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2017 - A Tale of Hobbyists

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Hello Everyone, and Welcome to 2017's Tale of Hobbyists!

This is the 2017, Tale of Hobbyists Project thread. Here participants will post vows, WIP Pictures and completions. Please check out the Original Sign-up thread here.

If you wish to join you have until June 30th 2017 to do so, please do so on the Sign-up thread. Everyone is welcome to pop in and encourage the participants/comment on the various things that will follow/submit ideas or pictures for inspiration (as long as it is kept polite and mainly constructive, as per forum rules)

This Event will official start on the 17th of June, but any posts and work done from June 1st will count towards the first month’s requirements. The Event will run until Jan 15th 2018. Additionally an Event month is from the 16th-15th.


The following rules are outline of the requirements of participation

  • Everyone Participant will name a single project to be the focus of their vows.
    • This Project can be changed until the 30th of June 2017
    • A Project should be a focused collection of models that can be summarized in a single group, for example “Ultramarines 3rd company fighting forces of chaos on the red moon of gralth” This project would focuses on painting models of the Ultramarines 3rd company, but may also include some scenery from the red moon, and maybe even on or two units from the forces of chaos. In this example the forces of chaos would need to be on the same basing scheme to tie the collection together.
  • Every Month the following if REQUIRED from participants at a minimum.
    • An Update post detailing what work has been done, and what work is planned for the rest of the month.
    • A Post Showing a model(s) at the start of the month.
    • Model(s) should be unpainted or primed or in very early stages of painting at the point.
    • A Post Showing Models(s) competed at the end of the month.
    • If a participant does not finish a model(s) at the end of the month an update of its current state will fulfill this requirement, This can be only done once within the event, a special dispensation may be made for complex Model(s).
    • Should these Requirements not be fulfilled then the Participant will be considered out of the event.
  • Each month a SPECIAL EVENT will be announced that may temporarily change the requirements for these events. These will appear in announcement posts and will be listed in the SPECIAL Event section of this post.

++ The Spirit of The Event ++

Much like the ETL and other events on this forum there are some high-level principles, which cannot directly translate to rules, that cannot be policed but I would like all participants to try and abide by these ideas.

The aim of events like this is to develop and improve skills, the aim isn’t to win awards this isn’t a completion to see who can paint the most as DO NOT COMPROMISE your skill to be the person who paints the most. Another item of note linked to this is basing. Basing isn’t compulsory, this is for a whole number of reasons but if you have been basing some models in the project and then stop expect some questions.

Most importantly this event is an opportunity to paint your army while having fun interacting with other frater within our community.. Please keep that in mind in your exchanges and also that there may be a language barrier let alone the fact text doesn’t convey tone well.
I hope that all makes sense.

++ Special Events & Achievements ++

Every Event Month I will focus on a theme, during that event month it will be possible to achieve a special achievement, more outlined below. I will list all the special events here outlining the dates of eligibility

  • June – 1/6/17-14/7/17:-Get It DONE! It’s the start of the event, and all probably have models that we have been working that just need that little bit more time to complete. So this month let’s get these guys done. As such the following *RULES CHANGE* is in effect for weeks of 1/6/17-14/7/17. It doesn’t matter what stage the model is in at the start of the month, the aim is to get things completed. Due to the extended time of this ‘month’ to achieve the Achievement will require two vows.
  • July – 15/7/17-14/8/17: - Rearm and Replace. With the arrival of 8th edition and the first few weeks of gaming under our belts, it will be time to look to our already painted models and make alterations. As such for the event month in July let’s focus on these projects. (More information to be published soon)


binary -- 4th company Howling Griffons.

Combat_Vet -- relief of Fallujat II

Grandmaster damion -- Deathwatch Kill Teams

Iron Bars -- sepuloran reactor guard

Jaxom -- Astra Militarum reinforced by Primaris Astartes

Lemainus -- Dark Angels successor, the Iron Lions, and the malevolent forces of Malal

MindOfMetal -- Marine Malevolents

SW1 -- scummy under belly of an Imperial Hive

Zujara -- Adeptus Mechanicus from Ryza and Imperial Knights from House Cadmus

Brother Arkley -- Hunt for the Occulus

Brother Captain Firelupus -- Dorn's Wolves

Brother Chaplain Kage -- Astral Claws,

Celestial Guardian -- Taking of Cyrene

Erasmus Tycho -- Blood Angels 3rd Company the 'Ironhelms

Ferrus Manus -- Lions Eternal III Company

FirstSonofHorus -- Captain Calvatus's Ultramarines Primaris

fisheyedbunny, -- Primaris Howling Griffons

FlamingWalnut -- Phoenix Wardens and their crusade of retribution

foamy248, -- Black Legion warband

Ghostbear_100 -- IVth legion 314th Task Force

gianlucafiorentini123 -- Chaos V Pirmais Marines

Grieux Red Scorpions

Grotsmasha -- Art Scale HH: Dark Angels

Jüffös -- Legio Tertia Decima Cohors Thalassana (13th Legion Cohort/Chapter of Talassar)

Kennyjapan -- Sons of Jaghata/Knights of Blood/ Disciples of Caliban

KingKurama -- Xth Legiones Astrates

Larkyn -- Pilgrims of the Dark (my own custom XI Legion)

lionofjudah -- Iron Warriors V Imperial Fists

Lord Commander Eidolon, -- Emperor's Children force, a kind of Pride of the Legion force (Solomon Demeters 2nd Company!)

mandaloriano -- Khone Invasion of the Invasion of Leporis System

Marqol -- Iron Warriors

MrBadweed -- warband of the Black Legion led by Ekron Fal

ogres_lair -- necrons

Rangaman -- Fulgrim and his Phoenix Guard

Rustam -- Battle for Macragge (Ultramar Auxilia 60th Armoured Cohort, Plus Ultramarines 3rd company)

Sagentus -- Cadia Urmak and his blood crazed cohort

Scared to death -- Shadow Crusade era Word Bearers

"Shard of Magnus" -- Harrowing of Trajan Prime

Skidman -- pre heresy iron warriors

snazzyninja -- Death guard

ST.Lazarus -- Black Templar crusade to liberate the ork occupied Cardinal world of Lazarus

Studio Silvernale -- Alpha Legion

TrawlingCleaner -- The 5th company of the Sanguine Knights,

Trixie -- pre heresy Alpha Legion

Trokair -- The Defense of the Elysium Forgeworld

Umbros, -- Primaris Howling Griffons and also some scenery.

VulkansDynasty -- Salamander's 1st Company and support elements

waaaaghlord -- Carcharodons

Warsmith Uveron -- “The Siege of Carinus #3”

Wiffinberg -- The Angles Blade

Wolf_Priest_dantay_xv -- Space Wolves (assault on Prospero)

Wulfric _1066 -- Chapter CLIII, Legio XIII, the 153rd chapter of the Ultramarine Legion

angel robertson -- Nurgle!

Augustus b'Raass -- Nurgle Death Guard

BlueBelly1863 -- Imperial Guard, to be joined by Primaris Space Marines

Bmseifer -- Ultramarines

Brother Mayhem -- Black Legion and Death Guard

Chaplain Dosjetka -- Zone Mortalis Imperial Fists

Daemonifugue -- An Alpha Legion cell

FlakMonkey -- Salamander army

Glomshark, -- Iron Warriors V Imperial Fists

hermanista -- Ultramarines

Khalic -- Murderous Ignorance

Lexington -- Word Bearers force, the Sicarii

Morovir, -- Zone Mortalis force of the Iron Hands Clan Felg

MrKeef -- Nurgle Infestation of the Planet Corelia

Replica, -- Lord Ortan Cassius, Master of Sanctity - and no fewer than 9 of his Tyrannic War Veterans!

Soldier of Dorn -- VII Legion 52nd Company//Raid Battlegroup, cross ref. Siege of Terra

Wiqid -- Flesh Tearers

++ AWARDS ++

All participants who make their first vow until June 30th will be eligible to for the following badge as shown below:
(Big thanks to Brother Arkley for helping with these)


Pick One based on your own Preference!


Additionally other awards will be handed out for participants who complete the following achievements; Additional achievements will be unlocked as the event moves forward.

Initial Achievements are, Details will be added in the next week or so.

Terraforma < Finishes a month with scenery as a completion
Grand Marshal < finishes the event with a completion every month
Scribe < Linking, and tagging to a spate thread detailing the ‘fluff’ on the project.


And with that Feel Free to Start Posting!

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I, Grotsmasha, pledge 1x Despoiler Legionary and 1x Support Legionary to Month 1 of the 2017 Tale of Hobbyists.

My project is an Art Scale Pre-Heresy, Post Lion Dark Angel force. Depending on how things develop, it may turn into a DA/Wolves alliance as Russ and the Lion race to Terra, we'll see.

I also intend on naming each Legionary and giving them each a small amount of history since I intend on completing only one or two models a month.

I've got 15 Legionary's built (with the bits for five more, plus a Chaplain, Apothecary, Techmarine, and Praetor to choose from for the six months of the Challenge.

Pics to follow as soon as I get home :thumbsup:



Stretch Goal should things go well....


Edited by Grotsmasha
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I, Sagentus vow 1 x helbrute, 1 x heldrake and 10 x csm to Month 1 of the 2017 Tale of Hobbyists.


I will be painting a Cohort of Khorne lead by the bezerker champion 'Urmak'. This cohort is not to large of number, but as they work their way towards Tigrus a forgeworld under imperium control on the eastern fringe they aim to grow in number and gain favour with the blood God by reaping skulls. I will put more of a back story to everything upon completion of each vow :)


Helbrute - Thymax


20170525 233628


Heldrake - Bailkane


20170525 200310


CSM squad - lead by Thorax 'the reaper'


20170525 200843


All of these are at various stages of completion and need to be finished.


Plus i just realised this competion finishes on my birthday lol

Edited by Sagentus
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I, MindOfMetal, pledge the following to the 1st month of A Tale of Hobbyists.


The last 2 members of Squad Damacles of the 6th Centurio.


Combat Squad Alpha of Squad Unaris of the 6th Centurio


Combat squad Beta of Squad Bulivar, escorting Brother-Scholaris Nepil, of the 6th Centurio


Remnant of Auxilia Squad Secondus, with Veteran Brother Arat acting as 'liason'.

"We survive. We bring security to those deserving of it. We bring civilisation back to this sector. Glory and Hate!!!"

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The Siege of Carinus #3 – Update 1 – Week 1.


Overview of Project:

Carinus #3 is moon of the gas giant Carinus in the Buinus System within the sector known as the Obsidian Rift. The moon was a source of many raw materials used in the hive worlds across the sector. Some being extracted directly from the gas Giant, others by deep mines into the moons core. The Moon was terraformed in the Dark Age of Technology, but it was mostly regarded as somewhat of a unimportant location. Following the Age of Apostasy an attempt to increase output was started to support the founding of nearby chapters of space marines and this was a moderate success

In 969.M41 a force of Iron Warriors, and other Chaos Space Marine warbands started a campaing to build a empire of their own. And by 980.M41 The Small Raids had broken into a large crusade lead by the Demon Prince Warsmith, and in a move to try and restricted the imperials access to resources the full weight of the Black Crusade fell on the Buinus system. The moon of Carinus #3 was soon in revolt, and quickly the Iron warriors started the fortification of the planet.

In response the Emperors Harbingers space marine chapter alongside auxiliary troops were dispatched to Carinus #3 to break chaos’s hold on this world.


In Month 1 I will focus on the battle field of Carinus #3. To start with I will look at finishing up my large buildings, and then later I may look at barricades and other smaller parts.

The aim will be that all these scenic items will form the backdrop for games played at my house. And this year’s Army’s on Parade table.

Currently my buildings look like this:


Edited by Uveron
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I, TrawlingCleaner, pledge tactical squad Jorus of the 5th company of the Sanguine Knights. This will be the first squad and models that I'm painting for my new Blood Angels army, the Sanguine knights. I will post pictures as soon as I can. ( I'm currently holidaying in New York until Sunday so I will hopefully get some pictures up then.
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Uveron, a question if I may.


I would like to stick with my original pledge (getting my 30k Mechanicum army out its packaging and on the table) however I would like to do a what I hope is a mini project first for the start of 8th.


I would like to do small new army of round about 1000p (or whatever level works for small friendly games). Specifically with the new keyword faction system I would like to do a Ogryn Regiment using Ogryns, Bullgryns and units with similar stats to Ogryns/Bullgryns to fill in other slots (such as HQ) and doing the appropriate conversion.  This army would be Keyword Imperium. I have started a thread over in Astra Miltarum to explore the idea: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/334128-orgryn-regiment/


So my question is, if I embark on this project as my pledge and finish a small army I am happy with before the end of the event can I go back to my Mechanicum pledge and work on that?

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The Cleansing of Cyrene

Week One, Update One


Cyrene is a hive world built on mining in the Turin System of the Demarcus Sector. Mining and the military go hand in hand on this world. Many soldiers are lifers or retire to work the mines seeming their fortunes.


Enter the Alpha Legion. Many of the small uprisings in the mines could not be traced directly back to them, but there were rumors. After a large uprising at the mines, tensions spread and even the military was split in outright civil war.


A thirty man contingent of Astral Knights dared to interfere. One group of scouts was cut off in enemy territory and it was deemed that they would call a sister chapter of Dorn for aid. That chapter was the Knights of Lydda.


The Knights of Lydda and the Astral Knights joined forces to rid Cyrene of it's chaos infestation. It would be cleansed, one way, or another.


For this event I will be focusing on the Astral Knights and my DIY chapter the Knights of Lydda. Extra posts will be available in my regular thread starting here:



This month I will be focusing on finishing three of my heroes in my tale. From left to right:

Jordan Job, Emperor's Champion of the Knights of Lydda

Lord Commander Jarae Solomon Chapter Master of the Knights of Lydda

Librarian Milivoj of the Astral Knights (released from duty in the Deathwatch)




My vow is to paint and base these models this month. If I finish them early I may vow a fourth character.

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So, in recognition of the fact that I'm without an army for the coming of 8th, I think I would like to update (but not redact) my vow. 


Rather than focussing solely on the Shadow Crusade and Word Bearers from that period, I'd like to include the evolution of those same forces (or at least, the survivors) into the current timeline. The second source of motivation for this change is that the Fate of Konor campaign looks promising, and I'd like to make a combined force of Word Bearers and Chaos allies, including the new Death Guard, to take on those pretentious "primaris" marines at Ultramar.


All this is to say I'd like to paint Word Bearers for 30k, with some possible cameos from World Eaters and Ultramarine forces


Word Bearers for 40k (including survivors of the Shadow Crusade-era forces I'll be building in tandem), with Chaos allies and possibly an Ultramarine unit or two.


If the scope of this project seems too sweeping for the event, I'll just focus on the 40k Word Bearers and allies. I need a playable army.

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I MrBadweed, pledge myself to the B&C 2017 Tale of Hobbyists, my goal will be to FINALLY start and end an army for 8th edition. My project will be a yet unnamed and unfleshed warband of the Black Legion led by Ekron Fal and, if im diligent, the Primaris marines of the Dark Imperium set as adversaries.

" Abbadon's triumph was shortlived, for as the warp thundered through realspace so did the god's warriors. No united front to the warmaster's crusade, but a fragmented horde. Moved by their own grudges, interests and the goading of deamons, Hosts and Warbands reneged their oaths to the Warmaster's cause to rampage across the reeling Imperium. Only the true Legion remained focused on the task at hand, for Terra still stood.

To that end, Abbadon tasked Ekron Fal, Warlord of the Ezekarion and Lord Harrower of the Sin-mat-Ikali, to conquer, hold and fortify the Belis Corona Sub-Sector, eastern bridge between the two halves of the sundered Imperium and key route to Terra.

They were greeted with the blood and fire of avenging sons."

The Crimson Path – Update 1 – Week 1.

4 Chaos Marines


1 Heavy Support Kill-Team ( Oblit)


1 Berserker on Juggernaut


For the Warmaster !

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I, Iron Bars, sound of cogitator and with plasma banks fully charged, pledge to the b&c 2017 tale of painters to finaly paint a full army. This wil be the mechanical army of ryza, including Skitarii, mechanicus, Cybernetica, astra millitiarum and associated forces.


The first part of this tale wil consist of 1 Tech-Priest and finishing 3 heavy weapon servitors.



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I, Wulfric, make my two pledges for the first month as follows:

1) Brother Captain Orinoco of the 153rd company of Legio XIII Ultramarines and his command squad, bearing much 'chooom', to be built, painted and based.


Built the captain and two of his command squad; still need to build the standard bearer. Legs / torsos of the squad from (I think?) Puppets War.

2) A converted Recon squad of five marines with sniper rifles, built, painted and based.


Bodies from Anvil Industries' Black Ops range, heads from FW destroyers, sniper rifles from Anvil, arms and packs from GW Mk IV.

Might even get a transport painted... Phobos Rhino (better known as the Clouseau Rhino)


Edited by wulfric_1066
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The Great Rift has opened and countless warp breaches with it. The disparate survivors of ravaged Astra Militarum battle groups retreat to the numerous Departmento Munitorum worlds spread throughout Segmentum Pacificus for munitions and rearmament. But light in the darkness attracts attention and these worlds have only so long before they too become embroiled in war. A single message, bearing sending codes not seet in millenia, has made its way from the high towers of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica down through every strata of the various archivists, collator-savants, and calculatrixes; through the barrack camps of once thousand strong regiments reduced to scrap companies at best and squads at worst; through the temples and churches under the care of Ministorum and Sororitas. ++We are about my Father's work; we march for Humanity and we shall know no fear.++ 


I'm taking advantage of the *RULES CHANGE* to finish painting some stuff that's been in progress for, uhm, too long. I'll be using the Rearm & Replace next month to update all the bases you're about to see and gussy up some of the already completed models present.




First Oath of the Moment: I pledge to complete Belial/Deathwing Captain (anyone know if Deathwing Captain's are a thing in 8th?), Deathwing Apothecary, and a Grey Knight terminator.


Second Oath of the Moment: I pledge to finish painting ten Deathwing terminators.


http://i.imgur.com/NEqHl0dm.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/BEOjWfxm.jpg


The Deathwing characters are both primed and I painted the Captain's face. I made this conversion for Belial before he had a mini and I much prefer it over the walking door obstruction and static pose. I just never finished this last Grey Knight terminator -for various reasons- after doing the metallic base layer. The rest of the Grey Knights will get a touch up during Rearm & Replace.




By the Lion, these are finally getting done! The assault armed brother needs a full work up, including priming the arms and some should pads. Two have the barest of base layers and the rest have stormbolters, plastrons, and Chapter symbols that need completing.

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So 2017 here we go;


I Kurama am working on my Iron Hands and Emperors Children forces during the Horus Heresy.


I shall begin with some terminators and progress from this point setting the pace and standard of this event.


Behold the start of a Delegatus and his terminator assault squad





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+++++Begin upload+++++++

+++++Visual feed online+++++

Continue awakening Y/N ?


+++++Awakening ancient+++++

Slowly like a waking from the deepest sleep the ancient conscious mind began to surface. Visual and audio input went live sequentially filling the data feed then external vox.

"Little brother who do we face?"

Artemis smiled always the same question.

"Unknown Xenomortis suspect Xenos cult data incomplete." Artemis wished the picture was clearer but all that was known was Praxis IV had gone dark and the Deathwatch had be requested by a now vox silent Inquisitor.

"Very well have Brother Praal prepare Plasma, Lascannon and Assault cannon and both secondary armaments, I will make final selection before drop."

"very well Xenomortis."

Artemis turned to leave

"Wait brother I will a company you to the brief."

And with that Xenomortis strode from his stasis alcove.

I Grand Master Damon do vow to complete a Deathwatch Dreadnought before the ascribed date

Edited by Grandmaster damion
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Update One, Month One 




I've decided to do a Black Legion war band, which is a bit different, because I've only ever played loyalist factions. My thinking behind this decision is thus:


After the Siege of Terra, the surviving traitors fled to the Eye of Terror. Then there were the Legion Wars, where basically the legions fought, backstabbed and shattered into smaller warbands. What fascinates me however is the Black Legion; I mean, here’s a group of astartes who sort of recognise their need for brotherhood, for family. Space Marines are, put crudely, scientifically tortured child soldiers who are selected for an eternity of killing and maiming and massacring the enemies of their fascist regime. The only thing space marines have is their fellow astartes, their brothers. And so when the legions fractured, they lost this sense of belonging and brotherhood. It was the founders of the Black Legion who (in my head-canon) thought “screw this, we’re nothing without that belonging.” That, in my mind, is what sets the Black Legion apart.


The thing that drew me to Chaos Space Marines in the first place, though, was that sense of… melancholy? Dunno if that’s the right word, but they were the ones who built the Imperium in a time of awesome scientific advancement, when living demigods walked amongst men. They lived in the time the Imperium views as biblical myth, and they saw with their own eyes the Emperor and his Primarchs. And they’ve seen what their Imperium has become; essentially a fascist dictatorship whose zombie leader guzzles thousands of psykers a day.


So, that’s why I’ve decided to start a force of Black Legionnaires. I’m still deciding on a name (open to ideas!!!), but I was thinking of calling ‘em the Lost Angels or  Bearers of the Light. They’ll be lead by a Thousand Sons sorcerer, and that’s what I’ve got so far…


Oh, and they’ll be truescale, so that’s gonna be a steep learning curve for me.  


I pledge to assemble/kitbash and paint one truescale Khorne Berzerker and one truescale Chosen marine. My pledge is really small this month because I've got quite a lot on my plate.

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I pledge my growing Ultramarines army to the Tale 2017.

My goal is to finish my various WIPs to finally have a fieldable Horus Heresy force with some variation on what to bring to battle.

I haven't done any army lists yet, mostly I just paint what interests me.


For the first month's challenge I offer to finish my Tartaros Terminator Squad:

34977624541_e5b7624033_z.jpg20170605_090423 by Yves Geilenkirchen, auf Flickr


And as my second challenge I offer to finish my Imperial Knight Titan accompanying my boys in blue, still missing clean up and its weapon:

34254616043_568218a7dd_z.jpg20170603_092726 by Yves Geilenkirchen, auf Flickr


Best of luck and success to everyone participating.



Edited by Jüffös
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I, Skidman, pledge one 10 man veteran tactical squad from the 15th grand company of the IVth legion. More fluff and pictures to follow as soon as I finish this squad.
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I, Zujara, pledge 10 Rangers and 1 Ironsrider Ballistarius from the Forge World of Ryza

My project is to finish the Ad Mech army I have been casually collecting and painting since the army first released, as well as get the rest of my Imperial Knights from House Cadmus finished. Starting off with some models I want done by release day since I plan to use them in some games.


Edited by Zujara
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I, Trokair, pledge one unit of Ogryns and one unit of Bullgryns.

I am starting with these so I can familiarise myself with the kits and see what can work so that I have a better idea how to approach the conversions. I will also use these to work out my colour scheme, I will however not be basing them at this point as I don’t know what I want to go for yet.


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Thankyou Uveron for taking the time to put this Tale together!

I probably won't be able to live up to the pace and standard already set (lol) but I will give it my best shot...

After the last Tale I have had a bit of a break, I did put the majority of my planned force together however (minus one Dreadclaw). For this Tale I will focus my efforts on Fulgrim and his Phoenix Guard, set in no particular time during the Heresy, although they are rather uncorrupted so lets say IstvaanV-esque.

This force will compromise of :

  • Fulgrim
  • Phoenix Champion "Praetor" (for when Fulgrim is overkill)
  • Brotherhood of the Phoenix "Chaplain"
  • Ten man Phoenix Terminator squad with a Kharybdis Assault Claw
  • Five man Terminator squad with a Dreadcalw
  • Another five man Terminator squad with a Dreadclaw
  • Six man Jetbike squad
  • Another six man Jetbike squad
  • and a pair of Javelin Attack Speeders.
Given that this is a relatively small 'elite' force, I will probably also branch out to some Sons of Horus Veterans if and when time permits.

My plan is to tackle this army in three phases, first being the Terminators and Fulgrim, this allows me to play Zone Mortalis games in the mean time which is always good. Phase two will be the "Speeder Corp." which is the 12 Jetbikes and Javelin duo, finally Phase three will be the Dreadclaw pair and Kharybdis.

To start, here are my assembled and primed Terminators so far. For the first month I will work on Fulgrim as I have quite a bit going on that will restrict my time.




I am impressed already by the commitments shown, lets see that enthusiasm continue!

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