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Eaters of worlds VI Echelon - The Blackmaw horrors


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Evening all, been waiting far to long to start a topic here and with the very limited spare time i do have it will never happen if i dont start little by little, i am terrible with writhing things up the sec i grab a pen all thoughts scatters so please bare with me.
The idee is to use this topic for finished models, lore and wip.
Echoes from the warp is hissing out the whispers of fear, pain and slaughter.
By the order of the self appointed warmaster, the great eye breath out its minions of slaves and beasts of horrors, our cousins included.
This is of no concern to us, as we are not in the eye.
As VI echelon of the Worldeaters we left Terra with 1242 brothers filled with anger and hatred.
We all carried each a black scar forever a reminder of our cousins weakness. Bloody and bruised, but not empty handed, I found what I have been searching for, before I became we.
After the siege on Terra we were on route for the eye with the rest of our brothers.
Then the storms threw us off course, we can only take that at least one of the Gods did not want us to join our brothers in the eye.
When we finally broke out to realspace we had lost contact with the rest of our brothers and were in dire need of resupply and repairs, we steered for the closest warp rift that was in our reach.
We settled in the Dark maw and have kept it as our domain since then.
1239 brothers, we were when I become we and our work could be set to emotion.
For us who did not become unstable it worked as hoped.
993 true brothers, 246 was the price, some we could still use, but the majority were no more.
Before we heard the first whispers of our other brothers from The eye, we thought the improvement came with an expensive price.
Millenniums latter, we first heard what had happened at Skalathrax, and our doubts were no more.
No matter how loud he barks, we stay at the Black maw, we have our own wars and affairs for now, 
only the growl of our father,
might be heard...
476 we ourselves included we are Eaters of worlds and the war is far from over.
~Lord Ashtravar the cerberus~

Ashtravar the ceberus



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The new traitor supplement motivated me to continue with my Chosen, still much to be done with them so very WIP but better than plastic grey. 


And a very early wip of a contemptor 


Cultist wip added


Sicaran late wip, lacking small details, and fluff




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Before the Heresy it was named Mastiff XV and were one of many predator battle tanks in service of the Legion.

It was all but destroyed in the siege of Terra, its broken shell was saved in the last moments before our weaklings to cousins

started the retreat.

But those days are long past.

Our Lord the Ceberus brought it back to life once we settled in the Blackmaw, and since then it has become more of a beast than a machine, we and our brothers calls it the Fleshgrinder.



*hope the spelling is better now, used spell checker to help out, being dyslectic sucks sometimes*
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Certainly an interesting start, though I do say when it comes to writing you might want to review your work before submitting it.. It's pretty rife with spelling and grammatical errors. It doesn't need to be perfect (Gods know mine never is...) but it's important to cut out any obvious marks, less it bog down your work.


The models, however are off to a nice start! Can't wait to see more.

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Teutonicavenger: There chest pieces are mostly  mkII and mkIII (including iron warriors and rampager's)with parts from Bloodwarriors,

                            they do have a lot of bionics but noticed the picture don't show much of it. 

                            Varga's main body is old Fabius bile.


I know i can't take pictures if my life depended on it, but if there is anything you want a closer pic of let me know.

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Holy mother of God, these are some terrific models. There's something deep and disturbing about them, very much like I imagine Chaos. I keep scrolling up to look again, so many details to spot, and your painting is very atmospheric too. Well done.


I do think you got carried away with the texture paint on the Sicaran's/Predator's tracks. Easy to overdo it. Take it easy next time.


Your pictures are fine on my phone, but I see what people mean. Heaps of good tutorials out there to get you started taking better pictures. (Not that I know much about it, I don't.) I'm sure people will be happy to help you out if you get stuck.


Looking forward to seeing more.

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Brother kortmer: You mean unholy mother of khorne i presume? Dark and disturbing with full of hatred is the road i have tried to achieve, 

                           so i'm very glad GW new view on Worldeaters have started to become close to my own view.

                           ( Mental note: less mud and murk on tracks) thehe yeah, i agree went a little overboard with it, the sicaran is still on WIP

                           so i think i will scrape some of it off. 



Nemac Vradon: As they didn't end up in the eye, i felt it was suitable to have them closer to Heresy colours. Besides, who doesn't like                                     white and blue with some blood and gore all over it of course.

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Optimvschristvs: Of course I can share it, as work and i guess age as well have made my hands a bit of shaky most of the time to do

                           fine details I cheat a lot with washes, so here goes.

                           I always prime with black, and for the white armour: Administratum grey, then white scar that I water down a little,

                           chips and scratches with runefang steel once it's dry, Agrax earthshade and once that is really dry I take Nuln oil.

                           Tidy up a little with runefang steel where it's needed. Easy, simple just takes time waiting on shades to dry, but don't

                           tell anyone *sshh* it be out secret hehe

                           The blue is an older colour called Enchanted blue, not sure what it's called nowadays, that I chip with runefang steel,

                           and yet again Agrax earthshade and then Nuln oil and tidy up with runefangsteel.

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Thanks for all the nice comments:smile.:

Tentonicavenger: To do the ghostly eyes is even easier just some waters down white scar on the area and edges and then

nihilakh oxide, once its dry highlight with the white scar.

Finally finished a unit of chosen, I have lost the count on how many months they have been waiting to get painted.


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