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  1. Hey all, we are back for a rematch of the Ultramarines and Salamanders. The last match was a nail biter right down to end of the game, so if you missed that one, be sure to take a look at the channel. This rematch definitely kept the same energy alive which made for a great game. Be sure to watch until the end to see the very exciting conclusion. We hope you enjoy this report! There is lots more to come. Ultramarines Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Priority Target (GT 2020)
  2. Hey everyone, its time for another battle report! With both the Ultramarines and Salamanders failing to stop the Tyranid Hive Fleet Ghidra, their respective commanders have setup a training simulation to develop their skills. These two respected Chapters face off in a battle to discover weaknesses and strengths that they can improve upon to prepare for the next engagement with the Tyranids. This was one of the most exciting and intense reports on the channel. Be sure to watch to the end for the exciting conclusion! Ultramarines Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Surround and Destroy
  3. Hello there, My name's Greg, I'm a French W40k enthusiast. I was into the hobby back in between 2005 and 2010, then I had to stop this kind of activity, but I was still found of the 40k lore. I got back into painting and above all kitbashing minis since last summer, and I chose the big way of making a come-back: I wanted to build my own primaris homebrew chapter. I'm willing to write about the lore around my chapter, and paint as many minis as I can. My chapter is named the "Ultima Knights", is successor to the Ultramarines, and is based on a Knight-World liberated from Chaos by Roboute Guiliman during the Indomitus crusade. For those who are willing to follow me in this adventure, I'll create a dedicated topic on the forum, and my dedicated instagram page is @chapter_master_mah_ve_rick See you all in the Lord Commander's will !!!
  4. So, this is my first post on Bolter & Chainsword. I’ve been a long time lurker, but finally thought I’d share what I’ve been up to. I’ll use this thread as a log for my Ultramarine forces, which is my primary collection. I’ve been interested in the hobby ever since I was a kid, and collected various things since then, but I’ve only really been playing for the last couple of years. I have a mate locally who also plays, so I manage to get the odd game in each month. We don’t use mega competitive armies, just try various units and combos trying to keep it fluffy, although we are looking in to some local tournaments, and i'm considering going to a birng and battle evening at my local Warhammer store in the near future. We managed to play a couple of games today, and i managed to make some notes, so I thought I’d try and make a little bat rep which I’ll post in a moment which I hope you'll enjoy. Any feedback on list, style of the report, etc is welcome. I'll try and get my pictures onto the laptop and add them to the next post if possible.
  5. Brothers, So today I picked up my first box of Devastators earlier today and was wondering if there is a specifc weapon or weapons I should prioritise that works particularly well with the Ultramarines a la Heavy Bolter and Imperial Fists. I have a some of the firstborn already, but I re-started collecting around the Gathering Storm, and then 8th hit so I have mainly Primaris stuff. I think I currently have 3 ML's and a Plasma Cannon in my collection, so i'm wondering if I need any more of these, or should I focus on the other options. Do I go for Grav to take advantage of the Gravitic Amplification strategem? Or Heavy Bolter for the Hellfire Shells? Or the trusty lascannon for more mobile (in Tactical doctrine) anti-tank. Let me know your thoughts
  6. 2000pt Ultramarines List Rite of War- Logos Lectora HQ (450pt): Master of Signal -Artificer Armor -Refractor Field -Legatine Axe w/ Damocles Command Rhino Praetor -Mantle of Ultramar -Iron Halo -Paragon Blade -Plasma Pistol -Digital Lasers -Mastercraft a Single Weapon Elites (365pt): Apothecarion Detachment 3x Apothecaries w/ Artificer Armor Invictarus Suzerain Squad Troops (585pt): 3x 15 man Tactical Squads -Nuncio Vox -Sergeant w/ Artificer Armor Fast Attack (135pt): Jetbike Squadron -3x Heavy Bolters Heavy Support (465pt): Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank -Armored Ceramite -Heavy Bolter Sponsons -Skypear Warheads Sicaran Battle Tank -Armored Ceramite -Heavy Bolter Sponsons Comments and Criticism wanted, let me know about any changes that could be made to make it a bit more deadly and/or fluffy.
  7. ++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION ++ Brothers, the dogs of Lorgar have shown their treachery today. Let them know that the Sons of Guilliman do not fall so easily, and make them pay for their betrayal of the Emperor in blood and death. Courage and Honour! ++ END TRANSMISSION ++ Here I go again.. Hi all, with the latest Primaris release firmly cementing my 40K hobby into a 30K hobby, I've decided to start a new WIP log based on updating my old 30K Ultramarines. Originally the marines that I have recently been true-scaling were for a 40K army so that the Classic Marines didn't look too short next to any Primaris Marines I was going to get, but I have set my heart on only focusing on the 30K side of things for now as I am feeling a bit disenfranchised with the current 40K setting. Therefore, everything I have worked on this past year is being retrofitted to make a new, slightly taller, AoD Ultramarines army (still using 8th Edition rules unfortunately as my main opponent only plays 8th Edition Orks). My old topic is here for anybody interested: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/328330-the-atrocity-at-calth-the-38th-company/ I decided to restart my Ultras and scrap all the old army as I was not happy with the paint job I had done on them as I have since improved, and I've always wanted to make my Marines slightly taller than standard so they don't look so short compared to Imperial Guard etc. Just to kick things off I thought I would share a few of my favourite figures that I have been working on recently, but I will share more stuff over the coming weeks as I get deeper into the project. To begin with, this is my latest iteration of my homebrew character, Centurion Jay Burgii of the 38th Company. The name Jay Burgii is a play on my own real life name. I have a habit of creating characters that are meant to represent what I would like to be in the Warhammer universe. An as of yet unnamed Chaplain A Librarian for when Guilliman eventually re-allowed them And just some regular marines to show the scale of them compared to regular marines (Note that the red lines aren't perfect but are just there so you can get the gist of the size difference) Obviously there is a lot of work to be done in filling in the gaps and smoothing out the areas that I have shoved plasticard into, but it will all eventually get finished. I currently have all the parts to make 3 10-Man Tactical Squads, a 5-man command squad, and a contemptor dreadnought. I have also got my Sicaran Battle Tank and a WIP Leviathan Dreadnought that I would like to strip to start again, but have yet to build up the courage to do so. Thank you for looking all, and I hope to give you an update in the not too distant future. I have a habit of starting WIP logs and never getting very far with them, but hopefully I can stick to it this time. In my 17 years of the hobby I have yet to complete a fully painted army of any substantial size, which is something I really need to rectify. Especially now that I have finished University and have a full time job so I can actually afford to do so. Thank you for looking, Jay
  8. Hi everyone, It's been quite awhile since I've posted on here. I used to post under the name Nurgling6688 and had some Astral Claws back in the day, but figured I would get a fresh start. It's been quite some time since I've properly worked on a Marine project, but the new edition of the Horus Heresy has drawn me back into their power armored embrace. The Ultramarines were my first army ever when I started 40k back in 3rd edition more than 20 years ago, so I decided it was time to revisit them. I want to do a rather clean look for them as opposed to the grittier look more common in 30k. I'm finishing up the last 2 members of the first squad currently. I've also converted up one of the Praetors to be a bit more Ultramarine in appearance. I've since switched out the blade on the ax too. The head and halo come from a Primaris Captain model. Since the Ultramarines need a Master of Signals for their Rite of War I converted one of those up too using one of the beakies, some bits from the Spartan tank commander, MKIV shoulder pads, and other various bits. And what legion would be complete without its Primarch? All I did was swap his head for the 40k version, give him a new halo, and give him a base that will fit in with the rest of my army more. I also put him on a 50mm to give him a bit more bulk and presence. Once I finish up the tactical squad I'll probably do one of the smaller characters next. I also have 5 Cataphracti primed up. My goal is to work towards a 1,000 point force first, though I might get distracted by Guilliman before I finish that. Thanks for looking!
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