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I'm so excited for both of these units.


I'm working like crazy on my Primaris units, but I'm going to be honest the appearance of the repulsor doesn't wow me.. .it might grow on me, but the giant dread really appealed to me. Can't wait.


It looks far better if you skip the gatling on the top.

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that might be true but to be honest I'm just dying for a valid Primaris Transport. At this rate I'll never go first in a game! lol

Plus it looks like it might do some real damage. Still that dread... man it looks potent:







I think I'm going to need 2 of these.. depending on points.

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Thunder is that the old shoulder pad? I didn't think it would fit!

It is for fact. They won't do on inceptors or the gravaris armor, but with a little converting it worked fine on the hellblaster. I'm torn about carrying on on the starter marines, or just wait for the standard kits this summer...

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my local managed reckoned we'd get pre orders for tank and dread pay day weekend (1st of July)

also, whilst I'm a Blood Angel at heart (and my primaris will be red) - we primaris marines are all sons of Guilliman, so hope you don't mind me hanging about and stuff round these parts!


The standard pads all fit primaris really well, just takes a bit of trimming to use them, you've done a good job above!

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By the way, new stuff. I am so hyped. Primaris are getting in shape for the sumer campaign. Librarian is exactly what I wanted. Might of Heroes on the already tough Marines will be a real treat. Also, Call of Duty Guilliman: Ghosts :biggrin.:

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Ya, i'm curious how they go with them.  I'm thinking either a lower point troop alternative to intercessors or an elite unit with some special rules that make their stealth armor, suppressed pistols, and knives do something better than a regular bolt pistol/ccw load out.  Given the pistol/knife combo though, i'm leaning towards for the former.

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I've been reading the discussion re the squad breakup based on the transfers in the box Dark Imperium.


It shows squad markings for 3, 6, 9, 11, and 13... what the


Codex states (rule book) 10 companies, each of which is made of 10 squads (of 10 warriors), however, as we know from Index Imperium 1 ... a squad of Primaris is either 5 or 3 warriors (for relevant squad).


It has never said... 100 warriors, broken down into... so many squads to equal 100 warriors.


Up until 8ed, only the 1st Company when fielding only Terminators could split the 10 man squad into two teams of 5... they were described as 10 squads of 10 warriors, or 20 teams of 5 warriors... one version OR the other.


So, to say that a Primaris Company is more than 10 squads regardless of how many warriors, is fundamentally different and would have nothing to do with player fluff creations.... unless you have a Battle Force, which is an unlimited mix of squads, demi-companies, and the like,


Waiting for the SM or Ultramarine Codex for 8ed to confirm major changes for Primaris... or not.


Till then, I am following main Codex... Gulliman has indicated in Dark Imperium novel that 11 Companies is OK, multiple Chapters instead of one is OK, mixing Primaris with standard SM is OK... but no real fluff to base player decisions on, yet.


My plan is to reinforce the 4 Ultramarine Battle Companies with Primaris Marines by fielding 4 battle demi-companies of Primaris... and maintaining 4 battle demi-companies of standard marines...


Still a total of 4 full strength Battle Companies.



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Wow that sounds like a lot of thinking on your part! I definitely agree Guilliman has opened the book up on those chapter configurations.


He's admittedly done so out of necessity and he cites many critical losses of the Primaris since Cawl first introduced them.


The novel has been a real eye opener and this Guilliman has changed since the old days. I'm finding it very enjoyable.

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