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Even as the Gathering Storm approaches, The Lord Inquisitor scours his loyal followers. Some faces are new, and hold a look befitting the dire circumstances, and their own grim cast aboard his ship. Most are familiar, scars and new limbs just as befitting as the cold, ominous masks that wear them. All in their place, sharing the same palpable, zealous fervor with their Commander. His voice consumes the whole chamber, and rings upon bulwark-

"I'll not allow this treacherous scum! nor their daemon masters the luxury of life upon our Lord's material plane! Their ambition pales beside our faith! their demise certain before our Wrath! Hallowed be thy name, oh Holy Emperor, God of Man! Watch over your humble warriors as we seal the fate these traitors have chosen!" A low chorus had begun, and prayers commenced. Set in motion as response and effective countermeasure- each warband lethal, a flexed muscle of the Emperor's might.

Hello Brothers, recently I've begun an Inquisitorial project of immense (for me) proportions and I'm very grateful for the time I've had to work on it! Having said that everything you will see for some time will be a work in progress, and all of it is currently in the early stages of construction/conversion. I guess I couldn't wait!


Two inquisitors (one in PA), a priest, two Acolytes.


Another little warband, this one with flamer, melta, and HSlasgun Acolytes. The Inquisitor is my favorite so far!


Crusader, Arco, DCAs, and another priest.. As you can tell the flagellant has been skipping leg day.


Some more henchmen, meltagun acolytes.


Here's a close single of the Inquisitors.


I love teasers!

As always comments and criticism is welcome as I'm sure your are all blessed of the Emperor..

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Three more based up and added to the bunch, the throng swells


These are very early on, really just trying to give basic form, and a nice base for the next daunting step.. sculpting. I really liked the power fist you get in the Cadian Command box, but it didn't seem appropriate for an inquisitor. This really takes to robotic look and runs with it. There will be a servo skull attacked to the servitor's head cable, and another rising from the vacant side of the stormtrooper's base. The crusader will look much different.

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Oh it will be rrrrich... msn-wink.gif Plenty of deep crimson/gold, and lots of osl. Black w/ white pinstripes and crimson/white checkered are also possibilities. I have so many I'm working on at the moment, I've not spent much time thinking about paint.. I'm sure I'll want to do most of the Inq.'s individually to capture each ones' unique style, and their retinues in batches to keep them consistent, but slightly different from other retinues within the group. I've really gone wild with the kit bashing, I feel there are so many great potential options with all the kits out now. Once you have a base model kit bashed, you just run with it. I'll keep posting as they come.

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Brothers, I've a moment to post a few pictures of my progress! The Imperial Empire yields more to the cause each day.. Of course I will post better pictures when the project moves into a more developed phase, and substantial progress can be seen on each.

Another Inquisitor joins me.


I've already added some detail to the legs, and face. He's going to have a long gotee, and a servo-skull.


Here's a shot of the back. The legs look pretty cool now.


Two Acolytes, with flamer and plasma, and the makings of my Eviscerator Chainsword Priest.


Once again I promise Better Photos when there's much more greenstuff work finished! The scouring continues...

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Written into my Inquisition fiction comes a custodian character, but in the 42nd millennium. I wanted to try a neat sigmarine conversion, and the size is perfect compared to my true scale Inquisition humans, and my (coming soon) true-scale deathwatch! Here's his progress thus far:


Greenstuff eagle's head and i reshaped a sanguinary guard wing slightly to complete the shield.


I actually really like the sigmarine/custode conversion, but not to replace the new awesome custode models, of course. This feels no less grim-dark, but takes on a slightly different design theme, for sure. I have a different vision for this guy's style, so he'll stand apart as a nice 40k Custode adaptation. To give you an idea of how formidable this guy is, I'm using him as a proxy for Draigo.

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I like your conversions, they are full of character. Did you use the shoulder-thing with the comissar hat from the ogryn sprues as head for one of the inquisitors? That's such a cool idea!


Keep up the good work!

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The Inquisitor (that's my current avatar picture) uses a hoodless head with a respirator from the skitarii rangers box and the perfects commissar's hat carefully cut away from his face and reshaped to accommodate the skinny, also reshaped top of the skinny skitarii head. The perfectus's alternative plasma pistol was also converted to fit his firing hand, and the body/legs were used on two other inquisitors, one of which you can see toward the bottom as sporting his cool coat, and some custom mechanical legs. 

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At last brothers, a Malleus comrade! He's suited up in regal Terminator Armor, equipped with shoulder-mounted psycannon!

Here's some extensive conversion work on the cannon, and it actually achieves real "sag" in the power supply cable, comparable to actual gravity. Of course immense amounts of greenstuff will be required going forward!


The head of the hammer will have an =][= carved onto each face, and some Inquisitorial detail sculpted into the body of it, at some point.


I was going to go for a more streamlined look for the servos, but instead settled for a nice bulky look. The thing is beastly, and very fun to mount.


Of course more photos coming, as things move along!

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Hello Brothers! Much service in his Holy Name today. My Adeptas Arbites project has begun to come to life, and with it my Hereticus vein thickens! Long live the Emperor and where peace may not reign, let his vengeance be brought..

Adeptas Arbites Champion sporting a new breastplate and eagle-helm.


The back shot of his helm.


Please keep the comments coming, every word inspires, and suggestions are very welcome!

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Hello again brothers, I've a few pictures of last night's project- my second Terminator Armor, Psycannon/Daemon Hammer Malleus Inquisitor! This one is a revived mini, and wild-card addition to the fiction that I decided would fit nicely. Being that he's such a shrimp, I almost wrote him in as a surviving old squat, boldly coming forth as mighty servant of God!

We'll see.

Of course his hammer will get extensive greenstuff(yay!) work, and the cape is one I'm looking forward to. He'll be holding it back as it billows roughly the same direction as the flag, which will be filled in smooth so that I may freehand on it.


The size comparison is pretty hilarious


This guy looks much better with both pauldrons.


My favorite shot.


I'm not entirely sure how much time I'll have during the workweek, but I'll keep posting as I'm able!

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At last a moment to post the week's progress! Joining the group are two new Malleus Inquisitors, one with incinerator and the other will be my Coteaz proxy! Of course the Arbite's Champion isn't new, but you can see more greenstuff detail to get an idea of how clean they'll all be. He's still got far to come, and until he has rules, I'll use him as a hereticus Inquisitor with power-mace and bolt pistol..



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So I finally decided to stop and take in my TrueScale Inquisition project. So far I love the kit bashing potential, and the long hours of sculpting ahead do not seem nearly as daunting! Some very rewarding conversions in my future, I'm very glad to be sharing the project, mighty brethren:


From left to right: Crusader, TA/PsyCannon Malleus Inquisitor, Deathwatch BlackShield, Inquisitorial Stormtrooper, Adeptas Custode.


True-Scale Marine beside the crusader, and the Inquisitor.


A very busy workshop! Much service in his holy name..


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