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I felt it would be useful to just bite the bullet and make a P&M blog for my wolves. I fully expect this to curse the project as with all of my blogs but the feedback is just too useful. :smile.:


I haven't 100% fleshed out the fluff for my pack yet but my aim is to convey a rugged deployed special forces type feel. They would specialize in rough weather and terrain with difficult deployments. Expect to see a pretty good mix of infantry and vehicles here, hopefully all with lots of personality and baked in stories.


For my first update I have the dreadnaught I'm prepping for the ETL along with the Land Raider I posted in the "What are you working on?" thread


Pose is still largely mock-up, Really only the planted foot is fixed on the base, the rest is pinned or tacked.

IMG 4604

IMG 4606

I rabbit-holed on the rear foot and but i'm happy with how its looking so far. I'll still be adding a bit of tread.

IMG 4603

I want to make a different shield since the box one is so ornate and immediately recognizable, I want him to be a special snowflake. Its also seems woefully small IMO to justify the 3+ save and this will make him a more imposing target. Its just a 40mm base laminated in thick plasticard then sanded down to round the edges out. Im currently kicking around designs, but i know i want it quartered like historical viking roundshields.

IMG 4607

I really want to make a new axe too but with that size it would be 100% fabricated like the shield. Figured I'll finish the shield and see how much i hate life before i make the call.
Thanks for looking, comments and criticisms are encouraged and appreciated!


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I love the axe and shield dreads. seeing what you did with your your rune priest has me super excited


there's a big giant "wolf that stalks 'tween stars" emblem in the stormfang kit that is totally big enough to decorate that shield.

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Small update, mostly conceptual rather than physical (stupid spring and having to be outdoorsy).


I think I've settled on the idea of making the dreadnaught an interred Wolf Priest. I haven't seen it done before but i don't think there's anything saying I couldn't/shouldn't. So what does that mean?


Dread Wip

Wolf skull head bit that will get some work on it to plug it in and such. I think it would also be really cool to give him a wolf amulet/rosarius around his "neck" as well. Plans to fabricate a giant crozius have already been drawn up as well.
The only work I was able to get done was on the blizzard shield but it's promising for not having really done anything like this before.

Dread BS Wip

Dread BS2 Wip

The center bit is super thick so will get carved to appear to fold into itself then be set into the middle layer which will get carved out a bit more at this point. I think this is the best way to approach this type of thing but we'll see how it turns out...


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I think I'm on the right track, a lot more cleanup on it to do but this is basically what it'll be:


IMG 4637


My goal is the at the very least finish the shield, crozius, and get the head set into the sarcophagus this weekend. Thanks for looking!

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Great idea, FearPeteySodes!! Well executed too!!


I love the lumbering forward pose to the dread, it adds a lot of character to the model. And a Wolf Priest dread is a great idea, I don't see any reason you could not run it as a BlizzDread rules-wise. Unless there is another set of rules I do not know of that fit it better.


End of Line

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Thanks everyone for the kind words! I have another nickel and dime post today but fear not, I'm getting all the fiddley stuff out of the way and i think he'll come together pretty quick this week.


The head is now attached but i want to stage paint the front in order to get the wiring so the front plate will remain off. The side plates will be attached though in order to gap fill and i still need to work out a way to get that wolf amulet/rosarius on and still have the front removable. Shouldn't be too bad.


Neck detail

IMG 4651

With armor plates

IMG 4653

I haven't decided what do do on the blank plate yet, part of me wants to sculpt something the match prancy wolf but i think it would be nice to go subtler since he's already pretty baroque. Needs a bit more sanding and i need to repair some of the edge details before a decision is made anyways. 
The shield is basically done, will need to smooth it out a touch more and likely add some rivets but i will do a test prime i think to test for hard to see surface issues. Mjolnir crozius is blocked out and has its basic shape but need a lot of love still. I think ill be doing it winged like most other crozius examples to make it recognizable.

IMG 4657

IMG 4658


Trying to have him built by the weekend so I gotta keep the pace going! Thanks everyone for looking!

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First off, thanks again for the positive comments! It really mean a lot, your guys' stuff is really wicked so I feel like I'm in good company!


Someones carrying their own weight now...


IMG 4665

IMG 4666

IMG 4667

Upper and lower torsos are still separate as well as the hands for painting ease but thats going to to be the gist of how he looks! Mostly just gap filling and getting rid of mold lines I missed etc. Other than:

IMG 4664

Tried to keep the winged theme to really "hammer" home the crozius look but in a modern Mjolnir type shape to root in in the norse aesthetic. Playing around with ideas on thickening up the connection to hide the pin. Im thinking of using one of the SW upgrade kit banner icons as a base. Feel free to shout ideas at me though!
What I really need advice on is this guy:

IMG 4668


A lot of work went into the sculpture of it but I'm worried its a missed opportunity for talismans etc. and would be too plain w/o them. The original plan was to freehand some designs in the negative space over black with the bronzy look that i've used on my existing painted guys. The pick is just a mock up of some options I'm kicking around.  


What say you brothers, let the shield breath or give it some stories?

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Looks awesome, loving the Mjolnir Arcanum.


The shield looks great, but maybe a vey thin, like paper thin banding around the edge of the shield just inside the gs lip. Some 1mm beads to act as studs and some small freehand runes on the banding would look immense!

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  • 3 months later...

Well after an abysmal personal ETL showing (not showing?) I've been able to continue the fight. Unforeseen injuries and business trips lead to my loss, but thats just the battle, the war will be mine...

Here's some quick WiP for what I've been able to do:

Rune Priest 2:



The wire will look like the "snow tentacle" on my other priest. So far so good i think.




Way more work to go on these. Ebayed some centurion shoulders to try on the wolf so we'll see if the size fits. Pretty happy though so far, been planning the armored wolves for a while so glad to pull the trigger.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Armored Thunderwolves are almost done!

Group shot:





Thunder hammer guy:



Wolf is basically done here but not the WG rider:



More work to be done here, mostly on that last guy who will get a glorious beard and cloak but its shaping up. His wolf will get more love on the chanfron too and all the wolves need a bit of cleanup on the armor trim to make it look less rounded.

Once I finish these guys I'm going to start on some wolf scouts for Killteam before I begin a painting cycle to finish out what i have modeled!

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Yea definitely, I always take them so its a no brainer! They just would get in the way too much to stick them on pre-paint.  I also need to maybe make a sling for the hammer guy since the shield would cover the hand gripping the armor plating which i think would detract from the model.

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