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Inquisitor and Callidus

Bases finished.

In the end I ran a bit of Nuln Oil on parts of the Callidus (she never had that) and I finished her sword off. Nothing else needed.

October Update

5/8 complete

Inquisitor and Callidus complete



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The bases really help them stand out, as they should as such unique presences! Feels like you've really got basing down :thumbsup:


Cheers :tu:


Certainly feel like I'm getting there with them.

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Vindicare Assassin


His synskin was painted a long dry ago using either Fortress or Codex Grey over black. I quite liked the idea of an urban camo scheme for him and it works as he's been forgotten about by friend and foe alike in ruins

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Keeping up the good progress, makes me think I should get a random Inquisition model done after I've finished a few projects... Not that acolytes and the like are much good :tongue.:


But that's not the point :teehee:

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2021 Completions

10 models were moved to completion this year:

  • 4 x Assassins
  • 4 x LotD
  • 1 x Inquisitor
  • 1 x Inquisitorial Henchman



With the Necromunda models found here. It should be noted that these will likely double up or any miscellaneous Imperial force I field should the need arise...

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Ordo Malleus Inquisitor WIP


I, Reclusiarch Jolemai , embark on the 12 Months of Hobby Challenge, and for the month of March pledge to complete 1x Inquisitor, 1x Attack Bike, and 9 related bike "bits" by month's end.


To do:
  • Attack Bike - Build, paint (to completion), base
  • Inquisitor - "Enhance", paint (to completion), base
  • Other - Just highlights, remaining details, fixes, and a couple of weapon choices

Had a mild conversion in mind for this guy for ages and I'm really excited to finally get around to it. Should have another update soon...

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