The Chief Librarian had postulated that the creatures might be remnants of an ancient Hive fleet. Others muttered darkly of Chaos taint, although the Librarium had ruled out that possibility. One of the latter stage rites initiates had to complete was kill one such monstrosity and bring it back, bodily to the Fortress Monastery. The creatures were inedible, but as a trophy, they were adequate. Every successful Marine has at least one on show in the Great Hall. A tooth, or a vertebrae. The part didn't matter, the deeds undertaken to gain the trinket did.

Temeluch wondered what new specimens he would have to scrutinise this time?

The sky had gone dark, earlier than was typical for the time of year.

"That's a bad sign," Poyel pondered.

"Perhaps," Temeluch replied. "Or a confirmation that our new...mission will succeed." Poyel turned fully to look his Captain in his grey eyes.

"Explain, Brother."

"The darkness grows, but our truth will shine the brighter for it." A vague smile flittered on the Chapter Master's lips.

"I know you have reservations. You have said as much."

"Aye, Lord. That will not stop me from following your lead. I have no doubt that you will lead us to Salvation..."

Just a short post to get a feel for things. C+C welcome! happy.png

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