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Advanced Infiltration: Alpha Legion

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  • 2 weeks later...
"Significant Astartes force approaching from the east, IX Legion ident codes"
Imperial Fists Sergeant Nivola relayed the information to his Praetor, the formidable Alexis Polux. After losses at Silapolis and Pinnanaulde, the strength of the VII and IX Legios were massing at Hive Ferrogladus before counterattacking to retake the lost civillian centres to the west.
"The Blood Angels are late. This is unlike them" thought Alexis Polux.
The Blood Angels Sicaran ground through the city towards the line of golden fists. On seeing the red livery of the IX Legion tank, Polux let out a breath he hadn't realised he was holding and nodded to his comms officer.
"Hail brothers, and well met: who is in charge of your force". Nivola's question was met with a hiss of static. He glanced to his squads attached apothecary, who shook his head in response.
"Their vox relay may be damaged, try again" Polux demanded, his grip on his shield intensifying. Polux saw unnatural shadows flitting through ruins to the south. Nothing but static, which progressed into the tell-tale whine of a Neutron Beam Laser's charging coils.
"What the fu..." Nivola's questions was punctuated by the crack of power armour as the apothecary's head exploded next to him, showering him with gore.
"Alpha Legion", raged Polux: "It's a trap!". The best defence being a strong offence, Polux advanced into the teeth of the Hydra with his terminator retinue...
More Alpha Legion sneakyness with sheer number of shots bringing down those terminators, not to mention my dice being good - I didn't miss with any missile thanks to the Nuncio Voxes!
Despite the initial pincer move from the alphas and assassination of key support units, the charge of the terminators drew the attention of the Alpha Legion away from the more vulnerable parts of the army, and the whole of the Hydra had to focus down those terminators. Polux was having none of it, however, and beat the Contemptor down in pretty much single combat, his bodyguard protecting him from the dreadnought's attacks until he could dismantle it. Polux then, in a rage, charged and ran down the Alpha Legion Cataphractii before coming face to face with the Venator's Neutron Beam Laser. Sacrificing their Elite Veterans to lure him into a trap? Was there no level Alpharius would not stoop to? Swearing and triggering his emegency short range teleport, Polux escaped the battlefield, leaving the Alpha Legion to scavenge the dead for supplies on the field of battle. Hydra Dominatus.
Fun, if a bit onesided game with the fists player again:
1500pts Blood Feud
Vigilator, nemesis bolter, power dagger, warlord, Excursor (Fists)
14 tacticals, serge, dagger, arty
10 tacticals, serge, fist, arty
5 support, calivers, arty, augury scanner 
5 destroyers, rad missile, power sword, arty, vox.
5 catas, 2 chainfists, 2 swords, 1 mace
Contemptor, grvis melta, gravis fist, inbuilt grav gun
Leviathan, drill, claw, nipple volkites, phosphex
Sicaran Venator, 3 heavy bolters
Praetor (not actually Polux) Storm shield, solarite gauntlet, warlord, +1WS trait
10 Cataphractii, 10 shields, ~6 gauntlets, 1 chainfist, 2 swords?
20 tacticals, serge, arty, plasma, fist, attached apoc
10 tacticals, arty
10 tacticals, serge, arty
Contemptor, 2x gravis lascannons

We both chose infantry as our Blood Feud. My opponent won the roll off, and decided to let me deploy and go first, didn't attempt to seize, or request night fight - we both had some long range weapons, and I had the scanner to ignore the 24" on key units. Letting me go first might have been a mistake. 
T1. I managed to pick off the apoc (remembering Marked for Death this time...) and kill about 10 tactical marines in total. Venator lines up on the contemptor and misses both laser shots, one getting hot, and the heavy bolters snap shot into the terms for no effect. 20 man blob passes pinning but fails morale and runs. Fists ran a lot of stuff, and only managed to kill one sergeant who saved his squadmates in the Omega Unit. Contemptor managed to get 3 hits, and 0 glances on the venator despite sunder. venator returns fire and does nothing. 
T2. The Alphas shuffled backwards,  triggering an advance reaction from the terms. Everything shot into the cataphractii, killing about 6 of them, before the contemptor charged in killing one. They were concussed from the graviton gun in the fist so hit at WS4, allowing my dread to get sime ws5 hits in early. The dread killed a term per fight phase (the 3++ is hard to crack, even with brutal 3), however Polux knocked 2wounds off. Fists turn, the 20 man unit rallied, and fought back, killing sergeants from my support and destroyer units, but no failed morale. Contemptor lascannoned my levi to good effect, knocking 3 wounds off. Polux knocked more wounds off the dread, taking it down to 1. 
T3-4. With the terms largely dead my army focussed on the tacticals, wiping 8 from one 10 man, 4 from another, and maybe 5  from the blob, between phosphex, rad and calivers. Venator hits and wounds the contemptor, making it snap shot next turn Dread kills the last term, and is punched to death by polux, who consilidates to the terms. Polux charges my catas under a smattering of fire from the remaining fists. Contemptor misses all snap shots. Polux kills one terminator, who then fail their morale and get run down.
T5 Clean up - Venator lines up on polux, hail mary shot, hits once, wounds, failed saves, he dead! We call it there, as my opponent has a handful of tacs left. 
Hydra Dominatus! 
Alpha Deployment
The massed wall of yellow power armour.
Target rich environment
The advance of the Terminators
Whittling them down with shooting, and then gravis fists forcing many saves. 
The Contemptor kills the terminators, but is then killed in return by Polux.
Polux then charges, and sweeping advances my Terminators. large.IMG20220821164336.jpg.dfcfb13b3a4959d2aba2ad85ba2ee87d.jpg
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Bit more paint onto my Terminators over the weekend, they're nearly there.

I wavered between Kroxigor and 2 thin coats of akhelian on these guys - some have a bit f Kroxigor, some a coat of kroxigor with a glaze of akhelian, or vice versa. Despite how smoothly a single Kroxigor layer goes on, I like the more blue tone from the Akhelian, so I'm sticking with that for now! I have aquired a pipette to allow for more precision when measuring out my mixes though, so things should be more systematic from now on. 



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Last weekend my group decided to have an inaugaral heresy apocalypse game - we had 6 takers in the end, and we each brought 3000pts, my Alphas were supplemented by an allied force of traitor Blood Angels (duped into believing the others were heretics).

We kind of ended up splitting into 3 1v1 3000pt games due to how we deployed, with a little cross-table shooting. We still need to figure out how best to do this and mix models up. The plaer I deployed opposite had brought an absolutely non-legit list with a fellblade and sanguinius, 2 term units and a seeker squad, but whatever - the fellblade is brutal with ignoring everything but explosions, and it tore chunks out of my army, however I managed to bring it down eventually.

Near to far, L-R we have Blood Angels,Fists and Dark angels vs Alpha legion (+Blood Angels), SoH and Blackshields.


So you can actually see the models. 


Opposing spartan and VLD. 



Loyaist T1 movement. 



The cyclonic melta levi just annihilated 2 vindicators like it was nothing. 



Sanguinius deepstruck into my lines T2, however scattered into my troops. I placed him as far away as possible, so he assaulted in T3, killing my term unit, but getting left in the open. My entire army shot him, taking him to 1W, upon which the destroyers charged in - wounding on a 5+ with shred I managed to plink the last wound off him for the kill



A shot from further downthe table - the DA leviathan approaches the Blackshield Typhon. large.IMG20220829183840.jpg.0cbe5e8c538e251c9c53b9e3d1bda2c8.jpg



Edited by Xenith
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I also managed to get another game in yesterday, against my previous Imperial fists opponent. He's learned from last time, and significantly up-gunned his force. At 2k he cut out some solar terms and added a nemesis recon squad and 2xtactical support squads with Illastus. I took a bit of a beating in this game, and really go nowhere near outscoring my opponent, so well played! 

Key turning points were his recon marines taking out my vigilator turn 2, exodus failing to really do anything, and the assault cannons killing my Kratos in overwatch! 

My force:
Vigilator, dagger
2x 10 tacs, dagger, arty
5x tac support, calivers, arty
5x catas, 2 chainfists
5 destroyers, missile, arty
Contemptor, multimelta
Speeder, multimelta
leviathan, stormcannon, claw, phosphex
Kratos - melta blast, 2x lascannon, 2x culverin, pintle heavy bolter, flare shield. 

Praetor, M/C paragon, disintegrator, warden of inwit
Apoc in 20 man tac squad
20 tacticals, arty
10 tacticals, arty
10 tacticals, arty
5 recon, nemesis bolters
2x5 heavy support, 5 asscans
Contemptor, multimelta, fist
contemptor, 2x gravis lascannon
7x catas, 4x gauntlets, 3x pweps. 

It felt like my opponent had way, way more stuff than me - I did have ~700pts tied up in the kratos and levi, maybe I need to reinforce some units instead of taking those toys. The Kratos did feel tough at this level, however I hadn't counted on massed assault cannons. I mde a mistake and didnt point the front of the kratos at the asscan unit to try and split fire between them and the tacticals (sponsons into tacs) - the kratos killed them all however it put them in my side arc so no flare shield, and they just scraped through with 4 glances. If they'd have been in the front arc, they'd have taken off 1HP max, and my Kratos would have dominated that table half. As it was, the apoc+heart of the legion 20 man tac blob got the 4+++ for being near the objective and sucked up a lot of firepower, with the apoc hiding. Well played! 

The twin las contemptor is a really solid piece, like a rook in chess. It can reliably reach out and touch stuff from far away, and anything that can shoot it, will get reaction fired straight back to hell. I might have to build one up. Terminators once again underperformed, however there are only 5 of them and they got hit by a dread. 

The game ended on T5 with it being 12-7 to the fists, who got bonus points from killing more units and my warlord. I think in a straight up fight, Alphas lack some punchy units, so I think I'm going to have to play sneaky. My next thought is mobius warlord with an allied BA detachment with dangerous stuff, followed by a main detachment of Leviathal - that's a potential +3 bonus VP from the outset if my opponent kills all the blood angels and I kill the warlord, which is enough to swing a game. 

What I'm lacking model wise is:

  1. the ability to murder lots of 3+ saves at once
  2. The ability to reach out and kill a praetor in turn 1/2.
  3. long range anti tank/dread. 
  4. A good place to put my vigilator, and eventually a praetor.

to deal with each of these I'm thinking:

  1. dawnbreakers or twin claw veteran squad/dark furies/raptors
  2. headhunters in rhino with combimeltas and mm+5 man recn nemesis unit, maybe seekers?
  3. Unsure here, other than my own twin las dread. Maybe angels tears with assault cannons or rad grenade launchers might work to force a lot of saves. 
  4. the caliver squad has been good until this point, however having to shoot what they do is a bit of a mismatch. Maybe a tactical squad and just forego their shooting, or woth a ranged nemsis recon unit?



Fists Gunline

Support squad (now painted) on a roof with the vigilator

better shot. I've give then vigilator a field police helm marking. I think the hazards work well with the teal! 

Kratos lines up a shot and knocks 3 wounds off the dread

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Thanks! It was more an experiment that turned out well - if anyone's going to use camo it's the Alphas, and I had to do something about that obnoxiously long suppressor :laugh:

That's an idea - I've not wanted to risk the vigilator too much as he's been my warlord up until now, but I have a praetor in the works to take on the warlord role, so hopefully the vigilator can become more expendable. I've also started on a few special bolter marines, just playing with models really, to form an ad-hoc recon/seeker/headhunter unit until I get enough models with similar weapons. Goal would be to build 5x headhunters with all melta, then 10x hunters with just bolters for variety.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Progress dump!

After getting pasted by counter-sniper fire last game, I needed to make some of my own. These are a confused mix of seeker, recon marines and headhunters, and can probably be used as all three if needed. Basically dudes with extended, suppressed bolters. A good deal somehow ended up with bare heads also - these were designed with the recon squad in mind - lots of optics, comms gear etc. 


They'll also have this guy as a squad leader - the gorgeous imperial marine from 2016, that I haven't been able to slot into a position that will do it justive. He'll be the serge of the recons ordinarily, but will also pull duty as a seeker serge with combi disintegrator, or exodus as needed. 



In other news I managed to get some work done on my Levi. I couldn't get a smooth colour with my normal 2 coats of Akhelian, so I bit the bullet and put down a coat of much smoother Kroxigor, then glazed with akhelian to add some blue back in. 



Theeen I went nuts with the transfers, as well as adding a thinned warpstone green glaze to targeted areas of the armour that the light hit. 


the overperforming vigilator also got some tats, the refoil hydra for command, and a 40k AL icon as it's cool. The suppressor also got hit with gloss varnish as the paint was peeling off - I think due to the undercoat not keying onto the smooth pen - I'll have to sand the recon marine suppressors slightly before undercoating. 


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After a lot of painstaking agonising over slight colour variations, I but the bullet and production-lined enough bases for all the painted infantry in my alpha legion. Evergreen -sidewalk plasticard was chhopped up and put on the bases before spraying corax white, then filling in the black checks with black templar. Thinned basilicanum to fill the recesses. I then added darker cracks/crazing with black templar.

I've gone with a mix of armageddon dunes and stirand battlemire for some colour variation, then both were washed with agrax, then the stirland was successively drybrushed with mournfang, XV88, karak and wraithbone, while the armageddon bases were drybrushed with just karak and wraithbone. With the lighter drybrushes I pulled the brush entirely across the bases to get straight smooth lines on the tiles to make them a bit more weatherd and dusty. Accidental discovery at first, but looks cool so I did it with all of them. 


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Thanks @Chaeron - there's been a lot of dithering over minutiae with this force, the right shade of blue-green, the right shade of brown wasteland, but in the end it's something of both, and chatting with friends the variation will look decent also. 

I've got that seeker squad and another tac squad undercoated, and half a headhunter kill team assembled - I think I really need one of those to either use the recon or headhunter  RoW for a legal, fun army. I have a kratos also that needs some attention, it might be that - finish one project before atarting a new one and all that. 

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My group attempted another HH apoc game yesterday, originally it was supposed to be a 1000-2000pt ZM game so I only brought small stuff, however seems it got changed to full apoc as some couldn't make up the points without tanks! 

This left my alphas significantly outgunned, and with all the deathwing companions on the table, unable to snipe things off the table. I do see the power in an Exemplar/Excursor character in a 48" range heavy support unit, so my next task is to make a 10 man lascannoneer unit to represent the HS squad, iron havocs or sunkillers. 


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19 hours ago, Dont-Be-Haten said:

Have you decided to play them as traitors Xen?

In the same vein that you can always trust a dishonest marine to be dishonest, I've been lumped in with the traitors despite actually writing loyalist armies (including mobius configuration lists). I'm not objecting more from ease of gaming - I've largely (only?) playe against 100% loyalists and we have a narrative campaign going that's just easier/more balanced if I'm fighting for the traitors, so I'm being a bit more flexible with that part of the rules. 

That said, this game started late so I have to drag my alphas off the table in turn 2 leaving the Sons of Horus to their fate...which I'll post about below. 

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Write up of the last game from the longest standing DA player in our group:
The Razing of Kesserglen: Horus Heresy Battle
Mission: Dominion
Result: Loyalist Victory (or was it?)
Fires burned and smoke cloyed the air. Buildings had been laid low. Corpses of legionaries, loyalist and traitor alike, carpeted the floor. Tanks and dreadnoughts smouldered. Though the battlefield had fallen eerily silent, for Horus had fallen at the hands of the Lion, and all eyes were upon them.
Surrounded by a protective circle of Knights Cenobium, the Lion stood over his brother. Horus had fallen to one knee. Both were dripping with sweat and breathing with ragged laboured gasps. Both were wounded. Horus bled from rents in his armour, his face was cut. The Lions armour was smashed. Though he stood, he was unsteady on his feet. He held his abdomen, favouring his right side. his eye was swollen shut and his golden hair matted with his own blood.
“You are defeated brother. Your heresy ends here. You end here. Your allies have deserted you.”
Horus raised his head to regard the Lion, and a sinister smile crept slowly across his features, revealing blackened bloodied teeth. His eyes were wide with hatred. “No one has deserted me, Lion. They would not dare. No, everything happened here today exactly as it was supposed to. Claim this as a victory, if it eases your small mind.”
“I will take your head today, traitor, and lay it at our fathers feet. That will ease my mind. This war, and your hubris and vanity will die with you.”
Horus made no reply. The two Primarchs stared at one another, the Lion’s eyes cold, the Warmaster’s, maddened. Horus began to laugh, a deep bass baritone that shook the very ground. Thick black smoke began to coil around Horus, tiny nimbus bolts of lightning played across his armour. The Lion raised his sword high to strike, and the universe held its breath. Then the Lion brought down his sword and hit only the air. Horus was gone, though his laugh remained, a fading echo. The Lion sneered, and spat blood. He paused briefly, before turning to regard his sons. They looked at him with awe.
The Lion led the full force of the Dark Angels against traitor forces to retake Kesseglen Hive.
A combined force of Sons of Horus, traitor White Scars and Alpha Legion, and led by Horus Ascended himself, met the Dark Angels in battle, though the Alpha legion mysteriously left the battle almost as quickly as they had appeared. No doubt this was deliberate misdirection. Despite losing a fifth of their force with the Alpha legion leaving, the Sons of Horus and White Scars fought bitterly, seizing several key objectives early in the battle.
Traitor White Scars harried both flanks, First Captain Ezekiel Abaddon launching a savage spear tip assault deep into the loyalist lines on their right flank and threatening to push the loyalists back.
On the loyalist left flank, Dark Angels of the 23rd Order pushed the Sons of Horus back, taking further objectives and causing a traitor retreat. In the centre, a brutal close quarters combat ensued, culminating in the Lion and Horus meeting in battle. The Lion was victorious, but the Warmaster was swept away from the battlefield by forces of the warp before the Lion could finish his brother.
It seems this may have been Horus’ plan all along.
2250 of Alphas, 4000 of SoH and 2750 of Scars face off against 9000pts or so of Dark Angels.  
Maloghurt keeps a watchful eye on the Alpha Legion and white scars allies and holds the right flank of the battlefield. 
Abaddon's Speartip is thrust at the Dark Angels Tactical marines to prevent them from achieving their objectives.  
With his Justaerin bodyguard slaughtered, Horus Ascended meets the Lion in 1 on one combat...
And falls.
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It might have been foolish, but...

On 10/7/2022 at 10:09 AM, Xenith said:

How did I miss this before - very generous BCK - I mean to vow this a few days ago:

I, (your name), pledge to build and paint an Alpha Legion Deimos Predator for the Vehicle Challenge on or before October 15, 2022.



I've pledged to build and paint that predator in not too much time! Thankfully I had all of Sunday basically free, so I've managed to get through most of it - my scheme is also super fast, contrasts over silver, so we'll see how it turns out! 

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From BCK's comp:


Ok, here's my entry: Sisyphean.


The colours have come out weird for some reason, I'm not the best photographer, but this is my Alpha Legion predator in Caunter-derived camo, inspired by Kampfgruppe Engel's Alpha Legion tanks. The classic metallic teal has come out quite flat in the first photos but you can see it a bit better in the last. Options have been painted for it including the autocannon, which has a Sherman Firefly inspired barrel camo to concel it's true nature. 




Thanks for running the comp @Brother-Chaplain Kageand best of luck to everyone! 

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Thanks Chaeron! I had a mental block for a long time about Alpha Legion using armour - it just doesn't feature in any of their stories, so I couldn't get to grips - pulling the trigger, camo seemed the best way to go with them! I don't have too much black on my power armour dudes yet, but I'll be working more in for variety. 

Edited by Xenith
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Another Battle in against the Dark Angels - this time thy brought the big guns...


Paul's treated himself to both a Thunderhawn and Mastodon in the last month - He really has to catch 'em all. He's also a modelling/painting machine, he received that tank less than a week before this game.  The army was the models below, which were in reserve, plus two sicaran, a sabre and leviathan. My Alphas are definitely getting outgunned. 


This was originally a 2k battle, and the mastadon was present because Battlescribe lists it as 410pts - I keep saying not to trust it. When we got there I realised it was 700pts, so I added in a caliver support squad and I borrowed a Contemptor from my opponent to make up the extra points. 


Mission Tide of Carnage (so the Mastodon became scoring...) Dawn of War.


Alpha Legion - RoW - Fury of the Ancients


Vigilator, warlord, nemesis, excursor

Ancient - Kheres assault cannon, fist


5 Cataphractii - axes

5 destroyers, missile, arty


Contemptor talon - melta+fist, las + fist

tacticals - arty, fist

Caliver support, arty

Recon squad, nemesis, arty.


9 seekers, arty


Predator, grav, las

Levi talon, melta+drill+calivers; storm cannon+claw+calivers. 


Dark Angels - Angels wrath RoW.


Praetor, paragon blade, charger, Crown of something


8 Tartaros terms, claws


2x10 man tac squads


Sabre, all the volkite


Levi, storm cannon, claw




My opponent has misread the Angels Wrath thinking that the Mastodon had to go in reserve and all things in reserve came on T1, however it was just fliers. He'd built the army around it so I suggested it come on automatically in T2 instead


The forces



Battle lines are drawn. I won the roll off and let the DA go first so I'd have an extra turn to counter the Mastodon, and have last turn for objectives. Not only were all vehicles line, but my dreads were Line due to my RoW, which made them amazing. 


DAT1 - everything combines fire to wipe my caliver squad and take half the wounds off the red comtemptor.  Reaction fire knocks some wounds off the sicaran and sabre. 



This was maybe my opponent's downfall - with so much in reserve, and me bringing a bit more firepower as I knew I'd be facing a LoW in a small game, the tanks that started on the table got peppered, killing the sicaran and sabre, and damaging the punisher. Storm cannons with S7 Rend 5+ are a great multipurpose weapon, and the 5" blast from the grav cannon can really punish clumped up stuff and slow them down. Cyclonic melta was a boss. 



DAT2 - Punisher lines up on the side armour of the predator and glances it to death with side culverins and the punisher cannon.



The last march of the ents ancients. 



My dreads got blasted by stuff and their shooting wasnt great back, Levis are tough at T8!



Mastodon drops 10 tacs off in opposing DZ, then another 10 in no mans land, then meltas the blue levi, while the DA levi goes after the red one - which falls back out of assault range. 



The game came down to whether the Mastodon could kill my dread to remove my line unit in no mans land, or whether I could kill the Levi - both survived, miraculously. 



Overall a fun game with a massive tank, I didn't get a shot of the terms, but they came out, mulched my terms, then got shot to pieces by the recons, vigilator and Scorpius bolters (which are amazing). We drew on objectives, both holding our own DZ and nothing else, however I managed to slay the warlord for +1VP, then had more units left alive at the end (6 to 3) for +1VP for a score of 5-3 to the Alpha Legion. Close game - it would have been a tie if he'd killed my contemptor in the last turn, or he'd have won if that was a termie command squad with line. 

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Some work on the Recon Marines after they finished off the Praetor in the last game.



8 minutes ago, Xenith said:

I've set Brush to model on my Recon/Seeker marines after their good showing in my last game against the Dark Angels - still a WIP but theyre almost there. The glaze over metals is such a fast way to paint it's unreal after doing so much red on my BA. 


I've not broken them down into specific squads yet - I've just been making individual Astartes then loosely herding them into aligned units - the Imperial Marine for example is curently performing sergeant duties in the recon squad but he'll be promoted to seeker serge at some point and maybe baldy beardy will take over. I do love some of the poses you get by switching up the arms on the mk6 - the striding/aiming seems very seeker-like to me, especially with the suppressor. It's maybe over-long but it'll double as a Nemesis and Kraken when needed. 




Edited by Xenith
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So with the £30 of vouchers I got for my birthday, and another £10 from joining WH+, I have enough for one of the new Support Predators with melta/conversion beamer so will be preordering one of those to take me to 3 in total - I still have one of the two I got for my birthday in Shrinkwrap, so one will be going back to element games to get a second melta pred! 


My only issue is actually fielding them in games. 3 preds will generally have a place, I've struggled to fit a single pred in as there are more efficient HS choices than a single pred, but the discount on 3 will be good. The next thing is that Alpha Legion seem to be preferring infantry based assaults - in Headhunter, my tanks have to start in reserve, and they're barely allowed at all in Recon or Pride lists - so it feels like I'm just buying random models that don't really fit together into a list, and kind of blocks me from having larger games using a legal detachment. This is partly GW's fault for only releasing HS choices and giving me sweet plastic FA options! 


I might have to make up a few lists and try to build the models/army around them. 


Currently I have:




10mk6 tacticals

5 nemesis Recons

5 cataphractii

5 caliver support





Made but not painted

Dynat conversion

10 lascannon support (1 can be an armistos)

10 Mk4 tacticals

5 Lerneans




Deimos Pred

Plastic Sicaran

Land Raider Proteus


AoD contemptor

Standalone Contemptor

FW AL Contemptor

10 Cataphractii

5 Tartaros

5 headhunter conversions


I think I probably have to make 2 more contemptors at least to make a full talon of them which will be deadly, and let me run fury of the ancients. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Makig some progress with my Lerneans, and made up my Headhunter Kill Team to creep me ever closer to 2000pts of assembled models. These guys are in a hotch-potch of armour marks to look more like loyalists in distress as opposed to well equipped Alpha Legion in Mk6, and will be painted in a Blood Angels scheme with subtle, and unsubtle Alpha legion insignia to give the impression they're behind enemy lines.


WIP Harrower



Test on the green shimmer on the scaley bits  this is one coat thinned akhelian gone over with waywatcher green, or thinned warpstone green. 




I had a go at making some older armour marks from plastic bits - Lacking studded Mk5 legs, I put some nail art beads onto some Mk7. We're missing the thigh-piping, but no one will know.




I didn't want any bare heads origianlly, but this head was just too good, and the model had less character in a helmet - Mk4 with supplemental comms gear. 


Mk5 heresy, with sarum pattern helmet. 



Mk4-6 - this guy originally held the bolter the Mk2 guy below has, but the knife pose didnt work with the Mk2, so I swapped them round. 



Mk2, assembled from the vehicle accessory sprue and a Mk3 sprue backpack with some Mk4 legs. 



Mk5? Mk4 legs, Mk? Torso from a berzerker, then Mk3 helm. If you're interested, the Mk7 devastator marine weapons look amazing on the Mk6 marines. They're all to scale. 


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