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Magos Takatus Presents: Gortoof's Rekking Krew

Magos Takatus

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Hey all. Some of you may recognise me making a nuisance of myself over in the Adeptus Mechanicus forum. I have a load of Tech Priests coloured green. Orks are my other green, walker heavy army. Since I've got quite a lot of pictures I am not going to flood the "Show me what you've got" page with pictures, I will post a project log of my work so far. 


My Ork force wasn't painted to as high a standard as my Mechanicus but hopefully people will find what I've made so far interesting.


First up is my Warboss. He is painted in the same style as my rank and file, but he gets to embellish some of his wargear since he's in charge. The sandy yellow and blue stripes were inspired by the 2nd edition codex. The grey urban camo in spots is because I'm a glutton for paint-related punishment.

DSC 0028

DSC 0029

DSC 0030

I love this model. I'm just a little sad that the belt fed bullets are a bit to fragile for a gaming piece.
Next up is my Deff Dread. This is possibly the first of many.

DSC 0031

I went for a bit of a dramatic scene on the base, it was good fun trying to get the pose how I liked it.

DSC 0032

I've got a Big Mek here. He was an experiement with GW metallic, I had quite a bit of fun trying out techniques that I have now completely forgotten how to replicate. When I started my Mechanicus army I kept a notebook to describe the ways I painted various effects. I might do that when I get round to my Orks again.

DSC 0033

DSC 0034

DSC 0036

DSC 0037

A Warboss, because one Warboss isn't enough to start an entertaining squabble.


DSC 0040

I've got a 10-strong unit of Stormboys, here are the most interesting three. I have more boxes of Stormboys to bolster the unit, but making them match the first batch will prove tricky. Note here that the camo scheme is reversed on the Stormboys, blue with tan stripes.

DSC 0041

DSC 0042




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I thought I'd best break up the post, here's the next batch.

DSC 0043


These Burners have a few references to the game Team Fortress 2. I like adding things like this in my army. :smile.:


I've got some Trukk Boys here, including a shoota boy with a rather flash gun. He didn't get promoted to an eavy shoota sadly.


DSC 0202

DSC 0203

DSC 0204

DSC 0205

Some Slugga boys. There are 30 of them but I can either take reasonably detailed pictures of a few models or blurry pictures of loads of guys so I figured you'd appreciate close ups more. Besides, 40k starter set orks are a bit samey.


DSC 0208

Here's some grot orderlies/assistants from some pretty old 2nd edition era sculpts. They have loads of character and I enjoyed painting them so that I had something easy to "snack" on when I didn't feel like painting anything complicated or when batch painting felt like a chore. The goblin is one of the first models I painted, as you see, I started from pretty humble beginnings. I recommend that if you are new to the hobby to keep one of your old models so you can use it to measure your progress.


DSC 0206

DSC 0207

Another Big Mek. He's one of my favourite ork sculpts. He looks like he's survived his inventions long enough to look a bit older than his peers. He og a slightly darker, more grey skin tone to make him look like he's been around for a while.







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Still going... Nearly done. 


Here's my looted wagon, based on a Devilfish. I figured that it was an unusual looted vehicle and the few Tau vehicles I saw in the hands of a Big Mek were hover tanks. I decided I wanted a dragster/mekboy speedsta instead.

DSC 0198

DSC 0199

DSC 0200

DSC 0201

It's lightly armed, but it was intended to be the transport for my Burnas, hence the stylized flames on the front. It's also a little big of "red wunz go fasta" sneakily included onto the vehicle without getting in trouble with the boss for not having camo paint.
So.... I also have a stompa...

DSC 0063

DSC 0064

DSC 0065

DSC 0066

DSC 0067

DSC 0069

DSC 0070

DSC 0071

DSC 0072

DSC 0073

DSC 0074

DSC 0075

DSC 0209

I think the pictures actually have their own descriptions that can be brought up when you view the images. Some highlights include a force field generator, a battery of grot-guided missiles with their own unique drawbacks, another TF2 reference that is itself a reverence to Evel Knievel.
I also included the Boss' name on the faceplate of the Sompa, so you can figure out the name of the guy in charge in my army.
​I'm missing images of (of all things) two units of Kans in my Dread Mob army. I've also got Kans, Dreads and a Morkanought that aren't even started yet. I've got a lot of Ork stuff left to do but I've got to clear my painting backlog a tad first.



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Hi all, back with a few models I missed in the first deluge. Firstly some Rokkit Kanz:

DSC 0210

DSC 0211

(This grot is not a very good pilot)


Next up, some Grotzooka Kanz with some weapon conversions:

DSC 0212

DSC 0213

DSC 0214

DSC 0215

DSC 0216

DSC 0217

I've got some more unassembled Killa Kans stacked somewhere in my room. I'll get round to them one day, probably after my Steel Legion Drab and Tallarn Sand paints have dried up. :tongue.:


That's pretty much my Ork army bar a few squigs I didn't get round to take photographs of. Yes, I know it's silly to have a Biker Warboss and no bikers to protect him but That's another unit I've not got round to. Adeptus Mechanicus took over my hobby time since they were released so the boys have been on the Backburna for a while. :tongue.:


On the plus side I know a few more tricks when it comes to weathering now so any Orks going forward will look more rugged once I'm done with them. 

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Nice looking force


I wouldn't mind that your Warboss is on a Bike, all characters do their own thing now without the need for a retinue, in fact he will be at an advantage with higher toughness and better speed so he could nip from unit to unit

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That's a good point. It will clearly take a while to adapt to the new rules. Retinues and bodyguards have formally been part of the game since about 3rd edition, it will take a while to in-learn that. :)

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What I love most about Orks is how you can be so inspired by other people's stuff. I'm not afraid to say I'm ripping off that looted wagon.

Great stuff.

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What I love most about Orks is how you can be so inspired by other people's stuff. I'm not afraid to say I'm ripping off that looted wagon.


Great stuff.

Awesome. I hope you put up some photos, I'd love to see that, what you do the same, what you do differently. :smile.:


If it's useful I used this to add a few ducts from the engines to join it to the roof. You could probably also use it to make some pretty awesome exhausts or even some pipes for the skorcha. I don't know if it's possible to get this kit anymore, if not there are probably other similar kits out there.

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Hey all, I've finally got an update! :yes: 


I've finished my rag-tag mob of Kommandos. They are made from Ork Boy parts, Forge World upgrade parts, GW resin models and some Kromlech bits here and there.


I'll start with some of the pics you may have seen in another thread to consolidate them here.




DSC 0232

DSC 0231

DSC 0230

DSC 0229

The there's my five guys made from random stuff:

DSC 0233

DSC 0234

DSC 0236

DSC 0238

DSC 0239

DSC 0240

DSC 0242

DSC 0243

Finally there's my GW resin guys and the group shots.

DSC 0252

DSC 0253

DSC 0254

DSC 0255

DSC 0256

DSC 0258

I hope you like these guys. I'm glad I got them finished finally. Now to decide what to work on next.





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Hey all. I've got another pile of scrape metal hammered into a vaguely Orky shape. Behold, my Morkanaut!

DSC 0266

DSC 0267

DSC 0268


Sadly I misjudged the place I should have glued the bike to the base so instead of just stepping over the bike he's comically leaning back to stomp it flat. This is the second model I've completed with some help from my airbrush and I am amazed how much easier to was to get the basecoat applied. Steel Legion Drab and Tallarn Sand are a real pain to paint over black but the application of the spray made the model so much easier that when I realised I still needed to hand-paint some small parts I'd left off the model it felt like a headache in comparison.


I set myself the task of completing one large-scale model this year and I've got it built before the end of January. I'm quite happy that my painting productivity is a lot better now. I've just got to figure out where to display/store him.


Apart from the fact that it's standing precariously, does anyone have any feedback for this guy?

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Thank you for your kind feedback. I think the Orange glow effects in this army were less about realism and more about me not using orange paint anywhere near enough! 
I have recently finished a Deff Dread which will be the second of three. There is no conversion work this time but I have still gone for the Stompy pose, thankfully more successfully than the Morkanaut. Even Orks should be able to have access to the heroic rock of destiny like other races.

DSC 0272

DSC 0271

DSC 0270

He will need varnishing and then I will add some weathering powder afterwards so it's not 100% complete, however it's close enough. I think the Orks are my biggest walker-heavy army. I'll have to bring my Adeptus Mechanicus into parity eventually but for now I am cruising through my Ork backlog the fastest. As I've said I have one more Deff Dread to go and I think some more Killa Kans to round out my Dread Mob, but I've got plenty of other projects to do before I get bored.


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Hey all. I've just finished working on my Flash Gitz today and thought I'd share what I've painted. 


DSC 0290

This guy is an homage to the gun manufacturer Torgue from Borderlands. The gun is painted in the Livery of the "Kerblaster", a gun that fires explosive rockets instead of mundane bullets. Scratchbuilding a gun to resemble the in-game model was beyond my skill so I settled for a paintjob. :smile.:  https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/borderlands/images/4/49/Rigorous_KerBlaster_lv.50_b.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20121004195044

DSC 0291

This second guy was originally going to be the Kaptin until the Tork guy managed to look more flash than him. I've converted the Bosspoles to resemble axes since the rest of my army are Blood Axes through and through. These guys? They are well on their way to becoming Freebootas, but haven't got kicked out of the Boss' camp. Yet.

DSC 0292

This guy's gun confuses me. The third barrel doesn't connect to the magazines properly so I am not sure how that part of the gun works. Perhaps there's a tiny tellyporta in there shunting bullets into the chamber? Maybe it's an example of Anzion's theory in action? Perhaps it's just a flash bit to make the gun appear to have more Dakka than it really does? You decide.

DSC 0293

This guy has a pretty zappy looking Snazzgun. Behind the gun the Ork has a bionic leg. Coincidence? Probably not.

DSC 0294

Noting special about this guy other than the fact that he appears to have pinched half the klan's bullets to make this beast work. He will probably run out of ammo in about four seconds.

DSC 0295

Here's the whole lot of 'em. As always, click on the pictures for larger images.
I hope you found this entertaining. I'm not sure what I'm going to paint next in my Ork army but a box of Imperial Knights is looming over my painting table menacingly so that's probably my next task. It'll give my Morkanaut something to butt heads with. :)


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I'm liking your Orks flameboy.


The glowing eyes are great. The kommados look good.


Liking your shokk attack gun with the purple electric balls (sounds like a Prince song).


Flashgitz look great, liking the axes in with the banner poles.


My favourite thing you've done i think is the grot bomb launcher with the guy controlling it on the stompa. That's briliant.

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I love that model. I don't have one but got a load of bits together to make 3 on the back of trakks in 7th edition. I never made them in the end and they seem to have disappeared in the rules. I loved the whole idea of them.

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