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Waaargh Grimsnaga (Smasha squig)


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All of the shoota boys are done and I’m nearly out of sluggas for the other squad. I haven’t yet scratchbuilt any sluggas per se, but did notice that the quivers from the savage Orcs could be used as holsters. I’ll try to post some photos tonight but I cut off the arrows and made the rear end of some sluggas with sprue/bitz and a grip from a bit of bow. The first one I used the quiver at it’s full length and it looks rather long - could even be a holstered shoota - but with subsequent ones I shortened them a bit and I think they work. Particularly as they’re leather and fur.

I’ve also been rereading my Waaargh Orks and ’Ere We Go for Snakebite fluff (which inspired me to do one of the slugga boyz about to bite the head off a snake. I’ll be sure to give him a snake bite mark on his arm too ;) ) and general Ork tidbits.

The mention of Snakebites also using wolf fur had me raid my SW bitz.


Aaaand with the Clan fokus and leaked relics I’ve decided to be my three gore-gruntas as a painboy, and the other two as a warboss with big choppa (or ‘eadwhoppa if I like) and the other with a klaw (again, to count as the relic claw if necessary).


Aaaaaand scratchbuilt a klaw for the slugga nob using some of their flint blades.

I guess I’d best take some photos...

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Here you are:

One of the running-body Savage Orcs, a Boyz Mob Ork (wig added topknot) and a flat-footed Savage Orc body (who has just bitten the head off a snake. Gore spray to add). As you can see, the savages are generally taller.


Perhaps the shooter-boyz (those from 40k Ork bodies) are younger ;) They’re not trusted to kick in the enemy’s teef up close yet.

An example of the quivers-to-holsters.

The one on the boy was cut down in length a little, the fur one was not. The ones not cut down are a little long.


Photato shot of WIP slugga/choppa squad




Backpole will have a banner.

Claw was skratchbuilt (obviously).




Drummer here has the first holstered slugga I made...it wasn’t cut down so you can see it’s almost shoota sized!



And the Shoota mob


And wiv nob. His big choppa is magnetised, and I have since put a little GS snakeskin wrap over a bad joint in the shaft.


Aaaaand I got started on SpeedFreeks and put together as much of the dragsta as I could before I want to start spraying it. Making it fully then painting it wold be a bloody nightmare.

I’m doing all the contents as Snakebite, I’ve decided.

The bikes I may wait on until I have some boarboyz and then combine them.

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I really like these cards from the game (has anyone actually tried the game yet??)...



...and was thinking that I’d love to model some of them sometime...

So I did:


Either he drew that card and the wheel just fell off (shortly after the door I removed) or he thinks he’s awaited in ValOrka (the grot next to him is opening the tank of NOX squig oil juice) and is about to do a mike-drop with the steering wheel...

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They're looking good, though I would suggest moving the claw closer to the models elbow, it'd help balance the model and the official power claws are all a bit further up the arm.

Thanks, I’ll do that with future ones. :tu:

thanks you've been a huge help. Savage orruks will def be the base I build my boyz from. excellent modeling, keep it up.

And I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had the idea of a stickbom on a spear head. (ala madmax)

It had to be done :D

Along with polecatsgrots and the like!

Hence I added a lancer to replace the rocket launcher on the Dragsta...

Work on the Dragsta. It seems the Ork gunner got a little overzealous and wants to deliver the last rocket personally...

Need to use wire to fasten the rocket to the spear. The grot will have a wire to the gun.


And one more detail I added as the army is to be modelled fighting Necrons:


I’d love to get another dragsta sometime and model the shokk rifle held by an Ork stood on the left seat (with a targeter squig, of course). I’m now wondering about replacing the Boosta Blasta’s rivet cannon with a looted, Orkified Necron Tesla Destructor...

Lastly, I like that some of the Boosta Blasta crew have bionics. I’ll paint them up as Necron bitz that the painboy used to patch up the boyz...

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This is awesome work, and a great read too, I’m loving coming here and seeing what new and crazy ideas you have!!

I don’t normally go for snakebites but these are wicked Kool !

Look forward to moar !!


Cheers, mithril

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Looking nice! The colours work surprisingly well for the Dragsta, and I particularly like the job you did on the screen. Also I'm in love with the shokk enjin gubbins, they kinda look like an old multi-bank radial engine.


Will you be doing a Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy, incidentally?

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Thanks. With those colours and the crew on it too I think I’ve made a Snakebite Shokkjump Dragsta ‘work’. :)

The screen came out oookay, though my Caliban Green has gone a bit funny and was hard to work with.



I must do a Rukkatrukk sometime but don’t have one in my stack of plastic at the moment. :D

I am keen to get more of the new vehicles, even another Boostablasta and Dragsta sometime, to convert them and shift the weapons around. I saw a great dragsta conversion with the rockets moved to where the circular saws are, and circular saws from Nobz big choppas added on the sides of the car to catch people as it goes past. I’d like to do one like that plus have the main gun held by an Ork in the passenger’s seat (with shoulder mounted squig and a grot shouting at him to correct his aim).

With a second Boostablasta I’d mount the rivet cannon forcing forward and have a flamer-like weapon in the turret representing the burning exhausts-weapon.

Just some ideas :)

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For Waaargh!2019 I got my nob out.

I, Kierdale, biter of snakes, will join the Waaagh! and vow to complete the units listed below before December 15th 2019. If I do this successfully, I will receive the rank I deserve in the Waaagh! and continue rampaging across the Galaxy. If I fail I’ll just prove I’m a Snot!

For my first vow:

One Nob with Waaargh! banner

...of Grimsnaga’s Waaargh, of the Snakebite clan.med_gallery_63428_13428_483500.jpegmed_gallery_63428_13428_440393.jpeg

I noticed in the codex that he gets a kustom shoota. I modelled my nobz mob for full-on-melee but might add an actual (suitably snazzy) gun to this guy just so I don’t forget to shoot it in game!

And progress:med_gallery_63428_13471_66365.jpeg

More decoration to do on the armour tomorrow, then heavily weathering it.

Then...animal-skin pants, chainmail/metal areas, leather areas, his skin, the banner...

Hmm, quite a bit on there!

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I had three gore-gruntas but am ‘donating’ one to my son for him to use in an AoS diorama. That leaves one warboss and one dok.

Today’s progress:


Skin and tigerskin pants & vest.

Next up is horns, teeth, mouth, eyes, leather...what else...banner and marine helmet.

I think I’ll give the axe another wash of Nuln or Agrax to darken it so scratches will show up more.

I’ve decided to base them Mars-like (as I did with my Mentors) so might as well do the marine helmet as a Mentor.

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I decided on a snake in the shape of a Cretan Labyrinth on the banner. Blue added for luck.

I need to do the three glyphs for ‘Waaargh Grimsnaga’, weathering it and that will be the cloth done.


I’m going with the old glyph (left) for ‘snaga’ as it’s easier and I’m not confident I could do the new one (right) small enough and have it still look like a snake.


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