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  1. +DataRequest: HIVEFLEET\NIHILUS\LEVIATHAN\JABBERWOCKY... ... ... +INQUISITORIAL SANCTION REQUIRED.... ...=][= +ACCESS GRANTED. WELCOME BACK INQUISITOR... ++HIVE FLEET JABBERWOCKY++ Welcome to my attempt to get into the Hive. I have a small Tyranid army from a long time ago that never really got off the ground when I discovered chaos, but I've always wanted to have one. Now, 8th 9th ed, and being out of uni and having a real job means all my wishes come true. After reading the WHCommunity article on nids, and feeling some of the buzz, I went and picked up a Start Collecting! set from a GW, and then managed to score the last Brood Progenitor in stock at my FLGS. Between these and all the Tyranids that come bundled with Blood Angels boxed sets, I have a decent force to start me off. ++The Current Disposition of Hive Fleet Jabberwocky++ Assembled/Undercoated/Painted Leader Beasts (HQ) 'The Consuming Wraith' - Hive Tyrant Warrior Prime (1) 'The Wail of Ballan'Tar' - Neurothrope Trygon Prime (1) Tervigon (1) Neurotyrant (1) Tyranid Prime with Wings (1) Ymgarl Strain (Genestealers) Brood Lord 'The Icharan Dread' (1) Genestealers (16) Brood Beasts (Troops) Warrior Brood (3) Termagant Brood with Fleshborers (20) Termagant Brood with Devourers (16) Hormagaunt Brood (25) Gargoyles (10) Ripper Swarm (3) Barbgaunts (5) Neurogaunts (11) Specialist Genus (Elites) Lictors (3) Zoanthrope Brood (6) Venomthrope on foot (1) Venomthrope Brood (3) Von Ryan's Leapers (3) Maleceptor (1) Harassment Species (Fast Attack) Spore Mines (24) Ravener Swarm (6) A Parasite of Mortrex (1) Destroyer Beasts (Heavy Support) Hive Guard (3) Screamer Killer (1) 'The Elder Talon' - Tyrannofex Hive Guard Alpha Pack - note dermal enhancements (3) Carnifex (1) Belial's Bane - Exocrine/Haruspex (1) Mawloc (1) Screamer Killer (1) Psychophage (1) Flyer/Transport Harpy (1) Tyrannocyte (1) The following Imperial forces have lost troops and materiels to the onslaught of the Hive Fleet Leviathan Tendril designated 'Jabberwocky': The Blood Angels; The Grey Lizards; Drukhari Raiding Force; Custodes; The Emperor's Children; Cadians; Orks Imperial Knights My big grey pile of Nids to paint ------------------- Original First Post My initial messing around with schemes, which are spoilered below if anyone wants to see I ended up settling on the blue skin, white carapace scheme, but with a little purple in the recesses. Currently to my name, I have a painted Hormagaunt, Warrior and Ripper Swarm. Thanks for looking!
  2. Yesterday,I found this article: "20 Horus Heresy Solar Auxilia Trooper Colour Schemes and Painting Recipes All In One Place", by Vicent Knotley, from his own blog. Quite interesting and useful I think. And very handy. Some schemes are really cool. Each image per Trooper and colour scheme . https://vincentknotley.wordpress.com/2024/03/02/20-horus-heresy-solar-auxilia-trooper-colour-schemes-and-painting-recipes-all-in-one-place/
  3. So here is my Company/Collection Set up. I put it in separate categories for easier viewing. Thoughts? Chapter Assets - 1st Company Assets- 2nd Company - 2nd Company Auxiliary Equipment - 10th Company - 10th Company Auxiliary Equipment EDIT: Chapter project, 2nd Company with Chapter Assets listed UPDATE: 1/27/2020 Completed - Forgeworld Imperial Strongpoint Display Board
  4. From the album: Custodes Blog

    Back of first Custodes Minature WIP

    © Gordon Wilson

  5. From the album: Custodes Blog

    Front of first Custodes Minature WIP

    © Gordon Wilson

  6. From the album: Custodes Blog

    The first arrivals for my first 30k army, the talons of the Emperor.

    © Gordon Wilson

  7. To start I am going to try and do this blog to track my hobby progress better for the duration of the narrative Crusade league I am participating in. This Crusade is being run by Slowfuse one of the owner operators of Monument Hobbies and Pro Acryl paints. It is as much a narrative campaign as it is anything else and he is GMing the league while each person is recording their crusade points and writing a story to coincide with the league. I want to post the blog here to stay motivated to complete this project. I have wanted to do a sisters of battle army for a long time as I had a idea for one but kept putting it off. The crusade league offered me the perfect chance to start and hopefully finish this project. To preface this is the most custom army I have ever done. Normally I pick a GW army because I already like the models so I do not convert much, I personally hate building stuff and much prefer to just paint it. I am also trying to really push my limits as a painter and do the best job I can with this project. Anyhow Ill post the story so far then set a separate post for my goals and a third post to have all the images of the models as I complete them. With a final post discussing the different league games I have played so far and how then went. Edit - looks like I typed Drusilla with some Dyslexia letter swapping. I think I got them all but if not let me know. I changed the color on the forum page so I hope that makes everything more readable on a smart phone. Also I should preface that all of the Transmissions are the GMs story to the players in the campaign. the writing and story that is mine is everything else. I wanted to include the transmissions from the GM so you could all know what I know and see the campaign map we are using. In the bottom most map I am the only sister of battle icon so you should be able to see where my HQ and Strike force is at on the map. Currently we are trying to discover just what is going on with this world and gathering supplies to buy clues and other things later in the campaign. Right now my force as some minerals and gas to spend later but we as players do not know how to spend it yet. After each game we move our forces on the map and roll to explore the world and also pick what actions we are taking. So far I have just been all out exploring. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Aboard the Inquisitorial Class Strike Cruiser Ure Sata Haereticus - Jailum lightly knocked at the door to Inquisitor Drusilla’s private chambers. “Lord Inquisitor a low priority message has just been received by our astropaths.” No noise came from inside the chambers in response to Jailums statement or knocks. After more then thirty minutes passed by He began to fidget with his uniform and had to wipe away the sweat that was building on his forehead. He, like any same person, feared the Lord inquisitor. Her sometimes bizarre orders that could change from one nano second to the next were sometimes followed by odd dry spells where the crew would not see her for days as she cloistered herself in her chambers. All that could be overlooked, It was no stranger then any of the other ship captains or admirals he had served under in his career for the imperial Navy. As a void born he was used to eccentricity when it came to those in command. No, what he feared was the palpable power that rolled off her. Alpha class psyker was just a word to him before he was requisitioned to Serve on this ship. Standing in her presence was like having someone look through you and see every sin you had ever committed. It didn't matter where in the room you were standing from her, that power surrounded you and went through you. It did not help that the Inquisitor was tasked with finding and routing out the Heretic. Every bad thing you ever did being on display all the time to one of the Emperors hunting hounds would drive any man to bouts of nerves. Let alone also being aboard a ship that carried a full complement of Adeptus Sororitas who were dispatched to work with the inquisitor. Everywhere you turned aboard this ship you were under someone's watchful gaze lest chaos wurm its way on board somehow. Now he was tasked with delivering a communication to the Lord Inquisitor. Jailum was expected to stand outside the door and knock every half hour until the Inquisitor answered. If more messages came while someone was waiting outside the door they were to memorize them all and wait until they could all be delivered in the order they came in. Jailum had personally waited outside the door for twelve hours once but had heard of someone that waited for three days. Wiping the sweat from his brows one more time he knocked again. “I hate to disturb your meditations Lord Inquisitor, but you said to bring you anything that seemed… unusual.” The door opened and Lord Inquisitor Drusilla stood before him. She was fully armored in her inquisitorial power armor that hummed slightly out of sync with the rest of the ship's noises. It was perfectly maintained and spotless shining in the dull red orange glow of the corridor lights. Although she cut an intimidating figure, what truly set the Lord apart was that she was always blindfolded and always knew where to “Look” when she was listening or addressing someone. She held out her hand and waited. Jailum jumped and handed over the recorded message. She thumbed the pad and it played the message for her. +++ Magos Notation - Sector Detection - 110.M42 +++ +++ Priority Low +++ Notable fluctuations in Warp Rift cataloged as Hadex Anomaly. Extension of rift into Galactic Northeastern section detected by listening apparatus Cognix Virtus 183.00100 3 months sidereal past. Visual confirmation logged. Extended space toward void area - no system presence. Augur detection of Anomaly retraction or immediately upon reaching area 14h 28.6m, 24.031° (J2000) hereby designated Hadex De Duobus. Reaction defined as flaring of anomaly extension. Systems offline for approximately 1.0295 seconds due to influx of warp interference. Reaction noted as “pain” by local Astropathic Choir. No discernable data to quantify. Anomaly confirmed as retracting to original spacial dimensions immediately after reaction. Long Range Auspex scan by Cognis Virtus 183.00100 2.5 months sidereal past denotes new Celestial Entity of planetary and/or star disposition in Hadex De Duobus not previously noted on any chart or Augur sweeps. Confirmation data inconclusive. Entity or Entities not confirmed on all subsequent sweeps. Both or sometimes one body seem(s) to read at random intervals, with Cognis Virus 183.00100 systems in question. No return to normal up to current time. [3:09 PM] Observation - Hadex Anomaly confirmed to have “grown” at noted time. Subsequent flaring of warp rift at location noted confirmed on all systems. Resulting area of space showing undefined activity since. Area is under heavy influence of Arch-Enemy forces as activity surrounding the current Ultima Segmentum conflict continues to increase. No known enemy disposition or translations in the affected area. Query - Does Anomaly intrusion and retraction from this noted area of space have probability of altering realspace bodies? Response: Anomaly known to disgorge previously engulfed system bodies, but never in new locations. Observation - Area designated Hadex De Duobus noted as void on all historic charts. No celestial bodies on record. Query - Could noted area harbor celestial bodies not previously discovered? Response: Area traveled previously with no detections. Existence of undefined system not probable. Theorem - Listening Station Cognis Virtus 183.00100 malfunctioning after flaring of Anomaly. Warp interference caused minor system fluctuations that have disturbed proper ongoing operations. Action - Investigate / replace systems in Cognis Virtus 183.00100 to restore proper operations. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ As the message finished playing the inquisitor tilted her head towards the bulkhead and hummed softly to herself. Jailum had to blink his eyes several times as the beads of sweat dripped down into his eyes while he stood and waited for her to dismiss him. “Tell the captain and navigators to make all due haste to the system, Hadex Du Duobus, We will investigate.” Without waiting to hear a yes sir the door closed and Jailum was alone in the corridor again trying to remember how to breathe. It took some time before he turned and ran down the corridors to deliver the Inquisitors Orders. He was never betting duty shifts with the other bridge crew ever again. +++ Magos Notation - Detection Amendment - 111.M42 +++ +++ Priority Low +++ Support flotilla dispatched to restore operability to Cognis Virtus 183.00100 approximately 35 days sidereal past. Listening apparatus found operating at peak efficiency. No confirmed damage or tests out of norm for device. Upon reaching area, flotilla astropaths note fluctuations in the warp that match the coordinates of Cognis Virtus 183.00100 readings of celestial body appearance. Flotilla augurs / auspex readings confirmed existence of noted bodies and verified composition of one star and one planet. Reading taken approximately 2 days after Flotilla on station. Both bodies ceased to exist 12m 32s post scan verification. According to Flotilla Command, “They just disappeared”. During phenomenon, “whispers” of unidentified origin and content reported by Astropaths across the flotilla. This interference ended abruptly upon dissolution of planetary bodies. After 5d 14h 51s on station, Flotilla Command reported scan confirmation of both star and planet again and were able to notate probable celestial attitudes / locations / orbital definition of both. Again, whispers reported. Both ceased to exist approximately 4h 32m 15s post verification. Flotilla dispatched to area of note in order to obtain further information regarding this unknown system and what is causing this temporal instability. Data transferal of complete system information and recordings of “whispers” en route Observation - No scanning equipment shows any verification of this phenomenon, other than those local to the area in question. Query - What is the quality of Hadex De Duobus, such that entire celestial bodies may be unregistered from even the strongest of probes? Response : No previous recorded information can be found to match this irregularity. Observation - Should this system be found to exist in our material space, but not be visible to scan, we should bring it to the Arch Magos’ attention, as this could mark the existence of technology of the highest order. Action - Await Flotilla confirmation / exploration of anomalous area and review of inbound data. +++ Magos Notification - Alert Priority Delta - Requisition Inbound +++ Amendment to prior Dispatch - Contact with Flotilla lost as of 2 days 14 hours sidereal past. This occurred within 3m 32s of Cognis Virtus 183.00100 again reporting scan confirmation of system in Hadex De Duobus. No further contact has been made. Whisper data received. Encrypted report and source included with this transmission. Identified as incoming broadcast signals, but after initial review, no point of origin is verifiable. Data carrier similar to Holy Machine Code, but slightly altered or out of phase. Further investigation of noted recordings required. Small force gathered local for departure to Hadex De Duobus. I shall be leading this journey, as I am best suited for any updates or alterations to Cognis Virtus 183.00100 recording subsystems necessary for better interpretation of incoming signals. I do this without command authority on the basis of what can only be stated as dire need. The existence of any possible Holy Machine outside the known boundaries of Mechanicus influence must not be taken lightly. Escalating priority to Delta and notifying Tigrus Majoris. Broadcasting on wider channels, as without further data, no priority dispatch of forces may be obtained without Arch-Magos approval. I can only hope that other Imperial forces may heed this call. Query - Presume communication disruption due to anomaly. Yet… listening station broadcasts have not ceased. Perplexing. Could local disturbance prevent one and not the other? Response: Data insufficient. Action - Requisition of forces to be sent to Hadex De Duobus for clarification / examination of anomaly and securing flotilla and further data in support of my current journey. May the Omnissiah guide our hands. Inquisitor Drusilla marched down the corridors that led to the Ure Sata Haereticus on board cathedral. The Servitors and crew rushing to make way for her as her boots thudded to announce her coming. Her ornate power armor made every foot fall hit the deck with a resounding almost musical drum. All of the Sisters of battle on board wore their power armor unless it was being maintained or they were observing some holy rite that necessitated it to not be worn. Although they had the same armor It was the silence from the ship's crew at her passing that made her footfalls echo through the corridors with such force. With her comings and goings on the ship so observed she was not surprised to find the Canoness Waiting for her in full battle regalia in the ships cathedral. Natalia Roar was the head of the ships compliment of battle sisters. A full strike force from the Order of the Venomous Heart. A offshoot of the Order of the Valorous heart formed after warpstorms cut a Hiveworld off from the imperium. They were only found again after the Universe split in twain after the Arch traitor destroyed the Cadia gate. The storms around their world cleared only to find that half the imperium was cut off. She was sent to observe the Order and to see if any signs of chaos taint had crept into the order after so many thousands of years had cut it off. What she found was a Order that outwardly Looked divergent but inwardly their faith could not be questioned. In the two thousand years their world was cut off from the Imperium their order was the only thing that kept their small system of hive worlds from falling to the ever present threat of Chaos. Natalia Wore a veil that covered her face with a headdress made of talismans and trophies from her battles. When Drusilla approached she made the sign of the Aquila. Drusilla could see the faith of this sister as a Tangible thing in her warp presence. Like a golden light emanating from her. In battle she knew it would shine and fill the other members of the Order with the power to fight well past the limits of a normal human. “Canoness Roar, We will be arriving in the Hadex system shortly. You and a select company of your cohort will accompany me to the planet's surface. I have read the tarot and I expect the landing to be a harsh one. I expect you will be able to plan accordingly.” “How much resistance do you expect to find Lord Inquisitor?” “The Magos that sent the transmission had no details on that. But from my own premonitions and from what the ships Navigators have told me of the warp turbulence I expect to find we will not be the only ones interested in this world. The secrets that are there may be nothing and I hope that's true. Still I do not feel as though it will turn out that way.” “Very well I shall gather my forces and will be prepared to make planet fall on your order. If you will excuse me Lord Inquisitor I shall see to that now.” Drusilla nodded and turned on her heal ignoring the Canoness as she made the Aquila again. Things were starting to move quickly and although she was no navigator even she could feel the warp turbulence around them. If Drusilla’s reading were correct this may be a one way trip. The Ure Sata Haereticus Came into system and rushed for the world known as Hadex de Duobus, Or at least that is what the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus called it. From his Transmissions Natalia Roar picked a landing zone for her initial strike force and the Lord Inquisitor to investigate from. It was made clear to her from the Navigators that Other ships were in system but they could not be identified or seen in real space. Something about the flickering warp in this area was keeping the ships from seeing each other in all but a echo in the warp. Natalia had prayed to the God Emperor and felt him pull her to the planets surface, much like the Inquisitors own readings. He wanted them to go to Hadex. With that in mind as soon as the ship reached an orbit that would allow their force to make a landing they rushed to the surface. Before her force left they were planing to land in what looked like a ruined hive city from her eyes. But it was hard to tell as the transmission was missing key data packets and could not make a clear image. All they had to go on was the crazed rambling transmissions from the lost Magos. That was not a lot of information to go on, especially when the lives of her sisters were on the line. However the Emperor and Inquisitor both needed her Order to be on this planet and she would go. It was no surprise to Natalia when the Plant blinked out of existence as their landing ship hit the upper atmosphere. With all the strangeness it was not a surprise but it was jarring as the landing craft rolled and shook. Warring claxons and red lights flashes as the pilots fought to right the ship before it slammed into the planets surface. Her power armour’s boots auto mag locked themselves to the ships floor as soon as the craft started the first roll. Saving her from slamming into the opposite bulkhead of the craft. She Looked left and right checking on the rest of the sisters in the craft. All of them were strapped in to their Harnesses, their powered armor also locking them down as the ship yawed to the left. Somewhere through the noise of the Claxons and engines whining she heard the Orders Dogmata start a Hymn, within second all the sisters were reciting it in time with her. As soon as Natalia Joined her voice to the choir the ship began to level itself off. The claxons were still firing but they were no longer rolling or pulling to one side or another. The pilot sent a vox message to her letting her know that they had to land the ship and that they were off course. They would not be able to land in the city as planned. The ship landed and although it was a crash it was not a bad one. At least in that there was no loss of life or equipment, Only the ship itself seemed to bear any scars of the perilous flight to the Surface of Hadex de Duobos. Natalia finished the Hymn with the rest of her force unlocked her boots mag lock and got up looking her sisters in the eye. “We are of course but our faith is strong. We will endure and push through this set back. Ready your holy weapons and set up our forward base here. Sister Jett, Lora, Cindy and Susan Ready your squads we will perform recon” ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Natalia was moving south east around the outskirts of the ruined city. Her company had spotted movement from the east as they left their impromptu base camp. From a distance it looked like a force of Adeptus Mechanicus was also in the area. She could not reach them and had no sign of any vox in the area. This world had already been playing some strange tricks on their gear so it was possible they were simply unable to receive or send a transmission from the section of ridgeline they were in. Still She had a bad feeling and ordered her force to approach with caution. As Lora Lead her Paragon Warsuits over the rise to finally get the Admech into clear view she was glad she was so cautious. As soon as the suits rose above the ridge line the lights and sounds of the Mechanicus guns sounded out. The Warsuits paid no head to the suppressing fire but moved behind a building while laying down covering fire so Natalia and Squad Alpha could move into position. Natalia ordered Cindy to lead her squad of Zephyrim and Susan's squad of Seraphim in a outflanking maneuver while the rest of her small force distracted the admech. It still unclear what forge world this force was from but they would know soon enough. After Cindy voxed in that her squad was in position and ready Natalia tried one last time to signal the Mecanicus force in the hopes that they would stand down. With no response she gave the order and performed a attack from both fronts as she and the warsuits charged the lines. Cindy dropped from the heavens Glowing power swords crackling and pistols firing. They hit the lines of enemies at almost the same time. What Natalia discovered when her blessed blade ran through the first enemies she found was nothing but a shadow given form by the warp.The shadowy figures assaulted her and the sisters with weapons that were real enough but when her blades and those of the Zephyrim passed through the phantasms they fell to nothing. The injuries these phantoms could inflict were real enough but they were no match for her and her sisters faith. Soon all of the warp shadows were banished and she could see to the wounds that were inflicted on her troops. She would have to report back to Lord Inquisitor Drusilla. With all haste, Things were even more troubling on Hadex then she thought. Perhaps these shadows were the lost Magos? Or some other long forgotten force stuck between this world and the warp. She would pray and try to find answers in her faith. +++ Incoming Tranmission - Priority Alpha - Secure Channel +++ Sir! Anomalous readings are off the charts! The ######anet seems to be ####appearing from spac### Communi##### spotty. Wait! Helm! Full aft thru#### +++ End Transmission - Cut from Source +++(edited) +++ Intercepted Transmission - Source not identified +++ Contact with the fleet is still impossible. We were set upon by damn Xenos in the night. Enemy force repelled, suffered light losses, including one of our transports being "swallowed" by a mountain that appeared out of nowhere! What is happening here? The men are getting anxious, and I'm not sure how long we can keep morale if these issues with equipment and the psychic oddities continue much longer. We have dug in and set up base camp, but the landscape seems unstable. We may need to move eventually, but right now the focus is on finding as much fuel and other resources as possible, as we have no idea when or if the fleet will be able to resupply. Multiple enemy forces picked up on Scout Auspex. Movement erratic. Recommend further investigation, as we have received data showing signs of technology in remote locations across the polar region. Including latest map returns here. Scans don't show it, but these must be the source of all this craziness. If you are receiving, please keep an open channel active at this frequency. The Emperor protects! +++ End Transmission +++ Natalia had spent a week so far on Hadex the world pulsed and shifted. One other time after that first day they fought shadows but nothing with the substance of that first fight. Still no transmissions were coming to them from the Ure Sata Haereticus. As far as they knew they were cut off. They were resigned to scavenging for resources and looking for ways to repair their landing craft. Natalia and her Sisters were no strangers to this coming from a Hive City her order recruited almost exclusively from the gangs of the underhives. Like herself most if not all of her sisters were former Gangers forced to scavenge and scrape to get by while the city pumped out the necessary materials to keep the Order and the City's guard in the wargear they needed to fight off the tides of mutants and chaos that assailed their homeworld before the storm broke. The Sisters of the Venomus Heart made regular Pilgrimages to the underhive to test those that were faithful enough to join their ranks. Natalia was no stranger to picking through the wastes and junk heaps looking for food or scrap to live one more day. Here it was different here they were fully trained and tested warriors of the faith. They worked as a trusted Order for the God Emperor and so every task no matter how small was in his name. They were able to gather Ore and Fuel in short order. It was on one of the many recon Missions that they came across the Xenos force of Necrons. It looked like they too were searching the planet for necessary resources. Natalia did not hesitate to give her force the order to engage.They were able to strike them in a low land marsh set about with ruined and crumbling buildings. As they moved in the planet shifted and blinked separating her forces and putting them out of position from one another. Quickly Natalia read the battlefield to assess the new landscape after the planet realigned to realspace. She gave her orders and moved out with a prayer on her lips. The Multimeltas From Loras Warsuits made the opening remarks. Felling several of the large tripodal monstrosities. Squad Alpha moved to a forward position to try and grab the resources that were scattered around the battlefield. The Necron’s must have sensed her intention because as soon as they arrived at the resources they were surrounded by a swarm of metal clicking scarabs and In a tide of shadow that ripped a hole through space and allowed the large multi armed Lord to moved from one side of the engagement zone to the other in a blink of an eye. Natalia knew she had to think fast. The remaining tripod creatures were still rushing at her and the Warsuits. She ordered squad alpha to stay strong and had Cindy’s Zephyrim Redeploy too aid Squad Alpha. Once again Cidy showed the power of her faith as in moments they were across the field covering the distance in seconds. Their swords struck out and the Xenos fell.The Zephyrim Swords were not the only ones to find the enemies of the emperor however as Lora Led her Paragon Warsuits into a charge that left no room to question the power and skill of her squad. Soon the Necrons were little more then scrap with all but a few still on the field. Just as Natalia was going to give the order to Finish this fight the Necrons phased out as if they were never there. Natalia Took stock of the field, making sure there were no remaining Xenos lurking around. She ordered the remaining resources gathered and headed back to the Temporary field base to report what they had found. This world seemed to have enemies around every corner and she wanted her fellow Sisters and the Lord Inquisitor to be informed. ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
  8. Hello, After setting up a couple of narrative based campaigns for my hobby group prior to 9th edition, I was very excited to utilize the new Crusade rules. Now that the upcoming Octarius Warzone have my ork players interested in gaming again, I thought it would be fun to host a narrative campaign with the group. I will be using this thread to blog my progress with the campaign as well as my own crusade force. Planning and House Rules Those of us who have played a few crusade games before would no doubt be aware that the starting a crusade army is quite restricting, and that you the player need to get more than a few small scale games under your belt first before building up to a larger army. While this is a perfectly good narrative tool, a good chunk of my players don't enjoy smaller games, and I personally felt that using small armies ruins the grandeur somewhat of a large scale conflict the warzone campaigns represent. With this in mind I've decided to implement a house rule which I feel should satisfy all parties: Buildup Reconnaissance So the first part of my great plan is to use the White Dwarf missions as something of a springboard. Starting from today, my group can create their crusade rosters, and play the previous months White Dwarf Flashpoint with said rosters until either the warzone book releases or we run out of articles (whichever comes last). As the White Dwarf articles describe fringe conflicts to the wider warzone, the battles are small scale and act as "side quests" for a player to achieve in preparation to the full warzone book. Send in the Strikeforce The second part of this plan is something of a safety net should players either not have the time or interest in taking part in the buildup reconnaissance (no judgements, as half of us are currently enjoying an AoS path to glory campaign), and that is simply giving players the choice at the start of the campaign to either use their roster made during the buildup reconnaissance, or to make a new roster with a power limit of 100, rather than 50 (but with the same 5 requisition points limit) which should give players enough to play with to make a large scale force that they're happy to play with. I have opted to make a buildup reconnaissance force, with the intention to play one or two of the special white dwarf games a month, which I will go into detail in my next post.
  9. Hello and welcome to my project thread for my growing Adepta Sororitas collection! I'm toaae, and I've been in the 40k hobby for nearly 17 years. I started with Space Wolves, moved to Blood Angels and then Orks. I haven't added a new army to my collection in a decade, but that was all perfectly planned*. I've been waiting a long time for plastic Sisters of Battle, having been intrigued by the army since I played my first game against them in 2005. In 2008, I decided I would wait for the inevitable plastic refresh before diving in. And I don't need to tell this sub-forum about that long wait. Finally, the time has arrived and I can finally start on the army I've been dreaming of for ages. Simply put, I lose the fluff's satirical take on organized religion and how "no men under arms" is skirted by the existence of an all-female army. The aesthetic is great and the new model line lives up to it. It's just a total package for me. I even wrote a 3600 word Index Imperialis article because I like the faction so much. Onto the minis! I started my collection in March, and as a slow painter, this is what I've accomplished so far. Pardon the dirty photo: A five-model unit of Battle Sisters, an eight-model unit of Retributors, and an Imagifier. This was supposed to be the start of an escalation league force for my club, but then COVID happened, delaying the league. And then my wife got a job offer that would take us back to Arizona, where our friends and family are, so, alas, these ladies won't be apart of that league. Anyways, some better photos. The Battle Sisters unit (plus one Bolter Retributor): The Imagifier: And the Retributors (minus the one Bolter gal): Individual pics of the Retributors here: A bit about my scheme: I wanted to feature turquoise in the colors. I did a lot of brainstorming using the B&C painter, and while I had some duds (one made my wife ask if I was trying to do the Miami Dolphins in space), I eventually settled on turquoise armor with white vestments. I had originally planned the insides of the vestments to be orange, but in the course of painting the first one, decided to just stick to red. The turquoise is a custom blend, as GW doesn't have a good turquoise paint and I wasn't in the mood/was too impatient to try and find a different brand during lockdown. After a lot of trial-and-error, I settled on the following: That's a base coat of Stegadon Green, a mid-level highlight with a 1:1 mix of Sotek Green and Kabalite Green, and a highlight of a 1:1 mix of Ahriman Blue and Sybarite Green. A 6:1 mix of Contrast Medium and Terradon Turquoise is then glazed over to soften the transitions, followed by an edge highlight of 2:2:3 Ahriman Blue, Sybarite Green, and Pallid Wych Flesh. I'm super proud of this scheme, and consider my highest achievement as an artist (as opposed to just being a painter). Alongside the turquoise, white and red are black, gold, and two types of silver. Weapon casings are black, icons and symbols are gold (some Fleurs are white), while ornamental metallic are a brighter, blue silver and functional metallics (like weapons) are a gun metal silver. Finally, spot colors of light brown (leather), dark brown (gloves), magenta (purity seals and melee weapon grips), orange (eyes), and purple (rosary beads) wrap up the scheme. I then based them on cream-red marble tile bases, made out of plasticard and painted using medical gauze and/or dried baby wipes for masking. ------------------------------------------------ Anyways, to wrap up this length OP, this will be the center of my Adepta Sororitas project, where I'll share my hobby progress, games, random thoughts, snippets of fluff and other musings. Currently, I have a Canoness and six more Battle Sisters about halfway complete, two Mortifiers primed, and a box of Seraphim ready for assembly. As previously mentioned, I'm a slow painter, but I hope to have a full army sometime in the next year. We'll see how that goes. *=no, it wasn't.
  10. It’s long been a pipe dream of mine to one day own a Forge World Titan. I love the design of Imperial Titans in general and really enjoy the lore side of them too. Sadly the Challange of painting something that large has always put me off (Not to mention the price!). With the new edition of Adeptus Titanicus however I finally have to opportunity to scratch that Titan itch, albeit on a smaller scale! I plan on creating my own Legio and already have a solid idea of what colour scheme I’m gonna use. I’m waiting on getting a permeant painting station set up before tackling the Titans themselves but in the meantime I’ve made a start on some terrain.
  11. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WAAAAGH!!! and hello! I'm toaae* and I've got an addiction to Orks! This thread has been a long time coming, and I'm excited to share my greenskins with this fine board. I use to have a blog here on the B&C when we had an actual blog system, and I found it hugely helpful in maintaining motivation and helping encourage my own creative thoughts. I hope to use this thread to serve the same purpose. I’ve been in 40k since 2003, and I’ve been collecting Orks since 2012. I’ve not managed to complete a lot in that time, as I was in and out of the hobby a lot, but with 8th being a smashing hit in my book, I’m all in for the first time since 5th edition. I’ve recently wrapped up my new Blood Angels project, and have even cut it short so I could get back to painting ORKS!! First off, some pictures of my orks. I’ve completed 51 models, I think, and I have more in various states of progress. From my display cabinet: That is 10 grots, 37 shoota boyz, 2 nobz, pictured here: 3 Big shoot boyz, here: and a rokkit boy, who will be the rookie of an upcoming tankbustas mob: Some pictures of random boyz and the grots: Orks are my magnum opus, and I plan to explore and grow in painting them to the best of my ability. So, what to expect? Well, I've got this new airbrush I've only just started using, so I'm going to be re-learning how to paint orks using that. I'm working on the fluff of my Warboss, which is turning out to also encapsulate future SoB, Mechanicus, IG, and Necron armies. And I cannot wait to start working on kitbashing hoards of vehicles. I wanna share my love for this hobby and this faction, and this thread will be the nexus of that. Without further adieu, the first post: ETL 6 is upon us, and this is my vow: Before I start that, I have 5 AoBR boyz to test the airbrush on. I hope to have those done tomorrow or Wednesday, to get a feel of what I can expect to accomplish with that tool for this vow. *=The Only Allies Are Enemies, a screen name I took from the back of the Starcraft CD case in 1998 for my battle.net username, and have used since.
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