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  1. Long time no see! Slowly getting back on the hobby horse. Was encoueaged by some friends to start posting again. I’ll slowly add pics of my various works over time here. first up, The Fractured! I’ve got a concept in mind of fleshing out chapters with little to no information. Both loyalist and traitors! First group will be the former chapter the Justicars, now the Fractured, who took part in the hopeless endeavor known as the abyssal crusade, and came out… worse for ware. for the lore buffs I’ll have more to come but for now just a tease! feedback, good or otherwise, is always welcome, thank you for your time!
  2. +++ Quintus let the slightest sigh escape his lips and he watched the coldness of the air trace the outline of his breath. He could hear the rain pattering across what little remained of the building’s roof. He found it calming. The arrhythmic sound helped clear his thoughts in the remaining moments before his squad would strike. For three days, he and his fellow Eliminators waited inside one of the only buildings that still overlooked the city’s main roadway. Before the Tyranids landed in force and began reshaping the planet with their foul biology, the roadway bore the name “Petitioner's Lane.” But any petitioners who once walked these streets fled long ago or suffered worse fates at the hands of the city’s new occupants. The Eliminator sergeant could hear the xenos moving below on the street. The telltale click of Tyranid claws on the shattered masonry set his teeth on edge. Their corruption offended him and he could feel sheer hate pulsing behind his eyes. For three days, Quintus’ squad had watched the aliens construct and grow their horrible breeding pools all across the city. Lesser forms, with the sheen of birthing fluid still coating their skin, streamed out of these organic factories constantly. The screeching never ceased. The enemy chittered and screamed of a victory that the Imperial Fists would soon deny them. The largest of these breeding pools sat across the lane from their building. If the swarm required it, the pool could create massive creatures capable of matching a tank in size and firepower. Quintus and his men knew this from their briefing before deploying three days ago. The briefing where the Captain of the Fifth asked that they bear the indignity of waiting inside an occupied city, watching the foe corrupt it, and not firing a single shot until a high value target revealed itself. Miserable work by the standards of any warrior. But Squad Quintus obeyed and waited. They waited for the thunder. Then the thunder came. And the sky opened. Thunderhawk Gunships in the bright yellow livery of the Imperial Fists appeared suddenly through the clouds and rushed towards the ground. Smaller craft danced in front of them and rained death down on the flying Tyranid forms that swarmed up towards them. The Eliminators watched their brothers descend to the planet wreathed in steel and with their colors born proudly. Quintus kept his misgivings to himself and turned back towards the Tyranid pool. The surface of the pool began bubbling with gestation and Quintus motioned for his two brothers. The knelt on either side of him, las fusils at the ready and steadied on the broken windows that looked out across the lane. Something massive took shape in the alien structure below them. Even in a half-formed state, Quintus could tell that the creature could easily crush an Astartes underfoot with its sheer weight. A pulsating cannon formed along the creature’s spine and it gave an ear-splitting roar of pain as the hive mind of the Tyranids spontaneously rewrote its genetic makeup. Quintus motioned the word for “wait” in battle-sign. His hands tensed as he did so. After three days, condemning his brothers to waiting for even another second felt like cruelty of the highest order. But as the beast below emerged from the fluid that birthed it, Quintus finally loosed his hand and pointed directly at the Tyranid monstrosity. At this command, the two Eliminators beside him opened up with a volley of shots from their las fusils. Beams of white-hot energy sprang forth from the barrels of their guns and punctured the newborn creature faster than the eye could track. The beams both penetrated and cooked the Tyranid. Quintus watched with no small satisfaction as the beast’s many eyes began to boil and then burst from the las fusils’ heat. It made one last whimper of pain and then fell to the ground with a thud. The comm unit in Quintus’ ear buzzed with static for a moment before a voice commenced speaking. “You did well, brothers. We have landed. Regroup with us at the main gate to the city. The Tyranids’ infection ends here.” At those words, Quintus felt his muscles relax. The tension of the three-day wait left him at the knowledge that his brothers safely made planetfall. He released another quiet sigh as his brothers ritualistically checked their weapons. After they finished their inspections, Quintus motioned towards his two fellow Eliminators and they all began the long walk down towards the Petitioner’s Lane.
  3. After many hours of painting and re-painting white, I've finally finished the first six members of my Covid project. White Scars are an old love for me so it's great to get back to them. More to come in the future (next 5 intercessors finished approx 2022 lol), for example I got some cool plans for a shaman apothecary. The origins of the KHAR AYANGA (“black thunder”) taskforce The Khar Ayanga hail from a group of tribes living at the base of a Chogorian mountain chain, which they frequented for hunting, protection and religious rituals. A spiritual people, they were closely connected to the multitude of animal gods in the region and, above all, to the god of the heavens. Prior to the assault on Chogoris by Huron Blackheart, the mountain tribes had a long history of loyalty to the chapter and had bred generations after generations of strong recruits. However, the Broken Mountain Massacre nearly severed this heritage, as the Red Corsairs issued heavy bombardment on the mountain chain and sent a horde of daemons and cultists to swarm the survivors. The last few thousands of tribesmen were surrounded on the flattened remains of what was previously one of the central mountaintops, it giving them protection for one last time just as the Primaris Marines dropped from the skies to wreak havoc on the Chaos minions. Mad with feelings of sorrow and want for revenge, the able survivors were recruited into the Fifth Brotherhood of the White Scars due to their affinity with the elements. Fittingly, the brotherhood’s company colour suited the temper with which they swore their oaths of loyalty and vengeance. When all the beauty they had known in the world had been pulverized, burnt and ridiculed by the foulest of enemies, only one feeling remained inside their chest to guide them: Thunder. Black thunder. Sorry for the unprofessional pics, lacking lightbox etc, but hopefully you get the idea /Bjornas
  4. So after quite a long hiatus, I'm back on the B&C. These days I paint and collect a lot of different Space Marines Chapters, so I figured that the Hall of Honour is probably the best place for me to show what I've been up to recently. To begin with, here's a small selection of some of my painted Space Marine models. Death Eagle Veteran, in the classic Rogue Trader colour scheme. Captain of the Golden Halos Chapter. Flesh Eaters Veteran Sergeant. Carcharadons Tactical Marine. Angels Porphyr Intercessor. Red Talons Tactical Marine. Void Scorpion (homebrew Chapter). Howling Griffons Tactical Marine. Brazen Claws Assault Intercessor. Golden Hands Tactical Marine (homebrew Chapter). Blood Drinkers Space Marine (based on Rogue Trader artwork/cover of White Dwarf 137).
  5. About a year ago I bought the Typhus copy of Conquest after seeing it in WH Smiths and realising the price difference was ridiculous. I hadn't painted any models in years but a steal is a steal. Besides, I never really needed an excuse to get back in to the hobby... Decided to get the getting to know 40k book with free Primaris marine to make sure I could still paint; in a typical display of over-confidence I then bought the Know No Fear box and Conquest issue with the Dark Imperium lieutenants and banner bearer. So now I have a shed-load of models to get me started! Since then, I've painted 3 of them. I always start out with the intention of doing my own custom chapter (in this case, The Lost Sons) so I'd done a couple of test schemes but was never happy with the execution. Cue Indomitus being announced and despite my lack of progress I knew I had to get it. But I've promised myself that I won't start any of the new models until I've painted my whole backlog - this plog will hopefully be the best way to do that. If I say I'm going to do it here, I can't back out! Now, instead of painting them all up in batches and getting it done as soon as possible, I want to use them to improve my painting skill. I want the first model from Indomitus to be the best I can do. First up, a Storm Warden. This guy is the first that I painted after deciding all this and is the base level of my painting skill. I finished him up in a day, basic shading and highlighting. Still took my time with the eyes and freehand as I was always pretty bad at those. Full gallery so I don't clog up the internet: https://imgur.com/gallery/NtpqpQP Next up, Sons of the Phoenix using Darren Latham's white armour tutorial.
  6. Part One: Birth of an army New edition, new army - not a novel concept I know, but this is the first time I've been bitten by the hype bug for quite a while. This project came about for a number of reasons, I can’t quite place which was the overwhelming significant one. I’ve been a hobby-lifelong Iron Hands player. At the moment I technically possess 3: my original 40k-era army from 3rd through 7th editions; my 30K era Shattered Survivors army; and my current Primaris 40K era force. Although I’m proud of the last two – both painted using FW’s metallic IH scheme – I came to a realisation in May / June that whilst the models individually look nice, when put on the tabletop they look a bit… uninteresting. So although I wanted to stick with Iron Hands, I wanted an army which looked appealing on a shelf and on the tabletop. Sticking with my beloved 10th Legion, I then hit another bump. I didn’t want to do any of the known IH successors. A variety of reasons, mostly due to the paint schemes and restrictive existing lore. I contemplated having a go at the Reclaimers chapter, of Ciaphas Cain fame, but decided against it – for the same reasons – there isn’t much lore, and (having gotten as far as painting a test model) I wasn’t overly keen on the grey and yellow paint scheme. Obviously I’d have to improvise! Apologist. Yes, he’s to blame! In all seriousness, his blogs, forum posts and Instagram work all inspired me to take the plunge – I’ve toyed with creating my own army, world, lore – this seemed like the prime opportunity. Combined with the fact that I've unintentionally become my gaming group's DM / GM / Loremaster and general organiser, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and start something completely new. (With apologies to GW...) I toyed around with a few colour schemes at first. Although I wasn’t keen on the grey and yellow of the reclaimers test, I did quite like the grey - I just had to alternate and experiment. I liked the blue and the orange-red, but realised that they'd be both be a nightmare to paint a full army of marines with. I very sincerely take my hat off to anyone who paints an entire army of marines orange. Why grey? I liked the idea that as a relatively new-born chapter (more on that later), the army wore forge-fresh armour, given a simple coat of grey to protect the metal. So I'd settled on grey - but I felt it needed something a little more - bearing in mind why I'd started this project in the first place. Turquoise! Only, due to a total brain-fart and completely forgetting how colours work, it ended up more of dark blue colour. Regardless, I quite liked the effect. Reminded me a lot of the marine helmet on the front cover of the 8th edition rule book. I decided that I wanted a coloured stripe along the top of the helmet, again to break up the colours. I toyed with red and a faded yellow / bone colour. Although I liked the red, I felt that it didn't really work. It may return in the future though... Colours decided, it was then onto the markings. I knew that they were going to be an Iron Hands successor. I also knew that, like their parent legion, the Wardens would be organised into clans, rather than Codex Astartes approved companies - more on this later. Conveniently, I have a large amount of surplus FW 30K era clan markings. Perhaps a bit lazy, but I felt it worked well enough. This happy chap, Captain Medlock, was the first HQ choice I threw together for the force. Made from an ETB Intercessor and a host of spare bits, he started out life as my colour scheme test-model. As an Iron Hands successor, and a young one at that, I wanted the chapter to be fairly 'no frills' affair, with limited decoration. The various targetting gear on his backpack is my way of representing the captain's in-game buff ability, and more importantly, help make him look a little bit less like a common squad leader. This was also a first for me - I'd made a character model for a new army and it wasn't some kind of techmarine / Iron Father. I'll admit, even I was shocked by that... For something thrown together from spare parts and scrap, I'm happy with him - but, I can't help feel that he doesn't look enough like a captain. He may well recieve a demotion to lieutenant, should I ever get around to building a replacement. Anyway, I think that's enough for one post. Next time I'll expand a little on the lore, the campaign setting, and the other units that have been added to the army. Cheers! Thanks for looking. (Here's hoping that for once I can actually keep up my promise to update a blog / WIP thread...)
  7. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ “When you are beset on all sides, and hope sieves through your fingers, look to the skies. During these hours of darkness storms will gather to blanket the Emperor’s realm, and from them, he will cast down lances of lightning upon the unrighteous. Look to the skies, from there comes salvation.” -16th Canto, the Saga of the Tempest +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Welcome to the beginning of a new Saga. This blog will be a record of my ongoing project to create my own little corner of the Warhammer 40,000 universe; The Storm Lancers chapter of Adeptus Astartes. It will be a repository for the lore and writings I've come up with in support of this hobby project, as well as actual progress pictures of self-same project. The goal is to eventually create a full Battle Company of the Storm Lancers, specifically the 2nd Company, led by Captain Olyndicus. I'm hoping that posting this stuff, both pictures and fiction, will help keep me motivated to actually finish it, as I have a terrible habit of leaving my projects half-finished, both in this hobby and in other creative pursuits. The original inspiration for this project comes from a deep love of one of the core features of the setting: the existence of feral and low-tech worlds. It is one of the ideas that just drips with the grim-darkness that the setting is built on; that in a vast interstellar empire the lives of any great mass of it's citizens are so unimportant that they will allow entire planets to live in ignorance of such wonders of technology as gunpowder or sanitation, while others are granted access to life extending wonder drugs and other science fiction miracles. And to top it all off, apparently the genetically engineered super soldiers that help safeguard this horrible institution prefer to recruit from these places? It boggles the mind! It's such a ridiculous concept that it has been lampshaded in-universe, notably by the returned primarch Roboute Guilliman. So of course I have wanted to do something with this concept since roughly 4th edition. And this is what I have come up with: The Storm Lancers, Eternal Guardians of Taloth and Megiddo An Ultima refounding of a chapter wholly lost in the defense of the Imperium centuries ago, who now stand guard on the far side of the Cicatrix Maledictum against the ravages of the encroaching night. They seek glory, the currency of heroes, in order to work themselves into the never ending Saga as the galaxy burns around them. Those that benefit from their salvation would care little for the motivations of these Angels of Death, nor would they know the enormous cost of such martial zeal. Not since the crusade fleets of Indomitus deposited the Storm Lancers on the fortress-moon of Andunor has the chapter been at full strength, and the urge to take the fight to the enemies of mankind threatens to undo every strategy undertaken by the chapter. So far, I have completed a fair number of the core of the battle company, the Intercessor squads. I am waiting on some custom transfers that I have had commissioned, so none of these models have any transfers or markings on them yet. There are also quite a few details that need to be finished, as only one of the Sergeant's Thunderspears are fully painted. Due to the curious nature of the chapter’s history, the culture of the Storm Lancers is one that owes much to the world from which it recruits it’s warriors. The original chapter did have a culture that reflected the founding progenitor it hailed from and millennia of service, but that has been almost entirely lost. The primaris marines who formed the initial core of the refounded chapter were similarly only barely affiliated with the culture of the White Scars from whose gene-seed they were forged, being that they had been created in the gene-foundries of Belisarius Cawl on holy Mars. And once removed from the fleets of the Indomitus Crusade, that influence was gone. The only one left was that of Taloth, and the determined aspirants and later astartes that once called that world home. Now, almost two hundred years since the end of the crusade and the refounding of the Storm Lancers, this cultural shift has taken many forms, and has reshaped much of the chapter. New forms and rituals are undertaken in addition to the rites laid down in the Codex Astartes. New battle formations and honorifics have been devised and bestowed based on ones common to the proud warriors of their native world. The most obvious examples of this change are the chapter’s approach to warfare, the importance of records and rituals, and the spiritual links between tribe and chapter. On Taloth, war is mostly waged through the use of cavalry and chariots. Most warriors are deployed at least initially on the backs of beasts of burden, with even infantry using mounts to redeploy rapidly in the manner of ancient dragoons from cultures on old Terra. Large six legged creatures serve as fast moving support platforms for all this cavalry, with large howdah perched on the back crewed by multiple warriors. When these natives became aspirants and eventually astartes, they brought with them this love of mounted warfare. They descend into war like a thunderstorm. Fire support obliterates enemy emplacements and pins the foe in place, allowing grav-transports to surge forward and rapidly deploy squads into the deadliest portions of the assault. Their eager cargo then surge forth and put the gene-wrought might of the adeptus astartes to singular use by tearing out the heart of the enemy in brutal close combat. And all the while, this brutal charge is carried forth by the sheer martial joy exuded from these ceramite giants. Songs carried by gene-enhanced lungs, great booming bursts of laughter and prose, all of this sounds as a clarion trumpet while the astartes of the Storm Lancers set about their righteous butchery. In addition to the intercessors, here are some models that I love the look of, but sincerely wished had better rules in game: Mythology and superstition even shapes how the marines view certain duties. On Taloth, spirits and creatures are said to haunt the world. Some of them serve Dyeus Pahter, serving as his servants and equerries, while others act in their own interests, both malevolent and benign. Of these, the most dreaded and feared are the furious dead, the Ve'co Marvos. Tales describe them akin to flocks of screaming razors, spirits stalking the dark and lonely places of Taloth searching for those who would be made dead, or are about to die. Their frightful keening and fury heralds the final end for anyone unfortunate enough to come across them, and it is said that those who hear the cries of the Ve'co Marvos while in the wilderness are marked for death. Wards and charms are worn by those who travel between the tribes to keep them away, while specific runes are carved and stones are raised to draw them to the places where the dead should dwell, like cairns and barrows. Now, when Storm Lancers dawn the armor and death masks of Reiver squads, instead of wearing their normal livery, they have come to paint their armor black, and cover themselves in the runes and hexes of death. They call to themselves all the spirits of death and fear that they knew when they were merely frightful children on Taloth, for they have become fear; They are the Ve'co Marvos, and their vox-screams of rage mark the bloody end for any enemies of mankind unlucky enough to hear them. Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it, for there will be more to come!
  8. Hi there folks, this is going to be a log for me to post up all those small one off projects that we find ourselves constantly drawn to. There's going to be a mix of building and painting projects, maybe even some terrain too! To start off with I've got an Executioner/Judiciar from the Dark Angels, or perhaps one of their successor chapters, I'd like to hear peoples' opinions on the model, both in general and in regards to what he should have adorning his power pack. Plain: Angel: Icon: Banner: Skulls: Thanks for looking and if anyone has alternative suggestions for decoration, please suggest those too!
  9. This post got me thinking, can regular marines be interred in the Redemptor dreadnought? What about critically wounded Primaris marines? Can they be put in a Contemptor/Deredeo/Leviathan or regular Dreadnought?
  10. As with I'm sure many folks around here, the Indomitus box has really captured my imagination when it comes to Primaris marines. I sat 8th out for the most part and have really devoted most of my hobbying efforts to 30k and Titanicus. The new marine models are just too cool to pass up however and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do what I'm sure many frater have dreamed of doing - building up a new marine chapter from scratch. My 30k armies are Imperial Fists and Emperor's Children, so for a color scheme I needed to come up with something decently far away from either of those. After much fiddling around in the B&C chapter customizer I was able to come up with a khaki/gold/black/red scheme that I think will suit the Primaris models quite nicely: Once I had the color scheme picked out, it was time to think about the second most important part of the marine's appearance - the chapter logo, and along with that a name. I thought long and hard about what to call these guys. I see so many chapters that are just "color + animal" or "adjective + noun" and I wanted to stay away from that. I needed to go with one word. But what? Well a quick flip through the 30K rulebook and I found my inspiration: The Sunderers It just spoke to me. So now that I had a name and a scheme, I needed heraldry. I sketched out a bunch of ideas but then settled on the one below - a lightning bolt piercing (sundering perhaps??) an anvil. It's simple, recognizable and gets the point across quite nicely I think. After trueing up some of the curves and generally giving it a once over in photoshop, It was time to actually starting thinking about how to accomplish this scheme. I knew I needed transfers, so I was able to find a vendor in the states to put together a transfer sheet mockup for me - since these decals will be white, it's not something I could accomplish on my consumer-grade inkjet. The pricing he supplied and the final design are fantastic - if anyone is interested you can find him here: https://www.facebook.com/badmothertattoos/ Finally, after ordering my decals and collecting the paint I'd need to be ready when Indomitus drops, there was one more thing I needed that Chessex is always happy to provide... After all that, I started to think about the story for this army. I know I wanted them to be assault specialists, so White Scars instantly came to mind. Based on what I know from 30k, I was able to come up with this: The Sunderers - Ultima Founding White Scars Successors - Chapter Traits: Whirlwind of Rage & Rapid Assault Chapter type - Fleet-based Chapter colors - Drab & sable armor, gold trim Chapter symbol - lightning bolt piercing an anvil in white upon a sable field Chapter war cry - "Now for death!" Chapter disposition - Full-strength, full Primaris-type composition Chapter flagship - Battle barge "Moonsilver" Chapter Master - Ardeth Sein of the Red Waste The Sunderers are a chapter descended of the Khan that eschews the fast assault doctrine of their gene-brothers in favor of an altogether darker aspect. The Sunderers were formed of the greyshields born of the gene-seed of the Terran-born of the old V legion - warriors who never shared the Chogorian lineage of their gene-father and who integrated into the White Scars only begrudgingly. Indeed in the annals of Imperial history there are mentions that this Terran contingent of the Khan's legion were of dubious loyalty in the dark days of Horus' great betrayal, and as such were reorganized by the Khan into the Sagyar Mazan - penal detachments that fought only to die in order to atone in the eyes of their father. This grim history is not unknown to the warriors of the Sunderers chapter. While Belisarius Cawl maintains that traitorous geneseed was not used in the creation of the new breed of Primaris Astartes, the Sunderers nonetheless recognize the shame of their lineage within the V legion. They see the burden of atonement falling to them, as it once did their Terran ancestors. Much like the Sagyar Mazan of Horus' rebellion, the Sunderers fight with little regard for their own safety, crashing into enemy lines with their fists as much as boltgun and chain blade. Imperial observers have likened their conduct in battle more to Russ or Sanguinius' sons than those of the Khagan - after a charge of Sunderers, nothing is left in their wake but bloody ground and ruined corpses. -- I'm very excited to get this project underway! I'll be posting my progress here over the coming months - next up is a test model for the scheme! **Edited for readability!**
  11. Starting on a vanguard force for fun. Mantis Warriors primaris using the old Badab War tranquil campaign camouflage. Step 1: Pink primer, white zenithial, pink ink from underneath. Step 2: Two layers of indian yellow ink. I'm trying to do a grasslands/savanna camo pattern but I'm really not sure what I'm doing...
  12. Hi everyone! Long time lurker first time poster, wanted to start a thread to help with motivation for my new crusade. It's a combination of new purchases in the last year and an old firstborn force I tried my hand and I'm now rescuing, from 8 years ago when I was 16 and didn't pay attention to mold lines! Forged in the fires of the Imperium Nihilus comes The Ardent Vigil Crusade. A combination of Armageddon firstborn veterans and fresh primaris recruits now wrestling for control with chaos forces in a sector containing several Imperial Shrine worlds at High Marshal Helbretch's behest. I might write up some proper lore later but the rough idea I have is they are wary allies will a big culture conflict, the new primaris recruits not adhering to the chapter's tradition. For now here is the painted group, as well as Templars we've got assassin allies as well as the local guard infantry that I usually speed paint with drybushing and washes to blow off steam. And finally my conversion triumvirate, left to right is a jump captain, jump chaplain and the Helsreach legend himself.
  13. So B&C, I want to like that new space marine bike collection, but.. The person who made them doesn't seem to know how motorcycles work. They have no ground clearance, and the front wheels don't look like they can turn. This has been a consistent issue with the space marine bikes. But the.. atv? Dune buggy? Go kart? I'm not sure what to call it. Is honestly the worst of them. I WANT to like it, it looks cool. But the more I look at it, the less it works. The turret can't really turn at all, it looks like it's supposed to be the Warhammer version of the Warthog from Halo, but.. It really looks like it wouldn't work as envisioned. Honestly, for the gunner to shoot behind the vehicle, the marine would have to climb up on the front of the vehicle. I think I'm going to have to proxy this thing, maybe make a half-track or a gun-truck sorta thing. Anyone else have any thoughts or suggestions on how to fix this model?
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