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  1. What would you say is the best loadout and role for two squads of Sons of Horus Cataphractii Terminators? One squad will be with Maloghurst in a Landraider and the other will be with a Master of Signals in a Landraider..
  2. Dear Brothers of the Lost, This thread is dedicated to visualize our Primarchs. As their are only pictures of Gwalchavad, Icarion, Raktra and Alexandros, I want to see pictures from the rest. Either you could paint one or you find a prominent lookalike of your primarch. So guys, GO FOR IT. PICS FOR THE BOARD GODS!!!!
  3. Greetings to all, Loyalist and Traitor alike, as well as any Xenos who may have stumbled in here somehow. Thank you for lending me some of your time to look at this little project of mine, where I'll hopefully be posting the odd bit of progress on my 30/40k force. And yes, I'm well aware that this is the two-dozenth Iron Warriors army out there, they are really popular right now! To explain why I started this force, I have been a player of 40k for about 6 years now, and I've been playing chaos marines, Imperial guard and Chaos renegades in that time. When I moved over to 7th edition about two years ago (just in time for 8th to come out, ugh) I noticed that I was increasingly unhappy with my chaos marines and decided to make the jump and move over to the legion list, as I could then play it in 30k and 40k as my main army. Along side the renegades, Iron Warriors have long been one of my favourite factions, and thus this project started around Christmas 2016. I will detail the story surrounding my Praetor's little splinter of the legion, their existence during the heresy and what happened post heresy as well as what became of them post-heresy in the next post as well as show you some pictures of my current painting work and army progress. For now I will show you a simple conversion of a normal plastic Rhino I have done. I've affectionately dubbed it the Locthrathe pattern MK IC Rhino: https://www.flickr.com/photos/144619247@N08/36376191246/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/144619247@N08/36252888002/in/dateposted-public/ The various weapon options are interchangeable as Rhinos of this period have a lot of options I'd like to include. https://www.flickr.com/photos/144619247@N08/36252804732/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/144619247@N08/36024550450/in/dateposted-public/ Seen here with the Havoc launcher, a personal favourite of mine. https://www.flickr.com/photos/144619247@N08/36421252445/in/dateposted-public/ Even the interior is painted as I think that adds something to vehicles, even if the view is hard to see during a game (I'm a sucker for having the hatch open when the rhino deploys its cargo). Thank you for reading.
  4. EDIT: Up to date background log: The Unmakers: Clan Brannsar Background Article (WIP) Up to date miniatures log: The Unmakers: Clan Brannsar Miniatures Log At the urging of our very own esteemed Urza, here's all the [current] content for my HH DIY Clan [note: to see what the feth I'm talking about when it comes to Golem Heavy Assault Squads, go here] At some point I'll be making a new thread detailing all we know form FW's stuff on the 10th Legion's organisation, and detailing my own system for organising Brannsar [although this would likely vary between Clans, each being effectively a pocket-Legion] on the off chance anyone [other than Urza :P ] wanted to have a template they could base their own system off]. Brannsar's stuff is regularly updated, so expect much, much more
  5. Seeing as there is a Night Lord's tactic page up, I was thinking that since such a lesser legion have managed to work one up, then surely the most blessed deserve a tactica without question... Now the book itself isn't due out until this friday, but ofcourse alot of copies have been given out already, along with many leaks...and by the time this hopefully kicks off anyway, the book should be out in full force. So calling all true believers who have or do not have the new book yet, what can we think up of for the XVII legion's tactics? One minor input I can give myself at the moment is our praetors...they have potential to be the best characters yet out of all the legions if given access to Burning Lore, from which I can tell can be given to any Praetor, Chaplian, Centurian and Diabolist, which then makes them a lvl1 psyker with access to Biomancy or Telepathy... Meaning that in all those mirror Praetor/Paragon blade fights, with biomancy, they have a real chance at coming out on top...due to Iron arm, endurance and warp speed, any of which are a real treat.
  6. From the album: Sons of Horus

    Concepts for Sons of Horus Banners
  7. BrotherGecko

    20160122 095450

    From the album: Iron Warriors

    Tactical Support Sergeant with Artificer Armor
  8. Nomus Sardauk

    Legio Gojira

    From the album: Miscellaneous Images

    A makeshift emblem I whipped up for the currently conceptual Broken Throne AU Titan Legio, Legio Gojira, who hail from an Oceanic Forge World where they fight gigantic Kaiju to ensure the safety of their forges. I edited this together in Paint from a Forge World symbol and a symbol used by the character Hannibal Chau from the movie Pacific Rim, I do not own either symbol.
  9. Hi folks, been writing a story on SB for a while and have had an ongoing effort to try and make nominal rules for them to sort of make a mental reference. Trouble is I sort of suck when it comes to rule-making and so am turning to you folks for advice. Any feedback is appreciated! . The Dawn Knights​ Numeration: The IInd Legion. Primogenitor: Galtine Ap Ailbe, called the Retaliator. Cognomen: The Wild Hunt, The Cavalcade; (Prior) The Witch-Eaters, The Fox-Headed Ones (Informally called the 'Omen Dogs' by allied forces, a moniker which yet retains currency within the Old Hundred). Observed Strategic Tendencies: High-Tempo Maneuver Warfare, Counter-Aetheric Operations, Cunctatori Counter-Offensive Campaigns, Societal Recalibration, Deep Range Penetration and Acquisition Raids. Noteworthy Domains: Calengwag (Imperial Designation: Hollow), The Eight Daughters. Allegiance: Fidelitas Totalis The Second Legion are much like every other one of the gene-lines of the Astartes, idiosyncratic, occluded and so removed from their source as to become something akin to a parody of myth. It is perhaps telling of the traits bred into the Astartes that their own distinct oddities make them prone to thinking themselves alone in their eccentricity, any who have delved into this forbidden archive are by now well-familiar with the tales. The occult secrecy of the Fifteenth, who in their pride sought no help as their flesh rebelled. The all-consuming hunger for complexity that devoured the twentieth whole from their birth. The overwrought tales sung by Wolves of stories that they have hidden from even themselves. And of course, the inviolate pride that animated the First from their very inception as they clad themselves in the expectation for others to recognize honors they themselves deem others as unworthy of knowing. While these are perhaps the most extreme cases, it cannot but be noted that this peculiar form of madness dogs every Legion. And that is perhaps just, for why should the actions of something that is not human make sense to those who are? The Astartes are creatures fashioned to feed from glory the way a baseline human seeks water and meat, a bellicosity whose merit has proved its worth countless times across the long centuries of the Crusade and the Unity before it. Yet the Second were made in a way distinct from their fellows in this regard, they are as a bloodline uninterested in personal glory, markings of triumph or even the occult victory tallies held by those Legions who disdain the conventional praise of the masses as worthless. This is not due to a lack of the bellicose pride nor due to some form of beatific humility, it is best said that the Second Legion, the Dawn Knights, were born with a singular battle wedged deep in their minds. A war to whom all others are merely single steps on the road to a victory whose very existence can be debated. It is in this that every scrap of oddity, every discrepancy in their long history and their seeming disinterest that the Dawn Knights of the House of Ailbe can be understood. From their seeming appearance out of thin-air during the dawn of the Legiones Astartes, to their seeming death as a Legion on Drem to the things that emerged from shallow grave as a cavalcade of knights lead by a pair of figures that seem in their own ways as mad as the thing they were bred to kill. The Second were made for the simple purpose of ending the things in the Warp. All else is to them simply preamble, a setting of the stage to a battle which they themselves can neither define or fully understand. Origins: The Ill-Omened Foxes It is generally speculated that among those who have access to the records of the Terran Court that the Second Legion first became active at some point around the midpoint of the Unification Wars. While it cannot be said with any certainty, records of figures which match the gene-traits of the Second most credibly begin appearing around the time the secondary Legions began to gain numbers after the First began functioning as independent hosts. These accounts are perplexingly not taken from the reports of Imperial Army Officers, nor from other figures within the nascent Imperium such as the Emperor's scientific cadres or the agents of the Sigilite. Instead coming from the preserved ravings of madmen, the chronicles of long-dead heroes and those extracts of pre-Imperial writings spared from the fires of the First and Seventeenth. The first of these, dating from 628.M30, tells of a curious encounter by one of the chief War-Magisters of the Teledon Citadel decades before it surrendered to the armies of Unity. The War-Magister Eldara De La Tormenta tells of a giant clothed in ragged robes and 'with the face of a fox with lead for eyes' which haunted her nights for a span of months. This figure which she called 'the fox-headed monk' always seemed to appear regardless of what measures she took to prevent its intrusion, each night repeating the names of those slain to fuel the blood-forges that provided the city with its unnatural weapons. A long-time opponent of this debased psyarkana, the War-Magister at first deemed the creature a manifestation of her frustration as no others reported its presence. Over time, she began confiding her frustrations to the creature, which in turn provided counsel so eerily well-shaped that she came to be certain that it was some sort of revenant seeking to provide her with the means of avenging its death. A belief that proved true when it began guiding her along the paths of the great Hive-Citadel, whispering her down halls which should have been heavily defended but yet stood like crypts in their silence. It gave her weapons hexed to kill the secretive psy-agumented smiths of the blood-forged, it guided her hands as she slit the throat of witch after witch, each time watching as the monk fed on the lambent brain-meat of the sorcerer. The thing would then guide her back to her chambers each night, whispering to her what she need do to ensure that the death could be of use and feeding her a sort of tea which drained her of fear, fatigue and her memory. Over and over again, this story repeated itself over and over again until one day the fox-headed monk stopped appearing and the blood-forges of Teledon came to a stop as the knowledge to fuel them was lost. When the armies of Unity finally made their way to the Citadel-Hive, it was not a besiegers but instead as honored allies welcoming the Citadel-Hive and its vast production capacity and craftsman into the Imperium. The story of the long-dead War-Magister and the fox-headed monk would not be discovered until years later. The Tale of the War-Magister and the Fox-Headed Monk forms a template as to the early days of the Second, cells of either a single Astartes or a small squad ranging far beyond even the scouts of the Vth and inserting themselves into cultures that fit one of two key criteria. Assets which would be valuable to Unity and a pre-existing and problematic tendency to the culture's existence within the Imperium, most often behaviours steeped in superstition and esoterica. In this the Second Legion acted to manipulate actors within these cultures to take steps to preserve the one and uproot the other, often through the deliberate adoption of local mythemes to present themselves as hallucinations or creatures of superstition. An impression which while obviously laughable becomes increasingly uncomfortable as one reads more of these sources. The haunted monks of Ankerwycke, which lead mobs to rip apart the homunculus house of the Black Barrow and opened the way for their rejuv-harvesting technologies to fall into the hands of the Imperium, told of their ancestors driving them mad as they whispered of atrocities from their tombs. The fear-riven warrior Ushiwaka who purged the witch-clan Tairashi from Nippon centuries before the Imperium made war there, she was said to have been raised in the wild heights of the crumbled mountain by a tattered spirit. The Kindly Broker who gave Tak Apple-Sewer the means to reclaim the Last Forest from the Harvest Reavers in the great wastes of Udsen's Depression and preserved one of Terra's last sources of autocthonic flora-samples. While no lab records survive to tell us of the Second Legion's original cull or even any data to indicate from their creation, there is a great deal which can be gleaned from these tales. Firstly, the Second seemed possessed from the beginning of a strange ability to see into the hearts of men and to manipulate those they caught in their stories to achieve results which would not garner useful results for generations at least. These indicate either a gene-quirk or doctrinal focus which gave the Second Legion an extremely long-term view of warfare and a singular ease in shaping agents over long periods of time to act in their stead. More tellingly, it shows that some factors in their early creation made the Second seemingly unable to field considerable assets even long after Legions which entered service long after the first of these Legions achieved Chapter-Strength. But perhaps most telling is the most consistent element in all of these tales, and one which would over time come to identify the Legion as they began to act more openly. Their tendency to devour the brains of the psykers and abominists they directed heroes to kill for them. A behaviour which would see them be called 'Witch-Eaters'. LEGIONES ASTARTES (DAWN KNIGHTS)​ All models and units with this special rule are subject to the following provisions: Legiones Astartes: Units with this special rule may always attempt to regroup at their normal Leadership value, regardless of casualties. Seeker's Madness: Units with the Legiones Astartes (Dawn Knights) may reroll failed Leadership Characteristic Tests and are immune to the Fear Special Rule when inflicted by a unity with the Daemon or Psyker Special Rule. Units with this rule have the Preferred Enemy (Daemons, Psykers) Special Rule. Lastly, units with this special rule may not be targeted by Psychic Maledictions. Soul Readers: Enemy units locked in melee with units possessing the Legiones Astartes (Dawn Knights) rule receive -1 Attack penalty to their attack characteristic (to a minimum of 1) when they possess fewer models than an assaulting enemy unit. Should more than half of a unit with this rule be removed, the remaining models gain the Hatred Special Rule but must move towards the nearest enemy unit after the assault is resolved. Knights of Oddity: When an enemy unit must take a Morale Test as a result of losing an Assault to a Unit with the Legiones Astartes (Dawn Knights) Special Rule, they must reroll the lowest of the two dice. Allied units within 12" of a model with this special rule suffer a -1 to their Leadership Score. The Hunters' Cavalcade: May not include more (Tank) Vehicles than (FLyer) Vehicles in a Primary Detachment with this Special Rule. Any unit in the detachment that may purchase an additional Close Combat Weapon must do so. Additionally, any Primary Detachment chosen from the Dawn Knights must take a second Compulsory HQ Choice on the Force Organization Chart. That choice must always be a Lord-Errant or Exemplar Consul. Legion Veterans must take Weapon Masters or Stalkers. LEGION SPECIFIC UNITS​ In addition to those found in the Army List, the Dawn Knights Legion has particular access to the additional unit types: Balor Terminator Squads (which are an Elites choice on the Force Organization chart), Fragarach Destroyer Squads (which are an Fast Attack choice on the Force Organization chart) and Dian’Cecht Apothecary Detachments (which are an Elites choice on the Force Organization chart). In addition, it has a specific options of Consuls unavailable to other Legions; the Exemplar, the Lord-Errant, the Balor Executioner and the High-Savant. LEGION SPECIFIC RESTRICTIONS: PATTERNS OF THE WAR GUILDS​ Champion, Chaplain, Esoterist, Librarian, Primus Medicae, Primus Nullificator, Mortificator, Moritat or Warmonger Consuls along with Apothecary Detachments and Destroyer Squads may not be used in a Dawn Knights Primary Detachment. LEGION SPECIFIC WARGEAR​ The Dawn Knights possess a host of strange exotic technologies, most carved to their innate antagonism with the Immaterium: Moraltache-Pattern Greatsword: Known as the Weeping Swords, Fate-Chewers, Mors Mortale and a host of other names by those of more outdated beliefs, the favored weapons of the upper Echelons of the Second Legion are things of terrifying and indecipherable providence. No shortage of fanciful tales claim that these horrid weapons can cut through both ancient defensive mechanisms and even psychic phenomena with unsettling ease, legends that are made difficult to confirm both due to the frustrating shortage of records stemming from the Second Legion and the queer nature of the weapons themselves. The pale metal that forms the lengths of these weapons induces a curious effect on onlookers, eyes strain to hold the so-called 'White-Metal' and it is often difficult for most to recollect the exact features of the weapons after-the-fact, a trait made more unsettling by the fact that even the finest pict-capture technologies of the Mechanicum seem unable to capture anything more than ill-defined blank spaces where the weapon should be. Some even accredit stories that those outside of the legion that attempt to make use of these weapons suffer from an instant mind-death as a consequence, although such tales are often dismissed as exaggeration. While current speculation suggests all of these curious observations and the keening of the weapons is the result of some ill-understand technology, it would be dishonest to say that it was easy to ignore that there was a certain foulness about this handful of swords. Any Character HQ with the Legiones Astartes (Dawn Knights) special rule may purchase a Moraltache for +30 points. Range: Melee Str: +1 AP: 2 Type: Two-Handed, Psy-Lash, Keening (-1 to Enemy Invulnerable Save) Keening: It is said that when drawn, the white-metal swords produce a queer sound. A quiet yet pained note that tickles at the back of the mind, an oscillating note as if something somewhere is weeping in torment. Whatever strange providence imbues them with the esoteric property it seems tied to the infamous and inexplicable power of the Moraltache, for it grows to an ear-piercing wail when the blades make impact with what by rights should not be cut. Void shields crack and shatter like glass, barriers distend and warp before bursting and electro-magnetic arc away in fear of these strange weapons. Any model seeking to roll an invulnerable save against a wound inflicted by a weapon with this special rule is treated as having +1 to their save roll to a maximum of 6+. Bane Mask: It is a hotly debated subject as to whether the 'Bane Masks' can be categorized as a true piece of technology in its own right or whether it is merely yet another eccentricity of the Second Legion. A Bane Mask is the name given to the unique masks of 'White-Metal' commonly integrated into the helmets of the upper-echelons of the Second Legion, faceplates which are invariably shaped into the likeness of some grotesque visage of unknown providence, each made unique save for the odd theme of pain and torment etched into the features. It is unknown what precisely is the meaning of the Masks, as they do not seem to be affiliated to any specific honor and appear inconsistently between the ranks, but it should be noted that there is an odd pattern noted among wearers that has led some to speculate as to the purpose and nature of the masks as something beyond mere aesthetic. Warriors wearing these masks are noted to be, for lack of a more rational term, lucky in the extreme. Records show near impossible parries, leaps which stretch a touch too far and a litany of wounds which by rights should have been fatal. The grimmest of these tales claim that in such cases, the Bane Masks accrue unexpected or unrelated damage at an unexpected rate as if to absorb the ill-luck of the wearer, only to appear at a later date undamaged. Such tales are difficult to disprove as the White-Metal is known for its bizarre resistance to pict-capture or even more conventional scrutiny and the Second legion is known for explanations without answers. An Independent Character HQ with the Legiones Astartes (Dawn Knights) special rule may purchase a Bane Mask for +10 points. Any model equipped with a Bane Mask may roll a single D6 at the beginning of an Opponent's Turn, on a 4+ the model gains the Eternal Warrior Special Rule for the duration of the Turn. This test may be passed on a 3+ on any turn that begins with the model within 12" of an opponent-controlled model with either the Daemon, Daemon of the Ruinstorm, Psyker or Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerors Special Rules. Psyk-Out Munitions: Any unit may take Psyk-Out Grenades for an additional +5 points. Any unit with a Missile Launcher may take Psyk-Out Missiles for an additional +15 points.
  10. Monastic Ascendants Legion Numeration: The VIIth Legion Primogenitor: Tenzin Cognomen (Prior): TBD Observed Strategic Tendencies: Guerilla Warfare, Technological Supremacy, Inter-Agency Diplomacy Noteworthy Domains: Ganden (Homeworld), Seran Cloud (Home Solar Systems) Allegiance: Seperatist Legion Symbol: TBD Legion Colours: TBD Inspiration: Tibetan Buddhism Tactics: Extensive use of technological information-gathering and deliberation will happen before, during and after any Ascendant operation, so it can be poured over afterwards. Legionnaires will work in adaptable cells, usually with human auxilia to carry out their plans. Overall the mantra of 'Using the least amount of effort to achieve the greatest result' holds true through their tactical doctrine. While there are elements of the legion that focus on this more asymmetrical style of warfare the extensive technological advantage the legion has is rarely ever held back. Through the ubiquitous use of jamming, shield arrays and energy weaponry they are well equipped to blind their enemies before delivering the killing blow. Personality of the Legion: Legionnaires of the Monastic Ascendants tend to be calmed and mindful of their surroundings and circumstances. Their thirst for knowledge and self-reflective nature mean that they can be slow to react to situations (relatively speaking of course) but when they do act it is with conviction in themselves and their calculations. The overall goal of the legion's hierarchy is to reach the end of the path of harmony, becoming one with themselves, the machine and their fellow man. This is done through a number of methods that involve improving the marine's own mindset or affinity with the machine while trying to help lift up those around him as well, be they mortal or augmented. Geneseed: Extensive testing has proven that the VIIth legion's gene-seed has adapted to their Primarch's genetic material in several odd ways. The Catalepsean Node in particular is doubled in size compared to legionary standards, resulting in an expanded ability to shut down specific parts of the brain to allow them to rest. This has been capitalised on thanks to the legion's tendency to meditate for extended periods of time while conversing with the machine. Conversely the Omophagea appears to suffer thanks to the Catalepsean Node's overgrowth, resulting in a lack or complete loss all together of the abilities granted. At most it has been reported that individuals experiences vague flashes of memory so fleeting as to be impossible to understand.
  11. Howdy Yáll. I recently finished painting up Forge World´s Fulgrim. It was a huge learning experience for me and was NOT an easy model to paint or build! The filigree near killed me! Not 100% happy with ALL of it, but I fought with it as long as my sanity would allow. Hope you enjoy! Fulgrim-5 by Stuart Barker, on Flickr Fulgrim-4 by Stuart Barker, on Flickr Fulgrim-3 by Stuart Barker, on Flickr Fulgrim-2 by Stuart Barker, on Flickr Fulgrim by Stuart Barker, on Flickr
  12. I had a thought - in the fluff, we hear quite a bit that Imperial Fists favored Indomitus terminator armor during the heresy, and it absolutely true that the VII Legion has quite a few toys to play with when it comes to vanilla terminators, but after reading Praetorian of Dorn I had a brain-blast in terms of a new Imperial Fists-specific terminator squad. I'd love to get your input! Also, apologies in advance if this isn't the right place for this - mods, please feel free to move if needed! -- Imperial Fists - Huscarl Terminator Squad The elite warriors of the Primarch Rogal Dorn’s personal bodyguard, Huscarl Terminators were equally at home wading into the thick of battle with sword and shield as they were overseeing the fortification of the Imperial Palace in the days leading up to the Siege of Terra. Huscarl Terminator Squad - 270 Points WS 5 / BS 4 / S 4 / T 4 / W 2 / I 4 / A 2 / Ld 8 / Sv 2+ Huscarl Terminator Castellan WS 5/ BS 4 / S 4 / T 4 / W 2 / I 4 / A 3 / Ld 9 / Sv 2+ Unit Composition – 4 Huscarl Terminators, 1 Huscarl Terminator Castellan Unit Type – Infantry Wargear – Indomitus-Sol Pattern Terminator Armour, Vigil-Pattern Storm Shield, Power Weapon Dedicated Transport – A Huscarl Terminator squad numbering five models or less may take a Land Raider Proteus or Phobos as a Dedicated Transport. Special Rules · Legiones Astartes (Imperial Fists) · Stubborn · Chosen Warriors · Unbreakable Defense · Praetorians of Dorn Options · The squad may include: o Up to 5 additional Huscarl Terminators … +50 points each · For every 5 models in the squad, one Huscarl Terminator may exchange their Vigil-Pattern Storm Shield for one of the following special weapons. o Heavy Bolter … Free o Heavy Flamer … +5 points o Illiastus-Pattern Assault Cannon … +10 points o Reaper Autocannon … +10 points · Any Huscarl Terminator may exchange their Power Weapon for a: o Lightning Claw … + 5 points o Power Fist … +5 points o Thunder Hammer … +10 points o Chainfist … +5 points · The Huscarl Castellan may exchange his Power Weapon for a: o Lightning Claw … +5 points o Power Fist … +5 points o Thunder Hammer … +10 points o Chainfist … +10 points o Solarite Power Gauntlet … +10 points · The Huscarl Castellan may exchange his Power Weapon & Vigil-Pattern Storm Shield for: o Pair of Lightning Claws … +15 points Indomitus-Sol Pattern Terminator Armour – A unique pattern of terminator armour wrought by master artificers deep in the bowels of the Imperial Palace complex on Terra, Indomitus-Sol pattern terminator armor eschews the in-built refractor field generators of Cataphractii plate in favor of more densely-packed fibre bundles and fast-twitch servos. When paired with a Vigil-Pattern Storm Shield, the armor provides nigh-impenetrable defense while still allowing Dorn’s chosen to fight unencumbered. Indomitus-Sol Pattern Terminator Armour confers a +5 invulnerable save and makes any model equipped with Indomitus-Sol Pattern Terminator Armour count as having assault grenades for the purpose of resolving charges. Unbreakable Defense – A Huscarl Terminator or Huscarl Terminator Sergeant may re-roll failed invulnerable saves of 1 when in base-to-base contact with at least two other models from this unit. Praetorians of Dorn – A Huscarl Terminator squad may be chosen instead of a Command squad as a bodyguard for any Terminator armor-equipped Praetor of the Imperial Fists (or the Primarch Rogal Dorn himself). Huscarl terminators must always be modelled/painted to be visually distinct from standard Legion Terminator models when used in this fashion.
  13. + CXXVI Grand Company - IV Legio Astartes + Arahak slammed his pauldron against the rockrete of the bastion wall. Gunfire blazed all around him, tracer fire stitching the skies and shredding the troop lander's as they descended towards the fortress. The thick mud on the approach to the wall erupted as heavy caliber shells detonated among his squad mates, a cracked helmet slammed into the wall beside him, the pulped head rolling free. Arahak swung out and hauled himself up the heavy duty siege ladder; its thick rungs braced to support the weight of so many Astartes warriors. He was ten rungs up when a fellow legionary plummeted to the ground below; the impact crunch curled Arahak's lip inside his battle helm. His legs pushed him upwards, biceps pumping as he hauled himself ever upwards. He fired with his right hand, sending mass reactive bolts screaming up at his assailants while he pulled with his left. The Astartes above him reached the top of the wall and leaped over the battlements into the brawl just out of sight. Arahak growled in his helm as a solid shot pinged off his backpack, a warning sigil flickering into life across his dirty visor. He blinked it out of the way and brought up his gun-camera feed. Then he was over, someone heaving against him from below. He landed hard onto the rockrete battlement and tucked his shoulder underneath him, with a barrel roll he came up firing. Two bolts soared through the air and pitched the enemy off their feet; the once gold armour of his foe, cracked and spurting blood. It took but a second to survey and analyse the battle swarming around him. Arahak surged to his feet, firing from his hip. His camera feed jerked as he blasted golden armoured warriors from their feet. More of his brethren were taking the wall top now, he could hear their grunts of exertion and the heavy stomp of their foot falls. He could hear the flickering of their chain mail banner. The wall top was theirs; Arahak's lips split in a silent snarl as he flicked his bolter to burst fire. Streams of shells sped out and soon enough the number of enemy resisting the push of his allies had whittled to nothing. A golden warrior pushed himself up onto his elbows, blood drooling through the grille of his helmet. Arahak raised his bolter and put a round through the warriors visor. He sniffed and ejected his spent magazine. A single warrior stood facing the tide of gun metal grey Astartes that now dominated the wall top. Missing an arm and his breath coming in haggard rasps, the Imperial Fist opposed the approaching figures with his power sword held by his side. Like starving wolves surrounding a wounded bear in the dead of winter the enemy formed a ring around him. The sounds of battle raged on around them, but it was clear the fortress wall had all but fallen and the resistance was confined to the keep. Striding from the breach at the wall top came a tall warrior clad in blood splattered battle plate, the red crest splayed across his helm misted dust and soot around his broad shoulders. The rustle of his pteruges across his iron clad thighs signaled the warriors crowding the Imperial Fist to part. Sergeant Khanat of the 126th Grand Company strode into the circle to face the survivor. "I am Captain Veru-" The Imperial Fists skull exploded in a shower of gore, splattering the face plates of the Iron Warriors behind him. Khanat turned to the nearest warrior and his voice hissed over the unit-vox. "Legionary Arahak, inform the warsmith we have taken the wall. We are proceeding below. Meet Kharnasus as he comes up with the support weapons and help him secure the wall top for the arrival of command." Khanat didn't even wait for an acknowledgement. He prowled his way down the inner stair case of the bastion wall, heading for the keep. Barban Falk would have his victory. After a long reflection process I have thrown off my shackles and embraced the traitorous side of the Heresy. I present the start of my IVth Legion Blog. This army is in its infancy and located in both California and England. I'm hoping by the end of this year I have it fully formed and ready to attend some meet ups and regular gaming as I'll be moving to California in the near future. Thank you for reading and seeing where I've decided to lay my loyalty. Iron Within.
  14. The Xian Guardians A legion of highly disciplined warriors proficient in the hand to hand combat and diplomacy. They dedicate their lives to protect any innocent living beings, using their diplomatic talents they have been able to save millions of lives from the suffering of war. Their home world is covered in mountains each one home to different temples dedicated to the "Xian", a belief that through the respect of all things, you leave behind a legacy of peace and prosperity. Here's my first rough idea for the 2nd missing legion. A legion based on Shaolin monks and Chinese Mythology. The legions kind and overly optimistic attitude towards others has allowed them to be very successful diplomats. This is defiantly going to extend towards peaceful xenos and results in them denouncing the imperium for their genocide against any thing not human or those who don't aline with the imperial truth. (New Colour Scheme) (Old Scheme) The colour scheme for these guys is based around Shaolin temples rather than the monks. I felt the orange and black of the robes would be to obvious. Though I may integrate these colours into legion units. The original colour scheme had to much green on it and it clashed with red to much, by simply adding some gold to it to replace some of the jade it's really improved it. Rather than use the standard roman numerals I decided to use Chinese symbols. The 2 lines meaning 2.
  15. ++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION ++ Brothers, the dogs of Lorgar have shown their treachery today. Let them know that the Sons of Guilliman do not fall so easily, and make them pay for their betrayal of the Emperor in blood and death. Courage and Honour! ++ END TRANSMISSION ++ ++ Centurion Jay Burgii and Cyber-Hound Dag ++ ++ Hailing from Old Albia on Terra, Centurion Jay Burgii was inducted into the XIIIth Warborn following the Osiris Rebellion. Steadily rising to the rank of Centurion, Jay was destined to only ever be a Line Captain, his Superiors believing he lacked the Necessary qualities to rise much further. A Stoic and uncompromising demeanor has lead many to believe he was destined for the XIVth Legion, but the casualties sustained at the hands of the Psybrids lead to his recruitment into the XIIIth instead. Seen here accompanied by his Cyber-Hound Dag. ++ ++ Apothecary Servius Agorix ++ ++ Long time friend of Jay's, Servius has served with the 3rd Centuria since his induction in to the Brotherhood of the XIIIth's Apothecaries. Witnessing the loss of so many loyal warriors of the Emperor at Calth has lead Servius to become a shell of his old self, grim and brooding where once full of brotherly camaraderie and humour.++ ++ Veteran Squad Kaeso ++ ++ Whilst the majority of the 38th Company were stationed at Erud alongside the rest of the 3rd Chapter during the muster at Calth, Veteran Squad Kaeso were accompanying Captain Jay as an Honour Guard within Numinus City itself when the atrocity began. Battling in the heavy fog that fell upon the city and facing hordes of traitor scum and never-before seen horrors, it would be hours before they were reunited with what little was left of the 38th. ++ ++ Tactical Squad Tertius and attached Rhino++ ++ WIP Veteran Tactical Squad Gnaeus ++ ++ WIP Legion Sicaran ++ This is actually further along than in this pic, only needs transfers applying now and its finshed! ++ WIP Command Squad Nobilis ++ Some of you may recognize my thread from the WIP part of the forums but I thought I would post them over here in the Ultras subforums as well. The plan is to get a playable fully painted 2000 point force done as soon as possible as I would really like to start playing 30K/40K, something I have never done in 14/15 years of me actually collecting warhammer. Once the 2000 point force is done, I'm slowly going to try and paint the entire 3rd Centuria (the pic at the top) with supporting elements. To some it might not be that great of a task, but I'm not the fastest painter in the world unfortunately and I have a tendency to get side tracked by other shiny things! I'm currently working on the 2000 point list, but will post it up when I feel like I am happy with it. For now, heres just a few WIP pics of what else I am currently working on for the army! Also built and basecoated I have 5 Suzerain, a Land Raider, 5 cataphractii with another 5 in bits, another tactical squad and the B@C contemptor. I thank you all in taking the time to read/view my log and I'll try and do my best to churn out some painting in the meantime! James
  16. So now that I have actually finished a few models, I wanted to share them with you. C&C are always welcome! Rubric Marines As you can see I took the whole "Legion of Dust" theme quite literally. However, the inspiration for my dusty legionaries doesn't come from the "All is Dust" warcry etc but from a scene in one of the Ahriman books. In the book they destroy a planet by killing off all flora, thus leaving only dust and a starving population. After smashing aside the resistance, Ahriman leaves some Rubric Marines on the planet, which are getting covered by the sand and eventually buried under it. Years later Ahriman and his retinue return to the (rebuild) world and fight there once more. They awake the slumbering Rubrics and the enemy is shaking in their boots as sand bursts apart and green glowing eyes pierce through the shifting dust. That scene was so epic that I decided to replicate it for my army. Thus most of my minis will be covered with brown pigment as if they just rose from the sand. Notice however, that the Sorcerers aren't covered in sand (apart from their boots), since they weren't dormant under the ground, thus they aren't covered in sand. Scarab Occult Terminators Legion Contemptor Dreadnought I regularly fight Orks and I got some old models from a buddy of mine. Seems like this Greenskin wasn't fast enough to evade the Contemptors grasp... Maulerfiend The tank is from the Hero Bases kit. Love my big Daemonsaurus! Rhino Sorry for the blur, my smartphone can't make sharp photos when the object is so close to it. :/ Blue Horrors A selection of my Blue Horrors. Quick and dirty! Just basecoated them white and made everything else just with washes. I still have a TON to paint. My pile of shame consists of: 30K Ahriman (painted, Disc of Tzeentch unpainted) 3x Exalted Sorcerers 1x Warpsmith 1x Maulerfiend 1x Heldrake 1x Forgeworld Predator 1x Rhino (mostly painted) 3x Chaos Spawn (converted from AoS Ghost Swarms) 1x Daemon Prince some Cultists 1x Converted Sorcerer in Scarab Termi Armour w/ Power Fist
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