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  1. "It's over, Johnny!" Or: "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends..." Except when it does. As we've now passed the five-year mark since the Primaris introduction, I figured I would do a quick(?) update on my previous "Predicting Primaris" post as I think we've effectively hit the halfway mark now. So I do think there's light at the end of the tunnel where the generic Primaris range is concerned. I am taking Alpharius (via Valrak) as genuine in his information that the only two new units in the immediate future are the Brutalis Dread and the Desolator Squad. Quite a change from the 8.2 range expansion where we got the Shadowspear box followed up by the full Phobos MPK range. A total of four new squads (counting the box-only Suppressors), four new character models, and two vehicles, with the Executioner popping up in the middle of all that as a tie-in drop with Apocalypse. So going from that to an apparent 9.2 range expansion with just two new units/kits and potentially some new models for already-existing datasheets (y'think MAYBE GW will get around to releasing a widely-available Lieutenant model with an actual Stalker Bolt Rifle? The 500th-store Lieutenant was the only model to include that option to date and its availability, even through exclusive channels, ended over three years ago. Yet the option still remains on the datasheet. The word "Chapterhouse" comes to mind for some reason...) I don't think the downsizing from the 8.2 expansion to the 9.2 expansion is due to any scaling back in GW's sales forecasts for Primaris models. I think we're just simply nearing the end of the range and they want to save their one last big "hurrah" for the 10th-Ed launch wave. After that, I still think we will see a 10.2 wave, but that again I think will be a very focused set of models. And after THAT, I think we're done. Don't get me wrong - there will still be plenty of one-off vehicle and character drops, along with a plethora of chapter-specific models, but as far as the rank-and-file, the squads that form the actual framework around which the range is built, I think those will all be out before the end of 10th. So what's coming? Well, first thing up is this almost-stealth 9.2 release (which could be one and done in a single week given the lack of chapter-specific models this time out). Again, it sounds like we're getting the Brutalis "melee" Dread and the rocket-wielding Desolators. (You want a sign of the end times? If the Desolators are wearing Tacticus, they will mark the first time that we've had two squads sharing the same armor mark, battlefield role, AND force org slot - no, Outriders and the Invader don't count as the latter has no Sergeant option even though they can be taken as a three-vehicle unit). I also think we'll see an upgrade kit similar to what the Black Templars got with plastic versions of the relics in the main codex and some new bits for the Intercessor Sergeant wargear options (not actual new weapons for the Sergeants, just availability of those options that don't require buying an Assault Intercessor kit). I also still think this kit will include new "fifth man" options, whether new stuff like the Pyreblaster or simply an upgunned version of whatever Bolt Rifle variant their squad is carrying (a la the Heavy Intercessors). After that, it will be hang-on time once again as we wait for the launch of 10th next summer (and please don't take my apparent certainty on that as some kind of indication that I have or am posturing to have inside info. I've been wrong enough to make it obvious I don't have any kind of inside track and don't really care to. At least as-is, I can wait AND speculate. If I knew for sure what was coming, it'd just be down to "wait" which isn't nearly as fun). What will come in Tenth Ed? I think as far as squads, we're down to the following: "Oppressors" - the real Primaris "Assault Marine" equivalent. Omnis fellows with a loadout somewhat close to the Assault Intercessors' Chainsword and Heavy Bolt Pistol mix. Very likely to first show up in the 10th-Ed launch box as a monopose squad and later share a multi-build MPK box with the long-awaited Suppressors. And could see some sort of tie-in shenanigans with Space Marine 2 (although let's be honest - said "tie-in" will more likely just be a Titus model). "Breachers" - ye olde Primaris "Terminators." Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers. Personally, I wouldn't mind if GW insists on differentiating them from actual Terminators as long as they are in the same ballpark. If they want to release a REAL Primaris (or Primaris-sized but lacking the keyword) Terminators kit down the road, I'm fine with that. "Also Breachers" - given that the first rule of Warhammer is still "GW loves money," I would not be at all surprised if GW spread the "Terminator" and "Assault Terminator" love between a couple of different squads. These guys might get a different breaching shield, but they'd also come with a ranged main weapon. If GW ever intends to release an "Assault Bolt Rifle" this would be the place. Imagine Cawl looking at the recently-announced Navy Breachers for Kill Team and thinking "yeah, I can do that better." "Shriekers" - Vanguard Veteran EQs in Shrike-pattern armor with the same weapons, albeit in standard rather than relic form. And that will pretty much take care of the 10th-Ed launch wave, alongside of course a few new character and vehicle models. Look for a Jump Captain, SOMETHING on bike, and a Primaris Champion who didn't leave home without his Combat Shield or Bolt Pistol. Also likely we'll get an MPK Outrider squad, a Whirlwind/Hunter/Stalker multi-build kit, a Flyer, and as likely as not a Primaris Drop Pod. Plus there's plenty of opportunity for Gravis characters. So then what's left for the inevitable 10.2 wave? Scouts, baby! I don't think there's much doubt that Primaris Scouts will eventually be a thing. The Black Templars Neophytes pretty much gave the game away on that. And as the range would essentially be circling the drain at this point, I could see GW basically doing a "Vanguard 2.0" wave here and release multiple kits to replace the existing Squad boxes. I do NOT see a Primaris version of the Land Speeder Storm happening. I think the Impulsor pretty much fills that role (among others). But a Scout Bike Squad? With the Outriders confirming that Primaris aren't zipping around on grav-bikes, a bike squad for the Primaris Scouts would be a natural thing. The "default" Primaris Scout box would probably offer Bolt Carbine, Combat Knife, and Shotgun options, but unlike the Firstborn version, Primaris Scouts would be held to the same "everyone carries the same weapon" rule. And any Black Templar players salty about the generic Scouts getting a Shotgun in their kit without having to buy an upgrade frame can console themselves with the fact that they got THEIR Scout equivalent and Shotgun options about four years ahead of the rest of us. Sometimes exclusivity has a price. And lastly, I think a Primaris Sniper Squad will be its own thing and (again, unlike Firstborn) will be a separate datasheet. They won't be as punchy as Eliminators but they'll have their own niche. And no, I don't see GW rolling them into the regular squad kit as I expect these models to have camo cloaks and - as with the Eliminators - the models will pretty much be defined by those cloaks. ...and THAT, I think, will be that. Going forward, there will be the odd occasional generic kit (Overlord, anyone?) but I do think 10th-Ed will essentially seal the deal for the *generic* Primaris range. After that, it will be time to shift over to chapter-specific model waves for the Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves, along with some Deathwatch goodies and more likely than not something special for the Blue Boys. I could also see the 10.2 chapter supplements being accompanied by chapter-specific upgrade kits like the Templar frame with relics from the individual chapter supplements and some more heads for the standard Battle Brothers and Scouts. Don't ask me WHAT they're going to do for the Eleventh-edition launch. I do think that will come in 2027, which means a four-year lifecycle for Tenth, but I don't really have an opinion on which Marines - if any - will be included in the 11th-Ed launch box. Obviously I expect the generic options well will have run dry by then, so either they do something chapter-specific or maybe they even try launching the game with a different Imperial faction. Thoughts?
  2. I've been lurking on here for the longest time and thought it was about time to try and make a WIP thread of my White Scars successors, the Celestial Guardians. Hopefully it helps with keeping motivated and painting more minis. Here is what I've built so far. Captain Hisagi Jiro - The Storm Prince - Celestial Guardians 3rd company Lieutenant Gamagori - The Evening Star Two members of the Dragon's Talons. Count as Bladeguard veterans Lieutenant Byamba Baro - Red Hawk - If you cant tell already, I'm a big fan of polearms so when i saw the new AOS kits i knew i had to get a hold of some to use for some space marine conversions. Here is a look at the lieutenant before he was painted. Assault intercessors
  3. So with the loss of photobucket the old blog lost pretty much all the pictures, figured it may be time to start up a new thread, one I hope to actually keep up to date, I hope. Anyway Pics... This guy you probabaly already seen. And the new guy. Next up shall be a squad...
  4. Night Spectres Pale Wardens of the Witch Stars "I looked, and there was a pale horse, and its rider's name was Death. Hell followed him."
  5. Hi there folks, this is going to be a log for me to post up all those small one off projects that we find ourselves constantly drawn to. There's going to be a mix of building and painting projects, maybe even some terrain too! To start off with I've got an Executioner/Judiciar from the Dark Angels, or perhaps one of their successor chapters, I'd like to hear peoples' opinions on the model, both in general and in regards to what he should have adorning his power pack. Plain: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_16754/med_gallery_71441_16754_1024.jpg Angel: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_16754/med_gallery_71441_16754_93324.jpg Icon: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_16754/med_gallery_71441_16754_68896.jpg Banner: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_16754/med_gallery_71441_16754_44170.jpg Skulls: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_16754/med_gallery_71441_16754_53194.jpg Thanks for looking and if anyone has alternative suggestions for decoration, please suggest those too!
  6. Hi folks, After a fairly long break from 40K, I decided to paint up a leftover squad of Primaris Assault Intercessors as a bit of a palette cleanser. Big mistake, I am now planning my 5th Space Wolves army! Here's my first unit: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14978/gallery_5348_14978_286416.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14978/gallery_5348_14978_273538.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14978/gallery_5348_14978_578625.jpg This will be a slow burn project in all honestly, as funds are tight currently, and will be Primaris only. Planning a Combat Patrol force of Ragnar, 2x units of Assault Intercessors, and a unit of Bladeguard Veterans. Currently working on a Primaris Rune Priest. C&C is, as always, appreciated. Cheers, WW
  7. After many hours of painting and re-painting white, I've finally finished the first six members of my Covid project. White Scars are an old love for me so it's great to get back to them. More to come in the future (next 5 intercessors finished approx 2022 lol), for example I got some cool plans for a shaman apothecary. The origins of the KHAR AYANGA (“black thunder”) taskforce The Khar Ayanga hail from a group of tribes living at the base of a Chogorian mountain chain, which they frequented for hunting, protection and religious rituals. A spiritual people, they were closely connected to the multitude of animal gods in the region and, above all, to the god of the heavens. Prior to the assault on Chogoris by Huron Blackheart, the mountain tribes had a long history of loyalty to the chapter and had bred generations after generations of strong recruits. However, the Broken Mountain Massacre nearly severed this heritage, as the Red Corsairs issued heavy bombardment on the mountain chain and sent a horde of daemons and cultists to swarm the survivors. The last few thousands of tribesmen were surrounded on the flattened remains of what was previously one of the central mountaintops, it giving them protection for one last time just as the Primaris Marines dropped from the skies to wreak havoc on the Chaos minions. Mad with feelings of sorrow and want for revenge, the able survivors were recruited into the Fifth Brotherhood of the White Scars due to their affinity with the elements. Fittingly, the brotherhood’s company colour suited the temper with which they swore their oaths of loyalty and vengeance. When all the beauty they had known in the world had been pulverized, burnt and ridiculed by the foulest of enemies, only one feeling remained inside their chest to guide them: Thunder. Black thunder. Sorry for the unprofessional pics, lacking lightbox etc, but hopefully you get the idea /Bjornas
  8. So just to get this out of the way because I don't want to re-type it all, I've done a review of the Detachment in my blog. It's not great, but it's dealing with the limited info we have at the time I post this. The short version: Indomitus Crusaders is your Primaris Vigilus "Specialist Detachment" for Space Marines. For 1 CP, a lot of your Primaris gain the "Indomitus Crusaders" keywords. You get the Grey Shield ability to use once per game to use another Chapter's trait for one turn. How usable is this? The Relics are somewhat suspect. Does the banner (Standard of Ultima Founding) replace the function of the Emperor Ascendant? If so, it's a no go for me. The Reliquary of Galathamor is anti psyker, and darn good. In a tournament setting this could be quite annoying for heavy psyker armies since a failed test can result in D3 mortal wounds. Not too bad, but it is a relic, and is competing against a few potent relics we find in continual use within our armies. Strategems: By my count there are 5. One of them simply buys you the status, and keyword "Veteran" which unlocks further Strategems. This system kind of bugs me because it's a cost of entry that is just allowing access other Strategems, compounding the cost of 'bonuses' that enhance very mediocre units; units that are largely being touted as 'inferior' due to this December 2018 edition of Chapter Approved which greatly improves the Vanguard Veteran, and the Sternguard Veterans. We have exploding 6's in close combat which isn't great for the units allowed to use this Detachment Special rules. (for some unknown reason Reivers aren't allowed to become Indomitus Crusaders, nor are Aggressors!) Veterans. This is another 'status' Strategem I was talking about. It is used at the start of the game, and appears to give an Intercessor squad 1 extra attack, and 1 extra leadership for the game. We are full of our leadership around here, aren't we? As a Veteran, the unlock is Target Sighted. Although it's 1 CP, we've paid 2 CP to get here already. So if I understand this correctly, in order to use this, we are now at a whopping 3 CP! Target Sighted takes those +1 attack Intercessors and lets them shoot Stalker Bolters at Characters even if they're not the closest enemy, and on 6+ they cause Mortal Wounds on top of normal damage. Bolt Storm: (Veterans only again) Auto Bolters get Auto Hits at half range. Rapid Fire helps your Veteran Bolt Rifles increase their capability by becoming Rapid Fire 2. So will you be using this Specialist Detachment?
  9. Big apologies if this topic has already been attacked before lads but genuinely cannot find any good answer to this question. What is the lore backed squad size of primaris marines? Do intercessors run ten man squads like their tactical counterparts? Do hellblasters run ten like the devastators? I feel like the phobos pattern units like reivers and the new infiltrators that question has been answered with the shadowspear box set as its a ten man unit in the box but is the same true for their other brothers? Cheers in advance and sorry again if its been asked before haha
  10. So I have a bunch of Primaris from random box sets I haven't been painting. To do list: Based but missing the odd detail 30 Intercessors 10 helblasters 6 inceptors 1 Dark Imperium Lieutenant Company Ancient Store Birthday Captain 6 Aggressors 1 Primaris Librarian 1 Phobos Librarian 3 Eliminators 11 Infiltrators 5 Incursors 10 Reivers Shadowspear Phobos Lieutenant Chaplain conversion 3 Shadowspear suppressors 2 Redemptor Dreadnoughts In progress 4 Infiltrators 5 Incursors 3 Outriders Judiciar Indomitus Lieutenant 3 Bladeguard Veterans Bladeguard Ancient 3 Eradicators Undercoated 10 assault intercessors Not even undercoated 1 Dark Imperium Lieutenant 5 assault intercessors The Captain was half painted in a box, the rest either on the sprue or partly built. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_15039/gallery_85153_15039_339684.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_15039/gallery_85153_15039_362184.png Goal was to have a nice bright 2nd edition-esque scheme. Still not sure what company to go for. Red and yellow will probably look best on the green. So at the end of November I got started on my first 10 intercessors to see if I could do a simple white undercoat, moot green, biel tan green and then highlight with nurgling green and ushabti bone scheme. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_15039/gallery_85153_15039_530745.png http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_15039/gallery_85153_15039_654372.png They're going to get called Salamanders a lot if I take them to a tournament
  11. Well. It finally happened. I was bitten by the Primaris bug. I swore it wouldn't happen, heck, I can't even tell you HOW it happened. But here we are, a new army. I don't even know what to call these guys. They're silver and blue, basically the colors of the Tyrant's Legion.They have a white bull or minotaur as their chapter symbol. The list I am working towards is kind of a gun-line style list, with Iron Hands chapter tactics, though I will be looking into using the Indomitus Crusader specialist detachment. Anyway, enough gab, here are a couple of really bad pictures: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14033/gallery_13174_14033_816320.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14033/gallery_13174_14033_315176.jpg I will have a better lighting situation after the holidays, but I was just so excited to share! I can see the eyes need some more highlights, and there are a handful of little things that need touching up, still, not bad for tabletop quality! First up will be 3 squads of 5 Intercessors, a Lieutenant, Captain, Ancient, and 2 squads of 5 Hellblasters. Also after the Holidays, I will be acquiring a Deredeo dreadnought for added firepower and protection with the Atomantic Pavaise. That should put me right around 1000pts. If anyone has suggestions on names I am all ears!
  12. Hello everyone. Here are my primaris legionnaires. I'm beeing often asked "Why are you painting you primaris as Alpha legion, that is bad lorewise,stupid and blablabla" Firstly i have a big 30k alpha legion army (you can check it here) and i want to play them in 8 edition. But as they do not look as a chaos legion at all (like really - not a single tentacle ot horn in the whole army) and i do not want to buy those chaos units like cultist or daemons, i decided to play them as space marines using Reven guard trait Secondly, if i paint them as, say carcharodons, it would be super weird to see space sharks guys desembarking from a thunderhawk in Alpha legion colors. I basically will not be able to play some of my heresy-era units. Thirdly, i really like primaris models (apart from supressors - those guys are weird) So i decided to make my version of loyal alpha legion (duh) who stole primaris technology (or were given it by someone - you choose) Here are my primaris http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_380190.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_709404.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_943500.jpg And some wips http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_414604.jpghttp://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_281293.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_49496.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_138112.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_198913.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_106295.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13991/gallery_98206_13991_60769.jpg
  13. So here's the start of my Reivers for a new Counts as army of Dark Angels called "The Brotherhood of steel" loosely based around Fallout 4 (video Game) will try to cross BoS colours and ideals with Dark Angels theme and see what i get to make a chapter from it all. here is the scheme for the Reivers (going with the Blue Base's) most of the army will be simply weathered metal with some Death world forest(GW's olive drab ) mixed in.. here's the Reivers - http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_2675/med_gallery_9146_2675_129961.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_2675/med_gallery_9146_2675_244808.jpg another 3 to go,after this squad is done its a Redemptor Dread and the DA Lieutenant... then i may have to choose to paint the regular stuff required for a DA army Cheers,Mithril sorry for poor lighting pics,sony xperia phone cameras are not top of the line ...
  14. Soooo, it's been a while since I haunted these parts. I took a bit of a break from 30/40k this year, putting my beloved Iron Warriors on hold. I had a brief plan to paint some 40k marines for a chapter of my own design, in a more high tech theme, but that never went anywhere. A few months later though, GW do most of the work for me and gave me the Primaris marines. Higher tech, bigger, better space marines? Why yes please, thank you sir. I love the Primaris marines, they are everything Space Marines are supposed to look like imo. And conveniently the new units perfectly suit the style of the Corsairs I had envisaged - brutal short ranged units specialised for boarding actions and zone mortalis combats. Fluffwise - the Corsair's are a Dark Founding chapter of unknown heritage, specialising in void warfare and boarding actions. They are broadly codex adherent, however the high attrition cost of their methods of warfare results in higher casualty rates than most chapters endure, which ensures they maintain a larger than normal scout company and recruit aggressively to replace losses. They are a fleet based chapter without a home world, recruiting from the slums of hive worlds they visit or from amongst juvenile gangers and pirates captured during combat, favouring aspirants who show fearlessness and aggression. During the preparation for the 13th Black Crusade, the bulk of the chapter, around seven companies, was committed to the defensive fleet stationed at Cadia. The resulting destruction of the Gate and formation of the Cicatrix Maledictum left the scattered remnant's of the Corsair's on the verge of destruction. Recent decades have seen the slowly rebuilding chapter commit its forces to the Indomitus Crusade, taking part in numerous battles and campaigns alongside their brother astartes and other Imperial forces and making several forays into the Imperium Nihilus. The primary objective of the chapter and acting Chapter Master Jeor Catello is to discover the fate of their missing companies and to recover their prized battle barge Herodius Nero. As thanks for their service in the Crusade and to aid the Corsairs in recovering their operational strength, three companies of Ultima founding marines, along with stockpiles of new MkX power armour were awarded to the chapter during the Triumph Donatus of Viatorus, along with the newly commissioned battle barge Incendiax. Currently the Corsairs are in crusading alongside allied Imperial forces in the east of the Ultima Segmentum where they are attempting to chart new passages through the Great Rift and establish communication with lost Imperial worlds. Brother Hyax of the Corsairs, 4th Company, 3rd Squad, seen bearing inverted Omega campaign badge showing service in the Indomitus Crusade. http://i.imgur.com/cwk4TkJl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/aXq5LoJl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/2r9igMJl.jpg The scheme is a reimagining of my original Corsairs chapter, with a more thought out colour scheme that I like a lot more. Opinions? Thoughts? Too dark? I've not yet added any weathering to this guy, and I'm not sure if I should or not. Usually I would, but I'm deliberately trying to challenge myself to paint a more clean, crisp style of mini and make better use of decals.
  15. G8Keeper

    DSC 0065

    From the album: G8Keeper

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