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Almagor's Dark Angels


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22 hours ago, Interrogator Stobz said:

Great work as usual Brother.

Have you had them since 1998?

Is this a pile o shame clearance or a new project? Sorry in advance if I missed any earlier explanation. 


Thank you!

Not nearly that long, i'm in this hobby only from late 2015.

It's a sub-project i guess. My main project is an army of firstborne DA and i just love old metal sculpts from 3rd and 4th edition era.

My DA pile o shame is currently a measly 1200pts, but I find more old or rare models all the time.

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On 7/10/2023 at 11:32 AM, Almagor said:

A Hunter and a Stalker. You don't see a lot of these in Dark Angels colors...

I know I’m late to the party, but beautifully painted tanks!  The nostalgia Captains are fantastic pieces too!


They also make me a bit sad that I missed getting them, but your wonderful work on them makes me glad I at least get to enjoy seeing them in Unforgiven colors.


Great thread through and through, Almagor!

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30k is freaking huge!

This will be fantastic Brother. Hell my Battlescribe just  updated today after months of bugs, so I bunged all my Units in and only got to about 18k.

Really looking forward to early next year....

....you'll be finished just in time for the new codex. 

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