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Jabberwocky Rises: The Consuming Wraith


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Really nice and clean paintjob with the contrasts! With the Broodlord the colour-scheme seems properly matured. I like the the pale pinks especially.


Thanks! The contrasts are maybe less 'consistent' in terms of exact colour tone on the models, but they have sped up painting a lot, and slight variation works wel on nids - pale pink is just really thinned volpius pink in many layers, to get the weird shade, I wanted to echo the original purple headed stealers as much as possible. 


Indeed, the colours really come together here (also why I stole the red "inner" colour for my scheme :biggrin.: ). I might need to get some of the black contrast for my talons and that as this looks like an easier and better way of doing it...


Maybe you should put a couple of Troop choices in the queue next? I've found it helps a lot for getting an army done as once you've got a decent core ready you can play with characters and the like without feeling bad - a lesson I learned for good with my CSM after I kept doing HQ units :laugh.:


yea, another 3 warriors might fit the bill, though I should really get another 10 hormagaunts done...ultimately next will be my Harpy, as it was a gift, but only after I'm done making my Land Raider...

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The Black Templar contrast paint certainly did the trick for my needs :smile.: I think that small batches of gaunts between other work is a good way to build them up, lets you get the bigger critters done while not burning out on Troops.


The Harpy is a model on my list so I'm looking forward to seeing yours come together :thumbsup:

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Currently working through making my Land Raider Excelsior, then next on the modelling block is a Harpy, in an attempt to get through my gifted models backlog :sweat:


Still torn beween Harpy and Hive Crone, and don't feel like overly magnetising. Might see how easy the kit is when I get it in front of me, but I'd rather leave it as one fixed model. Harpy with 2 heavy venom cannons and spore mines seems more useful. 

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Yeah, I’m thinking of getting a Harpy. It’s a great looking kit.


You made me go back and look at the kit, bit barrel chested, but it'll look good. I'm thinking most people won't know/care abut the difference between the tail options, and it's easy to forget about the head when there's two venom cannons on there - if I have a play about and can get it down to 4 magnets I might just mag the thing.


I think 9th will be good for a fast thing that can tie opponents up. Chaos seem to be doing ok with the Helldrake. 

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Been a little while since I updated these as I've been working on completing my BA company, and painting my Noise Marine, but I'm finally getting round to this beast:


I'm just kind of freestyleing it, as I cant decide between the two builds. Most people probably won't notice a difference anyway. So far it's been built with the harpy guns and anus (spore mine launcher?!), the hive crone chest spikes and tail spur. I've built both heads and may magnetise. The guns slip off anyway, so I can just remove them if anyone get annoyed, or say they're a tentaclid launcher.

I also magged the wings, as transporting this beast will be a problem. Twicky job and they're a bit wobbly, but hold.

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So I finished the build last night and snapped plenty of photos:

Bits of the kit


Magnets n body




4mm mag in neck hole



Crone head:


Harpy head:


Also started on the base, I wanted to do something a little exciting.


I also dug out an old lictor conversion that I'd ben working on. I started this guy when Deathstorm was released, and never finished him. Hed a shaved down warrior head, missing the jaw, green stuffed tentacles, then some repositioned monstrous scything talons from the old school 3rd ed tyranid warrior box. He still needs a little GS work to smooth the join between tentacles and face.



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For some reason I forgot to upload this pic of the wing yesterday showing the magnet positions:


I also put together a 3rd ed lictor gifted by Warrior Fish, which incidentally is a great name for the beast. I need to put my existing lictor conversions of 40mm bases, though I have a feeling they will go to 50mm when the codex comes out...


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After a week of painting sessions, the Harpy/Crone is there bar the basing.




I'm pretty pleased with this one, my first monster done entirely with contrast (bar some screamer pink in the joints). Contrast is really super, and I'll be using it on all my nids going forwards.

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Yes, it apparently didnt come out too well in the low lighting - It's grey seer base with lines of corax white all across it to resemble striations on the carapace - I'll take another look in person, but youre right, it might need more doing to it. 

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Snapped a quick pic of my larger 'Nid monsters, including the Harpy


I really like your Lictor conversion.

The green stuff works is very well done!

Thanks, it was pretty easy - just leave the warrior mouth off, roll some GS sausages and leave them to cure, glue the GS sausages into the mouth-gap, then GS over the top!

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Oh boy am I eying up that Christmas Tyranid Battleforce.  The contents are great, but again all depends on the price - I don't really need more gargoyles or genestealers, but the HG, Tyrant and Haruspex are £120 on their own RRP, if it's around that price, then it might be an auto buy. the rumoured £150/160 might just push it out of viability for me. 

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I'm looking at it too, and am also weighing it up on the price. While I can use all the models Gargoyles are not great and as I have plenty of models to work on I will need convincing with a decent price tag. I think we'll be looking at £160+, so even factoring in third party discounts it'll be a fair few bob. We'll see as always, it'd be nice to get some new models but I can also focus on what I have :P

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I've managed to get a couple of games in recently, however wish to take my nids for a whirl! Handily my list of painted nids is in the op which makes spitablling an army easy. I dont have the range of unit choices I do with my BA, so a 1000-1500pt army will probably be most of my painted stuff. I'm looking at:



Warrior Prime Lash Whip, BS, DS

Neurothrope (1)

Brood Lord (1)



Warrior Brood - Venom Cannon, 2x spitters, 6 BSwords

Termagant Brood, 10 with Fleshborers, 12 with Devs

Hormagaunt Brood (12)

Ripper Swarm (3)

Genestealers (8)



Hive Guard (3), impaler cannons

Zoanthrope Brood (3)

2 Lictors 



Screamer Killer (1)

Trygon Prime (1)



Harpy (1) 2x HVC's


This is proably going to be ~1500. It's a bit light on killy, and far from optimsed, but who cares. Heavy lifting to be done by the harpy, broodlord, carnifex and Hive Guard, 'Thropes to try and hold the centre of the table with invuns and regeneration, toying with bringing in the termegants via trygon tunnel, but might be more useful to start the trygon on the table. Lictors and rippers for engage/linebreaker, homers, or scramblers. 

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Looks like a decent start, it's a bit tough starting out with limited options but seems workable to me. A lot of variety means you should have options for what you do in game, I struggle with mustering killing power for the same reasons so the big hitters tend to do a lot of carrying. Or, losing the game if they don't perform? :P Looking forward to hearing how it goes, good luck :tu:

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