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Heaven's Fall- Vazzy's VII Legion log 6/2 Titanfall


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"All along the Watchtower, Princes kept the view...Two riders were approaching, and the wind begins to howl."


-HNDRX, War sage




It was cold. So, so cold. That was all Castus thought as his helm wailed at him, red damage runes dancing across his cracked lenses. His body spun lazily through the void, a layer of frost coating his golden armor. One arm ended at the shoulder, and both legs were charred stumps. Around him floated members of his legion, their gold plate cracked and rent. His eyes felt heavy, and the cold crept into his bones. He feels his hearts hammering, desperate to keep him alive, but he suspects it is too late. Far...


"Too late." Growls Tyran as he loads a magazine into the Tigrus pattern rifle on his knee. "The  XIIIth will be too late." 


The Imperial Fist shakes his head, his cold blue eyes peering at Castus, devoid of hope. The two are fresh inductees, armor devoid of any markings save the black fist etched onto their shoulder. Castus shrugs, his thick black hair cropped close to his skull. The men were pulled from one of the Collegia on Terra, and despite being well outside the normal parameters for inductment, both survived the process. Their Squad, led by Sergeant Hyperion, has yet to learn their names, with Atriox telling Tyran, "Don't tell me your name. Just try to take a bolt for me, so I can stay useful."


Castus and Tyran are replacements for brothers lost in the early Solar Skirmishes. The rest of the unit are hardened veterans, whose armor is decorated in honorifics. Assigned to the 366th Company(Void Ghouls), they would be amongst the first to engage the enemy above Terra. The 366th, deployed on the Mako Assault Barque 'Impetous', would be amongst the spearhead of Operation Heaven's Fall, whose goal was to simply slow the orbital assault for as long as possible. Within 10 hours of operation commencement, the 366th will have taken over 70% Casualties, losing over 250 marines in the first 30 minutes of combat. 



[brother Castus is one of the many members of the VII legion who were part of the rapid inductment program, having been raised to an Astartes in one year. Washout rates for this program bordered 75%]


[Castus was amongst the first of the 366th to fall, an Iron Warrior axe cutting him down scant moments after he cleared his assault craft. While rapid inductees were 'combat ready' they numbered amongst the highest casualties of the conflict, with over 87% reported casualties stemming from their ranks of the first week of combat]



[Tyran would survive the Operation Heaven's Fall, and would be found amongst the dead at Dhaliri Ridge following the failed counterstrike that occurred on the Saharan Plains]



[Vexilarius Ismael, 'Bitterheart' A veteran of over two centuries, Ismael carries one of the 366th battle standards. He would be slain in the desperate retreat following Horus's death, cutdown by the detonation of a Typhon assault tank.] 

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Yay, Texas and the Heresy!

Indeed! The Unit marking will be quite familiar hahah.

Nice Fists, and even better fluff. Lovely work!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Ayyy, glad to see you're posting these up, Vazzy. They look better on the computer than they do on my phone. msn-wink.gif

Yeah, I can agree with that, though as usual, they look better in person.


Welcome to the Seventh Legion, Vaz.

Liking Bitterheart a lot. Assuming you're just using the Custodes Vexilla on 'im?

Yup! Ismael was supposed to be a one off, but was too fun to paint.

Lovin' it! Now I know what space marine arm to use for the custodes vexilla!

It's actually one of the arms from the RW Black Knight kit!

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Lovin' it! Now I know what space marine arm to use for the custodes vexilla!


It's actually one of the arms from the RW Black Knight kit!
I actually have one! This is great. I want to use that vexillia bit with my Emperor's Children and have been mulling over how to make it work.


Also, I do not know if you mentioned this and I missed it but what do you plan on adding to the bases?

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Lovin' it! Now I know what space marine arm to use for the custodes vexilla!


It's actually one of the arms from the RW Black Knight kit!
I actually have one! This is great. I want to use that vexillia bit with my Emperor's Children and have been mulling over how to make it work.


Also, I do not know if you mentioned this and I missed it but what do you plan on adding to the bases?

Looking forward to seeing it dude!


Regarding bases I'm not sure right now, and am open to suggestion.

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Well, as the bit of fluff has ship boarding elements maybe something with metallic decking to represent the interior of a ship (or a manufactorum or something else industrial if you so wish). kizzdougs has a great tutorial for such bases just scroll down on that link and you can't miss it. If I wasn't lazy and bought those sculpted GW bases I would totally make use of his basing technique.
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"A wall of Iron is a hard task. A wall of Iron manned by the Sons of Dorn? Impossible."

-Cultist Captain Septis Skrin, shortly before IVth Legion officer took his head


366th Assault Company, CXLII Battalion

Void Warfare Detachment 

(Nominal Strength-500 Astartes, per standing orders, filled to 150% Capacity boosting total number to near 800 including support elements)




[unit Badge-Origin is believed to trace back to Te'jañan Plateau]


Led by Castellen Testian, the 366th was one of the VIIth legions premiere void specialists, often deployed in war zones where ship-to-ship combat was the predominate type of warfare conducted. Assigned to the command of Lord Sigismund and Castellan Rann, the 366th would take heavy losses in the initial violence around Neptune and Pluto against XXth legion forces. Following the Battle of Theta Primus, the 366th was rotated back to Terra, a year before the Warmaster's forces would arrive and burn the skies of Man's home. 


In this year off from the War raging on, the 366th would train tirelessly, working with the 67th Jovian Rangers in a bid to strengthen Terra's orbital defenses. In the end, it wouldn't matter, with most of the company lost to the void. Perhaps one in three survived the initial breach, and of that number, three in five would survive to make planetfall following the destruction of the 'Impetuous' to the prow of the 'Vengeful Spirit'. Castellan Testian would order an orbital assault, and many of the Companies assault craft would carry the surviving warriors to the earth below them. Joined by members of the Silent Sisterhood, Adeptus Custodes, and supported by the IIIrd Te'jaño Rangers, the 366th would fight to hold the Dhaliri ridge, the mountains fortified against an assault by the IVth and XVIIth legions. The Dhaliri Redoubt would hold for over 300 days, as the 366th died amongst the snow and bloodied earth, each life more precious than the last. 



[Pict capture of Squad Herakles moving on Iron Warrior Cruiser +0.036.24]



[squad Herakles would be one of the squads to make planetfall on Terra, mostly due to being in the second assault wave, so the unit was able to return to the Assault ram much faster than many of the first wave, whom were far from any escape vessels.]



Well, as the bit of fluff has ship boarding elements maybe something with metallic decking to represent the interior of a ship (or a manufactorum or something else industrial if you so wish). kizzdougs has a great tutorial for such bases just scroll down on that link and you can't miss it. If I wasn't lazy and bought those sculpted GW bases I would totally make use of his basing technique.



Yeah, I was thinking that, though as I do more work, I'm realizing the story is more about the Dhaliri Redoubt, not the initial assault. So I was thinking Agrellan Earth with some of the Armageddon Dunes and Valhallan Blizzard for taste. SXSW is coming up, so I may not have too much to post the next week but we'll see.

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Sweet update. Herakles looks like they mean business.


Have fun at SxSW. Lived in Austin for 9 years and have never been. Same with ACL. It has to due with not liking crowds and worrying about parking :/

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"And he said, "Let there be light!" And It was. But the Light bore Angels of Death, and Hell followed with them."


-Book of Nerodotus, Apostle of the the White God M. 29


Tears on the mausoleum floor,
Blood stains the Coliseum doors,
Lies on the lips of a priest,
Here the Angels die in heaps.
-K'West, Remembrancer, Executed by Castellan Testian following Warp Corruption
+++Authorized Adeptus Astartes Personnel Only+++
+++Welcome Astartes 2-1AV(T)+++
+++Pict Inload Granted+++
[Pict Capture + 0.045.12-Assault Terminator VII Legio Astartes]
[Astartes is weilding Vigil Pattern Stormshield. Terminator is believed to be Adelmar of the 366th based off of Heraldry. Confirmed KIA following encounter with warp kin of the XVII Legion. Cause of Death//?? ExSanguination by -REDACTED-]
[Recorded by Te'jaño Ranger Kostock during Operation Thunder, Confirmed that Honored Brother Ajax is subject]
@ BCK, Thanks, It's just a stock Filter on FLickr Lol.
@Hushrong- Gotta say, SXSW was honestly kinda overrated, to hectic and I missed STIF 3 which sucked. 
Thank you everyone for all the comments, likes, and views!
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"Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his brother."

-Jon, Prophet of the White God


"For he to-day that sheds his blood with me, Shall be my brother."

-Shakespire, Dramaturge


"Do you know what they say about the 7th Legion? No? Ahh, they call us the men of stone, unfeeling. but I promise you, this is not the case..."


-Seeker Veteran Adonis 


The cold wind of Dhaliri cuts across the mountain fortress, snow flurries landing softly on the burnt golden armor of Squad Hyperion. I look at the beaked helm sitting beside me as I run the cleaning rod through my bolter, doing my best to get the grit of the mountain out of the sensitive mechanics of the tigrus pattern bolter. The helm beside me is new, or it was. It belonged to my friend. My brother. París. The man with three black skulls on his helm. Each skull represented 100 targets eliminated, harking back to when the two had been part of the VIIth legion Seeker corps. 


I chuckle to myself, knowing the void in my heart will never be filled. París fell hours earlier, dragging Atriox behind him. An Iron Warrior marksman had ensured neither warrior would see battle, or life, again. His battered helm, a new MK VI had been the only piece of my best friend I'd kept,forced to leave the geneseed behind as Castus dragged me away. 


Forward Post Theta-2Mu24 had been broken. Squad Hyperion led the fall back as Iron Warrior armor and assault forces poured into the breach, their gunmetal armor glinting in the dim light of Sol. Atriox and París had held the left flank, the two reaping a heavy toll as the mortals fled past the veteran squad. Adonis watched as the two attempted to displace having wrecked two of the siege tanks that had rolled into the crumbling bastion. Unfortunately, it was not to be. A heavy bolter bracketed the two warriors, and as Adonis and the as the rest of Hyperion clambered into the rhino, he saw Atriox crumple, one arm floating lazily through the air.

Unscathed, París turned, and ran back, while Atriox roared for him to flee. Over the vox, his friends soft voice cut through the violence. "Negative." The squad flooded back out of the rhino, bolt guns firing round after round into the IV legion troops bearing down on the two Fists. 200 hundred meters. Then 100 hundred. París made it within 10 meters of the rhino when the shot rang out and he stumbled. One step, and then another, and he collapsed, spilling Atriox into the mud and snow. I ran to him, and I see him struggling with his helm, his left arm not functioning. "Adonis. Adonis, help me up. My arms gone numb. Adonis. Help me. " His right arm scrabbled across my armor, fingers desperately trying to find purchase. I pulled his helm free, and see the blood staining his lips. They move, desperately, and I start to drag him towards the rhino, bellowing for an apothecary. A bolt round cracks my left knee, but I keep going, crawling with my brother behind me. 

Tyran drags me off of him, and I hear his tears over the vox as I grab for my brother, reaching for...a corpse. The round that hit me also hit him, shattering his skull upon the ground. "Adonis! Adonis damn you!" His fist slams into my helm and I stagger, screaming for my brother as I'm dragged into the rhino, his helmet still mag-locked to my hip. 


We've been on the ground for less than 48 hours, and already, Squad Hyperion is at less than 70%. I hate Horus. I hate those who stand beside him. París was a hero, and more than that he was my brother. The rest of the squad sits around me. Hyperion, stoic as always watches the mortals around us, many of whom were with us when my brother fell. Tyran has his head in his hands, and every now and again I see his shoulder shudder. Fridas is quiet, as usual, though I see him looking around as if expecting to see someone who is late. Ismael alone is still himself, the warrior moving amongst the humans around us, offering a comforting word, or a reassuring pat on the arm. I lift the helm up, and stare into the dull red eyes. I think of my brother, always so calm, even against overwhelming odds, and I too begin to weep. It is too much. This war has cost us too much. 



[seeker Veterans Adonis and París. Once members of the 366th's seekers team, the two were folded into Hyperion following heavy casualties earlier in the Solar War. París was Adonis's mentor during his initial training, and took the young warrior under his wing. Serving besides one another for over a century, the two achieved a remarkable 450 eliminations of high value targets. ]



[seeker París- Slain on Dhaliri Ridge via bolt detonation to Cranium. I-day + 2]



[seeker Adonis-Would survive the Siege. Killed during Iron Cage incident.]



[Veteran Fridas- Slain by XII Legion Berserker, body unrecovered I- Day +20]




[sergeant Hyperion- Formally invited to join the Templar Brotherhood prior to the Heresy, Castellan Testian vetoed the move, stating that Hyperion was necessary to his company and it's effectivness. A consummate Swordsman, Hyperion would nevertheless fall beneath the blade of a Iron Warrior champion, his blade broken in his opponents body. His body would be returned to the 366th the next day, an Iron Warriors honor icon etched upon his vambrace.]
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@ThePsycho- Thanks man, when he gets paint I'll likely get more into what happened that day!

@Noctus- I hate you lol :p

@Hushrong-Currently hoping to finish up the Terminator sqaud, and get some more paint on the models. Weather was cap today as you Texas folk know but hopefully I can spray tomorrow!

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"Such a void. Such...emptiness...by the Emperor, such emptiness."

-Lazak Illrio, Sanctioned Psyker Tejaño Drop troops


+++The Following is an excerpt of an interview taken from a survivor of Dhaliri Ridge+++

+++Inquisition Eyes only+++

+++Unlocking Data stacks A//234-T7+++

+++Welcome Astartes+++

+++Thought For the Day: The Emperor Provides+++


[unidentified Voice]-Greetings Gunnery Sergeant, my name is [REDACTED]. I'm here to speak to you about what you saw during I-day +37


[Gunnery Sergeant Edwin Buck]- Which part? The things that the traitors released, or the women who helped drive them back?


[unidentified Voice]- The women please. 


[buck]- They were armored in a cold bronze, I remember that. Something about em was... well just wrong. Even wronger than the things that we were fighting. They would be near you, and it just seemed anything positive, or happy, just drained away. Some of the lads, well some of the lads vomited when they saw them. Disgusting they said. Michel was a catheric, from Ultramar, said he thinked they lacked a soul. I don't know about that, but they scared me. 


[unidentified Voice]- And why is that? 


[buck]- They were beautiful, but they just seemed Alien. You ever fight an Eldar? I have, and thats what I compared em to. They were too fluid, too fast. And they killed like nobodies business. Some of the things just melted before them, screaming in agony. No 'Startes of Custodian did that. There was one, I remember. Her face wasn't covered like the rest of em. Had long blonde hair, and looked no older than twenty. She cut down four of them weird creatures, the 'Startes lookin' ones in less than a minute. They were like Valkyries, every where they went death followed. Seemed even the 'startes respected them. Ismael, you know Ismael, the Vexilarius of the 366th? He called 'em null maidens. 


[unidentified Voice]- Thank you Sergeant. That's all.


[buck]- They drove that Fist Librarian to the edge you know? They made him sick. But I'll never forget him plunging into the fire after them, or when he dragged two of them from the grips of monster. 


Gunnery Sergeant Buck died days later, succumbing to a plague virus that had wormed it's way through his entire body. Ignum teams were forced to incinerate an entire block following the revelation that the plague was a product of [Redacted]



[Null Maidens Uh'nah and Suhraw. The two Silent Sisters would be part of the 50 or so Psychic Blanks who joined the Dhaliri redoubt ten days into the siege. By the end of the siege none remained. Suhraw and Uh'nah would fall together, slain by an assassin's bolt as they drove back a daemonic incursion on the last day of the Siege]

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"A man's true worth is shown in how he reacts when faced with adversity. Most fail. Fists...Fists do not.I would die a thousand times before I fail my Lord or the Emperor, can you say the same Son of Iron?"

-Castellan Arno Testian to Iron Warrior opponents








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"Stand firm in the face of adversity."

-Unknown Author 






[standard Legion Shoulder Plate marking]



[Esteemed Sergeant Varro Diolecles-Equerry to the Castellan]



[Wall Sergeant Aristedes- Primus Pilus  of the 366th]



[Wall Sergeant Aristedes- Imperial Laurel Recipient, Terran Veteran, bearer of the power maul 'Justicar ']

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