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Heresy era Legio XIV, 'In sterquiliniis invenitur'


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Hello one and all!I've been in the hobby on and off for 16 something years and thought I'd make a thread for my endeavours in the ol' B&C. :smile.:
The Horus Heresy bandwagon hit me like a brick when it started and I've always had a soft spot for chemical warfare so picking a favourite legion was easy. I've been working on this true scale (Shoutout to Doghouse!) Death Guard army for about a year but never really bothered posting much about it. I'm aiming for about 2500 points and will see how far this leads me after that. There's lots of stuff in the works (tacticals, terminators, heavy support...) but this is all I've bothered taking pictures of at the moment.
Less talk and more pics, right. :wink:


Army Showcase

Troops #344
Terminators and Lord of War #407

---the post continues---


First squad.


Pimped out ride and some sense of scale. The Rhino is based on a 1/35 M113 APC if someone is wondering.






Imperial Space Marine


That's about it for now, will post more stuff soon as things progress.
I hope you enjoy them and am happy to answer any questions, C&C is always appreciated.

Cheers! :smile.:

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Cheers all! :smile.:

Olis: I know right, why even bother if you can't wield Martian death rays. Thanks. :smile.:
Vairocanum: Thanks!
Ovidius Incertus: Cheers!
kizzdougs: Thank you for the tutorials mate! The DG scheme works like a treat.
marcusc: Cheers!
Soric: Hehe, thanks!
Robzilla: Cheers! I can tell you, it's not the easiest effort to get a full force going, but as long as you enjoy the ride then do what pleases you the most.

So here's a look at what I've got painted so far.

I worked on the Praetor today. I still have the blade and cloak to finish so I can call it done.
I follow kizzdougs' method for the colour scheme with the exception of using glazes to finish the off-white armour and other large surfaces.

I hope you like it, C&C is always appreciated. :smile.:
Thanks for looking, cheers!

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Vairocanum: Thanks! I'll drop more images as they get done. :smile.:
fire golem: I'm glad to hear that!
kizzdougs: Hehe, the recipe awesome. Thanks!
Pearson73: Cheers!

It was a mighty slow weekend so I managed to paint two characters. I also wanted to put some Forgeworld transfers to use. A little tidying up and basing and they're done. Here's some shots.



C&C always appreciated, cheers. :smile.:

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Wonderful stuff!  Can't wait to see that M113 conversion completed.


That consul is fabulous and is extremely inspirational.  Was the upper torso and head functional on normal marine legs, or still a lot of work to blend them together?  I doubt I'd ever get around to it let alone make a good job, but if I was to ever make a DG Chaplain, this is where I would steal the design :)

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terminatorAM: I'm glad you like them. :smile.:
Vairocanum: I'm kinda fond of the consul aswell. Cheers!
infyrana: Thanks! The model was pretty straightforward, Interrogator Chaplain with bigger legs.
Kordhal: Thankies!
hushrong: Cheers!
ranman8: Just follow Kizzdougs' awesome tutorial. :wink:
Mirbeau: Thanks. I like the pose aswell, he has done well in many battles already.

Allright, not that much to show painting wise, but I've been cracking with conversions. Ten assault marines in mkV Heresy armour are in the works, along with veterans and command. Now mind you, most of the models I post are pretty much done apart from bases and detailing, so some parts might look a bit untidy still. But onto the blurry pics!

Figured the bad boy might look more menacing with red eyes and glowy bits so I fixed it a bit.

Tactical Support

Heavy Support

I had some spare time so I worked on a small diorama for a objective marker. Sons of the First have met an untimely end hauling supplies.

I hope you enjoy, C&C is always appreciated.
Cheers! :smile.:

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Your conversions are stellar and with a paint job to match! Like others have said, the consul is great and super eerie!  Also, the Praetor's chest you creating, to me, give it the feel of how the later Plague Marine "gut" comes about! Well done!

Looking forward to seeing some more conversions!

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Lord Haelim Lev: Thank you. I'm kind of fond of giving some of them a slightly foreboding look. :)
Vairocanum: Cheers! Some really cool dudes suggested I "number" the objective markers with legions, so number two will have [REDACTED], number 3 Emperor's Children an so on.

Here's a small update on what I have in the works. I've ran out of DG heads, so the breacher squad (that I forgot to mention!) is on hold. Then there's the all around vexilla guy and a lascannon squad for that sweet armour penetration DG usually lacks.

The metals will have a beaten finish like on the breacher sergeant you can see in the middle. After that I will fix the greens and give the armour a glaze highlight of screaming skull & white scar. After possible transfers it's on to chipping effects and giving some parts a runny, dirty look.


Cheers! ;)


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